Chapter One

"Sorry I'm late" the brunette muttered, rushing in behind the counter of the bar she regularly worked at.

Her boss gave her a disapproving look, but chose not to say anything. Despite her regular lateness she certainly was one of his better bartenders. Her bubbly personality and charming nature tended to attract the men, willing them to buy more drinks.

She pulled her messy of curly hair up into a high ponytail, slipping on the small black apron she had to wear. Why she was made wear it, she didn't know, but she had always had to.

The next two hours passed by reasonably quickly. She always found it wasn't much work bartending. She enjoyed chatting to the often tipsy customers, often flirting with the fitter men.

It was nearing half eleven when someone plopped down on the stool just over the counter alone. She glanced up quickly, instantly meeting his warm brown eyes.

Her eyes scanned him quickly and she felt a smile tug at her lips.

He was wearing a white shirt with a dark red cardigan over it. His black tie suited the outfit perfectly, giving him a cute, yet somewhat geeky look.

His hair was cut short at the sides and longer on top, looking incredibly fluffy.

"Hi" her voice came out soft, smiling slightly.

He gave her a shy smile in return.

"Hello" he looked back down at his hands as he spoke.

Her smile widened, amused at how awkward he seemed.

"You here alone?" she decided to ask, still smiling.

He nodded, slowly looking up to meet her eye.

"Yeah. I -erm- had a rough day at work" he explained.

"I see.. So what can I get you?" she asked, realising what he was here for

"Scotch please" he replied.

She was a little surprised at this. Scotch certainly didn't seem like his kind of drink but she shrugged it off.

"So, this job of yours..?" she asked softly, handing him his drink.

He met her eye once again.

"Oh. I'm an FBI agent" he told her, before taking a small sip of his drink.

Her eyes narrowed slightly. She was unsure of whether or not to believe him. She had heard that line on several occasions. Usually men trying to take her home.

"Really?" her voice was doubtful, something he obviously picked up on, cause he smiled slightly.

"Yes. I'm a profiler. I work in the BAU" he explained slowly.


"Behaviour Analysis Unit" he told her.

She nodded, still not fully sure what that was.

"Oh.. I see" she lied quickly.

He smirked a little, easily catching on to the fact that she had no idea what he meant.

"So profiling. That's kinda like knowing what people are thinking, right?" she asked, sure that it was a stupid question.

He chuckled softly then, and she grinned at his laugh. It seemed everything he did drew her to him.

"I guess you could say that" he shrugged a little.

Some one else called her then, pulling her away from the fascinating man she still didn't know the name of.

She didn't try to strike up a conversation with the customer. Once she had handed them their drink, she turned back to the FBI agent who wasn't even halfway through his drink.

"I hope you don't mind me saying, but you really do look quite young to be in the FBI" she started, leaning on the counter slightly with her hands.

"I get that a lot" he replied.

He seemed to be debating whether or not he'd continue. He decided on further explaining.

"I graduated high school when I was twelve" he admitted softly.

She felt her jaw drop.

"What?" she finally managed to mumble.

He shrugged, his cheeks reddening a little.

"That's amazing. You must be some sort of genius" she continued.

Again he just shrugged, which she took as confirmation.

He seemed a little awkward talking about it so she quickly changed the subject.

"I just realised I didn't even introduce myself.. I'm Rachel. Rachel Evans" she offered him her hand, with a small smile.

He took her hand carefully and she was instantly impressed at how soft his was.

"Spencer. Spencer Reid"