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A Mother's Love

It never fails.

That welling up of emotion…that will to protect and comfort.

It is instinct.

It is a response to one in pain, yes, but it goes so much deeper than that.

When I look at you and see the tears in your eyes, how can I possibly turn away and pretend that you are not hurting? If there were anything I could do to take that sorrowful expression from your face, I would gladly do it.

All I can do is hold you close and whisper the things that we mothers whisper. The loving murmurings that are meant to soothe and coddle…even when you are all too grown up for such doddering nonsense. Forgive us…you are never too grown up for our hugs and kisses or for us to tell you how very much we love you.

I can feel you shaking and I close my eyes against the tears that threaten to spill out. It is so unfair…there should not be this kind of suffering in the world…not for you…not our young ones. I would fight the Dark Lord himself for you. You know I would.

I only wish…I could do more for you.

A loud slamming noise startles me for a moment and I look at you, tears in my eyes.

"Sorry," Hermione whispers to us. She is holding something in her hand but my eyes are not entirely focusing just yet.

I smile at her and wipe away the telltale tears. I muss up your hair affectionately and I would say something…but nothing I can say can take away the pain you are feeling…the blame I know you lay squarely on your own shoulders.

I hope you know I will never blame you for what happened. None of us do.

"Your potion, Harry," I whisper…my voice is unsteady as I give him the small vial.

You don't smile but there is something in your expression that gives me hope…that you will get through this. I know Ron and my other children will help you, Harry. Hermione too. You're all part of our family.

I watch as you drink the potion quickly and you fall back onto your pillows. Shooing the others out of the room, I tuck you in…just as a mother would. I take off your glasses and put them on the bedside table…just as a mother would. I straighten your hair, careful to avoid the scar…just as a mother would.

And why, Harry?

Oh, dear child, need you ask such a silly question? I would think the answer to be quite obvious.

Because I love you, Harry…

…just as a mother would.

A/N: Dedicated with much love to my three godsons who were my boys before I had boys of my own.