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Chapter 10: Wassailia celebration in Arendelle.

King Roland had wheeled Sofia wrapped in her light red blanket to the rest of the family. Amber was the first to notice that Sofia was just in her jammies. But Amber didn't want to ask her since she had a rough enough today as it is. Queen Miranda was just glad to see a smile on her daughter's face again. Sofia noticed that Hildegard was still here and she noticed tears in her eyes. King Roland also notices that Princess Astrid comforting her sister. While Sofia noticed that Hildegard had an ice pack on her the left side of her face. Queen Elsa told King Roland what happened while he was tending to his daughter.


King Henrik and the Queen of Freezenburg were still chastising Sofia for being a commoner. Princess Amber and Prince James tried their best to defend their sister. But the comment that Sofia commoner ways have rubbed off on them enraged them. Amber wanted to go after King Henrik and give him a piece of her mind. But Queen Elsa held her back in order to prevent a diplomatic incident.

Queen Miranda wanted to say something to defend her daughter. But being originally from the village herself she didn't want to be chastised herself. Princess Astrid also wanted to speak up for Sofia as well. But she feared being disowned by her parents in doing so. For Princess Hildegard however it was too much for her to handle. She defended Sofia and said that she is breaking the not only barriers of what a princess is. But the princess stereotype as well and that she's inspiring other princess in the processes. She even said that Sofia is a better princess than herself. That comment took King Henrik over the edge. He went up and slapped his daughter on the cheek and said you're no daughter of mine for supporting that filthy low life. He then proceeded shoving Hildegard to the ground and left the castle with his Queen right behind him.

Princess Astrid had some tears in her eyes that her own dad has done this to Hildegard. Queen Elsa saw Hildegard's cheek and saw the slap left an impression. She quickly whipped up and ice pack for Princess Hildegard's cheek. She along with Princess Anna was shocked that a king would even do this to their own kid. While both Princess Amber and Prince James was shocked to see Hildegard defending their sister. Especially Amber; when she saw Hildegard standing up for her sister. She could start to forgive her.

(End of Flashback)

King Roland was mad that King Henrik would do this. He was proud that Princess Hildegard defended his daughter. But he felt that she didn't deserve getting slapped for it. He thanked Hildegard for trying her best to defend his daughter. Hildegard smiled back despite the pain in her cheek. King Roland felt Sofia tugging at his sleeve and he had a feeling what she wanted to do. He wheeled Sofia over to Hildegard so she could comfort her.

"Sofia; how are you feeling right now?" Hildegard asked. Sofia said that she feels a bit better now and that she just need some need a quick nap. "Well I'm glad that you're all right. Now I'm just wondering why you are in your pajamas? It's not even night-time yet." Sofia mentioned that she just wants to be comfortable. Hildegard turned to Amber. "I know you're still not talking to me Amber. I just want forgiveness and maybe we can be friends again." Hildegard was nervous to here Amber's response. But Sofia patted her hand calming down her nerves. She knew no matter what Sofia have got her support.

Amber was a bit hesitant to forgive Hildegard. But after seeing Hildegard standing up for her sister; she decided that Hildegard has been though enough. "Hildegard I'm still mad at you that you never disclosed what was going on with your family. But I'll start to forgive you for standing up for my sister." Sofia was happy that Amber and Hildegard are starting to rebuild the bridges between each other. All that's left is to rebuild the bridges between Hildegard and Clio. Amber then turned her attention to Sofia. "Sofia I'm glad to see you smile again. I know with this you being in a wheelchair is an adjustment to our family. How are you coping with the wheelchair?" Sofia noted that as soon Inventor Gwen fixes up a self mobile wheelchair she'll be fine and she just needs someone to push her for the time being. "If anyone can come up with a gizmo that can be a benefit; it's Inventor Gwen to the rescue." Sofia giggled a little bit and mentioned the time Inventor Gwen saved her Berry Banquet with her gizmos.

"Well I think it's time for us to go." Princess Astrid said. "Hildy; I'm going to try to talk to Mom and Dad to see if they can reconcile with the family with of Enchancia. If not then I'll explain the reason for your actions and hope they will apologize to you. Let's hope that they don't officially disown you. I don't want that to happen to you." Hildegard was hoping that won't happen either. Princess Astrid and Princess Hildegard left the castle to catch up with their parents and leave to go back to the Kingdom of Freezenburg.

Queen Miranda went to her daughter. "How are you feeling Sofia? Is everything alright?" Sofia commented that she no longer feels dizzy and the pain she felt resided. "I'm glad you're feeling better sweetheart. Are you sure you feel well enough for the Wassailia celebration tonight?" Sofia nodded in response. King Roland noted that it's a simple Wassailia celebration.

James was a bit disappointed that it won't be the usual celebration he remembers. But he knew with Sofia's current condition they didn't want to be too excessive with the celebration. Amber was just glad that Sofia was well enough to celebrate Wassailia. "Did you bring the Wassailia candle daddy?" Amber asked. King Roland nodded. "Oh, goodie I can't wait to see it lit."

"Queen Elsa, Princess Anna; will you two light our wassailia candle?" Sofia asked "It would be nice to get a bit of the wassailia experience." Both of them nodded. "Thank you so much." Amber asked Sofia if she needed any help before the wassailia celebration. "If it's ok with mom and dad then I have no problem with it." At first King Roland and Queen Miranda were worried about leaving Amber with Sofia. But they knew the bond Amber and Sofia have forged as sisters. They've come up with a compromise to make Amber happy as well keeping Sofia safe.

"Alright Amber you can help Sofia; if you let me join in to help Sofia as well." Queen Miranda said. Amber thought about it and said yes. It wasn't what she wanted. But with Sofia's current condition it was probably necessary. So Queen Miranda wheeled Sofia to her guest room with Amber following close behind. While Queen Miranda wheeled Sofia to her guestroom. She noticed that Sofia is tugging at her gloves. "Are you feeling alright sweetheart?" Sofia mentioned that her skin started to feel warm and her hands feel like there on fire. Queen Miranda worried felt her daughter's forehead. "Well you do feel a bit warm. Maybe your ice powers have adapted to your body. But let's see if Queen Elsa can come over for a second opinion to make sure." Amber caughted up and saw Sofia looking a bit pale and asked if she is ok. "I'm not sure Amber. She is feeling a bit warm. I want to get the castle physician to make sure." Queen Miranda wheeled Sofia into her guestroom and helped her into her bed. "I hope this isn't a fever sweetheart. I don't want you to miss the wassailia celebration."

Amber hoped for the same thing. "Mom is it ok in the event that Sofia isn't well to come to the wassailia celebration. That I stay here taking care of her." Amber was so worried for Sofia that she realized said mom instead of saying, mother, like she usually says.

Queen Miranda took notice of this as well. At first, she feels grateful that Amber said mom in front of her. But she didn't figure out why "Amber this is the first time that you said mom to me instead of mother."

"Well I'm worried for Sofia and I want to make sure that she's ok. She wants to vacation here in order to have a closer relationship with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. I just didn't want for her vacation to be ruined." Amber said in response. "Also you've shown your love to not only daddy; to me and James as well over the past year. I feel comfortable now to call you mom." Queen Miranda had tears in her eyes.

"Well thank you for that Amber." Queen Miranda said, "If it comes to that then I let you." She saw a smile coming from Amber "You and Sofia have gotten closer as sisters that you're practically inseparable." She then felt a hug coming from Amber. "For now wait in Sofia's guest bedroom. While I'll go and get Queen Elsa and the castle physician. And let's hope Sofia will be healthy enough to join in our wassailia celebration."

Queen Miranda left the guest bedroom leaving Sofia and Amber alone. Amber was hoping that Sofia is well enough. She didn't want Sofia to miss out on the celebration. While waiting she saw Sofia moving about in her bed. Amber took a closer look and saw that Sofia was shaking. Worried she left the guest room and saw Queen Elsa. "Queen Elsa, Sofia is shaking. I'm worried she's having another seizure."

Hearing this Queen Elsa ran into Sofia's guest room. She saw that Sofia is shaking. "Sofia are you ok?" Queen Elsa asked. Sofia replied that she started to shiver uncontrollably. "Well, at least it not a seizure." Queen Elsa then felt Sofia's forehead. "But you to feel a bit on the warm side. But let's see the castle physician another opinion."

Arendelle's castle physician Doctor McStuffins came in to examine Princess Sofia. The doctor first checked her pulse and found is normal kid her age. Her heartbeat and her breathing came out fine. Her reflexes were a bit minimal. Luckily Dr. McStuffins was informed about Sofia not being able to move her legs before the check up. But when it came to her body temperature it was a different story. It was hovering close to 38°C (Around 100°F). She went to talk to Queen Elsa "Well it not a fever. But Princess Sofia dose have a cold. So I want her to take it easy for tonight. It could get worst if she overexerts herself." Doctor McStuffins left Sofia's guest bedroom and talked to Queen Miranda. "Well Princess Sofia's health is acceptable with a couple of exceptions. Her temperature however is hovering close to 38°C, that's about 100°F. She needs it to take it easy for the rest of the night to make sure it doesn't get worst." Then Doctor McStuffins wrote down on a scroll gave it Queen Miranda. It was a list of foods that could help Sofia with her cold.

Queen Miranda took a look at the list and had a question. "What if she has a sore throat and is not able to eat?" The doctor said to use a mixture of 3oz flavored gelatin with about 1 cup of hot water. Stir the gelatin until it's dissolved and mix in a tablespoon of honey. "And this will help her eat?" The doctor nodded and said that it's best that the liquid gelatin is consumed before a meal because the gelatin will coat the throat. Making eating that much easier. Queen Miranda took note and went inside to check how Sofia was doing. "How your doing sweetheart?" She asked. Sofia mentioned that everything is alright. "Well I'm glad you're fine. But the doctor saw that your temperature is hovering close to 38°C. If you want to go to the wassailia celebration. That's ok, but I want either me, your dad, Queen Elsa, or Princess Anna to keep an eye on you to make sure it doesn't get worst." Sofia nodded understanding the situation. "So you're ok with going?"

"Mom, I've been looking forward to celebrating wassailia with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. I don't want to miss this and celebrating one of my favorite holidays with them." Sofia said. Queen Miranda was smiling on the outside. But she was nervous on the inside. "Mom is something wrong?" she asked.

"Well sweetheart I'm just worried about you that's all." Queen Miranda said. "I know this whole you being in a wheelchair temporary thing and I have no worry about that. But the one thing on my mind is your personality. I don't know what's going to happen to you if and when that happens. I'm worried that I might lose my bright and cheerful daughter." Queen Miranda cried a little bit. Sofia handed a handkerchief to her mother. "Thanks sweetheart, I needed that. This whole thing with your physical and personality changing is affecting me a bit." Sofia reassured her that no matter what happens that she still her sweetheart. "Your right Sofia. After all this is temporary." She then went to the door to let in Amber.

"Mom is Sofia all right?" Amber asked. Their mom explained that Sofia's temperature hovered around 38°C and that the doctor suggest that she should take it easy so it won't get any worst. Amber then went to comfort Sofia "Are you sure that you should come to the wassailia celebration?" Sofia said the same this that she said to their mom. "O.k, but if you don't feel good tell us so that we can get you to your room without it gets any worst." Sofia nodded understanding Amber's concern for her. "So do you need anything?" Sofia mentioned that she just need her blanket to be in her wheelchair.

Sofia got some help into her wheelchair form her mom. While Amber retrieved her blanket and handed it to her. "Thanks Amber." she said. Sofia then wrapped herself in her blanket. "Ready to go." Queen Miranda wheeled her out of the guestroom and into the Great Hall where the wassailia celebration is held. In the room was a 2 meter (About 6.5 feet) tall evergreen tree decked out in ornaments and gifts surrounding the base of the tree. Also three tables there as well. Two of the table had snacks and drinks; while the third was just had a tablecloth with chairs so they had a place to eat. When reaching the Grand Hall Princess Anna took over for Queen Miranda in keeping an eye on Sofia

"So how are you feeling Sofia?" Anna asked. Sofia said that she feels fine just a bit warm and mentioned about her temperature from her visit form Doctor McStuffins. "Yes, Elsa told me about that. Well she told me to keep an eye on you to make sure it doesn't get any worst. Now We've got some hot chocolate if you want some." Sofia nodded. "Okay let's get some." Anna wheeled Sofia to the refreshment table and picked up the cups of hot chocolate. "Now how many lumps to you want?" Sofia motioned that she wanted two lumps. "Two lumps it is then." Anna then preceded to put in the lumps of sugar in Sofia's cup of hot chocolate. She then wheeled Sofia to the empty table and handed her cup of hot chocolate. "Here you go Sofia, a nice cup of hot chocolate. But be careful not to spill it." Sofia drank the hot chocolate but had some difficulty handling the cup due to the gloves.

Miranda notices this and went to her daughter. "Do you need some help there sweetheart?" She asked. Sofia nodded and handed her cup. She then assisted Sofia in drinking her hot chocolate which left a chocolate mustache on her. Miranda giggled at the sight remembering the wassailias she had with Sofia before she married King Roland. She put the cup down on the table. Then got a napkin and wipe off the chocolate mustache from Sofia's face. "How's the hot chocolate there sweetheart?" Sofia responded it was the best hot chocolate she ever tasted. "Well I'm glad your enjoying yourself there sweetheart."

As Sofia enjoyed the hot chocolate; James accidently bumped into her wheelchair causing her to drop the cup. Luckily Anna pulled her away before any of the liquid hit her nightgown. James apologized for the incident. "That's ok James. At least I didn't get drenched in the hot chocolate." Sofia said "And I was enjoying the cup of hot chocolate." Roland immediately got Sofia a fresh cup of hot chocolate with two lumps of sugar. "Thanks dad." Sofia drank the hot chocolate finishing it with no problems this time. "That was delicious." Princess Anna asked if Sofia wanted anything to eat. "Yes please." Anna wheeled Sofia to the refreshment table and handed her a plate. Sofia's eye lit up seeing the array of food made for the wassailia celebration. Both cuisines of Enchancia and Arendelle are represented at the table. "So many choices. I don't know what to get." Sofia eye look over the array of food and spotted the macaroons. "Macaroons please."

Anna wheeled her to the macaroons Sofia tried to reach for the them. But there were far from her reach them. "Do you need some help there Sofia?" Anna asked. Sofia nodded "Okay, what flavors to you want? We've got Chocolate, Strawberry, White Chocolate Raspberry, Lemon, Slated Carmel, and our newest flavor Tiramisu." Sofia wanted the Strawberry and White Chocolate Macaroons and handed Anna her plate. She then placed the macaroons on her plate. "Is there anything else you want Sofia?" Anna asked. Sofia said that she just want's something to drink and she'll be fine. Anna wheeled Sofia to the drinks and she pointed to the mixed berry punch. "Mixed berry punch it is then. Do you want some seltzer for some bubbly?" Sofia eyes lit up and nodded. "Okay some fizzy it is then." Anna prepared the drink and when finished. She wheeled Sofia back to the empty table. "Here you go Sofia a plate of macaroons and a cup of mixed berry punch with seltzer."

"Thanks Princess Anna." Sofia said. She then went on enjoying the macaroons. Amber then came over and joined Sofia at the table. Amber also picking the Strawberry macaroons. Sofia and Amber were talking about Royal Prep. Amber was excited to tell Clio about her time in Arendelle. While Sofia was thinking about her current condition. She knows that this is a temporary. The only thing she doesn't know is how long this will last. "I'm excited about telling Vivian too Amber. I'm just a bit worried Amber. I don't know what my condition will be like when our winter break is over." Amber told Sofia not to worry and that her friends will be there to support her in her recovery. "Your right Amber I know my friends will be there. But the question is how long it will be before I able to walk again."

Amber saw that Sofia was feeling a bit down and thought that maybe a gift could raise her spirits. So she went to the tree to find her gift for Sofia. It took a while but she finally found it. Roland came up to her and ask what she's doing. "Sofia's feeling a bit sad daddy. So I want to give her my gift to cheer her up." Roland saw the concern in Amber's eyes and let her go with her plan. Amber smiled as she handed her gift to Sofia. "Here you go Sofia and Happy Wassailia. I've noticed that you were feeling down. So I hope that my gift to you would cheer you up." Sofia opened Amber's gift and was speechless on what was inside. "I've been thinking about what gift to give you this wassailia. And I've remembered that your riding clothes have gotten a bit worn out. So I bought you some new ones. I hope you like them." Sofia couldn't help but tear up and thanked Amber. "You're welcome Sofia." She then went to Roland "Sofia like the gift daddy."

"You did a nice thing for Sofia. I'm very proud of you" Roland said. "Everyone it's time to lit the wassailia candle. Queen Elsa, Princess Anna; as our guests of honor for our wassailia we'll let you lit our wassailia candle." He lit a stick and handed it to Queen Elsa. As everyone gathered around the candle. "By the light of this candle, we wish good tiding for everyone on this wassailia. To our friends and family where every they are."

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna together lit the candle. Sofia cried a little bit as Amber held her hand. Sofia noted that it was tears of joy. "All right everyone it's now time to open up the wassailia gifts." Miranda said. As everyone gathered around the tree. Amber brought a chair over and placed it next to Sofia. Then Miranda went up to Sofia "How are you holding up there sweetheart?" Sofia replied that's she just fine. Miranda smiled and brought over her gifts for Amber and Sofia. "Here you go girls. I hope you like them." Sofia and Amber opened their gifts. Amber had gotten an art set complete with an easel, paints, paint brushes, and a paint palette. While Sofia received items for her camping trips with the buttercups. Which included a sleeping bag, a rain jacket , and hiking boots. "Well do you like the gifts sweethearts?" Both Sofia and Amber nodded. "I'm glad you like them."

"Thanks Mom. I can't wait to use this on my next camping trip with the Buttercups." Sofia said. Miranda left to talk with Roland. Amber was left a bit perplexed on Sofia's gift. "Amber you know I'm in the Buttercups and I was in need of new camping gear. You know your welcome to join the Buttercups if you want. I know that Vivian is doing it." Amber was a bit hesitate in join and said that she would think about it. "I hope you will join Amber. Ruby and Jade are in the Buttercups with me. So you would have some familiar faces in the troop. The rest of the celebration went on as the rest of the gifts been handed out. Sofia had gotten Arendelle style dresses from Princess Anna, A bed for Clover from James, and Ice Skates from Queen Elsa. When it came time for King Roland's gift to Sofia he excused himself for a moment. "Where's Dad going?" Sofia asked. Miranda said that he wanted to surprise you with your gift. Amber and James were wondering what surprise that their dad could possible have for Sofia.

Roland came back with a open box. "Sofia could you please close your eyes for a moment." Sofia complied. He showed Miranda the gift and she surprised to see what Roland is giving Sofia. "I had to get some help from Queen Elsa. So I hope it's worth it." He placed the gift on Sofia's lap. "Okay you can open your eyes now Sofia." She opened her eyes and looked down and saw her gift. A cute arctic fox. The fox look into Sofia eyes climbed up Sofia's chest and started to lick her face. "I'm guessing she starting to like you.

"Well, I'm glad for that." Queen Elsa said "We found her injured in the woods a while back and nursed her back to health. The only problem is that the fox's parents were dead when we found her." Tears started to shed on Sofia. "So we started to domestic her so that someone could take care of her. When I told King Roland about the fox. We talked it over and decided that you could take care of the fox. "

"Thanks Dad and Thanks Queen Elsa." Sofia said "And don't you worry little fox. I'll make sure to take good care of you." The fox happily snuggled herself against Sofia's chest. "I'm guessing you're happy about that. Now all that's left is what to name you." The fox's ear perked up when hearing that she's getting a name. "How do you like the name Serena." The fox sticks her tongue out. "Well how about Dawn?" Sofia got a no response. "Periwinkle?" Another no response. "Garnet?" The fox had a positive response. "Garnet!?" The fox nodded. "O.k. Garnet it is then." Queen Elsa handed Sofia a scroll on what a Arctic fox eats. "Thanks Queen Elsa. Hey mom would be ok if Garnet sleeps with me tonight?" Miranda said that it's ok and that it's important for the fox to bond with her. "Thanks mom. Well Garnet ready to spend the night with me?" Garnet licked her face. "I'm taking that as a yes." Queen Elsa and Miranda wheeled Sofia back to her guest bedroom with Garnet on her lap. When Sofia got back to her guest bedroom. Miranda assisted Sofia into bed and tucked her in. "Good night mom, Good night Queen Elsa" Miranda and Elsa left Sofia's guest bedroom leaving herself and Garnet in the room.

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