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Raven took a deep breath of fresh air as her eyes wandered around the empty class room. In less than an hour, she'd have this class full of her students. Yes, her students. It was her first year of teaching, her class being literature 101. Oh how she couldn't wait for it though she knew she couldn't show too much excitement, she didn't want her students to think that she was one of those easy-going teachers, she'd make sure to show her that she was here to teach, and they were here to learn. Just because she was just a few years older than they were, they should know to respect her being.

She sat down at her desk at the front of the room, her violet eyes scanning the area, making sure she had everything ready for today. Since today was the first day of school, or college rather, Raven didn't plan on teaching anything too serious. She wanted to get to know her students, and figure out what they liked to read, write, and study. The only thing she had planned for her two-hour class was a small survey, so she could get to know her students in a proper and organized way. If everyone finished their survey early, they would engage in a discussion about books hopefully.

Raven sighed, only 20 more minutes and class would begin. She wondered why more people weren't showing up early, but she knew better. She was teaching a freshman college literature class, and freshman were known to be immature, lazy, and disrespectful. Raven had her hopes up though, this was a pretty prestigious college, and hopefully she wouldn't have to deal with any of that here.

Deciding the best way to distract herself was to read, she pulled her book out and began reading, hoping that time would pass quickly. She flipped the page before glancing at the clock. "19 minutes to go..." She mumbled softly to herself. Her eyes went back to her book and she decided it would be better for her to just stop watching the time and to just read until the first student would arrive.

The first person was a girl, her hair a pinkish in the shape of a standing horseshoe. The girl gave a small smile as she found herself a seat in the back, knowing she may draw attention to herself if she sat too close to the front. Raven could feel the excitement bubbling inside her, soon she could begin. Oh, how nice it would be to get to know everyone who attended this class, though her expression refused to show it, she was happy to be able to get this chance.

15 minutes to go, and there were only a few students here. Raven sighed again, her class roster said that it would be a pretty average sized class, and there were only a few pupils here. She didn't want people showing up late to class on the very first day, the mere thought of that upset her quite a bit.

A few moments later, a boy with spiky black hair made his way in too, and found a seat in the back as well. After him, a girl with long straight blonde hair walked in, and also sat in the back. A foul expression formed on Raven's face; she did not want her whole class to sit in the back row. A girl with red hair then walked in, pulling Raven out of her thoughts, and finally! She didn't sit in the very back row, but in the row right in front of it. Raven sighed in annoyance, this was ridiculous.

Suddenly, a boy with green skin walked in, and he looked like he was about to sit in the back too, until Raven stopped him. "Please sit in the front sir." She said as nicely as she could muster up with how annoyed she was.

A frown formed on the green boy's face, "How come they all get to sit in the back?" He asked gesturing to the other students.

"They got here before you." Raven said with a small shrug, and watched as the mysterious boy made his way to the very front row, sitting down with his shoulders slumping.

"Sit in the front she says..." He began to grumble as he dropped in his seat. "Got here before you she says..." He rolled his eyes before noticing the glare the woman was giving him. By the way she looked, she seemed to be a student just like him. Maybe the professor was out for a moment and this chick decided to sit in her or his seat. How was he suppose to take her serious when she was pretty much just like him?

Raven set her book down and stood, she made her way over to him. "What is your name?" She asked as she bent down to his level. "I can already tell you are going to be my favorite student this year." She said, not even trying to hide the sarcasm from her voice.

He smirked, "Beast Boy, try not to forget it." His smirk grew as he noticed her scowl. "Now, how about we start our first lesson? I cant wait to see what it is." He grinned, sarcasm matching hers as it dripped off his lips. She ignored his sarcasm, and listened as the bell rang, and the rest of the students shuffled in and took their seats. There was bout 50 or so students if she had to guess. Finally, the moment she had been waiting for, her class was finally starting.

"Good morning." She greeted, because her class took place at ten in the morning. "As you all know, this is literature 101, and I am professor Raven." She added with a smile as she looked around the classroom. "I have a lot planned out for our year together, but today, we're going to start off with something easy." She said and picked up the stack of surveys. "I want you to answer honestly and thoughtfully, I wish to know much more about you." She explained as she began handing out small stack of the surveys, watching the students pass it to their right. "Take as long as long as you need, when you are finished, do not think this is a time to talk to others. Find something to do, if you do not, I will find something for you to do." She explained before sitting back at her desk. "Begin."

The sound of scribbling and writing filled the room as all of the students wrote down what they thought the best answer would be. Raven closed her eyes and enjoyed the silence, she relaxed in her comfortable chair. Today she had two classes, maybe after her long first day, she could treat herself to a nice cup of herbal tea. She had noticed this campus had its own café, maybe they had her favorite drink. That would be great, she'd have to make sure to go to the library also. It was huge in there, books she didn't even know existed in there. So wonderful this place really was.

Her eyes opened when she heard a paper drop in front of her. "Thank you..." She said slowly, unsure to believe this person was already done. Picking it up, she read it silently. Noticing another stand, she frowned, was it really that short? She'd have to make sure to make things a little bit harder next time. One by one, each student stood to come turn in their paper. Well, at least they'd have time for some discussion after all the students were done. She'd get a good look at the surveys, find out what each of her students liked, then she'd plan her lesson for tomorrow. "Is everyone finished?" She asked as she looked around her rather large classroom. She saw that most students were sitting quietly, well, all except for one. Beast Boy was still scribbling stuff down on his paper.

"Not yet." He answered as he looked up at her, and Raven shrugged. Maybe he was a slow one. She lightly tapped her fingers on her desk as she waited as patiently as she could. Finally he had turned it in, she didn't give it a second glance seeing she would just read them all while she waited for her second class. Standing up, she looked at all of the young adults.

"Seeing you all just told me a bit of yourselves, I think it would be equally fair for me to do the same." She explained as she stood in front of them all. "My name is Raven as you know already, I graduated from another college last year with flying colors. I am 24 years young so I can say that I do know what goes through each of your minds." She explained, her eyes scanning for trouble makers. She knew there was one at least; that Beast Boy character. Shaking her head, she forced a smile onto her lips, "I am a more half cup full type of woman even if it doesn't seem like it." She tapped her chin, what else was there? "I think that's about it... Now, I think it would be best we start off small seeing it is the beginning of the course. So, tell me what is your favorite book and tell me why." She ordered before pointing her finger at a darker skinned man who seemed in favor of robotics, "Starting with you."

Author's Note: To be continued...?