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Third Person Point of View

"Children from Lincoln Elementary School! I am Mister Y and I always save Lincoln for last! Each year. Because, we always save the best for last. I always mark it down on my calender, and because you are the last school, we, the staff are going to remember you the most. Please make this the best trip all year! I am Mr. Y. Now I am going to mosey on over here while Sean moseys on over to the front!" Mr. Y said in a bit of a Japanese accent. Mr.Y looked Japanese. He wore a collared shirt and shorts, dressing pretty casually.

Drizzt crouched in a high branch of the tall pine tree, his keen elf ears able to hear everything that was happening down in the clearing. Mr. Y walked over to the back, while a much younger, taller, and skinnier "man"(probably about 18) walked to the front and introduced himself.

"I'm Sean(Sh-O-n), and this is Lizzie with an i e, Lizzy with a y, Corey, and Whiskers -don't ask why, that's his nickname, and Jason, the medic." Sean paused, letting all of the said people say hi. He went on explaining about Science camp, the rules, and the places. At one point, a girl looked around at her surroundings. She glanced at the pine tree, and started in shock. She spotted Drizzt. Quickly, Drizzt shook his head wildly, pointed to everyone else, zipped his lips with his fingers, and shook his head again. The girl, appearing to get the point, nodded, and returned her utmost attention to the front. After a few more minutes, it seemed everyone was getting called into their groups. The girl who had noticed him, was in the Lizzie with an i e's cabin. 'Hawk 1' apparently.

Unknown Girl's Point of View

This morning, I woke up very excited. It was Science Camp today! I had everything set out. My duffel bags were packed, my clothes were laid out, and I woke up way before my alarm clock set off. I had a quick breakfast of cereal, soy milk, and bagels (I'm lactose-intolerant). I got to school at about 7:10. Most of the fifth graders on the field trip were already there, so I lugged my 2 bags all the way to the front of the school. Lincoln Elementary School to be precise.

There were two buses both labeled 'Ryan's Transportation'. Mrs. O'Malley quietly yelled,"Room 23 line up here, Room 22 line up here, Room 21 line up here with Room 20!"

We obliged, and lined up in the said lines. I was in Room 21. In the end, Room 22 was split up, so half went on the first bus and the other half went on the second. The drive took about 3 hours cause it was down in the valley. The scenery was amazing! As soon as we got out of the city, there were fields, hills, gorges, small canyons, and overall a much more rural view. Over the bus ride, I did mad libs, drew, passed notes, and made small talk. At one point, the entire bus was singing Jig alo.

When we got very close to camp, a tall, young guy came onto the bus.

"Hi, I'm Sean, and I'm the head instructor of Camp Highland."

In unison, everyone on the bus said a form of the word 'hi'.

"This shape is 'quiet coyote'. Whenever I make it, you make it back and be as a quiet coyote is." The sign was your middle finger and ring finger touching your thumb to make the mouth, with the pinky and index fingers sticking straight up to form the ears.

"So, can you all make that sign at me?" Sean asked. Everybody did.

"Now, everybody do what you were doing before I got on the bus, and at some point, I am going to make quiet coyote, and you will do it back." Sean told us, "Go!"

So we followed his instructions, and then he made quiet coyote. It was like the domino effect, but with silence if that makes any sense. A hush went from front to back as more people began to realize Sean was making quiet coyote.

"Great job!" Sean congratulated us, "Now let's all get off of the bus."

~Time Skip Because I Don't Want To Re-type The Speech~

I was looking around the grove. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't bored, I just wanted to get my bearings. I glanced at a tall pine. My breath caught. There was a figure with ebony skin, shoulder-length stark white hair, in a forest green cloak. He seemed to be wearing a chain-mail shirt, along with boots. Two scimitars hung from his belt like they belonged there. The person shook his - at least I assumed it was a he - head wildly, pointed at everyone else, zipped his lips, and shook his head again. I nodded, then returned my gaze to the front. However, my attention was far from Sean's speech. It was on the strange person perched on the tree.

"Everybody up!" Sean called, "Our cabin instructors will call out your names. Line up behind whoever said your name!"