This is the next and final part of the Rapture Lutece series. If you haven't read the first part, "Fact from Myth: Lutece and Lutece, Lifting Rapture into the Future," you should still be able to understand this story.

Burial at Sea – Episode 0


The Offer

"While there are constants across universes, they way these constants are expressed are infinitely variable."

A Treatise on the Many-Worlds Hypothesis

-R. Lutece, 1937

"If you're to do this, you must remember—"

"Enough, I've made up my mind. Comstock has to pay for what he did."

"We cannot stop her."

"Then all we can offer now is a word of advice."

"Advice I doubt she'll heed."

"Just remember while you're down there, she who fights monsters..."

"Runs the risk of becoming a monster herself."


Elizabeth strolled through the seventh floor of the 907 Market Street housing complex. Her eyes were kept narrow as she scanned the lines of doors before her. She took a final drag from her cigarette, then placed it in a nearby ashtray and continued walking. Market Street wasn't the fanciest part of Rapture live in, but it was better than some other housing areas. The wallpaper wasn't peeling, and the elevator almost always worked.

There was a door just up ahead on the right, the one she'd come looking for. Engraved on the door was the name "Lutece". Elizabeth raised her fist and pounded it on the door several times. She tapped her foot waiting for someone to answer. There were still had several weeks before it was time meet with "Booker," but Elizabeth also wanted this errand done as soon as possible.

There was a soft click and the door slowly swung open.

"Hello?" A man who was, and was not, Robert Lutece asked.

"Hello Robert. I need you to get Rosalind, what I'm going say I need to say to both of you." Elizabeth stared at Robert with a blank face. Robert shied away from her eye contact.

"Excuse me, but do I know you?" Elizabeth continued to stare. Robert turned his head and yelled, "Rosalind, come here! There's a woman who claims to know us at the door."

Rosalind came up behind Robert. He stepped aside so that the two of them could both stand in front of Elizabeth. The two of them looked nearly identical to the Luteces that Elizabeth knew, the only difference being their suits were tailored in style more befitting of the 1950s. This Robert also had a trilby hat.

"Yes, what do you want?" Rosalind frowned.

"My name is Elizabeth, and I can get you out of Rapture." She waited for her offer to sink for the Luteces.

They both scowled at Elizabeth. "You're one of Ryan's police, aren't you?" Rosalind scoffed. "Well I assure you that you'll find no evidence of treason in this home."

Elizabeth stepped forward, getting as close to the Luteces as could be considered polite. "I'm not working for Andrew Ryan. I'm not working for anyone." Honesty wasn't convincing them, so Elizabeth lowered her gaze to Rosalind's stomach. "And I know why you need to get out of Rapture."

Robert broke the silence. "Who are you, really? Why would you help us?" Elizabeth paused, and placed her index finger on her chin. How to explain this in a way they'd believe?

"Like I said, I'm Elizabeth. I'm… doing this a favor for some mutual friends." The Luteces stepped further into their home, while Rosalind grabbed the doorknob.

"Listen!" Elizabeth shoved out her hand to stop the door from closing on her. "In a few weeks, there's going to be a civil war, and if you stay here, you'll die." The Luteces were unmoved. Rosalind resumed trying to close the door.

Discretion had failed, so Elizabeth opened a small tear between herself and the Luteces. The twins lurched back, then stared in awe at the glimmering window before them. Through it were strange buildings that appeared to be floating among the clouds.

"That's a—" Rosalind began to say.

"A tear, yes. Just like the one you used to bring Robert here." Elizabeth closed the tear and smiled smugly at the Luteces. "Now I'm going to ask you one last time. Will you come with me and escape, or stay here and die?"

Robert and Rosalind stared at each other, silently debating their answer to Elizabeth. They turned to Elizabeth and nodded.

"We'll need to pack some essentials of course," Rosalind said and began to close the door again.

"No. If we're doing this, we're doing this now."

"But won't we need money? Clothing? For the surface?" Robert asked. Elizabeth had already started walking back to the elevator. The Luteces shrugged and hurried after her.


The group emerged from 907 and out into Market Street proper. Citizens of Rapture were bustling about in their day-to-day activities, leaving Elizabeth and the Luteces mere specs in a crowd.

"Now what direction is Lutece Labs?" Elizabeth asked as they stood to the side of the housing complex.

"I thought you said we were leaving?" Rosalind frowned and crossed her arms over her chest.

"We are, but we need to get something from your lab first," Elizabeth glared back, letting the twins know this wasn't up for discussion.

"I'm afraid even if we wanted to go there, we cannot," Robert said. "The entire block was closed off after Fontaine was killed. The place is crawling with all manner of degenerates and splicers now."

Elizabeth glanced around to make sure they weren't being observed. She opened a small tear and withdrew a handgun from it. "Then we'll fight our way in."

"Are you mad?" Robert asked.

"Even if we didn't go to Lutece Labs, trust me, we're not getting out of here peacefully." Elizabeth inspected the gun, checking to see if it was loaded. It was.

"I'm starting to reconsider your offer." Robert backed away from Elizabeth.

"Fine, stay and die here." Elizabeth walked away from the Luteces. "Stay and let your child die here." She smirked as the sound of the Luteces' footsteps approached.