Hey is there a place for us,

Where flames flicker and wave for us,

We can see the future and the dreams it's made of,

Hey is there a place,

A place for us.

Wally slumped down to his room in the cave. The training exercise was like- no was- a living nightmare. Not one of his teammates talked, not even through the mental link, no one dared to speak up.

Aqualad looked like a mother hen in a cage, his clear eyes clouded over with grief and hurt.

Robin went straight back to Gotham with Batman, cloaked in the Bats cape for comfort, looking smaller than normal in that moment.

Miss Martian didn't look OK, she was balling at the time Wally left, her shoulders hunched, tears staining her beautiful face like black ink, and she had morphed herself into her Caucasian form, Megan Morse.

Superboy was more broody than usual, protecting Miss Martian in his arms, scowling at anyone who even thought about comforting her.

And Artemis. Wally couldn't help but stare at her, slowing down time to get a good look at her, he noticed every crease in brow, every small movement, and every time she came close to letting her emotions free.

But he could still see she was as guarded as Belle Rev, she would let nothing away, the dam still holding the floodgates in.

In that moment he had never felt so out of place. His whole life he had been the class clown, cracking jokes, always smiling, but now, what was he?

Right now he was miserable, but amongst the team Superboy had claimed that spot before they knew about him. He was sad, but Miss Martian would take that spot up everyday if she could, he was feeling protective, but that was the leaders job. His feelings were a mystery, but mysteriousness was Robin's thing, kind of came with the gig. He wasn't closed in like Artemis, that was one thing he could count on, but then what was he?

As he reached his room, only did he notice then that a certain blonde haired archer was standing in front of his door, just looking at it quietly.

He noticed her eyebrows were no longer furrowed, her demeanour was more relaxed and she seemed almost kind. She looked soft, venerable, beautiful in that moment. And all he could do was marvel in her beauty and serenity.

She turned slowly to face him, her hair swirling around with the movement in a perfect circle, her steel grey eyes looking at him with unshed tears of sadness, loss and happiness.

Wally was frozen in his spot, this wasn't the Artemis he knew, the one that called him names, didn't let him up on anything, and she wasn't wearing a face of disgust when she looked at him. This was what Kent was talking about, 'Find your own spitfire, one that won't let you get away with nothing…'

It was only as she came up to his face that he shook out of his thoughts and back into reality, she had placed herself in front of him, eyes looking up through her lashes, the tears threatening to leak out.

She moved herself forward more, pushing their bodies flush against each other, and he couldn't help but feel at home, she couldn't help but feel safe.

Wrapping her arms around his torso she ducked her head and buried it into his neck and finally let her guard down. The tears flowing freely and quiet sobs escaping her mouth. Wally automatically returned the hug, one hand around her, and one soothing her soft golden hair.

But as soon as the moment had come it had past, Artemis realized the position she was currently in and quickly let go, leaving Wally hurt and confused. But as she was leaving, disappearing into her own room, two down from his, she sent him a kind smile.

Hey, is there a place for us…

Thanks for reading, This will be a one shot, but I can, and will, turn it into a series of one shots if you want me to.

-The Missing X