Chapter 1

It was a bright and beautiful sunny day in pallet town.

A girl with medium caramel colored hair with a cute pink bowler hat was strolling on a perfectly geometrical stone pathway holding hands with her boyfriend, gary oak. they admired all the flowers and the beautiful scenery such as the local beach on their wonderful and peaceful stroll.

"gary, it's almost our one year anniversary. do you have any plans in mind? or any gifts?" said serena with a sly look on her face.

"hmm, it's a surprise. so it's a secret. a secret surprise!" gary said.

"Smooth." serena retorted as she rolled her eyes. she snuggled closer to gary's chest as they walked back to gary's house.

meanwhile, a boy with messy jet black hair was desperately finding his hat and shoes. he tossed around and basically flipped his room upside-down looking for his two necessities.

"Man, the night before i start traveling to the kalos region, i just suddenly lose my things!" groaned ash. "pika pika!"

"what is it pikachu?" Pikachu was holding ash's cap in its mouth. "thanks buddy you're the best." ash petted the yellow mouse pokemon.

"okay time to get some rest! we have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow. g'night pikachu!" "pika!."

Ash turned off the lights and wrapped himself in his blanket while pikachu snuggled near his trainer's feet.

the next day…..

"morning gary! i made you some pancakes hun." said serena with a bright smile on her face.

gary rubbed his eyes and said "it smells delicious. i can't wait to taste it."

"I got up at 5 to make this because i had to run to pick some nice oran berries to make your favorite, oran berry pancakes!" serena said cheerfully. she flipped a pancake perfectly.

"oh yeah are you ready for that secret surprise?" gary said with his mouth full.

serena sat down as she poured herself some of gary's mom's vespiquen's fresh produced honey.

"what is it dear?" she asked.

"you know how i've always been dreaming of going to the hoenn region? well…i've decided to go travel there starting today!" gary decided.

"wait but..what about me? am i coming along too?" serena questioned.

gary scratched his head. "um that's the thing. i wanna break this to you in the least douche baggish way possible. i'm breaking up with you. because i think you'll slow me down from discovering new species and types of pokemon in the hoenn region."

serena's jaw dropped. "WAIT WHAT?! YOU'RE DUMPING ME?"

"yup pretty much." gary took another bite of the pancakes. "these pancakes are really fluffy and light, this would be perfect to bring on my journey." gary wondered.

serena huffed and stood up. she grabbed the container holding the honey and tried to dump it on gary. but was flustered because the honey didn't drip.

"This would have been a better comeback to the breakup if this syrup wasn't so thick." scoffed serena. she grabbed her pancakes and stormed out of gary's house. "hmph!"

gary shrugged. "women." he was about to take another bite when serena stormed in once again to take gary's plate of pancakes. "you don't deserve this." she stormed out. gary facepalmed. "maybe i should have broken up with her after i finished her breakfast.."

serena sat on the bench in pallet town's local park. she started to recall back the memories of her and gary. she looked at the swings and remembered that she was on there with no one to push and suddenly gary was there to push her. that's how they first met.

serena started to tear up but she stopped herself and stood up. serena walked away from the park. serena walked away to the local water fountain. a memory of her and gary throwing pennies in the fountain. she remembered she made a wish, closed her eyes and threw it in the fountain. then gary sprayed water on her and they both ran around the fountain and played around and teased each other, smiling. they walked home and gary took his jacket off to give to serena. the memory faded.

serena snapped out of it and stopped dead in her footsteps. she broke down and started to sob.

ash jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs. 'awh yeah kalos i'm coming for ya! bye mom!" he kissed his mom on the cheek, put on his shoes and ran out the door with pikachu following him shortly behind.

Ash walked out the patio and started talking to himself outloud. "one small step for man….and- wait is that how it went? one bigger step for mankind…kalos come at me br-" he tripped and fell flat on his face.

'what th-" he looked at what tripped him. a girl hugging her knees and hiding her face.

he walked up to her. "hey. are you okay miss?" he squatted down.

"sniff n-not really. i just got dumped by my boyfriend." serena sobbed.

ash patted her back. "hey, you can't let that get to you. you gotta be determined! get back up on your feet and overcome those obstacles in order to become stronger!" ash closed his hand together in a fist.

serena looked up. "th-thanks, i guess."

"your makeup is turning black..?"

"wh-what?! d-don't look a-at me!" serena blushed redder than a tomato berry.

"hey where do you live? i can accompany you home before i leave to the kalos region." ash chuckled.

"i used to live with my boyfriend but i obviously can't go back to that jerk. my mom lives in kalos too." serena replied.

"oh great! would you like to come with me to the kalos region? and i'm sure that once you return home, you'll be comfortable and safe and sound. plus, it'll get your mind off that guy. whaddahyasay?" offered ash.

"um, okay than thank you." serena sniffed.

"i'm ash by the way, nice to meet you." ash offered his hand. "serena." she took it and ash pulled her up into a small hug. he then replied with a fist in the air. "kalos off we go!" he smiled which was contagious and serena giggled with a glimmer in her eye. and soon, their journey began.

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