Beast Boy poked at the plate of tofu, giving a nod every now and then as Terra continued to go on and on about who knows what. He stopped listening when she mentioned how great rocks were. He thought maybe he could get over everything with Raven if he'd do this with Terra but so far, he wasn't doing too well. Glancing up at her, he gave a small smile. "Four kids is a lot, isn't it?"

Terra shrugged, "The more kids the better, I want to have a nice big family. What about you?" She asked with a sweet smile.

"I don't really like kids." Beast Boy answered truthfully. "But maybe it's because I'm young, who knows?" He shrugged.

"Man, the food is really great here, huh?" She asked, changing the subject. Beast Boy sighed, this girl really did never shut up. He closed his eyes, and pictured he was with Raven. If he was on a date with her, they'd be at their favorite coffee shop, having thoughtful conversations about whatever topic seemed to come up.

"The food's great." Beast Boy said lazily.

"Who knew the campus had such a wonderful place? How did you find out about this place?" She asked next, taking a bit of her food. Beast Boy shrugged, he could tell her it was because he was going to ask Raven to go to this place but that probably wasn't a great idea.

"I just have a great eye I guess..." His fork sunk into his tofu and he picked it up. Was it bad that this cube of soy was the most entertaining thing here?

Terra nodded, "Well I'm really glad you took me here. Oh hey, I know of this party that's going to be happening later tonight. Wanna come?" She asked him with an excited grin. He sighed, contemplating a decision. If he did go, that would help get his mind off of things. He didn't necessarily have to end up with Terra at the end of the night.

"Sure." Beast Boy nodded.

"Awesome!" She nearly yelled. "We're gonna have a great time!" In all honesty, Beast Boy wanted the date to be over. Why in the hell did he ask this bimbo out anyway? He'd much rather be back in his dorm and playing video games with Robin. But he knew that Robin was probably out with Starfire.

Beast Boy showed some fake enthusiasm before eating his tofu. "I can't wait..." The party Terra took him to was loud, too loud for his liking. Looking around, he noticed a few people he recognized from his classes and gave a small wave to him. Noticing a table of drinks, he decided it would be best to stay away from alcohol. It would be bad if he did something stupid again.

"Can I get you something?" Terra asked.

Beast Boy shook his head, "I'm not drinking tonight."

"Don't be a party pooper!" Terra whined over the loud music. "Come on, have a drink!" She was annoying, there was no doubt about that. Beast Boy wasn't even having a good time at the party. He wanted to go home. He wanted to be with Raven at the moment.

"I said no." Beast Boy replied sternly.

"What's wrong with you?" Terra asked. "You've been acting weird all night!"

Beast Boy's eyes narrowed but he said nothing. He wasn't going to start a fight with another girl, no matter how annoying she was. "I have an important test tomorrow and I don't want to sit through a hangover, Alright?" He lied, hoping it was good enough for her.

Terra puffed out her cheeks, "How lame... Well I'm going to go grab me something, don't you move an inch." She giggled and left his side. He shook his head, why in the world did he usually pick her type to screw around with? The old Beast Boy would have loved this party. He would have came, got drunk, danced, and took home a chick for the night. What was so different now? Why couldn't he just have a good time? Maybe Raven did change him after all. "Are you sure you don't want anything?" Terra asked as she returned with a plastic cup full of beer.

"I'm sure Terra." He replied annoyed.

"Fine." She said and took a big gulp of the drink.

"How long are we going to stay here?" Beast Boy asked.

She smiled at him, "When the party stops and as they say, the party never stops."

Beast Boy glanced back at the door, "Right..." He chewed on the corner of his lower lip. "Will you excuse me for a minute?"

Terra nodded, "Sure. I'll be hanging out, find me if you need anything." She placed her finger on his chest before running it downward. "And I mean anything." With a smirk, she walked away. Holding back a frown, he made his escape for the door. Getting to the hallway, he rested his back against the wall and closed his eyes. He tried to clear his mind but it was hard because the one thing on it refused to leave.

"Raven..." He decided at that moment, that maybe he should just ditch Terra and go home. Leave her be, and let her party for however much she wanted to. He went back into the party and found his supposed date, she was drinking and dancing with some of her friends. "Terra, I'm not feeling well." He lied to her. "I think I'm just gonna head home, okay?" He asked. "I'll call you tomorrow."

"Okay." She said with a nod. Thank goodness she didn't pester on about him staying. He headed out of the room and began making. His way to his own dorm. Hopefully that girl got the message that he didn't want to be with her. Hopefully.