Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've last updated my Dragon Ball Z story, Dad, I'll See You Soon. As I was rereading it when I planned to update, I didn't like the story progression and my overall writing style at the time, so I decided to rewrite it, with a somewhat similar plot, but different elements and different details. If you want, you can check out the other story on my page, but I honestly like this one better. I'm going to try keeping Gohan's personality the same as in the other stories, and some of the scenes will be similar or almost identical, but I think that this one will only be loosely based on the other one. So please, enjoy!

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Chapter 1: Return to Normalcy

Seven years ago, the world was overrun by war, a war that destroyed countless cities and struck millions with unprecedented fear in its short, concise duration. The bio-artificial life-form, Cell, created by the ingenious and certifiably insane Doctor Gero of the then destroyed Red Ribbon Army, from the genetics of some of the world's most powerful inhabitants and visitors, took countless lives, vowed the destruction of one Son Goku, who's myth and legendary status rocketed him to the epitomes of unsolved, unanswered mysteries. The man responded in kind, in a harrowing battle against the creature, before conceding defeat, much to the surprise of his allies and the monster itself. What had surprised them even more was the nomination of his young, then nine-year old son, Gohan, as the world's next savior, to follow in his father's footsteps. Goku had been correct in his predictions, his son ascending the mantle as the most powerful Saiyan warrior, who overpowered Cell with no effort. In desperation and clouded judgment, it exploded, taking the life of Son Goku with it. The young boy, however, had no time to mourn his father's passing, with Cell returning, more powerful than before. With that, it took the boy all his might and the assistance of his father's soul to destroy the being once and for all before vanishing into the night.

The aftermath had been less horrendous and chaotic than initially expected. Those who had been killed had returned as if they had simply been on vacation. The damage done to the earth had been revoked in one night. One man, a wrestler going only by Satan, managed to climb to fame, claiming his victory in the fight, thus stealing the credit from the young boy. Despite this despicable move, however, it was under that man's charisma that the world was reborn; as if the Cell Games, as they had become known, was only a dream.

"Vegeta, watch your six!" a voice resounded through the headphones as a short, raven-flame haired man exploded into the air, narrowly missing a beam of light underfoot. It impacted with a mountain several kilometers from his position, creating a massive explosion that cracked the ground at their position. Vegeta growled, the power flowing through his body lighting up the dark sky like midsummer fireworks. Balls of light exploded outward, connecting with alien tank-like vehicles with pinpoint precision. "You're welcome. Bulma would have killed you if you had put our brand new armor out of commission on its first run. Man, I'm glad we decided to lure them to Mars. Who knows how much damage they could make on Earth…?"

"Don't get too cocky, Kakabrat!" the man spat as a taller figure clad head to toe in black metallic armor landed behind him (both he and Vegeta are equipped with armor that looks like Mjolnir Mk VI (the Halo series) with Iron Man's repulsor systems. Vegeta isn't wearing the helmet, instead using an augmented reality visor, and his armor is royal blue). They stood, back to back, in fighting stances, the figure opening up its palms which revealed glowing circles. The spinning generator in the middle of the chest-armor hummed with anticipation as the figure's heads-up display synched with Vegeta's. "How many are coming?"

"Well, for one, it's Gohan, Son Gohan, to be exact. And two, we have at least twenty tank-like vehicles due west of our location and heavy foot infantry trying a pincer technique at thirty, one-hundred twenty, and two-hundred sixty degrees, respectively, numbering about forty thousand in total. Their mothership is about nine hundred kilometers south of the rear guard position," he explained. "And, you know, Vegeta, shining like a Christmas tree on the dark side of a planet isn't exactly the brightest idea." A snort that came was the older man's reply.

"The Prince of all Saiyans doesn't need to hide in the dark! I'll blast these pathetic little lizard-bastards into Kingdom Come without your help! Understood!?" he shouted. Gohan winced a little, turning down the transmission volume to spare his sensitive hearing. "Just go back to the woman and tell her that the armor works and that I won't need it ever again!"

"I got it. You play house with the army and I'll go take down the mothership. Sound like a plan?"

"Do you want me to kill you Kakabrat?"

"Fine, Fine. I'll be back for support if you need it."

"Highly unlikely."

Gohan blasted off from behind the hot-headed man, kicking up dust in his wake as he streaked across the star-filled sky at high-hypersonic speed. The navigation system in the suit was directing him directly toward the largest ship that had landed on the planet. Radio waves and transmissions emitted from the craft left him no doubt of its role in battle. Slowly, a brightly lit, purplish-pink ship, sleek in design, appeared over the horizon. "I guess Vegeta isn't the only one with this kind of flawed logic."

He pulled to a stop, hovering mid-air while his hand began to glow with dangerous intensity. Electric blue sparks shot out of the ball of dense energy he was charging as the targeting system analyzed the ship for its structural weak points. Several red circles appeared on his visor as he brought his hand forward. With a small grunt, the ball of energy converted into a beam that split in multiple directions, hitting each target with pin-point accuracy. The ship exploded in a ball of spectacular blue and purple flames, rising into the atmosphere dozens of kilometers, filling the area with harsh-smelling gases and dense smoke. "Are you finished destroying the ship, Kakabrat? I'm just about done here," the prince asked over the comm. "If not, hurry up. I want to get back to my training as soon as possible."

"Yeah, I'm done. Just hold your horses, your highness," he sighed.

"I've really got to congratulate you on a job well done, Gohan," a feminine voice cheered. A small box popped up on the corner of his screen, in it, a beautiful, cyan-haired woman in her mid thirties. He smirked as he turned around, blasting off back toward Vegeta's location. "That damned thing kept interfering with my signal, so I couldn't get a hold of you."

"I kind of wish it didn't need to be destroyed. That ship might have made for some valuable research material," he said. "Who knows? Maybe we could have found a new fuel source, or a way to make our computers even smarter than before?"

"Geez, Gohan, all you think about is research and fighting. It's like talking to a scholarly version of your father," the woman laughed light-heartedly.

"I suppose that that's a bad thing, Bulma? After all, you've known him longer than even mother."

"No, no. It's not a bad thing," she replied, shaking her head. "Goku does his own thing, so we don't really need to worry about it. You're kind of the same way. At least, I think…"

"I see…"

"Speaking of doing one's own thing-"

"No, Vegeta's armor should still be in one piece. I'm still getting a power reading from the core generator. His shields look like they could use some tweaking though, mine too. They seem to negate our Chi usage and vice versa. The blast I just used took out ten percent of the Over Shield and it wasn't even that powerful. Who knows how much Vegeta's was depleted…"

"Thanks for the heads-up. I'll look into that once you guys get back. It looks like those aliens are turning around in full retreat, so we probably won't be dealing with them for a long while," Bulma explained before yawning. "Man, you Saiyans are freaks. It's almost four in the morning here and-"

"Saiyans don't need anything more than an hour of sleep per week to function as an evolution of our fighting prowess. Don't compare us to humans," Vegeta's gruff, angry tone resounded over the intercom, followed by an image of his angry face whose black eyes glared at Gohan's.

"Vegeta, when did you…?"

"I think he just figured out how to use the long-distance communication system," Gohan replied flatly. "You know, joining a chat." The woman nodded.

"Well, you two need to hurry back. Chi Chi has something she wants to tell you," she said, looking at Gohan. He noticed her apologetic stare, but decided against pressing further. "And I repaired your Gravity Room while you were away, Vegeta."

The two nodded diligently. "We'll be back in three days, woman. Count on it." The transmission was cut, with the navigation system on the visor redirecting to the coordinates of the ship. Gohan chuckled to himself, speeding up his flight to reach his transportation home.

Letting out a long, exaggerated sigh, Gohan slumped in the main control area of the Capsule-shaped spaceship, his hands gracefully gliding over the controls with inhuman speed. It wouldn't be long until the ship was airborne and ready to escape the red planet's dusty atmosphere. Vegeta had gone off somewhere in the ship, so he figured that he would have peace and quiet for a few hours. Maybe I can start that novel I brought with me, he thought bemusedly before shaking his head. No, my temporary roommate is Vegeta, who can't even operate the stove without 'asking' for assistance. Speaking of which… He stood up, ambling aimlessly toward the main access door. With a swipe of his identification card, the entire control room was isolated from the rest of the ship, a countermeasure implemented by Bulma to make living with Vegeta more bearable. I should really thank Bulma for this.

"You are now leaving the Martian atmosphere. Course plotted for Earth. E.T.A. three days, seven hours, and twenty-four minutes," a monotone voice echoed through the ship. Gohan sighed again, sinking into the plush leather of the captain's chair. "Please enjoy your trip."

"You sent my son into space!? You told me he was only going overseas to supervise the CapsuleShip development at Capsule Corp. North! I still haven't gotten over the time he went into space and came back with an alien overlord on his ass!" a shrill scream echoed through the well furnished library of Capsule Corporation's main office. Bulma Briefs sighed, scratching her cheek with a carefully manicured finger. Before her was an angry raven haired woman in her early thirties, clad in traditional Chinese dress. A small, spiky haired boy nearby winced a little. "When I agreed to him working here, it was to further his education!"

"Chi Chi," the cyan haired heiress began, "he's an adolescent boy with a lot of pent aggression. Do you really think that Super Saiyan Level Two would have been attainable if he was as calm as Piccolo or happy as Goku. If you lock him up too much, he'll blow up again. Besides, he is supervising the development of the CapShip. In fact, he took it on its maiden voyage! I think I might let him name it! And sending him into space was an unforeseeable circumstance…"

"Even still! War isn't something a boy his age should be seeing!" Son Chi Chi exclaimed. "It's bad enough he had to witness the death of his father twice and that of his sensei once! What do you think it will do to his psyche!? And what the hell do you mean, 'unforeseeable circumstance'!? "

"Why is it that the first thing you say is that I sent your sixteen year old son off to war?" Bulma asked, feigning offense. "He's not a weapon."

"So you're telling me I'm wrong?" the other woman prodded, crossing her arms. Azure eyes averted from raven ones.

"There were alien hostiles approaching Earth, so he and Vegeta went to drive them away. He is Goku's son, you know. I know that they manage just fine. Your concern makes sense, but he's a good boy. We both know that. Gohan's not the kind of person who'd go insane, well, without reason. He's the world's savior. You should give him some credit because he definitely knows when to stop. Though, I wish Vegeta would take his example…"


"And you're even sending him to school of all places! If that doesn't scream normal, I don't know what does!"

"Knowing him, he'll try to play superhero and skip classes," the raven haired woman grumbled. A small jolt shot up Bulma's spine as she laughed nervously. Chi Chi glanced at her friend suspiciously. "Oh? Has he been doing something else behind my back?"

"I'm not sure what you're implying, Chi! He's just doing research here… that shouldn't be very dangerous…" Bulma mumbled. I definitely can't tell her that he's working on a super-weapon battle suit.

"What was that now?"

"Nothing! Nothing! Speaking of which, Gohan and Vegeta should be arriving at the private airbase within the hour." A small figure popped out from behind Chi Chi, his spiked hair shooting out in all directions. Son Goten, despite his vitality and known sense of mischief, knew when to stay quiet, especially when his mother was screaming. When it came to Gohan, though, the boy could hardly contain his excitement. The week-and-a-half without Nii-chan had been absolutely boring, since Trunks was grounded. He watched as the woman he called his aunt pulled out her phone. "Can you prepare a car? We're going to the airbase to greet our astronauts." She turned to him, kneeling so she was level with him. "C'mon, Goten-chan! Do you want to greet our Gohan? You must've been bored for the past week." He nodded vigorously before turning to his mother, who sighed with a sense of defeat. The small boy gladly took her hand, careful not to crush it in his excited grip as they followed the other woman out the door.

"God damn it!" Vegeta screamed as he flipped over the table, his hands balled into fists. Cards, chips, both poker and edible, and cans of soda flew everywhere as Gohan reclined in the chair before him, smirking victoriously with five playing cards in his hands, a straight flush. "Every goddamn time!"

"What's wrong, Vegeta? Mad that you can't get a good poker hand?" the younger Saiyan taunted. "I guess the difference in our skills is just too great." Although it does help that he has a horrible poker face… I wish I had a video camera; Bulma would have had a blast watching him giggle like an elated schoolgirl. Well, it's not to that degree, but it's still funny.

"I've had enough of your smug attitude Kakabrat! We're going again! And I'm going to win back all that money you took, and then some!" the prince yelled. For a moment, the two of them remained silent catching on the same wavelength as they stared at the mess scattered about the floor before turning back to each other. They turned to the large screen, huge, digital numbers ticking away the mere minutes to touchdown on the Earth's surface. "On another note, we should sweep this under the rug before the woman goes into a conniption. We can get someone else to clean this up in secret." Gohan nodded, agreeing, before they scrambled about, desperately hiding the evidence of their gambling session.

Both Vegeta and Gohan were short on breath when the air lock released, making a hissing noise as the bright light of the sun shone in their eyes. There were four people standing on the runway waiting for them, but the Prince ignored them, taking off into the sky. Goten's eyes brightened as his brother emerged from the capsule spaceship, clad in a black T-shirt and blue jeans. Without warning, he barreled over to his older brother, leaping onto his shoulders. "Heya, Squirt! Did you listen to Mom while I was out?"

"Yeah! But it was so boring at home, Nii-chan!" the younger boy whined. Gohan laughed. "Why didn't you tell me that you were going to go away for such a long time?"

"Yeah, Gohan, you kept it a secret from us. Did you really expect us to not notice a sudden disappearance like that? We might not all be child prodigies, but even we can figure out some things," a mirthfully light voice teased. A beautiful red-haired girl smiled as she crossed her arms over her well-endowed chest. Her shining blue-green eyes glittered in the afternoon sun as the approached the two brothers. She was similar to him in height, with smooth, pale skin and a clear complexion that seemed to shimmer with her eyes. "That's so mean to Goten, you know. And he doesn't like playing with me, for some odd reason. Can't you at least apologize to him?"

"You're right, Lime," he chuckled. "That was mean of me. Sorry for keeping it from you, Goten." The younger boy simply nodded, too elated to hear the actual words of apology. "Speaking of which, are you sure that you're not just doing that to tease me?"

"That's a possibility, isn't it?" she asked, as if finally realizing something while drawing closer to him. Her face came mere centimeters from his. "Say… I've been bored too, how are you going to apologize to me?" He laughed sheepishly, his glance turning to his mother and Bulma, who were both watching the interaction closely. The wide grins on their faces made him blush slightly.

"Hey, they might get the wrong idea, you know," he whispered into her ear. "Should we keep it up or pull back? I'm not going to hear the end of it from Mom tonight anyways." She shrugged enough for him to notice.

"It's your choice. As long as you promise to go hang out with me, I'm fine either way," she replied, searching for a reaction from the two older women out of the corner of her eye. He drew back, dramatically striking a thinking posture with his fingers to his chin. Lime giggled. "Geez, can't you take this seriously?"

"I could ask you the same thing…"

"Mom! Nii-chan and Lime are doing kissy kissy stuff again!" Goten complained indignantly. There was a moment of silence before they all started laughing. Chi Chi had finally approached them, plucking him from Gohan's shoulders. He began pouting childishly, sinking into his mother's arms. "No fair! Nii-chan always spends time with Lime! I wanna play with him too!"

"We shouldn't talk like that, Goten!" Chi Chi admonished. "If we interfere too much, I probably won't have a daughter-in-law that I'll approve of for a long time!"

"What a way to ruin the mood, Mom," Gohan sighed. Lime giggled again, grabbing him by the arm. "Huh?"

"Goten, I'm going to steal your brother until evening," she explained. "But I'll trade. You can have him this evening and all of tomorrow, how does that sound?" The young boy thought about it for a moment before extending his hand.

"Nii-chan said that this is the right way to seal deals," Goten explained excitedly.

"I see," she replied, glancing at the teen at her side.

"I'm a commodity now? That kind of hurts," he laughed.

"That won't do, Lime," Chi Chi interrupted, shaking her head. Bulma sighed. "The new semester is starting tomorrow and Gohan is supposed to attend the opening ceremony."

"New semester? Opening ceremony?" Gohan queried. "What are you talking about, Mom?"

"I thought it was time to enroll you in school," she explained. He reeled back a little. "As of tomorrow, you'll officially be a second year student at Orange Star High School!"

"She didn't want you to become a hikikomori, Gohan," the blue haired woman added. "I tried to warn you, but I just couldn't find the words to… Gohan, are you alright?"

He stood there, frozen for a moment. His eyes had glazed. When he began moving, he pulled out his cell phone and opened the calendar. It's March 31, so there isn't any April Fool's Day today, but Mom doesn't participate in that sort of thing anyways. Wait… this is a joke, right? He his eyes darted from Lime, who was trying to keep in a fit of laughter, to Bulma, who gave him the same apologetic look he saw on Mars, to his mother, who seemed excited for the occasion. You've got to be kidding me… "This isn't a joke, is it?"

"This is just as new to me," Lime agreed, finally letting out her laughter. "Gohan is going to school? This is absolutely hilarious! What could he possibly learn from school? He's the one who built an intergalactic satellite at the age of twelve! He'll stand out too much."

"He's quite dense when it comes to modern society," his mother explained.

"I can give him some of my magazines, Mom," she offered. "He'd get really bored at school."

"Is it possible for me to pass on both of them?" Gohan asked weakly. "I can just pick up that kind of thing as I go along. There really isn't any reason to-"

"Absolutely not!" Chi Chi exclaimed. "I want my sons to have a normal, civilized life where they won't use their fists to solve problems!"

"But Mom, I don't-"

"I won't hear any of it! You're just like your father in that sense, Gohan!"

"I-I give up," he sighed. Bulma laughed lightly.

"Look at it this way, Gohan. Lime can guide you through if you have any problems since she'll be your senpai," she assured him. "I'm sure she'll help you out." The redhead nodded with a bright smile. "See? You're not entirely lost."

"Gee, that makes me feel a lot better," he grumbled. "You make it sound like I'm socially inept. I do have friends you know."

"Your father's friends, a dragon, an alien kid that acts as the God of this planet, and me, Gohan; those are your friends," Lime replied. "I'm the only one that could be considered remotely normal. And since I know your secret, your super mode, and that you were the one who actually beat Cell, I'm not entirely normal either."


"No buts, Gohan!" the Son matriarch interrupted. "This is for your own good! It's bad for a child when explosions, death, and revival are typical occurrences for him! Your mental state might be fine now, but what if you turn into Vegeta!?" The thought made her shudder uncontrollably.

"I get it. I get it," he sighed. "I'll go. I'll go. But I'm not guaranteeing that I'll like it."

"Gohan, we'd be more worried if you do like it," Bulma teased. He turned to her, confused. "No sixteen year old kid in their right mind likes school."

"If that's the case, then why do I have to go?"

"We've been down this road, Gohan. I can ground you if you want," Chi Chi threatened. He laughed sheepishly, holding his hands up to show his unconditional surrender. "I thought so." Lime tugged at the arm she was still holding. He turned, briefly entranced by her brilliant smile.

"C'mon! I don't think that you have a clean notebook or anything normal high school students have. We're going to go shopping!" she explained. "If that's alright with Mom." The Son matriarch gave her a smile of approval.

"You just want me to carry your bags, right?" he asked.

"Really? You'll do that for me? I need someone with arms like yours to carry my stuff."

"They really do make a good couple, huh Chi?" Bulma sighed dreamily. The other woman nodded as they watched their retreating figures. Lime had latched herself to Gohan's side so that he was walking at an awkward angle.

"I just wish they'd get together already," she replied elatedly. "They're too busy claiming that they're just friends."

"I can't believe that you did something like that! What'll happen if Bulma-san finds out about it?" Lime asked after hearing about her friend's gambling session with Vegeta. She could tell that he was uncomfortable with the sheer amount of people on the streets at that time of day and was trying to do her best to relieve his tension. Most of them were couples on dates and students relaxing on the last day before school, so she felt that there wouldn't be any harm. It wouldn't have surprised her if she met someone she knew.

"I'm worried that she'll try it for herself," he said dubiously. His eyes darted about cautiously. "She's not the kind of person who'd miss a chance like that… Is there something wrong?"

"You don't have to be so on guard, you know. It's not like someone's going to come out and attack us," she assured him. The look in his eyes told her that he didn't believe her one bit. Just as he was about to respond, an explosion came from the bank directly beside them.

Shards of glass and chunks of debris scattered everywhere. Frantic screams and heavy, dusty smoke filled the air. When she opened her eyes, she found herself buried in Gohan's well-built chest. His T-shirt had been shredded in the explosion, the glass harmlessly bouncing off his tough skin. She could feel his muscles move as he gripped her tightly in his arms. "Are you alright?" he asked with a deep, serious voice. She shuddered excitedly, looking into his jet black eyes. He was going into that mode again.

Without warning, the half Saiyan swept her off her feet and bolted across the street and into the nearest alleyway, vaulting up to the roof of the building directly across from the site of the explosion. He was warm. She could feel his heart beating as he carried her. He wasn't exerting himself, his heart only beat that fast if he was genuinely worried about someone.

"Are you injured anywhere?" he asked, again, checking her body for any signs of damage. Finding none, he let out a sigh of relief. "Stay here, Lime. Something's not right here." He looked over the edge of the roof. There were ten injured people lying on the ground. No one had exited the building, but there were definitely people still inside. He grit his teeth angrily. I can't go Super, or it might be linked with the Cell Games. He glanced at the nearest intersection and made a quick survey of the street. There were cameras everywhere. With facial recognition software, it would take mere minutes to track me and I can't have that.

He glanced down at his wrists. On each were black bracelets, his and Bulma's latest joint project. Sorry Bulma, he thought to himself. "Implement! ARC-001 Override! Combat form, engage! Authorization code: 'alpha', 'omega', 'theta', 'epsilon', zero, four, seven! Pilot, Saiyan One." Lime gasped as the bracelets changed form, Gohan's entire body became covered in a black, mesh-like bodysuit as black metal plates covered his arms, followed by a chest piece and leg armor. A metal spinal cover and jet'like body part unrolled over his back, before everything compacted onto his body, forming a mecha-like exo-skeleton that she'd never seen before.

"Authorized. Welcome back, Son Gohan," a monotonous female voice said. "Combat mode is active, but diagnostics need to be run on the weapons systems. Do you want to run them now?"

"There's no time to run a system diagnostic, computer. Disarm all auxiliary weapons for now, but keep over shields charged," he commanded as he rotated his shoulder cuffs. His face was covered by a frosted black visor that reflected the sun's light. "Lime!" She gave him her undivided attention. "Stay here. If something happens, scream. I'll come running, got it?"

"Go get'em Tiger!" she cheered. He laughed, diving off the roof.

Despite having a weight of only sixty-one kilograms, Gohan's landing created fissures in the pavement, mostly in part to the nearly two hundred kilogram weight of the exo-skeleton. Any normal human would need to use the electronic assist installed within each joint to move properly, but it felt as light as a feather to him. From his training, he could feel a cluster of people inside the bank, but there was another, more unfamiliar being accompanying them as well.

He walked into the main area, noticing blood and body parts painting the walls and floors red. The bad premonition he was having was getting stronger. The conditions of the victims weren't the results of an explosion. They had been torn apart. Was the unfamiliar being the cause? He began stepping slowly, as the dust began to clear.

A gunshot rang out. Gohan dropped to the floor and picked up a pen, and hurtled it in the direction of the bullet like a throwing knife, effectively killing him, while charging forward. Seven more men had emerged from the vault, several military grade assault rifles trained on him. They didn't hesitate opening fire, but the bullets bounced harmlessly off the over shield as he leapt into the air. His ankle came down harshly upon the first man, inflicting a heavy injury to his dominant shoulder. Instantly shifting his weight backward, he fell into a handstand, spinning off his left hand so that his aerial sweep kick connected with the two nearest to him.

Despite this, he was still under a rain of bullets. Measuring the distance between himself and the nearest hostile, Gohan bent his arms and sprung back into the air, crouching on the ceiling before springing forward at the man with his fist outstretched. It connected with the fourth man's nose while his legs wrapped themselves around the fifth man, slamming his head into the floor. There was no doubt about a mild concussion. Still three to go… and that… thing…

He dashed forward, spinning around a support beam ten meters from his previous position and launched his foot into the sixth man's back, sending him flying out the bank and into a parked car. The rain of bullets had stopped. Of course! Those are standard issue, so they would have about thirty rounds. And average reload time is about two seconds. He dashed forward, grabbing the two men by their heads and slammed them into the floor, knocking them out in one blow. Now that that's over with, I should get to the hostages.

There were twenty people stuffed into the vault, bunched in a corner. Some were trying to console the others while most cowered in fear. There was no one guarding them. For a moment, he wondered if it was a trap, or if all the enemies had been eliminated. They looked upon him fearfully before he brought up his hands to emphasize that he was unarmed. "Are you guys alright?" Their eyes widened noticeably.

"Behind you!" a small girl screamed. He turned just in time to see a long tentacle-like appendage with rows of sharp teeth shoot at him. Instinctively, he leaned to the side and grabbed it, wrenching it toward him. It was a creature, similar to a snake, that he hadn't seen before. It thrashed violently, in his grip as another one shot at him, only to be caught in his other hand. Without thinking, Gohan unleashed a burst of energy into each of them, making them pop like balloons, before dashing out and scanning the area.

So those two were the only ones? He thought to himself. I didn't sense them approaching. They didn't show up on radar either. They weren't androids either. He looked around the messy vault, covered in the mysterious creatures' body parts when he noticed that they had begun growing. Shit! They turn into more when you blow them up? "Everyone get out NOW!" he shouted. They didn't hesitate, and ran out. In ten seconds, he was the only one left in the vault. Wait… This energy… This is the unfamiliar energy from earlier. Don't tell me…No; I don't have time to think. If these things get out, I don't know what will happen. I have to destroy them right here and now. He released a powerful explosion of energy, obliterating any remains that were left so that there was no chance of regeneration.

It wasn't Videl Satan's day at all. Regret ebbed at her mind. She had forgotten her summer homework until the last moment and when she'd finally set herself down to do it, Satan PD called her for a bank robbery. At least six people were dead and ten were injured. There was gunfire as well, heavy gunfire at that. "Just how useless are they to rely on a girl who's only in her second year of high school?" she grumbled to herself.

There were at least seven police cars surrounding the site. The officers were behind their cruisers, their guns drawn on a robotic figure standing at the front. The officer in charge seemed relieved as he rushed to her when she disembarked her JetCopter. "Videl-san! Thank god you're here!" he exclaimed. She fought the urge to roll her eyes.

"So what's the situation?" she asked curtly. "I've got to get my summer homework finished."

"This thing just came out of the bank after all the hostages, but won't say anything. We can't get anything out of it," he replied. She turned to the armored Gohan, who was still standing in the middle of a police standoff. The suit itself looked like something straight out of a movie or video game, but she was sure that technology wasn't advanced enough for something like that. "At first, we thought it was just a costume, but one of the hostages said that he took on all the gunmen."

"Why haven't you just taken it into custody?" she continued, getting more and more irritated with the situation. "It doesn't look like he'll attack."

"W-we've tried, but some sort of invisible barrier is keeping us from doing anything," he explained. She gave him a suspicious glance before turning to Gohan.

"Hey! You!" she shouted. She could feel her temper rise as he ignored her. "Do you want me to bust you up, Tin Can!? I know you can hear me!"

"Sir, someone is attempting to contact you. Should I re-enable the external stereo?" the on-board A.I. asked him. "She doesn't seem very happy that you're ignoring her."

"No, keep me isolated and open a secured line to Lime," he replied.

Videl growled angrily. The affectionately named "Tin Can" was getting on her already frayed nerves by ignoring her. She grounded herself before leaping forward her dominant hand cocked back in a fist. It was gone by the time she reached its position. Her eyes widened when her strike flew through an afterimage. "What?" she muttered when a large explosion rocked the entire avenue. Glass from the surrounding buildings rained on the street as the air around them distorted. "A… Sonic Boom?"

So that's the first chapter of my redone story. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but please, no flaming or anything offensive. It doesn't help anything, nor does it make the story any better or worse for you. Thanks!

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