Episode 9: Beginner's Luck

Brenda has entered her first Pokémon Contest. She put up an admirable performance in the Appeal Stage, and now she waits to see if that was enough.

Brenda, Will, and Jessie in her Princess Jessileia costume are watching the TV screen backstage of the Sol Town Contest Hall. Gillian announces, "Alright folks, after a few hard decisions from our expert panel of judges, we've narrowed down the competition to the eight top performances! Here they are!" One by one, faces begin to appear on the screen. First is Will, a few unknown people, then Jessie. There is room for one more person. After showing the second to last person, the screen pauses. Brenda gulps. Finally, her face appears.

Brenda jumps and shouts, "Yeah, I made it!"

In the audience Ash and Brock cheer, "She made it!"

Back at Brenda's house, her mom is watching the Contest on TV nods and states, "She made it."

Backstage, Brenda looks around. Several people around her appear disappointed, but others appear excited and happy. She catches a glimpse of Will, who smiles and nods at her. She does likewise and sits back down.

Gillian explains, "And now we enter into the Second Round, the Battle Stage! In this exciting round, two coordinators go head on head battling, while attempting to lower their opponent's point count by showing off their Pokémon's grace and beauty, and all while attempting to block the opponent from doing the same! Whoever has the last Pokémon standing, or the most points at the end of the time limit wins and moves on to the next round! Are you ready!? Let's do this! Match-ups will be shown on the screen now!" A tournament grid appears on the screen. The first match shows Brenda and Jessie. "Our first battle will take place between Brenda and Princess Jessileia! Would the contestants please come to the stage?!"

Brenda and Jessie get up and head towards the exit. Brenda extends a hand, "Good luck."

Jessie scoffs, "Am I supposed to shake that? Let me give you a piece of advice twerp, I've entered in Contests around the world, I've even been in a Grand Festival. You don't stand a chance. And I won't wish you luck, because in the end, it will be me winning." She turns and walks out.

Brenda says to herself, "What's up with her?" She shakes her head and walks out as well.

Brenda and Jessie have made their way up to the stage. Gillian announces, "First off, let's set the stage!" She beckons to the roof, which begins to move. It slides to the side, allowing the light of the Sun to fill the room. "Since Sol Town is known as the Town of the Sun, it's only appropriate that we allow these battles to take place under the bright light of the Sun! Now, five minutes on the clock please!" Up on the scoreboard, which shows a picture of Brenda and Jessie, and timer saying 5:00 appears. "And begin!"

Brenda throws her Pokéball first. "Glitterfly, center stage!" A brilliant flash of light is generated by the ball's seal, and from that light comes Glitterfly.


Brock nods slowly. "Saving Glitterfly for this round was a good choice, but potentially risky."

Ash asks, "Why?"

"Brenda only just caught Glitterfly, and on top of that, it only evolved a few hours ago. She hasn't had that much of a chance to get accustomed to it. But then, at the same time, Glitterfly is a fully evolved Pokémon, so it should be a better battler than Kappaqua, in theory, not to mention its natural beauty gives it a distinct advantage. It will be interesting to see what happens in this battle. It could go either way."

Jessie laughs. "That's all you have to offer? Just wait until you see my Pokémon! Go!" From her Pokéball comes several ribbons which fly and twist around each other. Out of them emerges Repiv.


Jessie commands, "Repiv, use Poison Fang!"

Brenda counters, "Glitterfly, Sparkling Flare!" Glitterfly flaps its wings and sends a stream of sparkles at Repiv.

"Dodge it!" Repiv twists around the attack and bites down on Glitterfly. Brenda's points are slightly lowered.

"Get out of its jaws Glitterfly, distract it with Flash!" A blinding bright light fills the room. When it ceases, Repiv is dazed and loosens its grip. "Now attack with Solar Beam!" Glitterfly absorbs solar energy, and quickly fires a beam of energy, hitting Repiv.

Gillian shouts, "Looks like Brenda is using the bright Sun to her advantage! In light like this, Glitterfly can charge its Solar Beam instantly!" Jessie's points lower.

Jessie shouts, "Don't let the twerpette do that to you! Attack with Poison Sting!"

Brenda shouts, "Counter with Signal Beam!" The attacks hit in the center, exploding into sparks.

Gillian narrates, "And now we have a collision of two equally powerful moves, canceling each other out and creating a beautiful sight in the process!" Both lose points this time, Jessie more so than Brenda.

Jessie is annoyed. "Get in close, and use Wrap!"

"Glitterfly, don't let get around you, hit it with another Signal Beam!"

"Glitter!" Glitterfly launches another beam of light at Repiv, but Repiv manages to twist its serpentine body around the attack.

Gillian explains, "Jessileia is using Repiv's serpentine body to easily dodge attacks, putting Brenda at a disadvantage!" Brenda loses more points.

Repiv manages to wrap around Glitterfly and constricts. Jessie commands, "Now keep on hitting it with Poison Fang!" Repiv strikes several times with its poisonous fangs. Glitterfly is in pain. Brenda's points continue to drop. She is now below half.

Brenda gets nervous. "Get out of there, close range Solar Beam!" Glitterfly manages to hit Repiv's head with a powerful Solar Beam, knocking it off. Jessie's points slightly fall. She is currently just above half. "Good job Glitterfly!"

Glitterfly tries to respond, "Glitter-" but is suddenly cut off when it glows purple and cries out in pain. This stops quickly.

Brenda asks, "What's wrong Glitterfly!?"

Gillian answers, "It looks like Glitterfly has been poisoned by Repiv's Poison Fang! Now it will take damage over time! If Brenda wants to win, it better be soon!"

Brock looks distraught. Ash asks, "What's wrong Brock?"

"Glitterfly isn't only poisoned. It's badly poisoned. Repiv has an ability called Toxify. It makes it so that if it poisons a Pokémon, that Pokémon becomes badly poisoned instead. Glitterfly has a lot of damage coming its way."

Ash nods in understanding. "You're right. That's not good."

Jessie smiles. "Too bad twerpette. Repiv, take advantage of the situation and use Venoshock!"

"Repiv!" From a distance, Repiv spits a stream of poison towards Glitterfly, soaking it. Brenda loses points. Glitterfly looks badly damaged.

Gillian points out, "And now Jessileia's taking advantage of that poison and doubling the power of Venoshock!"

Brenda looks at Glitterfly. It is beat up and worn down. It lights up purple again and takes more damage from poison. Brenda thinks, Glitterfly has taken so much damage. What can I do? Maybe I wasn't cut out for Contest's after all. She hangs her head.

From the audience, Ash shouts down, "Hey Brenda, you can't give up yet! The battle isn't over until it's over!"

Brenda looks up to the scoreboard. She has just over a third of her points. Jessie still has just over half. There is exactly two minutes left on the clock. He's right. I can't give up. Not yet. She shouts aloud, "Glitterfly, we're not done yet! Fly up high!" Glitterfly takes to the skies.

Jessie laughs. "Like that's going to do you any good! Repiv, hit it with Poison Sting!" Repiv starts to fire its stings straight up towards Glitterfly.

"Sparkling Flare!" Glitterfly counters with its dazzling attack, and the two attacks collide and explode into sparkles. "Now Flash!" Repiv is dazed and confused by the bright flash of light. Jessie's points are lowered.

Jessie gets annoyed again. "More Poison Sting!" Repiv tries to attack, but misses by a long shot.

"Glitterfly, Solar Beam!" Glitterfly fires its attack straight down. Repiv can't see it coming, and can't dodge. It hits. Jessie's points lower more. "Now give it another Signal Beam!" Another hit. "Alternate your attacks!" Glitterfly flies around Repiv, firing its beams from different angles, each one hitting.

Jessie is stomping her feet with anger. "Stop getting hit! Get out of the way!" Repiv, still blinded by the Flash, is unable to do so. Repiv faints. The judges all declare the battle over, and an X appears on the screen of each of their stands. A look at the scoreboard reveals that there was five seconds left, and Jessie was nearly out of points, Brenda still had about a third.

Gillian announces, "That's it, it's all over! Brenda and Glitterfly win!"

Ash and Brock stand up and cheer. James and Meowth hang their heads. James says, "So much for Jessie's victory."

Meowth sighs. "We're never going to hear the end of it this time."

Jessie stomps her feet in anger. She grunts to herself, "I'm blasting off again!" and she turns runs off the stage.

Brenda is smiling and waving to the audience.

Who's that Pokémon!?

People have driven this Pokémon almost to the point of extinction. In the evenings, this Pokémon is said to sing plaintively as it seeks what few others of its kind still remain.

A montage of scenes is shown. First Will is shown defeating an opponent who uses a Floatzel, advancing to the next round. Then several scenes of Brenda in her second battle against a random coordinator are shown. It's her Glitterfly against a Vivillion. Brenda wins. Then, in Will's second battle, he beats a Snowrunt. The final scene in the montage shows the tournament brackets. It's up to the finals, Brenda and Will.

Gillian announces, "It's been a long and hard climb to the top, but these two fabulous coordinators have made it to the Final Round! On my left, he's a popular coordinator who's going for his second ribbon! It's Will!" Will comes out, and the audience applauds. "On my right, she's a brand-new coordinator with no experience in contests, and yet she's shown herself to be a natural coordinator, it's Brenda!" Brenda comes out on the other side. There is once again an applause. "Let's get this battle going! Five minutes on the clock please, and go!"

Brenda shouts, "Glitterfly, center stage!" The same way it did before, Glitterfly appears on the stage.

Will flips his hair to the side and throws his Pokéball. "Grace the stage Ravenoir!" Out comes a bird Pokémon. It's about a foot and a half tall, and is colored pitch-black. Its design is sleek and smooth, while its feathers are glossy. Its eyes are red and almost appear to glow.

Ash states, "Let's see what the Pokédex has to say." He pulls it out.

"Ravenoir, the Nevermore Pokémon and a Dark and Flying combo-type. Ravenoir are often said to be a bad omen. If one is seen at sunset, it is believed bad luck lurks just beyond the corner. Ravenoir evolves into Necrow by trading while holding a Reaper Cloth."

Will states, "Please, you take the first move."

Brenda smiles. "I think I will! Glitterfly, use Solar Beam!" Glitterfly, aided by the bright sun, launches a powerful Solar Beam.

"Ravenoir, dodge!" Ravenoir flies out of the way. Brenda loses her first points

Brock states, "Too bad that missed, that attack would have been super effective."

Ash asks with some confusion, "How would a Grass-Type move like Solar Beam be super effective against a Dark and Flying-Type Pokémon?"

Brock explains, "Normally the move Solar Beam inflicts Grass-Type damage, but that changes when used by a Light-Type Pokémon. When such a Pokémon uses Solar Beam, it becomes a Light-Type move instead, and Light is super effective against Dark."

Will declares, "Dark Pulse!" Ravenoir creates an orb of dark energy that's sent at Glitterfly. Glitterfly is unable to dodge. Brenda loses more points.

Gillian announces, "A super effective hit by Dark Pulse on Glitterfly!"

Ash is confused once more. "Brock, didn't you just say that Light is good against Dark? How come she just said that Dark is good against Light?"

Brock nods. "I understand your confusion. It works both ways. Light brightens the dark, while dark obscures the light."

Ash nods. "That makes sense."

Brenda counters, "Come on Glitterfly, let's attack with Signal Beam!" Glitterfly lets loose a dazzling beam of light at Ravenoir.

Will shouts, "Counter with another Dark Pulse!" Brenda's attack is cancelled by Will's. "Now move in for a Wing Attack!" Ravenoir flies towards Glitterfly with high speed.

"Glitterfly, stop it with Solar Beam!" Before it can deliver its attack, Ravenoir is stopped by the Solar Beam and knocked back. Will loses the first of his points. "Great Job, now hit it with a Sparkling Flare!" A stream of sparkles are sent at the still recovering Ravenoir, hitting it again. Will loses more points. "And now, one more Solar Beam!"

Will smiles and murmurs, "Gotcha." He then shouts, "Ravenoir, use Moonlit Night!"

Ravenoir cries, "Raven!" and an orb of darkness flies straight up into the air, covering the Sun. Suddenly, the room goes dark. A full Moon has appeared in front of the Sun, covering it. The stars can be seen in the sky. It is for all intents and purposes, nighttime. Glitterfly's Solar Beam keeps on charging, much after it would normally fire.

Gillian explains, "Will has turned day to night with Ravenoir's Moonlit Night attack! Now Glitterfly is stuck charging its Solar Beam, which takes double the time to charge during the night compared to a normal, non-sunny day, and then will only do half the damage!" Brenda loses points.

Will commands, "Now it's time! Lunar Beam!" Ravenoir gathers shadowy energy, and then quickly releases a powerful beam of darkness.

Brenda shouts, "Dodge it Glitterfly!" However, Glitterfly, still charging its Solar Beam, is unable dodge. The Lunar Beam hits.

Gillian exclaims, "And now Will is using Brenda's own tactic against her! Under this full Moon, Lunar Beam takes next to no time at all to charge!" Brenda's points drop to below half. Three minutes are left.

Brenda shouts in desperation, "Come on Glitterfly, attack already!" Glitterfly continues to charge.

Will shouts, "Now let's show off our beauty and grace! Use a Dark Pulse, and follow it with another Lunar Beam!" Ravenoir fires off a Dark Pulse, quickly followed by another fast to charge Lunar Beam. The two moves collide and combine on the way towards Glitterfly, hitting it for double the damage. Brenda's points drastically drop to bellow a quarter.

Glitterfly finally fires off its attack, and manages to hit Ravenoir, but still doing less damage than before. Will loses a slight amount points. He's just over three-fourths of his max. Brenda is stressed. "Come on Glitterfly, let's switch over to Signal Beam!" Glitterfly quickly attacks this time.

"Ravenoir, dodge." Ravenoir appears to blend into the Darkness, effortlessly dodging the attack. Brenda loses a few points.

Brock grunts. "I was afraid of this. That Ravenoir has the Night Shroud ability. It can make the Pokémon almost impossible to hit during the night."

Will commands, "Now Wing Attack!" Ravenoir appears out of nowhere behind Glitterfly and hits it with its wing.

Brenda shouts, "Turn around and use Sparkling Flare!" Glitterfly quickly turns around launches its attack, but Ravenoir has already disappeared back into the darkness. The attack misses.

"Rapid fire Wing Attacks!" Ravenoir appears out of the darkness again to hit Glitterfly, then disappears again, only to reappear and hit from another angle.

"Get out of there Glitterfly!" Glitterfly tries to get away, but can't. Ravenoir's onslaught continues. Brenda's points are steadily lowering. Brenda says to herself, "Glitterfly can't see Ravenoir in this darkness. If only it had some way to see…wait, that's it! Glitterfly, use Flash, and as soon as you see Ravenoir, hit it with a Signal Beam!"

"Glittererererfly!" Glitterfly causes a flash that lights up the room around, Ravenoir can be seen coming head on. Glitterfly hits it with Signal Beam. The flash subsides.

"Keep up the Flashes!" Glitterfly lights up the room once more, and then hits the once more revealed Ravenoir. Whenever the light dies out, Ravenoir attempts to use the darkness to its advantage, but Glitterfly reveals it each time with another Flash, then hits it with another attack. Will's points begin to drop now. Brenda shouts, "Yeah, we can do this Glitterfly!"

Just as she finishes shouting that, Gillian declares, "And time!" She beckons up to the scoreboard. Brenda has almost no points left, Will has just under half. "The winner of the Sol Contest is Will and Ravenoir!"

Brenda hangs her head and takes a deep breath. She says to herself, "I lost…"

Will has walked across the stage to Brenda and says, "Hey, cheer up. That was a great battle. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that you already had Contest experience. This was only your first Contest, and yet you showed the skills of a pro. That's nothing to be ashamed of."

Brenda looks back up. She smiles. Will smiles back.

It's Lapras!

A little later, Will is now standing on top of a platform on the stage with Ravenoir and Cryogonal next to him. Mr. Contesta walks up to him and hands him a golden ribbon with a picture of a sun on it. Mr. Contesta declares, "It is my pleasure to present the Sol Ribbon to you. That was an amazing display you showed us today, one to be proud of."

Will takes the ribbon. "Thank you. This is a great honor." He holds the ribbon up for the crowd to see. There's a grand applause.

Brenda is standing in front of a videophone at the Pokémon Center. Kappaqua is on her shoulder and Glitterfly flying behind her. Ash and Brock are also nearby. On the screen is her mom. Brenda says with some regret, "I'm sorry you couldn't watch me win Mom."

Her mom shakes her head. "You don't have to apologize to me dear. To be honest, I didn't expect you to make it past the first round. This was your first Contest, and you made it to the Finals, there aren't many people who can say that. You have a natural talent for this, and I'm sure that you'll be able to turn that natural talent into future victories. Just trust in your Pokémon, and you can do anything."

Brenda smiles. "Thanks Mom."

"And trust me, losing to Will is not a bad thing."

Brenda tilts her head. "Do you know Will?"

She laughs. "Of course I do, I thought you did as well."

Brenda shakes her head. "No, I only just met him today."

Her mom smiles. "Will placed second at last year's Grand Festival."

Brenda gasps. "Wait, you're telling me that I just held my own against someone who almost became a Top Coordinator!?"

She nods.

Brenda may have lost her first Pokémon Contest, but she still has much ahead of her. And now knowing that she has a rivalry with a famous coordinator, who knows what could happen next. You'll just have check in next time, when the journey continues!

To Be Continued…