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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Little Whining, England May 28th 1986 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vernon Dursley was sweating as he made his way to a pub from work, many would think it was because the large man was overheated from the summer weather but Vernon had another reason. It all started a week ago when he heard some people talking in the pub, he had gone out after work with some colleges to celebrate a new account. While there he heard some men talking about how most of the starting lineup for Chelsea was sick and wouldn't be playing in the football match this weekend. Vernon was never one to pass up a chance to win some extra money so he asked a few of his colleges and learned the name of a bookie that he could place a bet with.

Vernon learned that weekend he should never listen to pub gossip, Chelsea had their starting team at full health and wiped the floor with Fulham. Vernon had gone from pale to a sickly green as he watched the game that day, his wife Petunia had asked if he was getting sick and he couldn't tell her the truth. As the week started Vernon tried not to focus on the debt that hung over him but as he looked through his finances and found he couldn't get together the money he owed in time.

So here he was, walking to his bookie to tell him he couldn't pay the money yet. Some might try to hide and ignore the fact they owed a debt but Vernon had heard these men didn't play around. They had made him turn over a business card when he placed his bet, so they could find him if he welched on the bet. He had no doubt these men would show up at his work and cause problems if he didn't pay up. Vernon was a large man, mostly fat, but he had played some rugby during his younger days so he could hold his own but the men sitting around him as he walked into the pub worried him. Most were Vernon's height or just under but they carried themselves well and more than one looked like they had been in a fight or three.

"What do ya need?" Vernon gulped as he looked behind the bar at the bartender.

"I'm here to see Mr. Jacobs." Vernon said softly, almost afraid to speak. The bartender grunted and waved Vernon to the other side of the bar and towards a door. Vernon took a deep breath as he walked through the door and into a smoky room; a few small tables were littered around with people watching the televisions that hung on the walls. A couple looked up as Vernon followed the bartender to another door across the room but most ignored him, knowing why he was there.

"Mr. Jacobs." The bartender said as he knocked on the door.

"What is it Devin?" Vernon heard a voice say from behind the door.

"I got someone here to see you." The sound of papers being shuffled and drawers closing behind the door before the voice spoke again.

"Come in." The bartender opened the door and nodded for Vernon to enter, the large man squeezed past and into the room. It was mostly empty except for a large desk and two chairs in front of it. Behind the desk Vernon saw the form of his current fears, Michael Jacobs. He was a man in his forties but looked like he was as fit as a twenty year old. He wore a form fitting black suit with pinstripes and a red shirt under his jacket, his black hair was cut short and Vernon shivered as the man's brown eyes inspected him.

"Can I help you?" Michael asked as he tried to remember who Vernon was. "You here to make a payment."

"W-w-ell the thing is sir." Vernon began to stutter out but flinched when Michael slammed his hand down on the desk.

"Now I know you're not about to tell me you don't have my money." Michael said as he leaned forward on his desk to stare at Vernon. "I'm quite positive you said you could pay if you lost." He wasn't sure but knew he told that to everyone who made a bet with him.

"It's not that I can't." Vernon cut in quickly. "I just need more time to get it all together." Michael let out a sigh and ran his hand through his hair, he hated when people tried to cry their way out of owing him money.

"Do you know how many people come in here daily and try to beg?" Jacobs asked as he stood up from his chair. "You knew what you were getting into when you made this bet; I gave you a time line and everything." He flicked his wrist and Vernon looked wide eyed as a stick appeared in his hand.

"Your one of them." Vernon said quietly as he started to back away towards the door, Michael paused and gave Vernon a curious look. "You're one of those freaks." Vernons voice started to rise and Michael decided he didn't want to deal with that.

"Silencio" With a jab of his wand Michael silenced Vernon; he watched as Vernon tried his best to scream and started to turn purple with rage. "Sit the fuck down and shut up." Vernon paused in his actions and starred as Michael pointed the wand at him; finally Vernon walked forward and sat down. "Good, now I'm going to let you speak but if you start to yell I'll shut you up again, got it?"

Vernon watched the man for a minute, trying to figure out what to do but realized he was screwed either way. With a nod Michael waved his wand. "Now, by your reaction you know what this is." Michael held up his wand. "But you are not a wizard; I'm guessing you have a relative that is because you called me a freak."

"Yes." Vernon said as he took a deep breath, what fear he had before was increased now that he knew he was dealing with a wizard. "My wife's sister was one and my nephew is."

"Was?" Michael asked, noticing as the past tense verb.

"Dead." Vernon said with a huff. "Her and her dead beat husband left it up to us to raise their brat."

"I see." Michael stroked his chin as an idea began to form in his mind. "I tell you what; I think we can work out a deal." Vernon looked both surprised and hopeful. "It's summer so how about you send your nephew here and I put him to work. Everything he would earn I will knock off you debt." It wasn't the best idea but something in his stomach didn't like the idea of a young wizard growing up with someone who obviously has a problem with magic.

"Deal." Vernon said as he jumped up from the chair and shook Michael's free hand. "When do you want him?"

"Drop the boy off in the morning when you go to work." Michael said as he moved back to his chair, Vernon nodded and waddled as fast as he could out the door. Michael let out a sigh as he put his wand back into its holster, he was only going to check if Vernon was lying and now he had to deal with a kid.

"You alright boss?" Michael looked up to see Charles, his main enforcer standing in the doorway. Michael was almost sure Charles was part giant, standing 6'7" and three hundred pounds of muscle few ever refused the man.

"Not sure." Michael replied as he waved the man into his office. "Were having a guest tomorrow."

"Who?" Charles asked both curious and confused.

"That fat man's nephew." Charles raised an eyebrow, causing Michael to sigh. "The kids a wizard." Charles took a quick breath and his eyes widened, he knew about Michaels secret even though he was a supposed muggle. Michael came clean to their boss about his secret so he could rise through the ranks and start to earn himself and his wife money.

"So why is he coming here? Charles asked as he recovered from the news. "You going to teach him magic and stuff?"

Michael shrugged and leaned back in his chair. "I don't know, the fat bastard called me a freak when he saw my wand and when I heard he was caring for his nephew." He let out a sigh and waved his hands in the air. "I don't know it just felt wrong, fuck I don't even know how old the kid is."

"I get it." Charles said with a small smile, he himself didn't have the best childhood. "So what you going to have him do?"

"Run errands, clean up the bar." Michael said with a shrug. "Will figure something out, mainly I want him to know being a Wizard doesn't make him a freak."

Charles nodded and stood from his chair. "Right then, I'll let the boys know." The tall man then headed for the door but stopped and looked over his shoulder. "You know you need to tell Mr. White." Charles then chuckled. "And your wife." Michael groaned but nodded his head as he reached across his desk and picked up the phone.


Harry Potter was worried; his Uncle had come home last night and informed him that he was going with him somewhere in the morning. Harry was sure it was going to be something bad because his Uncle hated him, all his life he was referred to as freak or boy, he lived in a cupboard under the stairs and wore all his cousins old clothes, which were two sizes to big even though they were the same age. Harry was a small child, even for a six year old, scrawny with messy black hair that wouldn't ever brush down, green eyes and a scar above his right eye that resembled a lightning bolt. He let out a sigh as he watched the buildings pass by outside the car window before turning to his uncle.

"Where are we going?" Vernon shot Harry a glare that Harry knew meant shut up so he went back to window watching. Soon Vernon pulled up to the curb and got out of the car, Harry quickly followed after him curious as to why they were going to a pub.

The few patrons that were in the pub turned as Harry and Vernon walked inside. Harry stood kept his eyes down and quickly followed after his uncle so as not to anger him. Vernon led Harry through another door and pointed to a seat.

"Sit down and don't move boy." Harry quickly moved to the chair and sat down as his uncle went to the door in the far wall and knocked. Harry looked around the room and quickly looked down when he noticed a tall man watching him, he started to panic when he heard footsteps coming his way and worried he had done something wrong.

"Moring lad." Charles said as he pulled out a chair and sat down across from Harry, a frown was on his face as he noticed how small the boy was compared to his oversized clothing. "What's your name?"

"Harry." The boy mumbled out softly as he continued to stare at the table.

"Harry huh, that's a fine name." Charles reached out and put his hand in Harry's sight. "Charles." Harry grabbed hold the man's hand only to find he couldn't fit his around it and instead held onto his thumb and shook. "Your uncle tell you what's going on then?"

"No sir." Harry said with a shake of his head. Charles let out a sigh and scratched his head.

"Well Harry, your uncle owes my boss in there some money." Charles looked to the door and out of the corner of his eye saw Harry look up. Before he could continue Vernon walked back into the room.

"Boy." Charles noticed Harry stiffen when his uncle spoke. "You're to stay here and do whatever these men say that clear?"

"Yes sir." Harry said quickly, though in his mind he wondered how long he was going to be here and how he was going to get home.

"Good." Vernon said then turned to Charles. "He wants to see you and the boy." He then turned and made his way out of the pub as fast as he could. Charles stood and put his hand on Harry's shoulder, noticing the boy flinch slightly from the contact, and guided him back to the office.

Michael watched as Harry shuffled slowly into the room and stood with his head down. "What's your name son?"

"Harry sir." Harry replied with a bit more volume then with Charles.

"Harry what, your uncle made it clear you didn't share a name? And look up when you speak boy, its polite." Michael said but kept his voice calm so as not to worry the child.

"Harry Potter sir." Harry looked up as he spoke and as soon as his name left his lips he saw Michael go wide eyed.

"Harry Potter?" Charles raised an eyebrow as he watched Michael slowly rise and move around his desk, he was visible shaking.

"Y-yes sir." Harry said as he slowly started to worry, he thought he might have down something wrong by giving his full name. Michael reached forward and brushed Harry's hair back to reveal his scar, when he saw it he gasped and slowly stumbled back onto his desk. Silence filled the room for minutes until Michael shook his head and cleared his throat.

"Harry, I need you to do me a favor." Reaching back Michael pulled out his wallet and handed Harry a couple pounds. "When you walk out the entrance turn left and at the end of the street is a convince store, tell them you need a pack of cigarettes for Mr. Jacobs, can you do that?" Harry quickly nodded his head as he took the money. "Good lad, while you're at it go ahead and get yourself a treat." Harry snapped his head up and looked surprised.

"A-a-are you sure, I don't need one." Harry had never been offered anything and wasn't sure how to respond.

"Of course, no off you go." Michael said as he scooted Harry out the door, closing it quickly and taking a breath. "Fuck." Charles raised an eyebrow again. "Fuck, fuck, bloody fuck." Michael said as he moved back to his desk and grabbed his phone.

"Something wrong boss?" Charles asked as he watched Michael quickly pound out a number on the phone but he was ignored.

"Sarah, get down here now!" Michael said into the phone. "I don't bloody care if you don't have make-up on get here." He then slammed the phone down and let out a long breath as he ran his hand through his hair.

"What the hell is going on?" Charles asked. "Why the fuck are you freaking out over that kid."

"That kid is one of the most important people in the Wizard World." Michael replied as he rummaged through his desk and pulled out a bottle of Firewhiskey. "Remember why me and Sarah came here?" Charles nodded, when he learned about magic he got a brief history of the Jacobs. "Well that kid is the one who killed You-Know-Who, the maniac trying to kill people like me."

"The kid?" Charles said as he pointed towards the door. "That kid?" Michael nodded. "Wait you told me he died like six years ago, the kid couldn't have been more than one."

"Look I don't know the whole fucking story but as far as anyone knows that kid did it." Michael said as he took a large swig of Firewhiskey. "Shit."

"Well what's the problem?" Charles asked confused. "So he's like the bloody reincarnation of Merlin, how is this a problem?"

"Because the person who's watching over him is the most powerful wizard in bloody England, maybe the world." Michael says as he slams the bottle onto the desk.

"What the hell are you to yelling about?" Both men turn to see Michaels wife Sarah standing at the door. She was tall, slim, and had a small tan that went well with her blue eyes and long blonde hair. "And why did I need to get down here so quickly?"

"Harry Potter." Sarah looked at her husband confused. "That fat whale bastard's nephew I told you about is Harry Potter." Her eyes started to widen.

"The Harry Potter?" She gasped as Michael nodded and took another swig of Firewhiskey. "What the fuck where you thinking? Bringing him here, if Dumbledore shows up were done for."

"How the bloody hell was I supposed to know that bastard's nephew was the Boy-Who-Lived?" Michael yelled as he slammed down the bottle again, a knock at the door caught all of their attentions. "Yes?"

"Um, Mr. Jacobs sir." The heard Harry say, though it was very soft. "I got your cigarettes."

"Come in Harry." Sarah's eyes widened again as she took in the small boy in front of her. "Harry this is my wife Sarah."

"Hello." Harry said before he quickly walked to the desk and held out the cigarettes and change for the man. Michael took it all and gave Harry a once over.

"Thank you Harry, now why don't you go back to the bar outside and tell Devin, that's the man behind the bar, to make you something to eat." Harry nodded quickly and dashed out of the room.

"That was him?" Sarah asked with a confused tone. "That's Harry Potter?"

"Yea why?" Charles replied with a shrug.

"Okay, okay." Sarah said as she moved to a chair and sat down. "Something isn't adding up here."

"What are you talking about?" Michael asked as he examined his wife, he saw he lips start to move slightly and knew she was thinking hard.

"Okay, Dumbledore is supposed to be watching over Harry Potter." She said after a minute of silent thinking. "But from what I just saw and you told me last night." She turned to look at Michael. "He is definitely not in a loving environment."

"That's putting it lightly." Muttered Charles.

"So what if Dumbledore isn't actually watching him?" Michael scratched his head as he listened to his wife's theory.

"Why wouldn't he though?" Michael asked his wife, who shrugged.

"I don't know but do you honestly believe Albus Dumbledore would let anything happen to Harry Potter?" Sarah asked her husband. "I mean if he showed up with so much as a scratch on him when he goes to Hogwarts the Prophet would have a field day and people would scream for even his head."

"True." Michael said as he plopped down into his chair. "So maybe he's hidden the boy with his mother's family for safety, I mean there are still Death Eaters out there but none of them could search the muggle world without arousing suspicion."

Sarah nodded as pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. "And he can't keep an eye on him at all times or people would notice, he also can't trust the Ministry because someone could spill the beans or leak information."

"So who's watching him?" Michael asked. "I doubt his family would send out owls with reports."

"Maybe a neighbor?" Charles cut in. "Like when we're looking for a bloke, ask the neighbors to keep an eye out for a reward."

"That could be it." Sarah said with a smile. "And the neighbor must be old or something and doesn't notice the neglect or abuse."

"Why old?" Michael asked, even though the theory made sense.

"He or She might think the large clothes are a fashion statement and not mention it." Sarah said with a nod to herself. "And by his character I doubt he would ever speak up against his family."

"So what do we do?" Michael asked, he was rewarded with a smile but not any smile. It was a vicious smile that promised many things, the same smile that came with the idea for them to leave the Wizarding World and use their skills to make a profit.

"We have in our laps a young boy needing guidance, a boy who can influence the entire magical community of Britain." Sarah started to say. "He is the heir of an Ancient and Noble house, one of the oldest in fact. If we play this correctly we have a chance to change the world. If he learns how he could earn favors from all sides of the Wizengamot and change laws to include muggle-borns if he wanted."

"How exactly can you do this?" Charles asked, though it didn't really involve him he was intrigued by their talk.

"We teach him everything we know from running numbers to blackmail; the Wizarding World doesn't have anything like bookies, whore house and the like." Sarah said evenly. "You can find a couple of whores if you try but nothing like here."

"So what, were going to make the kid a kingpin?" Charles asked not liking the idea of corrupting someone so young, he may be an enforcer and work against the law but he chose to do so.

"That's the beauty of it; there are no laws against it in the Wizarding World." Michael said with a grin as he caught onto the plan. "Purebloods control the laws and don't have a clue about those kinds of things so they never guarded against it. And any muggleborn or half-blood that made it into the few powerful families that accepts them wouldn't know about them or suggest it."

"Because most are on the light side." Sarah said while making air quotes. "But if we teach him everything about our world, he will be just as ruthless as any slytherin pureblood but be able to walk with the light side families."

"This could work; we need to play it slow and careful though." Michael said with a smile. "First get Harry to trust us, Charles." The large man looked to Michael. "You're going to pay his uncle a visit and explain something's to him."

"Not a problem." Charles said with a grin and popped a few knuckles.

"Will get him checked out by a Healer, under an unbreakable vow, and get him some potions to improve his health to what it should be." Sarah said quickly to them. "And I'll gather all the books he will need to read to learn about the Wizarding World. Mornings I can teach him and in the afternoons you start explaining the workings of your job."

"Won't that be a little much for a child?" Charles asked but both Michael and his wife laughed.

"Wizards and witches mature faster mentally than muggles, plus his parents were two of the smartest people during their stay at school." Sarah said with a smile. "I bet if he put his mind to it he is quite brilliant."

"Push on that." Michael said as an idea popped in his head. "Ravenclaw would be the best house for him; it's the house with the least stereotypes."

"Good point, plus I would like to brag to the few friends I keep in touch with Harry Potter was in my house." Michael chuckled and walked around his desk to pull his wife against him.

"If this all goes well will be back in the Wizarding World for good and still live our comfortable life style." Sarah smiled and wiggled out of her husband's grasp.

"Come; let's start getting on young Harry's good side with a little conversation." Michael held his wife's hand as the trio walked into the pub to find their new charge.