Making her way outside into the silver parked car, making a show of strapping on the seat belt making Damon roll his eyes.

She didn't get into any cars for a week straight after the accident. Until Jay soothed her into trusting him, her life-long friend. So slowly things took off from there.

"so how's the movie coming along?" Claire piped, mindlessly twirling her 'believe' ring.

"It's awesome" he grinned, "I must have been living under a rock or something for the last 169 years"

"must have" Claire clicked her tongue. "don't you worry about people recognizing you next century or so? Being in this actor biz"

"I'd cross that bridge when I get there, I told you that" he drummed his fingers mindlessly on the steering wheel. "besides, compulsion exists for a reason"

"yeah" the two-toned haired diva said lamely..

The rest of the car ride was really silent, till Damon pulled up in front of the elementary school parking behind a production truck.

"First stop" he said, getting out of the car, taking out the cookie trays from the back seat.

"Thanks Damon" Claire breathed, propping them against her, looking at him in the eye since the beginning of the day.

"no problem" he whispered back at her retrieving figure.