Sprite Heartfilia with another crossover fan fiction story. Or should this be considered a crossover. I'm not sure. The whole definition of crossover is giving me a headache.

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Plot Summary: The royal family of Enchancia takes a winter vacation trip to Arendelle for another visit. But what happens during the vacation Sofia gets a brand new power through the Amulet of Avalor? Will she be able to hide it from Amber and James? Can she summon the strength to tell her parents? But one thing is certain. King Roland and Queen Miranda of Enchancia must work together with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna of Arendelle to help Sofia control her new special gift. But will Elsa's teaching be enough for Sofia or will she and Anna see history repeat itself again? (Sofia the First-Frozen Crossover) (Sofia and Vivian-friendship leads to relationship)

Sofia: I'm getting a new power in this fanfiction. I just hope this isn't a curse.

Sprite: Sofia. Do I sound like the person to give you a curse.

Sofia: Sorry. I was remembering what happened last time I was cursed.

Elsa: I'm just wondering why I'm getting roped into this.

Sprite: Well read the fanfiction and find out.

Chapter 1: winter vacation planning

Enchancia Kingdom

Winter Vacation is three days away for the students for Royal Prep Academy. In turn that it's also almost winter vacation time for the royal family of Enchancia as well. But deciding on a vacation spot was a bit trickier than it looked. There were too many places for the family to spend their winter vacation. But it was Sofia who had a bright idea for a vacation spot. She came to her parents' bedroom to give her vacation idea and get their comments on it.

"Hey dad, how about we all go to the kingdom of Arendelle for our winter vacation?" She asked.

"That sounds nice Sofia, but why Arendelle?" King Roland asked her in confusion.

Sofia gave her reasoning to her dad. "Well we visited them and they visited us. But those times were for diplomatic visits. How about this time we go there just for a relaxing vacation and since it will be winter there as well and it will be snowing there already. We won't need for Queen Elsa to give us a snow day. And what from Princess Anna told me that she and Elsa had a sheltered life growing up. I feel like it would be nice for them to have visitors from other another kingdom as often as possible."

"That's very nice of you Sofia." Miranda said with a smile. "I think it a great idea to come back to Arendelle just to relax and enjoy. Queen Elsa and Princess Anna were so nice to the children last time they visited us. Plus it would be wonderful to see Arendelle during the winter scene."

"Besides not all visits to other kingdoms have to be a diplomatic visit right?" Sofia inquired hoping that her vacation suggestion would be approved.

"Well often royal families visit other kingdoms that are mainly diplomatic visits for the kings and queens and a mini-vacation for the princes and princesses. But it would be nice for the entire family to enjoy the kingdom." King Roland said patting Sofia on the head. "Alright then Arendelle it is, this time just for a relaxing visit with Elsa and Anna. Besides a vacation is a vacation. Plus we can spend wassailia with them as well."

"That's wonderful Rollie. We can get an authentic taste of their culture and show them our culture as well." Miranda smiled. "It's not every day you get the entire family to enjoy the entirely different kingdom."

Sofia was so excited that she'll be able to see Princess Anna and Queen Elsa again. "Do you think Amber and James would be ok for this?" she asked her parents.

"Well let's go ask them." Roland said. He and Miranda along with Sofia went talk to find Amber and James and talk to them about their winter vacation to spend wassailia with Else and Anna this year. After finding the royal twins in the dining room having a snack, Roland told them that their going to the kingdom of Arendelle for their winter vacation. But the twins' reaction to the news was less than excitement.

"But daddy; the winters in Arendelle are the absolute worse." Amber moaned not wanting to go to Arendelle for winter vacation.

"Yeah dad and what about our wassailia party we didn't get to have one last year remember." James protested hoping to change his mind. Being a bit upset that the wassailia party won't happen at their castle again.

Roland ordered "Amber, James we are going to spend wassailia with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna understood." He was upset at Amber and James for not taking the idea to heart and thought about themselves for a moment.

"Yes, but daddy I can't leave Lyra here by herself. Can she come on our vacation?" Amber said worrying about her pet unicorn.

"Can I bring Clover, Robin, Mia, and Minimus on our vacation as well too? Please dad." Sofia asked hoping that her animal friends cans come along as well.

Roland said "Okay your animals can come along." Amber and Sofia came up and hugged their dad. Both of them were excited that they can bring their animals along for the vacation as well. "Besides it was Sofia who suggested that we go to Arendelle for our winter vacation." Sofia turned red in embarrassment when she was reviled are the person who suggested going to Arendelle for a vacation.

Amber turned her head to her sister. "Sofia, why on earth would you want to go to Arendelle for a winter vacation? You know the winters there can be frighteningly chilly." Amber said with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Amber remembered when they visited us and you help out with the dinner date for Anna and Kristoff." She nodded. "Well when you left to get Baileywick to fetch Kristoff. I've learned from Anna that she and Elsa had a sheltered upbringing grow-up. So I felt it would be nice for them to have visitors that aren't diplomatic visits. You know to give them a chance to reconnect with the other kingdoms on a more personal level." Sofia justifies her reason for wanting to go to Arendelle for winter vacation.

"Well if you put it that way. I guess I can handle the winter in Arendelle for now. Besides it would be nice to see Olaf and Svetlana again." Amber understood "And I wonder how Anna and Kristoff are doing with their relationship."

"Will find out when we get there." Sofia said. "Now come on Amber, we've got to pack for Arendelle." As Sofia and Amber went to their respective rooms and started to pack-up for their winter vacation trip to. When Sofia entered her bedroom Clover, Robin, and Mia saw her whizzed by and went into her closet.

Clover with Robin and Mia right behind him follows Sofia into the closet. "Whoa slow down there Sofia, where's the fire at girl?" He inquired her wondering why she was running around the closet.

"Yea we never seen you moved this fast before. Is there a special occasion that we don't know about? "Robin questioned

"Sofia, could you please slow down for a moment and tell us what's going on here?" Mia asked her for some answers.

"Clover, Robin, Mia; my family is going to Arendelle for our winter vacation. And I'm trying to find my winter clothes." Sofia answered to them while packing her winter clothes in her travel trunk.

"Arendelle, that's the kingdom you went to for King Roland to visit Queen Elsa for a diplomatic visit right?" Robin asked Sofia.

"Yes, but that was during the summer time. This time we're coming back to Arendelle during the winter and we are going to spend our wassailia holiday with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna." Sofia responded as she found her winter gloves. "I've found the gloves. Now where are the caps and scarves at?"

"Arendelle, that's the kingdom where there winters can be extremely cold." Clover said in worry.

"Yes, but I felt it would be good to visit Elsa and Anna for our winter vacation. When they visited us; Anna told me that she and Elsa had a sheltered upbringing growing up. So I felt that they could use some visitors from other kingdoms to visit for a relaxing vacation."

"Well that's very nice of you." Mia noted as she went to get Sofia's winter cap and put them in Sofia's travel trunk.

"Oh thanks Mia. Anyways I have great news for you guys!" Sofia said with a huge smile on her face.

"What is it Sofia?" Clover asked Sofia as she was just finishing packing.

"You guys get to come along with me to Arendelle." Sofia said coming out of the closet with her trunk of clothes. She turned around to see the looks on their faces. But the reaction was a bit more shocked than excited.

"Um Sofia one question; what made you decide to bring us along on your vacation? I mean you know the winters there can be really chilly." Clover inquired worrying about the cold weather in Arendelle.

"Well Amber didn't want to leave Lyra here by herself. So she's coming along as well. And I wanted to bring you guys along as well. Just see this as my thanks for finding dad on wassailia. Also since the school is letting me bring Minimus home for the winter break again. I wanted for him to come along as well." Sofia replied "Besides Amber doesn't know about this Lyra has the hugest crush on Sven."

Clover, Robin, and Mia were all shocked to hear that Lyra has a crush. "You mean that Lyra has a crush on the reindeer?" Mia replied. Sofia looked at them and gave them a smile and nodded.

"She was tongue-tied for about three seconds. Plus she called Sven well-built." Sofia said. "Now I better go and tell Minimus and Lyra that they're going to Arendelle with us for winter vacation." As she left the room Clover started to relax for a moment.

"Are you guys either worried or excited about going to Arendelle?" Clover asked Robin and Mia.

"Too be honest Clover, I'm actually excited. Sofia is giving us a great reward. She's thanking us for helping her out during wassailia when we found King Roland." Robin implied. Mia nodded in agreement. "I just wonder how Minimus and Lyra will react."

Sofia went to the royal stables to give Lyra and Minimus the news of a life time. As she entered the royal stables she saw Lyra and Minimus jumping for joy. "So you guys hear the news from Amber." She hinted at their excitement.

"I can't believe that were going to Arendelle for the winter vacation and I wonder how Sven is doing. I can't wait to see him again." Lyra chuckled

"Oh Sofia, It so nice for Royal Prep to let you bring me back to you home to spend winter break you again. It's going to be amazing to spend time with you in Arendelle" Minimius shared in his excitement.

"I'm glad that both you guys get to come along with us on vacation. And it will be wonderful to spend wassailia with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna." Sofia said with a smile on her face.

Kingdom of Arendelle

With the note sent to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna of Arendelle that the royal family of Enchancia is coming over for their winter vacation. Both them are preparing for their visit and hope to give them a chance to experience the culture of Arendelle.

"It's so nice for the family of Enchancia to visit us again. This time for just a relaxing visit" Elsa rejoiced

"Yes, and from the note that we got. It was Princess Sofia who had the Idea to visit us." Anna noted "I'm amazed that she remembered from our visit to Enchancia of the conversation that we had."

"Wait, what conversation Anna?" Elsa asked

"Well Amber was planning a dinner date between me and Kristoff. Sofia came in to help me pick out and outfit while Amber went to get Baileywick their castle steward. I was a bit nervous about the dinner date. Sofia asked me why and I kind of mention about our upbringing growing up." Anna answered.

"I don't know what to say. But I want to thank you. I think that Sofia hearing about our life growing up could be a good thing. Maybe that she wanted to vacation here. I mean it does say that Sofia wanted to connect on a personal level." Elsa pondered "I just hope that the family can handle the winters here. But it would be a good chance for them to try our hot chocolate. If the royal family wants to get a taste of Arendelle's culture. Then we need to show them the best Arendelle has to offer."

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get the castle prepped for their visit." Anna said with excitement.

With Elsa and Anna getting the castle ready and the royal family of Enchancia getting pack for their winter vacation both sides are excited to see each other once again.

Sofia: "A Winter vacation trip to arendelle? How did you come up with this idea?"

Sprite: "Well I got help from Blossom2014. She has been a great help to me.

Anna: "Well that's nice her to help you out Sprite. But will you let Kristoff be in the fan fiction?"

Sprite: "Hold your horses Anna. Kristoff will come in due time." She came and hugged Sprite. "Whoa Anna, I'm choking not breathing." Anna let go of Sprite.

Anna: "Sorry Sprite."