This thirst that resides within my shell.

That gives me beauty.

Can give you hell.

I am made of deception.

Nothing more.

No beating of life within my core.

A beautiful demon to catch your eye.

Your want for me I see in your mind.

I hold out my hand.

You take and feign grace.

I hear the darkness.

Hidden behind an innocent face.

We are both actors.

Secrets we hide.

You think you have won.

You stand there with pride.

I know all your thoughts.

Your deepest desires.

Sorry I'm not I condemn you to hell fires.

Led to an alley.

You show no fear.

You think I will meet my ending in here.

My dear you're mistaken.

A death I can't find.

At least not the quick easy mortal kind.

Your master appears.

You think you have won.

He threatens, I laugh.

The game no longer fun.

A snap of a neck.

The start of a scream.

You have both met your ending it seems.

Oh god how your life.

Quenches my thirst.

Adrenalin infuses.

In short steady bursts.

How quiet your mind starts to become.

Now only silence.

I am undone.

Self hatred, but no will within me to care.

I shall hunt again, oh how easy they come.

I only take sin.

Is this such a crime.

I am cleansing this world.

One mortal at a time.