by Gunman

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Summary: Steve, Bucky, Elsa and Anna go on a date.

This is basically a crossover with Captain America: The First Avenger and Frozen. It will be a Steve/Elsa and Bucky/Anna pairing. There will be other heroes drawn into this as well.

Sorry if the title doesn't make a lot of sense, I thought just to make it relevant to the characters in the story.

Also, I wanted to do something for the 4th of July, and I thought that a Captain America/Frozen crossover was perfect. There might be others, so be on the lookout.


Chapter 1
First Meetings

(Brooklyn, New York, 1942)

Steve Rogers and Sergeant James 'Bucky' Barnes are heading to the Stark Expo in New York City after Steve had just gotten his ass handed to him again by some disrespectful punk.

"You should be excited." Bucky said.

"About what?" Steve asked as he straightened his tie and suit.

"You're about to be the most eligible bachelor in the city. There are over 2 million women in New York." he said.

"I'd settle for just one." Steve lamented.

"Fortunately, I've taken care of that." Bucky said as he waved to two waiting girls.

Steve felt a wave of anxiety wash over him as he looked at Bucky with irritation.

"What did you tell her about me?" Steve asked.

"Only the good stuff. Don't worry, though. She's a lot like you." Bucky smirked.

"And she actually wanted to meet me?" he asked.

When Steve and Bucky reached the girls, the taller of the pair, a redhead with freckles and an energetic expression quickly latched onto Bucky's arm. She wore a bright purple blouse with a green skirt and black shoes.

Steve then got a good look at the other woman, whom he suspected was his date. She was shorter than the other girl, with pale blond hair, wrapped up in a neat bun, and pale blue eyes. Her figure was skinny, almost skinnier than Steve's, with a very pale, almost anemic, complexion. She was dressed in a simple gray-blue dress that looked like something her grandmother would have worn. Despite that, Steve thought she looked beautiful.

The pair stared at each other for several seconds, feeling like they were looking in a mirror.

"Steve Rogers, this is Elsa Anderson, and her little sister Anna." Bucky said, first introducing Steve to his date, and then to the young woman on his arm.

Steve looked between the two women, seeming confused.

"Little sister?" he asked.

"I know. Everyone thinks that Anna is the oldest because she's taller. The truth is I contracted several of my families disabilities that..." Elsa started to say.

"Elsa!" Anna snapped at her.

"I'm sorry, Anna, he has a right to know." Elsa snapped back.

"It's alright. I'm... pretty much in the same boat." Steve said.

"Oh? Asthma?" Elsa asked him.

"Yes. Scarlet fever?" Steve asked.

"Once. Rheumatic fever?" Elsa asked.

"Twice. Chronic or frequent colds?" Steve asked.

"Regularly. I've had Sinusitis." Elsa stated.

"So have I. Strong palpitations?" Steve asked her.

"And Heart troubles. High or low blood pressure?" Elsa asked him.

"Both. Nervous trouble of any sort?" Steve asked.

"From time to time. I don't suppose any members of your family have had diabetes, cancer, stroke, or heart disease?" Elsa asked, feeling bolder in her questioning.

"Sure. But just one per family member." Steve said with a smile.

"Easy fatigue?" Elsa asked him.

"Yeah, but I try not to let that slow me down." Steve answered.

"Neither do I." Elsa said with a smile.

Off to the side, Bucky and Anna looked at the pair, smiling at how easy they seemed to get along with each other.

Almost like they were made for each other.

Anna had seen men shy away from her older sister because of her medical history, which she felt compelled to tell everyone. If her appearance alone didn't scare them off.

But here was a guy with all the same health problems that Elsa had.

She hugged Bucky's arm tighter, her glee rising.

"So, uh, shall we get going?" Steve asked, raising his arm, offering it to Elsa.

The skinny young woman blushed a little as she hooked her arm around Steve's arm.


The couple walked through the Expo, seeing all kinds of fantastic and futuristic marvels. One of which was Howard Stark and his 'reverse-gravity' car.

The car did levitate a couple of feet in the air for several impressive seconds, only to spark and crash to the ground.

Howard jokingly stated that it would be a few years before they could own a car like that.

A joke that everyone shared.

Bucky then noticed that Steve and Elsa weren't behind them.

"Now where could they have gone?" Bucky asked.

"You think they snuck away to find some quiet alone place?" Anna asked.

"Is your sister that sort of person?" he asked.

"Nope. Your pal Steve?" she asked him.

"No way. Steve's a real gentleman." he explained.

"Then what could it be?" she asked.

Bucky looked around and saw a US Army recruiting center. He sighed.

"I think I know." he said.


Steve stepped up to the Recruitment Dummy, his face reflected back to him when the light behind the glass booth superimposed his face upon the Dummy Soldier within the booth. However, due to his short stature, his face looked like it was coming out of the dummy's open shirt.

Steve sighs in disappointment for not measuring up to the 'requirements' of the US Army.

Elsa just touched his arm tenderly. Steve looked back at the girl and sighed.

"Can't help it. I get the feeling I should be out there, fighting alongside them." Steve said.

"Doing your part comes in many forms, Steve. But you are admirable to at least try and stand as one of them." Elsa said.

"And here I thought you were going to try and talk me out of this."

"I wish I could. My sister and I are almost in the same boat as you are."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Anna and I come from this little village of T√łnsberg in Norway. Everyone in our village is designated as protectors of a sacred relic that has been passed down from generation to generation. A relic that goes back centuries, and some believe has mystic powers."

She waited for Steve to laugh at her for saying that, but to her surprise she found that he was just staring at her, as if waiting for her to continue.

"I'm not much for believing in magic, but... other peoples beliefs are their own." Steve said.

Elsa smiled. It was a very open-minded answer.

"My parents brought Anna and I here to America when the Germans started causing trouble in Europe. That was about... 1938." she explained.

"And you've been here since." he replied.

"Yes. They didn't want us involved in the coming war. Our parents died two years ago, and we've been on our own ever since." she said.

"Yeah. My folks died a few years back as well. Bucky's been keeping an eye on me ever since." Steve smiled.

"He's like your brother, isn't he?" Elsa asked.

"Yeah. I guess he is." Steve smiled.

Just then Bucky and Anna approached them.

"So, here you two are. We'd thought you'd stolen away to some little love nest or something." Bucky said with a laugh.

Steve and Elsa blushed a little as he said that.

It was then that Bucky turned serious, especially when he saw the recruitment office behind them.

"You're seriously going to do this again?" Bucky asked.

"Well, it's a fair. Thought I'd try my luck." Steve said.

"As who? Steve from Ohio?" Bucky sighed as he pulled the shorter man to the side. "You know it's illegal to lie on your enlistment form. They'll catch you. Worse, they'll actually take you. And why are you so anxious to fight? You finally got a girl you have something in common with. Why you gonna give that up?" Bucky asked.

"Bucky, the only things we seem to have in common are our 'disabilities'. And while I'd really like to get to know her better, there are other more important things happening right now." Steve said.

"The War? You're rushing off and leaving a perfectly good woman to fight in a war?" Bucky asked.

"Bucky, I know you don't think I can do this, but..."

"This isn't a back alley, Steve. It's war." Bucky said. "Besides, there are so many other important jobs you could be doing."

"You mean like collecting scrap metal in my little red wagon?" Steve said sarcastically.

"Yes." Bucky replied, seriously.

"I'm not gonna sit in a factory!" Steve shot back.

"Steve!" Bucky shot back. "Don't start..."

"Bucky, Bucky, come on! There are men laying down their lives. I've got no right to do any less. That's what you don't understand, it's not about me."

"Because you've got nothing to prove?" he asked his friend.

Steve just stared at his oldest friend, wondering what else he was going to say to deter him from his decision.

Off to the side, Elsa and Anna were having a similar conversation.

"I don't believe you!" Anna snapped.

"What did I do this time?" Elsa asked.

"You finally find a guy you have a lot in common with, and you're gonna let him go and enlist in a war our parents tried to keep us out of."

"It's his choice, Anna." Elsa said. "And we don't have much in common other than our illnesses."

"You could have if you actually got to know him a little bit more." Anna chirped.

"And as much as I want to get to know him better, I also must respect his wishes."

"His wishes? What about mine? I want to be an aunt sometime soon!"

Elsa raised an eyebrow at the young woman.

"You actually want a niece or nephew with our combined ailments?" Elsa asked.

"I'd love them just the same." Anna said.

"I'm sure you would. You'd have to, if both Steve and I die during childbirth." she smirked.

"Elsa!" the redhead snapped.

While the two couples argued, a middle-aged man with brown and gray hair, wearing a tweed suit and a pair of glasses was watching and listening intently.


Authors Notes:

Another little story done for fun. And for the Fourth of July. I wanted to do a Captain America/Frozen story for a while, and this came up. It also helps with my writers block.

No omakes or extra scenes. For now, just enjoy. I am planning for this to be a three or four chapter story. It might also be a lemon. Let me know if you want one like that.

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