A/N: You know when you go on an over-night trip in fifth grade? Well this is what would happen if Drizzt popped into one.

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He was running through the woods with his dear friend, Guenhwyvar, when suddenly, he wasn't.

Drizzt was still in the forest. But it wasn't his forest. He was in a grove of pines. The light shone from above the dappled trees, their leaves glistening with dew. Guenhwyvar paced the clearing. On one side, pink flowers grew on were flowers Drizzt knew if you inhaled deeply enough, would shut down your Respiratory System. He had forgotten what they were called. The ground was dirt. Near where he was standing, was a dirt path. A few different kinds of trees grew in the clearing where he was, but mostly large, tall, pines. In one direction, the forest looked like it would go on forever, but the side with the flowers had water coolers so you could fill up your water, then a few feet away stood a building called 'The Hitching Post' with a sign outside that said 'The Hitching Post'. The Hitching Post was two stories high, and wider than it was high. The height was probably four fifths of how wide it was, and there were glass windows, about two each per side excepting the back which had no windows. The front of the Hitching Post had wider windows. But the front and the back sides looked to be larger than the other two. There was one door in. There were flower pots in front of the porch which was the entire length of the front side. Forward, but beneath the flower beds, were more water coolers. There were no power lines in the robins egg blue sky.

Turning his attention off of the Hitching post, and shifting his gaze to the right where the dirt pathway was, was a rather short pathway. No walls were around it, so one could glance at the trees nearest to them. In fact, the only stone walls Drizzt saw were to keep the Respiratory-System-Shutting-Down-Flowers under control. To make the pathway a pathway was a line of trees that weren't pines probably about 12. Once past tree number twelve was a sort of stage. Two stages that could of been one, but with a wall of wood in between. On the far side was a large fire pit. In a choppy half circle around the fire pit were bleachers wooden ones. Like some one was going to put on a show on the stage behind the fire pit and you could watch. There were only five bleachers, ten feet from the stage. In front of each bleacher were two rows of benches, again, wood. On the side closest to Drizzt were picnic benches. They were also made out of wood. In fact, nearly everything was made out of wood. There was barely any stone at all!

On the back of the Hitching Post were two doors each hidden by a roof and walled in with but one door shaped hole to lead to the door. Further inspection led Drizzt to believe the door on the left was a girls' bathroom, and the one on the right was for boys. Outside each bathroom were two sets of wooden benches the ground was dusty and dirt. Not like the fertile dirt ten feet away in the forest. The forest rounded a bend and a dirt path just kept going to eventually turn a sharp right behind 3 sheds. There was a wooden sign to the right and behind the last shed that stated 'No vehicles beyond this point. It seemed the path led to a hike to a tall hill.

If you looked straight forward so the sheds and the Hitching post were on different sides, you could see 8 feet of a longhouse. Walking in front of the Hitching post, past the Hitching Post, and to a grassy lawn, was a large, kind of rectangular lawn. There were actually two longhouses. One was horizontal, the other was turned 90 degrees. They almost intersected, but a strange walkway made of something stone-like(it was cement) went from the door of the horizontal longhouse to the door of the other. The cabin Drizzt was facing across the lawn had signs that said from left to right, Hawk 1, Hawk 2, and Hawk 3. The other cabin had signs that read from closest to farthest, Coyote 1-2, Coyote 3-4, and Coyote 5-6. All of the coyote cabins were in one long house, and all of the hawk cabins were in another.

Two yellow box-like things on wheels rolled into view. As they stopped, Drizzt could clearly read 'Ryan's Transportation' on each. Adults deposited suitcases and duffel bags on a grassy area about 40 feet from the Hitching Post. Laughing children stepped out of the bus.

Not wanting to be seen, Drizzt climbed the nearest pine tree about halfway and watched.

"Where are we Guenhwyvar? Where are we?" Drizzt whispered.