Author's Notes/End Notes:

Where the heck did you get the idea of Andrew with a guitar?

This idea was pretty random, more a connection of disparate scenes and Pandora than anything carefully planned out. In particular, when reading The Foxhole Court the first time, I really loved the scene with Andrew convincing Neil to keep the cellphone. It was the first time that I got a real ./lightning shock! That Andrew was a.) human, and b.) capable of empathy, and finally c.) coming to care for (or at least not despise?) Neil. Up to that point, I was pretty ambivalent about Andrew on the whole.

My mind snagged onto the mention of the ringtone being an acoustic version of a song, and even then I thought to myself, "Oh, I bet it's Andrew singing!" No idea why, except it suddenly seemed to fit. A couple days later I was on my way to work and Sick Puppies "All the Same" came on my Pandora station, and I started singing along (no doubt scaring all the drivers in passing cars). I've always loved this song for all that I'm not a huge Sick Puppies fan otherwise, but at the line "I don't care but I wouldn't dare to fix the twist in you," I instantly thought of Andrew and Neil, and when followed up with the lines "Go ahead tell me your name again..."; "Go ahead say it: You're leaving!"; "And I'll take you for who you are/if you take me for everything..." it seemed just way too perfect. These two boys are pretty messed up, but they accept each other with all the fractures, stand fearlessly in the face of situations that would make the average person back away slowly – I love every bit of it and the song fits.

Is it the song that author would have picked? Probably not, but who knows?

As a mental exercise, I used to put together "musicals" for characters – if Character A was going to sing to Character B, what would the song be and why does it make sense? It helped me get a better idea of my characters and how they related to each other. Listening to this song, I thought it would be a perfect song to for Andrew to sing to Neil (and, really, for Neil to sing to Andrew). I also noticed that the author, Nora Sakavic, has a thing for playlists. So combining that one little locker room scene with my mental exercise, a perfectly timed song about "runaways," and the summary note for The Raven King mentioning that Neil gets under Andrew's skin, Andrew singing seemed like a perfectly logical conclusion to me.

What do you think? Discussion welcome.