It was almost 4 am; a bad time to wake up and an even worse to finally get home. Dean wasn't sure about many things, but at one point of the night he could swear he had been drinking shots with Jimmy Page himself. He fumbled with the keys, trying to open the front door of the bunker that now seemed to move and twirl slowly, defying Dean's great aim. 'Stupid door…'

He finally opened it and managed to take a couple steps inside before he stumbled with his feet; he grabbed the rail before he could fall down the stairs and into a skull fracture and total embarrassment. After all, walking is hard… especially when you have the weight of cheap alcohol over you. He slowly went downstairs with one hand firmly gripping the rail and the other sliding down the wall. Dean reached the bottom and let out a small laugh, he hadn't been this drunk since… hell, since a long time ago.

He moved towards his room, trying his best not to knock down anything in his way through the silent corridors. If Sam heard him, he would probably throw some bitch fit about getting home late, and about his drinking problem and how they were in a serious investigation and what about blah blah blah blah… Maybe it would be a better idea to just beat it in the war room or something, he wanted his bed but if he could avoid going by Sam's room…

He clumsily walked past the library door and caught a glimpse of a shadow just sitting there at the table. He walked a little faster, hoping he wasn't noticed, but let's face it he wasn't the sneakiest lad right now.

"Dean?" called a voice from inside the Library.

'Shit… so much for not getting caught…' Dean thought to himself as he let out a sigh. He backed towards the entrance. Cas had lowered the book he was reading and stared at Dean leaning in the doorway. 'Dammit'

"Hey Cas, I was just…" he paused, he didn't have a great excuse this time "What are you doing up at this hour, anyway?" said Dean with a poor effort at sounding clear, his speech slurred by the purple nurples he had drank before.

"I could ask you the same thing, Dean. It is late."

"Or really early, if you think about it." replied Dean with a dumb smirk in his face. Cas didn't find his comment funny. Dean walked towards the table and straddled over a chair next to the former angel, tapping his fingers on the rest. "So what are you even doing here, I thought you would be asleep by now."

"I was just reading, doing a little research for the case." replied Cas, turning the page. "I am sure you were doing the same." He gave him a condescending smile and Dean pinched his eyebrows together.

"Well, yeah of course… I was totally doing that." Said Dean attempting a serious face. "Very important research…" he couldn't keep a straight face any longer and broke out with a laugh. Cas joined him quietly, closing his book.

Dean turned to look at him, surprised to see Cas laugh and smile like that. Had he always been this attractive? He hadn't noticed it before; the way his eyes shined, the light stubble. He stopped himself for a moment, after all, it was Cas he was thinking about, but still…

"Whoa dude…" said Dean leaning closer to him over the back of the chair. "Your eyes are like… super blue. Have you noticed that?" he rested his chin on the back of his hands "Like, the bluest blue to ever blue."

"I believe you are very drunk, Dean." Laughed Cas, leaning back in his chair, away from Dean. "You reek of alcohol."

"Hey, I'm just stating the facts." He replied, sitting back. "So…" he started, suppressing a laugh and smirking "did it hurt?" Dean tried to compose himself and raised an eyebrow at him. Castiel just sat there, squinting. What was Dean even talking about? Was he injured? Castiel looked down at himself and ran a hand over his face. There was no blood there either. He tilted his head.

"I don't understand, what hurt?"

"When you fell from heaven." Dean winked at him, leaning closer before finally laughing, resting his forehead on his hands.

Cas's face turned into a pained mask, "Yes, Dean. It did hurt to have my grace yanked out of me."

Dean looked at him, not laughing anymore. "Oh come on Cas, it was a joke. You know, a pick-up line." He gave Cas a pat on the back.

"Do you mean that was a flirtation?" Replied the blue eyed man with a confused expression.

If Dean had been sober, he would have denied the situation and walked away right there. He could have made some sense, apologize for his attitude and call it a night. If Dean's blood had a lower quantity of alcohol in it, he would have even acted offended at the suggestion… but the fact was that Dean was drunk as shit and he couldn't care less about anything right now.

"Yeah, it was. Not my best, but…yes." He smiled, reaching to place his hand closer to Cas, barely touching it. "I have more, I could try another one if you want." He stood up, almost falling back. He leaned on the chair for support for a moment before walking towards Cas, his steps unsure but somewhat charming. Or at least that is how Dean saw them.

Castiel stiffed in his chair, eyeing Dean with some kind of panic in his eyes. Dean didn't notice, and instead rested his arm around Cas and rested the other on the table, leaning closer.

"Are you from Tennessee?" he paused and Cas squinted at him, lightly opening his mouth to reply before Dean shook his head and placed a sloppy finger over his lips. "'Cause you are the only ten I see." Dean laughed lightly.

"I don't understand. How am I a ten? What kind of ranking system are you using? What is the scale? What are you measuring?" Cas looked at him confused.

Dean closed his eyes and let out a breath, he pinched the bridge of his nose between two fingers before looking back at him, waving his hand around, the other arm still firmly around his shoulder. "It means I think you are hot, Cas." He petted the side of his face "I am saying you are a fine piece of ass." His speech was still slurred and Cas was a little blurry, but not blurry enough for him to not notice the sudden blush that spread across the angel's cheeks.

Castiel swallowed thickly. He could feel a strange burning sensation climbing from his stomach to his face. Dean's face was not that far away from his own and he was afraid he would listen to the loud thump of his heart. "Dean, you are drunk. You don't mean all that."

Dean lifted his eyebrows before returning to his default drunk flirty smirk. "Oh, but I do, sweetheart." He tried to laugh, but he was not sure if he was joking anymore. He looked at Cas, examining his face. The man looked back at him; something strange dancing in the bottom of his blue eyes, a small twitch in his bottom lip, a head tilted ever so slightly in a way that let the light hit his face in just the right angle. Suddenly, it wasn't funny anymore.

His smirk dropped as his eyes locked on Cas's. There had always been something between the two of them; unspoken words merged with looks that wouldn't give out, silent vows. It was the bond they would not speak of, the unnamed sensation when the other walked into a room, the brief but sharp pain when the other left. And now, as the alcohol numbed Dean's fears, as it blurred his vision…his heart was crystal clear.

Castiel saw the change in Dean's eyes, the way they softened. Maybe it was the alcohol speaking, but there was also something else. He was still new to humanity's subtle ways of working, but he was sure the beating of their hearts was suddenly one.

"Dean…" said Cas, and it was almost a whisper.

Dean leaned forward and in one swift movement grabbed the side of his face and pressed his lips against the angel's. Cas stared at Dean's eyelids with a tense body before he let himself go lax, his eyes slowly closing as his mouth parted slightly. He welcomed Dean's lips against his own and he kissed him back. It was a sloppy kiss; it wasn't rough or needy, and it grew with the slow pace of drunks and first time lovers. Deans hand slipped to Cas's hair, their faces locked and their noses bumping in the low fire of the moment.

Dean tasted like whiskey and vodka and rum, and his skin smelled like leather and cigarettes. Cas pulled away and Dean opened his eyes again, moving back too. He looked at him, licking lips that quickly turned up in a smile. Cas was beautiful, more than he would ever dare to admit out loud.

Castiel rested his hand over Dean's, lowering it to his cheek again, and he slowly stood up, dragging Dean with him. "You are drunk, Dean."

But it was not only his beauty; it was all those years summarized in this moment. It was the one that didn't give up on him, the one who had saved him, the one that kept believing and made him believe. It was not lust what he was feeling… it was the sudden realization of adoration. It was the exact moment when the curtain fell and all the lies he had told himself were no longer plaguing his soul.

Dean ran a thumb over Cas's cheekbone, and licked his lips again. "I know." He pulled Cas closer. "I don't care". He crashed his lips together again, and Castiel gave in for a moment before Dean slowly pressed against him, his lips disconnecting as he threw all his weight over Cas. The alcohol was finally charging its final toll.

Castiel sighed, tilted Dean's face up and kissed him softly. "Well, I do." He grabbed Dean's wrist and guided him slowly through the bunker until they were standing in front of Dean's room. All the way to there, Dean had been shuffling awkwardly, almost falling down a couple times. Cas opened the door with caution, not wanting to wake Sam up as he helped Dean onto the bed. He carefully removed Dean's shoes and helped him out of his pants. Dean made a sound resembling a giggle, he was not sure exactly what it was, but Cas quickly covered him with a sheet. He leaned down, caressing the side of Dean's face and placed a tender kiss on his cheek.

He turned around to go, a warm feeling still growing in his chest.

"Cas… wait." said a slurred voice, his speech barely comprehensible.

Cas turned his face to the man looking at him from the bed.

"Yes, Dean?"

"I love you." Dean said as his eyelids dropped down.

"You are drunk." he smiled "…but I love you too."

He saw a smile cross Dean's face too before he closed the door. It was sure going to be an interesting morning.