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Amelia Bones can honestly say the past two years as the Head of the D.M.L.E have been the most interesting. She used to always twist and bend Fudge's arm to get anything she wanted but now he was far more receptive to her ideas. Much of that had to do with the resurgence of Harry Potter, though she wasn't exactly as keen on him as one would think. While she was glad he seemed to bring in a bit of change and righted some wrongs she didn't turn a blind eye to the little gambling ring her niece mentioned to her last year. Nor the reports she had seen of his new pub that was being built on the far end of Diagon Alley, already she had men asking to be put on the patrol there.

She knew it was creating jobs and the Department of Magical Sports and Games was head over heels with the surge in game attendance and interest. Still all this new structing of gambling done by a twelve-year-old boy was bothering her.

A knock on her door made her look up to see Kingsley popping his head inside. "Ma'am are you free?"

"Of course." She gestured him in and pointed to the open chairs. "Any progress on the Hagrid case?"

Kingsley entered and closed the door behind him. "I have spoken to Hagrid and his lawyer to get his account of the incident. Then I found the Ministries records of the event and looked over them."

"And?" Amelia asked, praying he wasn't going to say he couldn't find them.

"Everything matches up pretty well, though I do agree snapping his wand was done more to appease the Warren girl's parents." Kingsley said with a sigh. "They didn't toss him in Azkaban because the Ministry expert on magical creatures agreed the Acromantula could not have killed the girl."

Amelia took a short breath, at least this was better than she feared. "What of Tom Riddle? Were you able to find him and talk to him?"

The Auror shook his head. "I have a few locations he was years ago but he has basically disappeared."

Amelia nodded, he was a half-blood and she knew many found a way out of the country during the war. "Very well, have an official report on my desk by the end of the week so I can hand it to the Minister."

"Yes Ma'am." Kingsley said with a nod. "Would you like me back on the Scilly Island team?"

Amelia let out a groan, that was still bothering her. "Yes. We need all the help we can get." The old families there were putting a lot of pressure on the Ministry. "Though I've got everyone I can spare on it and we've made little progress."

"Well maybe if Mad-eye could help?" Kingsley asked hopefully.

"He knows damn well why he's not allowed back on that island." Amelia answered, though truthfully no one knew why Moody couldn't go there save the man himself and a few of the older residents. She was simply told by the Minister not to let him step foot there due to a past incident. "So you and Scrimgeour will have to make do without him."

Kingsley sighed but nodded his head. "Very well ma'am." He stood and headed for the door. "I will finish the report before joining with the Scilly Island team."

"Thank you Kingsley." Amelia calls out as the man heads back to his desk. She takes a moment to soak everything in before taking Kinsley's report and filing it away. Since the matter was brought up she figured she might as well look back at the Scilliy Island reports, it had been a few days and maybe her fresh eyes would catch something.

"Bones." She looked up as he door swung open and Moody came hobbling in.

"Ever hear of knocking?" She asked him.

Moody huffed. "Just give yeah a chance to draw your wand if it weren't you." She rolled her eyes. "Constant Vigilance!" He barked and tossed a letter onto her desk. "Read that."

Amelia raised an eyebrow but picked up the letter and looked at the message. "Hmmm, not signed, dark artifacts in Hogwarts…. Really Moody?"

"We got permission to search a lot of homes for dark artifacts right around the time kids be leaving for Hogwarts." Moody pointed out. "Not saying kids know their parents might have slipped something into their trunks, not saying they don't either."

Amelia drummed her desk with her fingers, while it sounded completely ridiculous he also had a bit of a point. "I will talk with Dumbledore, we can't just barge in and search."

Moody snorted. "Fine, give the brats a chance to hide their shit." Amelia waved him off.

"Go scare the new recruits or something." She said with a small grin, she noticed his eye brows raise up and he quickly hobbled away before she changed her mind. She sighed before turning to the floo to call Dumbledore and get him in for a meeting.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hogwarts, Headmasters Office xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Albus was deep in contemplation, Amelia had come through his floo and brought with her a note suspecting possible dark artifacts in Hogwarts. He wouldn't say it was impossible but on the same note Hogwarts did have security measures. "Of course many of them are centuries old and what is dark today may not have been dark than."

"Well Albus?" Amelia asked after giving him a minute to think. "I promise all Heads of House will be present and we will ensure no one's privacy is overly violated."

"And while I thank you for the consideration I do worry how parents might react." Albus replied. "We have many prominent children here and their parents will not like this, especially if they have something to hide."

Amelia sighed and rubbed her temples. "I am fully aware of that Albus but with this note and the fact the Wizengamot ruled on the searches it should be fine." She smiled. "And if we do find something it justifies our efforts."

"But." Dumbledore cut in. "If you find nothing we both will look foolish and lose face with our peers."

Amelia sat up straight. "I am the Head of the DMLE and the Aunt of a child here at Hogwarts, my only remaining relative. Whoever sent this letter knows I will follow through with this, if it ends up making me look a fool than I am a fool who cares about lives."

Albus looked at her for a second before chuckling. "It amuses me how even after all these years you still have moments that remind me of that fiery young Prefect who was constantly in my office with names to report." Amelia blushed. "I will notify the Heads of House, on the night of the welcome back feast the other professors and I shall watch over the students while you search."

Amelia nodded, trying to hide her still blushing face. "Thank you Albus, I will bring only Auror's that can keep to the rules. If possible I will also get Auror's who graduated from the House to search their own."

"A brilliant idea." Albus said with a twinkle in his eye. "That will pacify some of the parents as well."

"Then if you will excuse me I have work to do." She said before making her way to the Floo.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hogwarts, Great Hall xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The was much excitement inside the Great Hall as the students caught up with each other after the holiday break. Harry himself was more curious as to why the Heads of House were all missing from the feast, if it was one or two he could understand it but all four, that was extremely odd.

"Harry did you do anything exciting over the break?" Harry turned to see Luna looking at him with a smile.

"A bit." Harry replied. "Sirius, Remus and the Tonks came over for a Yule celebration, it was enjoyable." Which was true, Sirius was coming around to how Harry was and pushing him less to do pranks and goofy things. Though there was a plan to go to magical Africa this summer, Harry was hoping to find some things to start bringing in to Brittan, both legally and illegally. "How was your break?"

"Wonderful." Luna replied. "Father and I wrote a lovely story about the uprising in the Fairy Kingdom but no one seemed to interested in it."

Harry nodded. "Nothing we should worry about though correct?"

"Oh no the new regime has no plans for the human world as far as we found." Luna shook her head.

"Well that's good." Harry replied as he took a drink. Suddenly the doors to the Great Hall opened and the Heads of House entered with a few Auror's, one of which Harry recognized as Amelia Bones. The hall became quiet as they moved up to the head table and Amelia quietly began talking to Dumbledore.

Harry looked around as people began to whisper but he didn't see anyone who looked like they knew what was going on. "So this is a surprise to all." Harry thought.

"Hey Harry what do you think is going on?" Terry Boot asked from across the table.

"I'm not sure but maybe will find out." Harry nodded to the front of the table as Professor Flitwick came towards the table. He paused once or twice to talk with a student and then moved down the bench, though he stopped after the fifth student and headed back to the head table.

"You think there in trouble?" Padma asked in a loud whisper.

Boot snorted. "No the Headmaster and Auror's want to tell them they're doing a good job."

"Students!" Dumbledore yelled as he stood. "Would all except those who's Heads of House have spoken to them please head back to their common rooms."

It was obvious the students were curious and did not want to go but reluctant Prefects began usering them out. Harry shot the group one last look and moved towards his room, of course he did his best to ignore the gossiping around him. It wasn't long before they made it back to the common room but Harry decided to head to his room and think.

Entering his room he paused and looked around, it was when he saw his desk that he noticed some of the drawers were not fully closed. Harry always closed them fully and he knows for a fact he did before leaving on holiday. Walking over he looked through them and didn't spot anything missing, he then went through and checked over his whole room but was glad to see nothing was missing. "This can't be a coincidence that my room was searched and the Auror's were in Hogwarts." Turning he made his way back down to the common room where the other students were all waiting.

It took an hour but Flitwick soon lead the four students he had taken back to the common room. "Before anyone asks!" The Professor yelled and put his hands up. "Over the break the D.M.L.E received an anonymous note saying an artifact of dark magic was in Hogwarts, Headmaster Dumbledore was informed by Madam Bones and together they decided to search the grounds upon your return." Children gasped and began to whisper. "And no these four did not have dark artifacts but their was some questionable items they had to explain to the Headmaster."

"Is this even legal?" A sixth year asked.

"Anything you bring with you to Hogwarts is subject to search if given possible reason." Flitwick announced. "The Headmaster believes, and I agree, that a mild breach of privacy was worth ensuring your safety. And just so you are aware I was with the Auror's as they searched so I can assure you they were delicate and discreet." Again everyone whispered but that seemed to placaite the sixth year, or atleast until his parents heard about it.

Harry though was curious about this note, first the Basilisk and the Diary now this. "Seem's Malfoy wants that found." He had seen Tom give the diary to Lucius in the memories so he knew it had to have been him, couldn't understand completely why though, at best it embarrasses Dumbledore and the Weasley's. Sighing he shook his head and went off to bed, he could worry about it later.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hogwarts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Despite the hiccup of the Auror's the remainder of the school year was quite boring, a few difficult students not wanting to pay their bets and some test was all Harry had to deal with. He was happy for that as it gave him time to focus on his summer plans, not only a trip but the opening of the Prongs Pub, named after his father and Sirius's idea since he would become the manager. Turns out while he didn't mind showing kids what to do he was not a fan of grading homework, making test and every other aspect of being a teacher so he was going to retire at the end of the year.

Remus had informed Harry that Dumbledore had offered him the position but he was still afraid of what might happen during his changings. He was more comfortable with the job of office manager for the pub, he could handle Sirius and manage the menial task of the pub Sirius wouldn't want to do. Overall it seemed like the perfect combination for a new business.

He had started looking into Alchemy and found it was going to be even more difficult than he first believed. Alchemy was much like potions in that it needed precise measurements but also dealt with equations, phases of the moon, seasons and more depending on the alchemic formula. He was not detoured but knew this would take quite a bit of work to get it all done.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Malfoy Manor xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

He was annoyed, after everything he planned he had still come up empty. Lucius had gotten a letter from Draco that the search had gone on but nothing was found and he knew the Weasley's did not come home so he wondered what the girl could have done with the Diary. Not only that his idea to push this all on Hagrid had fallen through as Harry Potter had used his weight to cover the man. "Potter." Lucius thought with a snarl, that name kept coming up and foiling things for him. "And word is he has some pub in the works that will involve gambling like he does at Hogwarts." He mumbled into his glass, Sirius Black was spreading the word to anyone who would listen he and Lupin would be in charge so it was sure to bring in men who loved drinking and Quidditch.

He paused and slowly lowered his drink. "Lupin." A grin slowly formed, he knew the man was a werewolf and if word got out Potter was employing one people would hesitate going to his pub no matter if he endorsed it. "That could work, though this time I'll have someone else start the process." He wasn't going to risk anymore of his reputation.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hogs Head Inn, Hogsmead xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Lord Potter-Black." Rita said with a small smile as Harry entered the room. "A pleasure, you were missed at the Ministry Yule Ball."

"I'm sure." Harry replied. "But you still got a few headlines, was the ambassador from Japan really groping that waitress?"

Rita giggled. "Oh Lord Potter-Black despite what you know of me I do occasionally write true statements." She smiled. "Now I know how you enjoy getting to the point so I will, a few Lords have passed along that you will be having a werewolf manage your pub."

Harry sighed and took a seat. "Of course they did, I had thought that was a little known fact about Remus."

"Maybe but these particular Lords were all on the darker side of the last war." Rita informed him as she pulled out a pad and quill. "Now I have done my research and personally harbor no ill will towards those afflicted-"

"Unless it sells papers." Harry cut in.

"-but the masses are not as easily swayed." Rita finished ignoring Harry. "And seeing how this man is a family friend how would you like to spin it?"

Harry hummed and sat back in his seat. "Obviously I won't be able to win anyone over right away, so for starters go with how he grew up with my father and Sirius and neither are werewolves. Then put in how according to records werewolves are only dangerous during a full moon and end with a quote that Remus will mostly be behind the scenes in the office."

Rita nodded as she scribbled. "Good good, though it still will lose you some patronage."

"Yes I know." Harry answered. "It's fine, I need an issue to work on anyway to sow people I'm still a kind hearted soul."

"Many have tried but you have a fair better chance." Rita replied. "Though many of the purebloods voting for the laws and fighting are doing so because it got them more land and money."

"I've gathered that." Harry said with a nod. "It will take a different approach than in the past but is possible."

"Well I wish you luck Lord Potter-Black." Rita said with a smile as she rose. "And I look forward to the Headlines this will bring."