This is Master Tananh. This is the episode you've all been waiting for. The final battle. Sonic vs. Metal Shadow! Will Sonic be able to free Shadow and find the Master Emerald? This is my ultimate fighting chapter. I think I've outdone myself really. Read on.

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Chapter 7: Sonic vs Metal Shadow


Metal Shadow was all ready in the room ahead. I ran after him. Inside was the largest room I'd ever been in! And in the far side of it was the biggest machine I'd ever seen, with the exception of the ARK. And it was taking off! I watched, unable to do anything as enormous jets on it's feet started revving up. The ceiling above opened and it took off. I noted it was going pretty slow. Then we were alone. Just me and Metal Shadow.

I looked at Metal Shadow. I didn't say anything. There was nothing to say. We just started fighting. I had no excuses this time. I had plenty of room to maneuver, and there was no self destruct mechanism about to go off. It was just me and him.

It was Metal Shadow who threw the first punch. He curled up into a ball and started rolling right for me! I jumped over him and turned around to see him come at me again. He was just zooming all over the place. I dodged this for about two minutes, but as I leapt over him just before I had time to land and duck and watch as Shadow Ball sped right where the back of my head used to be, I decided to retaliate.

So I curled up myself and started racing around with him. We sped all over the floor. If their had been anyone watching we probably would have just looked like blue and silver blurs racing around the floor. I kept going faster and faster the longer I was in the ball. It felt like I was about to break the sound barrier when we collided into each other headfirst.

We both flew backwards and uncurled involuntarily as we landed on the floor. It felt like somebody had knocked me over the head with a sledgehammer. I could barely walk, such was the intensity of the blow. I looked at Metal Shadow and realized he was dented around the left side of his back. The shield must not be meant for attacks at that speed. But I definitely got the worse end of the collision.

Unfortunately, I couldn't just scream "Time out!" and sit down and rest. Metal Shadow ran towards me, obviously not held back by the damage I had inflicted on him, and leapt and performed a Homing Attack. I sprang sideways just in time to keep myself from getting bashed in the head. But I forgot about the minor detail that you can do another Homing Attack right after you get done with the first one after you land.

He smashed right into my face.

It hurt. A lot.
"Arrrrgh!" I screamed right before he plowed into me again. This time it was in the stomach. I was going to lose if I kept this up. With all of the wind knocked out of me and with what felt like a broken face, I got up and leapt out of the way of another Homing Attack from Metal Shadow. After making a mental note to make some "Get Well" cards to everybody I had Homing Attacked recently, I performed one myself. Although I bounced off of his shield, I figured he would have to use his Ultimate Attack eventually. So I kept trying to hit him while he did the same to me.

Metal Shadow

I had to hand it to this blue hedgehog, he was much harder to defeat compared to the other times we had fought. He was not at a disadvantage this time, but even despite that he seemed to be different then before. But then I shook off the thought. It didn't matter how good he was, he was NOT getting the Emerald. My Master had ordered me to protect it and I would die to follow his orders.

I looked at the hedgehog. He aimed another one of his attacks at me and it bounced off of my shield. I noticed that for every attack I had, he had a similar one like it. My design must be based on this creature. He seemed to be begging me to use my Ultimate Attack. But I knew his plan. He wanted to hit me while I charged up. But the Ultimate Attack seemed to be the only thing that would do the job effectively.

Not yet. I told myself. I will have to try something else. Up till now, I had only been aiming to injure. My master seemed to think of me as a killing machine, but I preferred not to kill if I could get out of it. Whenever he ordered me to kill someone I would do it of course, but when it was up to me I preferred to just put them out of commission. But this hedgehog seemed to be more than meets the eye. I had no choice. I would have to use lethal force.


I performed another Homing Attack and bounced off again. I tensed up, expecting to see Metal Shadow flying at me, but he wasn't. He seemed to be looking me over. Finally, something happened. And it didn't make me happy. Not at all.

Metal Shadow's back, which used to have a bunch of quills laid back in the usual Shadow style, had changed. The hair wasn't laid back anymore, it was standing up, and it looked really sharp. I had a sudden image of me getting nailed in the face with one of his Homing Attacks with the super sharp hair on it. That would mean an instant grisly death.

He executed his Homing Attack and nearly hit me, I jumped sideways just in time. I turned, but instead of Metal Shadow landing and doing another Homing Attack again like he usually did, he turned around in mid-air and activated his jet shoes, causing him to fly back at me. He punched me right in my already damaged face with his big metal fist. I flew back but somersaulted back to my feet just in time to back-flip out of the way of a rocket that Metal Shadow had launched at the spot where I would have been laying.

Flying around he suddenly unleashed a torrent of attacks on me. Rockets from his fingers and lasers from his eyes were flying all over the place. He would swoop down and try to nail me with a Homing Attack every once in a while. He also launched little energy balls at me from his hands that were very similar to the ones used in his Ultimate Attack, only these were slower and not as powerful.

He did this for about ten minutes until finally one of the energy balls nailed me in the shoulder. "Ahhh!" I shouted. It actually didn't really hurt, but now I could no longer use my arm. Somehow I managed to retain my footing and so I kept from falling down. So I managed to dodge a laser he had also tried to hit me with. I looked at my paralyzed arm, it just hung limp. This was not looking good.

Metal Shadow must have thought my limp arm would distract me, because now he was cupping his hands hurriedly. "Oh no you don't!" I cried. I ran toward him. His shield lowered, and he was mine. Taking Rouge's advice, I drop-kicked him right in the stomach. "Yes!" I cried in jubilation as I heard something in Metal Shadow's metal plating snap while he flew back from my kick.

Metal Shadow







My visor was screaming reports of the damage that the hedgehog had dealt to me. I could hardly believe it. I got up to see his triumphant face looking at me. Once again though, the side-effect of the Ultimate Attack surprised me as well. I knew this hedgehog! The voice that always came on in my head when I used the Attack identified him as "Sonic". The voice seemed to think that he had fought this "Sonic" before. Well this "Sonic" was starting to be annoying. Judging by the triumphant look on his face he thinks he has the advantage now. But my sensors showed that his endurance level has decreased by 73 and he could not use his left arm.

But I didn't feel encouraged. How did he know that was where my Plasma Generator was? It should have been impossible to find out. Of all the places he could have hit me he hit me where it hurt the most. Without the Plasma Generator I couldn't use my shield, lasers, or hand energies. And in damaging my stomach he made sure I could no longer roll in a ball.

Nevertheless, I should hit him hard now, before he manages to recover. It is time to end this.


I barely saw him coming. All I knew was that one second he was just standing there, looking shocked, then the next he was charging at me. I guess I figured that when I knocked out his shield I could just stroll up to him and beat him up. But now I know that this battle is far from over.
I took punch after punch as he beat me to a pulp. I let out a cry of pain as he kicked me in the face, causing me to fly backwards and land on my stomach. I couldn't believe myself. I was just letting him kill me! He ran towards me and leaped. When he was right above me, he faced downwards and activated his jet shoes, causing him to fall towards me at a very high speed. I knew that if he hit me, it would be over.

Swiftly, I raised my feet up and kicked Metal Shadow in the face while he was still in midair. Then I got up quickly before he could recover. I felt a sudden pain in my side. I had moved to fast. He had wore me down a lot. I could barely even move, and my arm was still paralyzed. This wasn't looking good for me.

It looked like all the flashy moves were done with. This was going to be an all out brawl now. And in my weakened condition, there is no way I'm going to last against him much longer. I was hurting him, but I wasn't feeling to hot either. I thought about how Metal Shadow would probably hit me next. I winced just thinking about it. Nevertheless, I couldn't give up. I raised my fists up and said, "Want some more bolt brain?"

Then I looked at my fists. Fists. Plural. As in more than one fist raised up.

I stared in wonder at my left arm. The paralyzation had worn off! I grinned. At least now I could move all my limbs. I ran at Metal Shadow at top speed. Right before we got close enough I jumped and did a Homing Attack. Unfortunately, Metal Shadow backflipped out of the way and right when I landed, he threw a punch. I ducked under the blow and sweeped my feet across the floor trying to trip him. But Metal Shadow jumped over my feet and kicked me in the face. But right before he kicked, he activated his jet boots. This caused my face to feel a very unpleasant burning sensation on impact.

"Aaaauugh!" I screamed. As I flew back from the blow, I grabbed wildly. Luckily, I managed to grab his outstretched foot. I flew back from the blow with Metal Shadow's foot in my hand, and I flung Metal Shadow towards the wall. I heard a crash that must have meant he had hit the wall. I landed with an "Oof!" and got up to continue the battle. But what I saw made me almost laugh aloud because of my luck.

Metal Shadow was stuck to the wall. Throughout our melee he had kept his back pointy. When I had flung him into the wall the pointy quills had made him get stuck. He was attached to the wall by his quills and was hanging upside down.

I ran at him and leaped, curling up for a Homing Attack.

Metal Shadow

I took another hit from the hedgehog. He had already hit me five times while I was suspended on the wall. I could no longer take this. I had no choice. I pressed my hands against the wall and pushed as hard as I could. I heard some cracking and I knew it was working.

With a crash I fell out of the wall and landed back on the ground. I got up and looked behind me. I saw my inner layer. I knew that I was just a robot taking control over another creature's body, but it was still strange to see it. Then I realized something. While all my outer layer was showing signs of extreme damage, my inner was working perfectly! Now, finally, my victory is assured.

"Destroy all of the outer layer with the exception of the cranium area." I ordered with my thoughts to my body.


I raised my eyebrows. He had pushed himself out of the wall, but he had sacrificed the machine armor on his back. He must be close to being beaten by now! "Almost over." I said to myself. But then Metal Shadow, who always seemed to be one step ahead of me, pulled off another way to tip the odds in his favor.

He just exploded. No warning, no nothing. One minute he was standing there, next he exploded. For one horrifying moment I thought he had self-destructed and taken Shadow's life with his own. The next I thought that I had been victorious. For Shadow's red and black body was appearing out of the smoke. But there was something different. Metal Shadow's head was still attached.

I just wanted to cry out of exasperation. Here I was, Sonic, the good guy, just about ready to win against Metal Shadow, the bad guy, just like I always used to and always should. But now Metal Shadow was just about completely healthy again while I was so tired I just wanted to lay down and die.

The head must have been all he needed to retain control of Shadow's body. On the plus side, he could no longer hurt me with any of his weapons like before. It would be just like the other times me and Shadow fought before all this mess. But I didn't know if I could beat him with all of my present injuries.

Suddenly, Metal Shadow charged me and performed a Homing Attack that hit me right in the head. I fell, and on trying to get up, Metal Shadow kicked me as hard as he could, making me fly across the room. I got up very slowly. Every part of my body hurt, but I moved anyway, willing my body to get up. I couldn't let it end like this. Not when I was so close...


Metal Shadow had suddenly drop-kicked me in the face. Before I hit the ground, he regained his footing and uppercutted my falling form. Then I was done. I knew I could no longer continue the fight. When I finally landed on my stomach Metal shadow picked me up by the neck and glared at me with those cruel eyes. I didn't even have the strength to glare back. Metal Shadow then punched me as hard as he could with his free hand and I flew away from his grip and landed on the floor.

"Urrgh." I mumbled. I saw Metal Shadow's towering form. This is it. I thought in horror. The games up Sonic, you lose. "Nnn, nno!" I cried out. You've failed everyone. He's going to finish you off now and that will be the end of the world as everyone knows it. And it's all your fault. "No!" I screamed, "Can't-give-up!" I tried to get up, but every muscle in my body instantly started screaming with pain. "Aarrgh! No! Can't give up! You have to get up! You have to beat him!" I continued to coach myself all the way. With every muscle burning, I started to get up while all the time muttering "Can't give up can't give up can't give up..." When finally, I had made it. I was standing.
He looked around. Where was Metal Shadow? Then I saw him. He was standing guard in front of the Master Emerald. Why hadn't he attacked while I was getting up? He must have thought I had died. Well, it's time to show him that I am still very alive. "Hey bucket head," I taunted, "Don't you want some more?" I charged, ignoring the intense pain all along the way.

Metal Shadow

I couldn't believe it. My sensors showed his endurance level was at - 4! But there he was, charging at me as fast as ever. This was impossible! There was no way he could-


He had punched me right in the stomach he almost proceeded to punch me in my face but I caught his hand. He brought his other hand up and tried the same, but I caught it as well. Then the hedgehog jumped, and using my grip on his hands to get high enough, kicked me with both of his feet into both of my visors.

I threw him away from me. My visors were broken! I couldn't see. Where is he? Where is he?


Getting up, I saw that the battle was over. Metal Shadow could no longer see. His visors had shattered under my kick. Grinning despite my pain, I ran at him and punched his face five times with all of my strength and then, somehow knowing this was the final blow, I jumped and kicked as hard as I could.

"Yes!" I cried jubilantly as I let myself fall to the ground. I looked over and saw the armor blow off. Shadow fell to the ground. He looked around in shock. I could only imagine what was going through his confused head. Shadow got up looking around him. Then he saw me and walked over to my tired laying body. "Somehow I knew you were involved in this. What is going on?" he demanded in his usual cold tone. I grinned. Shadow was free.

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