by Gunman

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Summary: Steve, Bucky, Elsa and Anna are reunited after a series of incredible events, each of them more powerful than before.

This is basically a crossover with Captain America: The First Avenger and Frozen. It will be a Steve/Elsa and Bucky/Anna pairing. There will be other heroes drawn into this as well.

Sorry if the title doesn't make a lot of sense, I thought just to make it relevant to the characters in the story.

Note: I'm skipping over a lot of this to get to the good parts of this. Basically, the reunion of the quartet. Also, I'm changing a lot of this from the original story, in that I've given Bucky a much larger part than before. Read and find out.


Chapter 2

Steve Rogers eventually met Dr Abraham Erskine, head scientist for the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve) who was also from Germany before. A brief talk with Steve convinced Dr Erskine that Steve was perfect for his new program.

When Elsa heard about Steve being accepted into the army, she was happy for him.

The pair went out to dinner while Bucky and Anna went out dancing.

The next day, Bucky shipped out with his unit, while Steve was sent to Camp Lehigh in New Jersey. Elsa and Anna saw the pair off. Both girls kissing their respective beaus, wishing them good luck.

A week later, Anna and Elsa received a letter from a survivor in Tønsberg, Norway, which had been attacked by a Nazi regiment, and the sacred relic they had been protecting was stolen.

Despite the fact that the relic had already been taken, and their parents wishes to remain out of this steadily growing conflict, Elsa and Anna returned home to Tønsberg.

The two sisters then spent the next six months helping to rebuild the town and even bury the dead. While saddened by all this, they carried on as best they could.

They then went to search for the relic that had been taken. Along with a couple of other survivors, Elsa and Anna trekked across Europe until they reached Austria.

Coming upon a Hydra base, the group was captured. The men were put to work as slave labor, while Elsa and her sister were kept in isolation for a time.

Then one day, while the pair were being lead through a chemical laboratory, which Schmidt had set up to try and recreate the Super Soldier Serum used on himself, Anna made an attempt to try and escape from the extensive facility.

However, in her attempt to escape, Schmidt and his soldiers cut them off, and in the struggle, both sisters were slammed into a large rank of beakers and containers, doused by the various chemicals in the lab.

"Get them out of here before they set the place on fire!" Schmidt said to the soldiers.

Elsa and Anna were picked up, still dripping with the strange chemicals that seeped into their skin and pores. The soldiers lead the pair out of the lab and onto the factory floor. They passed several large mechanical objects that were glowing with a strange bluish energy. Both Elsa and Anna weren't sure what they were, but they seemed to be humming with a life of their own.

Suddenly, Elsa tripped over her feet and fell against one of the large devices.

"ELSA!" Anna shouted as she raced over to her sister.

Elsa fell against one of the large glowing components just as her sister touched it.

Suddenly, their bodies glowed brightly as the large device seemed to be drained of it's energy.

The pair gasped in pain as their bodies absorbed the strange energy from the large mechanical component.

A bright flash and a small explosion sounded as the pair were thrown backwards and into the two Hydra soldiers who had only been watching the event.

No one even noticed that the chemicals they had been doused in seemed to have been dried up or evaporated off of their bodies.

"Get them out of here! Put them into isolation! And get another component to replace this one!" chief scientist Arnim Zola shouted to the Hydra soldiers.

Elsa and Anna were put into an isolated room, big enough to hold two people, as there were two cots against the walls, not to mention a sink and toilet as well.

"Elsa, are you alright?" Anna asked as she went over to her sister.

"I... I am." Elsa said, confused and happy at the same time.

"Really?" Anna asked, also confused.

"Yes. I... I'm alright." she smiled.


It had been eight months since Elsa and Anna had left New York and returned to Tønsberg.

Two months since they had left their home town and traveled across Europe trying to track down the relic that Hydra was rumored to have stolen.

Since their departure they had met up with many resistance groups and freedom fighters who were against the Nazis and Hydra.

And it was only two weeks since their capture by Hydra, being doused in chemicals, and exposed to the strange energies of the components that they were continuously building inside their factory.

However, it was since then that Anna had noticed an amazing transformation in her ailing sister. For one thing, she had gotten taller. She was now two or three inches taller than Anna herself. What's more is that her figure had filled out dramatically. More shapely and voluptuous looking, still slim and elegant looking, but nonetheless better than she had been before. She was much more healthy-looking than she had been in her whole life. Her complexion had improved, and her overall health was nothing short of perfect.

While Anna's health and physicality had improved as well, it was nothing compared to her sister.

And what was more, the pair had slowly developed new and fantastic powers that neither of them had ever suspected they could have possessed.

Powers that they used to escape their isolation room, on the same day that a familiar face showed up.


Steve Rogers, dressed in his 'Captain America' costume underneath his leather jacket, army fatigue pants and boots, and a blue helmet with a white 'A' on it, and a triangular red, white and blue shield on his back, raced through the isolation ward area after having just freed the incarcerated Allied soldiers from the prison area.

He was walking through the hallways, when one of the doors suddenly exploded open as a stream of fire scorched the walls.

Steve flinched for a bit as he paused for a bit, taking in the sight of an incredibly gorgeous silvery white-haired woman who walked out of the newly created hole in the wall. The flames around her seemed to extinguish themselves as she looked up and saw him.

Elsa froze in her steps as she stared at the handsome blond-haired young soldier who was not like any soldier she had encountered. The young man looked to be half a foot taller than her, but more than that, he seemed familiar to her.

"Steve?" she gasped.

"Elsa?" the young man gasped.

"What Happened To You?" the pair gasped in shock as they looked over each other carefully.

Anna just looked at Steve, glad to recognize a familiar face. Though, she too was amazed at the change the formerly sickly young man had gone through. Much like that of her sister.

She then noticed the strange outfit, and the shield, that Steve had, before looking back at the outfits she and Elsa were wearing. The outfits that they had now, she swore looked like some kind of Hydra uniform. She couldn't understand how, but Elsa was somehow able to change the appearance of her outfit, looking like some kind of blue and white bodysuit that hugged her figure like a second skin. She had also somehow managed to create a cloak over her body to hide her figure.

Which was something that Anna couldn't understand, as Elsa looked gorgeous now.

Anna herself was wearing a gray Hydra uniform, but she was able to burn off all of the insignias and symbols associated with it.

The redhead then paused, hearing what sounded like someone speaking. Someone familiar.

Racing into the room she found Bucky tied to a medical examination table. His face and body looked like he had been tortured, and his uniform seemed torn and worn in various places. It was then that she noticed that which was different about the young Sergeant.

"Bucky? Bucky!" Anna shouted at him, ignoring his left arm.

"Sergeant. 3-2-5-5-7-..." Bucky muttered aloud, as if in a trance.

Steve and Elsa raced in to the room.

"Bucky! Oh, god." Steve said as he pulled off the straps as Anna caressed his face, trying to get him to snap out of his daze and look at her.

"Bucky? Buck? James?" Anna said softly to the man.

The man looked at Anna as his eyes focused on her.

"A-Anna?" he mumbled out.

"Hey, sweetie." Anna cried as he recognized her.

"Come on, let's get you out of here." Steve said to the man.

"Steve? Is that you?" Bucky gasped as he stared at his friend.

"Yeah." the blond-haired man said. "I thought you were dead." he said.

"I thought you were smaller." Bucky said.

"Steve! Look." Elsa said as she looked at Bucky's left arm.

Steve finished unstrapping his friend before pausing and turned his attention to what Elsa was staring at.

"My god. What did they do to you?" Steve asked his friend.

"What are you..." Bucky gasped as he tried to sit up, before realizing he could barely feel his left arm. He looked down and gasped when he realized that while his sleeves had been removed, his entire left arm seemed to be encased in metal. He shook the dizziness out of his head, his eyes trying to focus as he stared at the metallic arm he now had. "I can't feel my arm. But..." he said as he raised his arm up, closing and opening his fist as easy as he could his regular hand. "Wha... what did they do to me?" he asked in a panic.

"I don't know." Steve said. "We're gonna have to figure it out later. Come on, we gotta get you out of here. All of you."

"What happened to you?" Bucky asked as the quartet raced out of the room.

"I joined the Army." Steve replied.

"Did it hurt?" he asked.

"A little." he replied.

"Is it permanent?" Bucky asked.

"So far." Steve answered.

Bucky then looked back to Elsa and Anna.

"Is that Elsa?" Bucky asked.

"Yeah." Steve said.

"She looks... different. Like you." he said to his friend.

"Yeah. We've all changed a lot." Steve stated.


The quartet continue to race through the large facility, eventually encountering a dozen Hydra soldiers.

Steve shot forward, barreling through the group, punching and kicking them down with incredible strength and skill. The first half-dozen men were out cold in seconds.

Elsa threw out her hands, freezing a couple of Hydra soldiers in their place.

Anna threw out her own hands, a stream of fire igniting and incinerating the other soldiers.

Another Hydra agent came around the corner, firing an energy rifle at the group.

Bucky leapt out in front of them, blocking the energy blasts with his left arm. The metal of his arm seemed to absorb the energy blasts, which shocked the young Sergeant. Both Bucky and the Hydra agent were shocked at that, even as Bucky leapt forward and threw his left arm out, backhanding the soldier and sending him flying through the air into a stone wall.

The group looked at each other and what they had accomplished.

"Incredible." Anna said.

"Yeah. Pretty handy, this thing." Bucky said as he stared at his arm. "But how did you shoot fire from your hands? And your sister shoot ice from her hands?"

"I'm not sure. I have a theory, but..." Anna started to say.

"Figure it out later. We gotta go!" Steve said.

The group continued to punch, blast and fight their way to freedom, even as they raced through the exploding factory amidst a battle ensuing between the freed prisoners and the Hydra soldiers.

Racing towards a catwalk that was leading towards an exit, the quartet stopped when they saw a man wearing a black Hydra uniform and a shorter scientist wearing glasses and also dressed in black.

"Captain America! How exciting! I am a great admirer of your films!" Schmidt said, handing a strange rectangular case to the timid-looking man as he himself started across the small bridge towards the American super soldier.

Cap started walking towards him as everyone else remained where they were, all of them wanting to know where this was going to go.

Bucky still seemed rather weak, despite how much he tried to ignore his own weakness. Anna came up to his side and supported him. Neither of them took their eyes off of Steve and Schmidt.

"So, Dr. Erskine managed it after all. Not exactly an improvement, but still, impressive." Schmidt said, smirking at the blond super soldier.

Suddenly, Steve lashed out with his fist, smashing into Schmidt's face and knocking him back.

"You got no idea." Steve growled in anger at the man, the punch given to Schmidt for Dr. Erskine.

"Haven't I?" Schmidt grinned as he threw himself forward, lashing out to punch Steve, who blocked with his shield.


Steve gasped as he noticed the dent Schmidt had put into his steel shield.

Elsa, Anna and Bucky seemed to gasp at that as well.

Steve went for his gun as Schmidt punched him again, this time knocking him down and causing him to drop the gun over the side of the small bridge. Schmidt advanced upon Rogers, only to have the American super soldier raise his feet up and kick the German super soldier backwards across the bridge.

Seeing his opportunity, Zola quickly pulled the lever that retracted the bridge, separating the two from each other.

All of which shocked Bucky, but not the others.

"No matter what lies Erskine told you, you see, I was his greatest success!" Schmidt said right before his hand reached for his neck and began pulling his own skin away, revealing a hairless, bright red skull-like face, complete with eyes and teeth, minus the nose and ears.

Steve, Elsa and Anna gasped at seeing Schmidt's real face. Bucky, however, was still slightly dazed from his previous ordeal to respond properly.

"You don't have one of those, do you?" Bucky asked Steve in a slightly dazed expression.

"You are deluded, Captain! You pretend to be a simple soldier, but in reality, you are just afraid to admit that we have left humanity behind! Unlike you, I embrace it proudly. Without fear!" Red Skull declared to his enemies.

"Then how come you're running?" Steve shouted back.

Red Skull just smirked as he and the other shorter man just fled into the elevator.

The base around the quartet continued to explode and flame, prompting the quartet to race further up the catwalks trying to get to the highest point where a possible exit was.

"Come on! Up!" Steve shouted at the quintet.

Reaching the upper level above where the previous fight had taken place, Steve looked out over the exploding factory floor, seeing an exit door on the other platform far from them. A single steel beam their only bridge across.

"Alright, we'll cross here!" Steve said to the trio. "Bucky, you first."

Bucky nodded and carefully crossed the beam, eventually making it across, but barely as the beam started to give way.

Jumping from the shaking beam, he grabs the railing as the beam finally breaks and falls towards the exploding factory floor.

"Well, that's just perfect." Anna said as Elsa stepped forward. "Elsa?"

"I think... I have an idea." she said as she suddenly threw out her hands, a stream of ice and snow striking the base of the catwalk and extending it over to where Bucky was.

"Whoa." Steve gasped as he stared at the ice bridge.

"Let's go, Anna. You first!" Elsa said.

"Uh, right." Anna said as she stepped over the railing and onto the ice bridge. She tapped it with her foot several times before she raced ahead to where Bucky was. "That...was fun! Like running over a frozen lake in winter." she laughed.

"Steve, Elsa, come on!" Bucky shouted.

Steve and Elsa were about to cross the bridge, when a sudden explosion sent a flame spurt high up to where they were, blasting the bridge and knocking Elsa back into Steve's arms.

The bridge was destroyed and Elsa was injured, dazed and stunned.

"STEVE!" Bucky shouted to his friend.

"ELSA!" Anna shouted to her sister.

"You guys gotta get out of here!" Steve shouted, easily supporting Elsa.

"No! Not Without You!" Bucky shouted back.

Looking around, Steve got a strange and bizarre idea, before he grabbed the nearby already-destroyed railing with his free hand and bent it back down to clear himself a path. He backed up from the rail, Elsa in his arms, giving himself a couple deep breaths, before taking off in a running start, dashing forward and leaping right off over the exploding factory floor and into an oncoming fireball that completely obscured him and Elsa from the view of their only family members.


It was just after dawn at their camp over the boarder from Austria into Italy, as Colonel Chester Philips and Agent Peggy Carter were discussing the apparent loss of Captain Steve Rogers and all the men who were still unaccounted for.

However, that conversation was cut short as several soldiers rushed passed them in rapid interest.

Curious, the pair walked out to the main entrance to the camp, where they were greeted to an amazing spectacle.

Steve Rogers marched into the camp with over a hundred people behind him. Next to Steve was his friend, Sergeant Barnes, and right behind them were two beautiful women, one of whom appeared to be as elegant as royalty itself.

The camp just stared in shock as Captain America, the man whom had previously shown up to entertain the troops, was leading more than a hundred men in various states of injury and fatigue into the heart of their camp. Trucks and vehicles followed them, and some of the soldiers were carrying machine guns and energy weapons with them.

Steve stopped right in front of Colonel Philips, giving him a sharp salute.

"Colonel, some of these men need medical attention." Steve said to the gruff-looking man. "And I'd like to surrender myself for disciplinary action."

Elsa and Anna looked at Steve in shock for a few seconds as he said that.

Philips seemed to consider that, before he shook his head.

"That won't be necessary." he said to the blond super soldier.

"Yes, sir." Steve replied.

Philips smirked at the attractive brown-haired British agent before returning to his tent.

"You're late." Peggy Carter said to Steve.

Steve merely held up a damaged-looking device in his hands.

"Couldn't call my ride." he replied.

Peggy then looked at the two women with them.

"And who are these two?" Peggy asked.

"This is Elsa and Anna Anderson. They're, uh..."

"I'm Steve's girlfriend." Elsa said as she clutched Steve's arm with her hand.

Peggy looked shocked.

"Really?" she asked.

"Long story." Steve said.

"Hey!" Bucky suddenly shouted. "Let's Hear It For Captain America!"

The whole camp suddenly erupted into cheers and celebratory applause as Steve finally received the recognition he deserved. As well as the adoration he so desperately wanted.


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A rather quick update. Even I was surprised by this. I worked on these two chapters in one day. Not very long, and I could have added more details, but hope everyone enjoys them.

And yes, I did make Bucky the Winter Soldier, giving him his cybernetic arm, which if you haven't figured out is already made of Vibranium, created by Arnim Zola. I did this to change things in ways the regular story wouldn't have considered. Hope everyone enjoys this.

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