Their bedroom smells of sweat and jasmine; it clings in the air, the sheets and blanket. It's the smell of fear; her fear and he can't help her. He can't only lay there helpless and watch her surrender to her nightmares. Her eyelids twitch, a mumble plea escapes her lips. Face scrunches in terror. He can't turn off the lamp, her mind is in darkness, but he won't drag her body their too.

How can you destroy a memory?

Make the ghosts of the past vanish?

She's so dosed up on vodka and sleeping pills that he can't wake her. He shouldn't have let her mix the two, but she had begged him. Half drunk with tears brimming in her eyes for one of her sleeping pills. The case they had worked dragged up bad memories, and she just wanted to sleep. How could he say no?

You're stuck in a nightmare; I can only watch your pain through a dream glass pane.

"It's okay; you're safe," he whispers, fighting back his memories of why he has her pills. He strokes her face, pulls her body close. If she senses him then maybe he can break into her nightmares; a whisper of light in the darkness of her mind. "He can't harm you ever again".

I'd take a thousand daggers to the heart to save you from any more scars.

Author Note if you enjoyed this drabble I will be posting more later this week + one shots. Also ch 1 & 3 of my AU csi drabble collection has Russell and Finn.