Chapter 1

Thousands of years ago, there was a war. A civil war to be precise. A race of advanced beings known as the Crystal Gems started to feud amongst each other. This feud eventually turned into full blown warfare. The reasons behind the feud have been lost to time, long forgotten. As the war raged, more and more gem warriors fell in combat, their weapons left to erode. Precision strikes devolved into hate filled slaughter. Bothers killed sisters and vise versa. The bloodshed lasted until there were only two warriors left. One managed to slay her opponent, but not before the other fatality wounded her. With their dieing breaths, they cursed each other to suffer. After eons of warfare and chaos, the fighting had finally stopped. The fighting may have stopped, but the war did not. The countless angry souls of the fallen were still filled with an undieing hatred for their enemies. However, without bodies of their own, the two warring sides could not continue fighting. Regardless, the battle field was at long last quiet.

Over the centuries, the blasted wasteland began to grow life once more. For reasons unknown, strawberries grew unchecked. The skies became blue once more and the brooks babbled again. But the dead were still aware and were still angry. In an attempt to ease the restless souls of the fallen, the remaining crystal gems constructed a temple in the heart of the fields. That is were the story should have ended, but fate had other plans.

"Ahug! Why are we here again?" Amethyst whined loudly. "Didn't get enough of that crazy temple the first time?"

"We are here because Garnet sensed that there was a crystal artifact that we must have missed," Pearl answered hotly.

"And we're getting closer," the tall an imposing Garnet stated monotonously. Pearl looked behind her, she noticed that Steven was lagging behind. The young half gem was busy messing with his new laptop while trying to keep pace with the group.

"Steven, why did you bring your laptop?" Pearl asked in a stressed tone. Steven's eyes darted to Pearl then back to his laptop.

"Clan Wars," he stated transfixed. Pearl rolled her eyes.

"And what exactly is that?" she asked already knowing she wasn't going to like the answer.

"A video game," Garnet answered flatly. Pearl ran her palm over her forehead.

"Why am I not surprised?"

The gems continued their march through the fields with the sweet smell of strawberries filling the air. Pearl sighed happily and stretched her arms out above her. The sun, the breeze, and the sweet fragrance made everything about that place so inviting. Though she wouldn't admit it, Amethyst enjoyed it there too. She though it was awesome being able to reach down and grab a handful of sweet, juicy strawberries and then see how many she could fit in her mouth.

Steven didn't notice the scenery, He was too busy leveling up his Sherman Jumbo he had named

'Steven Jr. Two.' He always giggled whenever he said the tanks model name.


After walking for another ten minutes, the gems found themselves at the shattered remains of the upside down pyramid temple. Amethyst spat out a mouthful of half chewed strawberries, much to Pearl's disgust.

"Uh-uh, I'm not goin' back in there!" Amethyst exclaimed loudly. "Not gonna happen!"

"Oh, stop complaining!" Pearl snapped. "Why must you always-"

"I'll kill all of you!" Steven blurted out loudly. Both Pearl and Amethyst gave a confused look, Pearl's being more frightened.

"Steven...why would you say that?" she asked in a hurt tone. "I-is it because me and Amethyst were-"

"Yeah, yeah, just a minute Pearl!" Steven stated dismissively, as if he hadn't heard her. "Only twenty seconds left! Don't quit on me now Steven Jr two!"

Amethyst busted out into laughter.

"Oh, man, P, you should have seen the look on your face!" she cackled while pointing at the confused Pearl. " You actually thought he was talkin' to you!" Pearl turned dark blue with embarrassment. She was really regretting buying Steven that laptop for his birthday. Garnet threw a large pile of refuse off of the wrecked temple. She reached in and pulled out a red shimmering gem.

"Is that what I think it is?" Pearl asked eagerly, eyes wide with amazement.

"What is it?" both Steven and Amethyst asked.

"It's a monomolecular crystal assembly and construction unit," Garnet answered flatly as she adjusted her shades. Pearl squealed with delight, like Steven at Christmas.

"With one of these, one person could construct massive cities in over a day!"

Pearl had finally caught Steven's attention. With childlike wonder, he peered into the crystal with a big smile.

"How does it work?" he asked with stars in his eyes.

"This one unfortunately won't," Garnet answered much to Pearl and Steven's dismay. "It had used up all of it's internally stored energy."

"So this whole trip was a bust?" Amethyst exclaimed. "Too bad Pearl, you looked so excited too."

That did it, Pearl was angry. What followed was the usual cat fight between Pearl and Amethyst, with Garnet trying her best to break it up. With all the commotion, the gems failed to notice that the crystal was glowing. It needed to build, to do that, it needed energy. With a tiny search light, the crystal scanned the area around it for any source of power. It's power hungry gaze fell upon Steven's prized laptop. With a loud bang the crystal's beam tore through the laptop, throwing Steven on his back. In less that a microsecond, the crystal downloaded all that it needed. It began to integrate blue prints and design specifications. It now knew what to build and even what materials it needed to build. Before the gems could react, the crystal shot high into the air and exploded, scattering it's microscopic shards everywhere.

"Steven!" Pearl shouted as she rushed to him. "Are you hurt?"

The soot covered Steven sat up and look around himself, then to the gems, and finally to his hands.

"Steven Jr Two...?" he whimpered, eyes watering and lip quivering. Pearl hugged him with a sigh of relief. She was thankful that he was not too badly hurt. Suddenly the ground began to shake and buckle. Sensing that something really bad was about to happen, Garnet scooped up Steven and then Amethyst and Pearl.

"We need to leave," she stated urgently. "Now!"

With a flash, the gems teleported back to the temple. The gems didn't know it at the time, but they had just set something into motion that could not be reversed. The crystal constructor had only enough power to extensively scan one program on Steven's laptop before it was forced to begin it task of construction.
The program was titled "World of Tanks."