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Percy's POV:

I'm a famous archaeologist and here I stand before my boss discussing my success and failing to impress. "I don't know what to tell you!" cried my boss. "Unless you can find a new interesting discovery for the museums and journalists I'm afraid we're going to have to let you go." As you can imagine, I hadn't discovered anything worthwhile for long time.

"You can't do that!" I cried. "I'm the best archaeologist you have! Without me this business would be buried in the dust of competition!"

"I'm sorry, Peter." He replied. "Life's not fair." You have absolutely no idea how much I hated that phrase, it was the answer to almost any question I asked, it may be true but that doesn't make it any less annoying. I threw my fist up and slammed it on his desk, rocking the name plate that read: Mr. D. I did not enjoy the way I was treated by Mr. D he was rude, unhelpful, and the most stubborn man I had ever met (that's saying a lot). The thing that bothered me the most about Mr. D was that he never pronounced my name right, I mean what's so hard about Percy Jackson? It was like he enjoyed annoying me.

"You just want to get rid of me!" I accused. "It's obvious you never liked me! Admit it." I glared at him but Mr. D's glare was stronger and more intimidating.

"Peter Johnson, I will ask you nicely to leave my office and if you refuse I can ask security to forcibly remove you?" Mr. D warned. He didn't say that very nicely to me, was there even a please in that sentence?

"Why no thank you Mr. D," I replied carefully, now realizing that my previous words could have meant my job. "I'll escort myself out, sorry for any tension I may have caused you." I didn't know if that was the right thing to say but it sounded good enough. Mr. D grinned smugly and I turned around to leave.

So I need a new interesting discovery huh? I asked myself. I looked around the building very carefully and spotted a stack of books in the corner, quickly I made my way towards them and picked one out. The words twirled around in my brain because of my dyslexia, but eventually I could read the title: Lost Secrets and Mysterious Legends, it read (A/N: I completely made up this book! It doesn't really exsit. Just in case any of you were interested in reading it, although the information came straight off the internet). I flipped through the pages and eyed each picture that passed, nothing interesting, but then I spotted an illustration of a golden fountain with the clearest water I had ever seen (A/N: The illustration as far as I know, doesn't exist either). Water always interested me, it had something to do with the way water had been a big help to bring life to almost everything. I read the caption below the picture: This illustration is probably what the Spanish imagined The Fountain of Youth to be.

I read up in the columns about The Fountain of Youth. A legend that came from that trickled from Bimini and then swallowed the Spanish. The Fountain of Youth was said to bring youth back to those who bathed in or drank from its waters, most believe if The Fountain of Youth does exist then it's most likely to be hidden in Maya. How 'bout The Fountain of Youth as my interesting discovery? I asked myself. Happily I collected the book and rushed home.

I bolted up the apartment building's stairs too inpatient to wait for the elevator, desperately I unlocked the door to my apartment and slammed it behind me. I rushed to my laptop and typed in The Fountain of Youth, collecting more information as I went, then I printed the page. Excitedly I packed my things and prepared for my big trip. If all went well then I'd make it through the trip and back no problem.

So I got all my things, jumped in my car, and started my journey to Maya.


Luke's POV:

Life's tough for the world's 2ndmost successful archaeologist. My boss, Kronos, informed me that if I didn't get a worthwhile discovery soon he'd demote me. I rubbed a picture of my arch rival holding up what was supposedly a priceless 100 year old vase, and scowled. How did he get all the goods? That picture wasn't even of his top best! Where did he find all those wonderful trinkets? I shoved the picture into the shredder out of frustration and listened to the satisfying sound of dying troubles. I pressed on a button hidden in the wood of my desk and in no time flat my associates Ethan Nakamura and Michael Yew entered.

"Yes?" Michael asked.

"We need to find out what my rival is planning." I informed.

"What do you suggest?" Ethan asked, realizing who I was talking about.

"I want you to spy on him." I answered. "See what you can dig up." They nodded understanding and then they turned to leave but I stopped them. "Oh and one more thing," They paused and awaited my order. "Try not to be seen, I can't afford it." Again they nodded and escorted themselves out.

Hours later when I got my information from Michael and Ethan:

After they left I dialed a number on my phone. "Yes, Octavian? This is Luke Castellan."


Percy's POV:

A few days later I passed the boundary line and arrived in Mexico. My trip had gone pretty well, accept for the incident where I spotted a car tailing me, but they shied away pretty quickly when I honked my horn as a warning, yeah as the world's most successful archaeologist I deal with a lot of people like that. All well, I was in Mexico it was only a few more days' drive until I arrived at Maya civilization, if nothing went wrong along the way.

I ran into town to grab a bite, and at the order desk stood an American women. "May I take your order sir?" Although she had a pretty thick accent. The women had pretty multi colored eyes, gorgeous choppy brown hair, and red rose lips. There was no doubt this women was beautiful, but I needed stuff done. I told her my order and she typed it down. "You know you are the first American tourist to walk in here actually trying to order something?"

"Of course, why would I come in here for any other reason?" I asked in return with a small grin. She smiled and checked the register.

"Most American males who spot me come in here just to flirt, most American women come to complain." She informed me.

"Well I'm sorry about that ma'am, you'll be glad to know that I have an intention of actually eating something here." I replied. "My name's Percy Jackson by the way." I held out my hand and she shook.

"Piper McLean." She introduced. "I was an American but my family found better profits in Mexico."

"Well Piper it was nice to meet you but I really should take my leave." I said. Just like that my order came.

"Well then sir I guess you're going to need a meal." Piper replied as she handed me my food and gave me the check. I gave her some money and was about ready to leave when Piper called out. "Bye Percy, please come back soon."

"I'll sure try." I assured. She smiled and waved as I exited the building. My first day in Mexico and already someone wanted to be my friend, at least I hope it was a friendly relationship that she was after. Minutes later I found myself in need of gas, so I stopped by a gas station and filled up. As soon as I left the gas station I was the start of my journey to Maya.

Days had gone by when I finally arrived at Maya civilization. I quickly went to pick up my guide, it would be on foot here on and I wasn't about to go into a civilization I hadn't already explored without a bit of help. "Percy Jackson?" asked a man with blonde hair and bold blue eyes. "I'm your guide." He shook my hand. "My name's Octavian." This guy spook solid American English so he must have come here all the way from America to study Maya civilization.

"I would introduce myself, but you already know my name." I replied. "Shall we get started?"

"If that's what you want." He replied. Two people appeared, a woman and a man, both smiling. "Percy, these are my friends Jason and Reyna." The man, Jason, had golden blonde hair and bright sky blue eyes. The women, Reyna, had starry night black eyes and elegant black braided hair, she could almost compare to Piper. I shook their hands. "Jason's an expert on Maya temples and artifacts, Reyna's an expert on the animals around here, I know the land like the back of my hand so together we should be a big help on your journey."

"Oh, well thanks for all your help." I told them.

"Anytime." Said Jason.

"Well let's rest up before we start." Reyna suggested.

"Sounds like a plan." I replied. Together we walked into camp and talked of the journey.


Luke's POV:

Looks like I'm heading to Maya. I gathered up a good amount of useful gadgets and left first thing with Michael and Ethan. In a couple weeks we made it to Maya, now the race was on.

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