This isn't how it was supposed to be. This is not how things were supposed to end up. I was supposed to be happy, I was supposed to have a good life. I was supposed to hunt down the forces that threatened this world, and aid in keeping my friends, family, and everyone I loved safe. This was not supposed to happen. It just wasn't. So why did it? Where did everything go wrong?

Beacon academy, home to some of the worlds most promising new huntrs and huntresses. In all the kingdoms, one would not find a school quite as prestigious as Beacon. The students who came through Beacon were not some run of the mill children who simply fought each other with wooden swords, believing themselves to be all powerful and unbeatable. No, they were well trained warriors who could and did hunt down some of the worlds fiercest and most relentless monsters, the Grimm. No normal person could or even would want to fight such beings; monstrous creatures warped and twisted by the darkness. Were it not for the hunters, the world would have fallen to ruin long ago, humanity's light being extinguished before it ever truly had a chance to shine.

But on the campus of this amazing school, one would not see people who they would consider warriors. Those who walked these halls were little more than teenagers, same worries and all. Despite all being trained in the combat style of some amazing weapons, the use of highly lethal and powerful Dusts, and the precision control of their body's Aura granting them superhuman abilities, they all worried like normal teenagers. Fashion, style, love, and competition were as among the students of Beacon as they were of students from any other school.

Among the newest students was one young Ruby Rose. Granted admittance into the school despite being a couple of years behind, she was at the pinnacle of Beacon's freshmen, and maybe even the entire student body to a degree. She was a little on the short side, most likely due to her young age. She wore a long sleeved black sweater top, with a black combat skirt. Around her waist was a bandolier, with several extra rounds placed along the left hip, and a pouch containing extra magazines strapped to her right. Her face, as anyone would note, was very doll like; her porcelain colored skin was smooth as stilled waters, framed by hair so dark a red that the very roots seemed black. And despite her seemingly dark appearance, her eyes were like the brightest of silver. In these eyes shone a light of youthful innocence and naivety, a firm belief in all of the good in this world.

For her, it was just another day at Beacon. The day had been like any other since she'd arrived a few months ago; she would wake up first among her teammates in their dorm, then acting like an alarm clock would wake the other three, Blake, Weiss, and Yang, up. After she'd confirm everyone was awake, they'd all set about preparing for the day, cleaning up and getting dressed in the appropriate uniforms of the day. To some, it'd be an annoying, tedious type of task. But to Ruby, she loved it. Spending the days with her teammates, her friends and older sister, and being given a responsibility most her age and in her same line of desired profession could only dream of.

After the morning rituals were completed, they had gone off to class. This morning started off with a lecture by Dr. Oobleck regarding the Human-Faunus war. This was a delicate subject, as quite a few of the students in Beacon were of a Faunus heritage. But it is precisely this reason as to why he persistently taught the subject, for he wanted to try and break down these barriers and show the students the wrong doings of the past, hoping they could make the steps towards correcting them. In class today, he was specifically going over the many good traits of a Faunus that contributed greatly to their victories and successes in the war. Ruby attentively was taking notes, as she knew this was one of her weaker subjects. Towards the end of the class, Dr. Oobleck suddenly addressed the class, as though he were about to give a major announcement.

"Attention students, listen up and listen well! Now as you all may know, coming up in the next couple of months is going to be the Children of Artemis tournament. This big event is held once only every year," Sip, "and is a rather nice showcase for your budding talents! Larger than even the Vytal Festival, you will be going up against hunters and huntresses from all over the world!" Sip. "Each vying to test out their strength with others of the same level as them. This year, the freshmen representatives will number only four." Sip. "And I have the names of those participating right here!" Sip.

Hearing this, the students in his class began to murmur among themselves. This tournament had been a rather large topic among the students across the campus lately. Beacon only ever took the best of the best along to showcase their talents in the tournament. The winner could always expect plenty of fame and fortune, accomplishments on par even with those of the resident celebrity herself, Pyrrha. Everyone thought that it would be them chosen, never expecting to fail.

"But, I will not be telling you about the choices. That will happen in a general assembly at 2 o'clock in the afternoon today!" Sip. "Now, back to the lesson."

But nobody could concentrate on the lesson. Doubtlessly the other classes had been informed of the situation, and were also talking among themselves about their plans. Everyone could hardly keep it in. Throughout the class, nobody would pay attention to Ooblecks lecture now, the thought of the results being declared at the assembly later. And like that, the first, second, and third classes of the day had passed, bringing way to lunch.

In a small corner of the school's cafeteria, teams RWBY and JNPR sat together as they always did. Ruby's team, RWBY, generally arrived first and reserved the table for the group. After their arrival, JNPR sat down and began to discuss the upcoming tournament with the rest of RWBY.

"So guys, who do you think the representatives will be?" As always, Jaune kick started the conversation with a simple question.

"Well, it's obvious that I'll be going. I mean, there aren't many people here better than me, especially in control and manipulation of dust."

"Well, well Princess, looks like someone is confident."

"Be quiet you brute! All you can do is punch stuff. That hardly makes you a good contender for entering the tournament yourself."

"Ahh, but you seem to forget Schnee. There's not a single guy in our year who can compare to me in a brawl."

While Ruby's partner, and her sister, Weiss and Yang, argued about who would be a better asset in the CoA, the other six members of RWBY and JNPR had a light discussion about participants.

"I honestly think Pyrrha might end up a contestant. I mean, she does have several accolades under her belt, and her skill is rather well known."

"I think Nora might have a point."

"See? Even Ren agrees!"

What Nora had said was definitely a hot topic among the students of Beacon. Little Miss Sanctum had been an odd on favorite for being made a contestant, much to the point that most students at Beacon saw it as a natural thing. She'd already established her skill and credentials having won multiple tournaments prior to entering Beacon.

"No, no. I'm not entirely sure that will be the case. There are plenty in our year who are strong. It could be any of them."

While the others spoke of the tournament, only Ruby kept her opinions to herself. At only 15 years of age, she was younger than anyone else in the entire school, even those in her own grade, by two years minimum. She'd been promoted ahead due to the ability and courage she'd shown in chasing and fighting off Roman Torchwick, a rather well known and notorious criminal, when he'd tried to rob a dust shop. The events that had led to her coming to Beacon had also become well known, which had led to some mixed feelings among the students when she'd first arrived.

A few had thoughts of admiration, for one so young as Ruby taking the chance to enter Beacon so early. But those were the minority. Most held feelings of jealousy and contempt for the young girl, believing that she'd not earned her way into Beacon as they had, and despising her for the attention she was receiving from it all. But they could not act, nor would they act. Ruby was protected by some rather powerful friends, and a sister who would gladly set the school ablaze to protect her.

Having remained silent the entire time, Ruby gradually faded from the conversation, all but forgotten until the announcement was made.

'Attention students, attention students! All first year students gather in the auditorium at this time please. That is all!'

Well, the moment everyone had been waiting for seemed to have arrive. With the assembly called, all of the students began to file out of the cafeteria, hoping to find a good spot in the front of the assembly. Everyone wanted to stand out, to set themselves apart and above their comrades. Nobody wanted to be in the shadows at a time like this, except maybe Ruby. She hated to stand out, and would prefer to not do so. The deal with Roman already had caused her a great deal of stress, and took a while to get used to the stares she would receive from her classmates.

Thoughts of their young leader absent, Weiss, Blake, and Yang charged from the cafeteria, hoping to find themselves a nice spot like everyone else. Likewise, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren all decided to try and get in a little early, albeit with less... enthusiasm. Left behind were the two leaders, Ruby and Jaune. Aside from Ruby, Jaune was also rather... unenthusiastic about social situations as well.

"Well, we might as well get going. Ruby? Ruby, are you okay?" Looking over at Ruby, Jaune saw she was feeling a bit down. Unlike him, she'd grown up rather away from all the crowds and such that most were used to. Even after attending Signal, she'd always kept to herself. The few friends she'd made were also in the sort of category she was, loners and the like. But unlike her, they could make friends easily, whereas Ruby got shy and uncomfortable in large groups.

"Even if I say no, I don't have any other choice. Huh?"

"It's going to be fine. I'm here with you."

"Thanks Jaune. You're the best friend ever."

Well, having one person who's a good friend nearby would make Ruby feel a little better. Walking with Jaune, the two arrived at what seemed to be the very beginning, as Ozpin was on stage making a general announcement regarding the CoA. After finishing the speech, Ozpin held out a sheet of paper.

"On this lie the names of the four individuals who shall be representing our school this year. These young huntresses and hunters have proven themselves to be strong, wise, and resourceful. Among their peers, they have shown incredible achievement, skill, and endurance. Now, as I call out the names, will the following students please come up on stage?"

In a moment, the crowd was silenced. Some adopted looks of confidence and cockiness, believing their joining the tournament was a surefire thing. Others waited, beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads. Still, everyone waited with baited breath, each barely daring to breath.

"Pyrrha Nikos!" Cheering erupted, as everyone had been expecting this. Outstanding grades, amazing scores in combat, and a flawless record on hunts. She was a surefire, and everyone had known it. "Velvet Scarletina!" Now this came as a surprise to some, who'd yet to see her fight. But her scores in class were near the top, and her control of dust in particular was well known among the student body. Another name was rambled off, some student known for his strength and great combat record. At this point, the silence in the room was unimaginable. Nobody dared to speak, to move, or even breath. Ozpin, still holding that piece of paper, took a sip from the mug in his other hand. "And finally," the students, almost as one, stood up. Everyone was on edge, craving to know who would be the last person to stand on that stage. It had to be me. It had to be me. They were all thinking this.

"Ruby Rose. Please come up to the stage."


Ruby could not believe what she'd just heard. Nor, it seemed, could the other six hundred or so hunters in training who were currently in attendance. There had to be some sort of mistake, right?

"Miss Rose, to the stage. Now, please?"


Being summoned by Ozpin, Ruby walked slowly from her spot in the back. Jaune, hoping to encourage her even a little bit, rested his hand on her shoulder. "You deserve this, Ruby." He said as kindly as he could. Still, nothing could hope to quell the uneasiness in the pits of her tiny stomach. Ruby walked along the aisle, her classmates and all with their eyes on her. She could feel jealousy from all of them, their emotions poorly disguised and their hatred thinly veiled. Nearing the front, she saw her teammates showing her supporting smiles, Yang especially. She had to look forward, but looking forward means we often miss what's going on around us. Including the dark expressions cast over Weiss and Blake's faces.

On the stage, Ozpin addressed the four about the responsibility now given to them. To represent not only Beacon, but themselves and their teams. To prove their strength to everyone, and to showcase the talents of a true hunter or huntress. All the while, almost everyone in the audience, and even a couple of those on stage, were only hearing empty words. To them, an existence like Ruby was an eyesore among them. She did not deserve the praise, nor the kind words from Ozpin. Nor did she deserve to be among them.

Other than people beginning to dislike her more, Ruby survived the assembly rather well. Over the course of the next couple of days, things began to get steadily worse and worse for her though. Simple things at first, namely gum and spitballs flying at her, shoes being ruined, books knocked out of her hands, and people trying to trip her. The bullying had progressively gotten worse and worse as the week progressed, eventually becoming death threats and outright harassment. The situation was getting worse, and Ruby was feeling it. She got sympathy from her friends and teammates, and Yang outright threatened to murder anyone she caught harming her younger sister. Still though, it persisted.

After a couple of weeks, word got around about a large pack of Ursai located a few miles outside of Vale, and Professor Goodwitch decided to have the class gain some first hand knowledge about a hunt. So the class, a combined total of sixty one students, were taken in one of Beacons dropships and brought down to the edge of the city. On the way, Professor Goodwitch briefed all of the students about how the hunt would be performed.

"You will all be put into four person squads. These may or may not consist of your teammates, but we will likely be separating you from your teammates for this assignment. The goal of this exercise is not only to gain some real world experience in hunting, but also to teach you to cooperate with others besides your teammates. The teams will also move in groups consisting of three teams. These groups are expected to work together to achieve the desired results with the minimum amount of damage to all others. Are there any questions? Good. The teams are as follows..."

In the end, Ruby was considered an odd person out. As it were, Goodwitch put Ruby as the fifth member of another little squad, consisting of Cardin Winchester, Pyrrha, and a couple of dust users Ruby didn't recognize. One was rather tall, being around the same height as Cardin, and wore what seemed to be a pristine white lab coat, a belt around his med section carrying several phials of dust. The other was around Ruby's height, and didn't seem to speak much. Her outfit was a plain green combat skirt, a brown pouch hanging off of her side. Her hair was the same color as the pouch, a light leather brown, wrapped in a ponytail much like Weiss'. At the thought of her teammate, Ruby sighed. She didn't like this, having to work with different people. But she sucked it up and looked forward.

Upon arriving at their destination, the dropship landed. Ruby's squad was paired with another two, each having one of her teammates. Joining her from one squad was Blake and Yang, and the other having had Weiss. Ruby was grateful, as it seemed she was surrounded with the people she could feel the most comfortable around. She didn't have much to worry about, nor did she think about worrying. With them around, she could relax more, feel more at ease.

At a call from Goodwitch, the five total groups set off in different directions, hoping to cover as much ground as possible and clear out as much of the Ursai as possible. Ruby's group had traveled a considerable distance, finding no Grimm in the process. After about a couple of hours being spent searching, they decided to take a few minutes to rest. While everyone sat down in a clearing, grabbing out their canteens and water bottles and such, Ruby got herself comfortable in a nice little niche in a tree, resting atop a rather large tree branch. Her little resting spot confirmed, she sipped at her water, taking in everyone else. She was maybe about to nod off for a quick second when she heard some knocking below her. Looking down, it was Yang.

"Hey Ruby. Come on down little sis!"

Delighted at the chance to speak with her older sister, Ruby hopped out from her little spot, landing with a perfect three point figure right next to Yang. Yang, who clapped a little, possibly to mock Ruby or tease her, scooped her little sister up into a tight bear hug, giving her no room to escape.

"Aww, my little sister is growing up so fast! It seems like yesterday we just arrived at Beacon, and now we're performing a rather boring large scale hunt for the first time."

"Yang... I can... barely... breath."

"Hahaha! Sorry about that Ruby. So..."

And the sisters just chatted a bit, both talking seemingly about random things. To Ruby, it was a welcome distraction from what had been going on around her lately. For Yang, it was a terrible distraction that would make her pay dearly. Unbeknownst to Yang, the two dust users on Ruby's team had gotten together long before the teams were formed, and had both come prepared with some special dust. The dust was treated so that anything affected by it, be it via ingestion, inhalation, or what have you would be instantly knocked out, unable to wake up for quite a time. With this specialized dust, the two spiked Yang's water supply, which she had left in the clearing with everyone else's. When Yang had finished with her baby sister, who'd scurried back into her tree like some kind of squirrel as Yang put it, she went back hoping to again drink up nd be ready for the ensuing hunt. Letting her thirst take over, she downed all of what she had in her canteen, thinking she could just grab some more at the nearby stream.

"Hmm? This tastes funn-eeeeee..." Without having realized what had just happened to her, Yang was out like a light. The surrounding ten other persons along on the hunt looked towards her, but none of them twitched a finger to help. Why would they? After all, they'd planned to keep her out of it from the start. She'd be the biggest obstacle to completing their plans after all. Almost at once, the group drew their weapons, and descended upon the young girl as a pack.

At first, Ruby couldn't believe what was happening. One minute, she was sitting up in her tree. The next, large waves of ice had climbed the tree with the speed and fluidity that Ruby had. Her instincts and training kicking in, Ruby reacted faster than any human should be capable off and flew out of the tree, landing on the ground with a dull thud. Successfully reaching the ground, her hand flew to her weapon on her back, the folded up form of a hybrid scythe and anti-material sniper rifle. Hearing some steps around her, Ruby pulled Crescent Rose off of her back, and stood up to face...

"...what?" What stood before her were no Grimm, nor bandits, nor anything else of a dark nature. It was her classmates, her friends. Her... her teammates. What?

"What's going on?"

"Well, you see Ruby," a large freshmen stepped up from the group. Covered by full plate mail, coated in a faint yellow dust that aided in reducing the effect of physical attacks on the wearer, as well as sporting a very pale blond mohawk and goatee. He looked to Ruby like some sort of weird chicken. "We were getting tired of how you kept hogging all of the attention to yourself. You see all of us here? We've done our time, worked long and hard, and basically earned our spots here in Beacon. Meanwhile, you just show up, fight some small time criminal, and get fawned over by the headmaster. You even somehow got into the Children of Artemis, something you should definitely not have even qualified for, with so many more of us around. How'd you do it? Did you seduce Ozpin or something? Who knew he had such disturbing tastes? Hehehah."

"W-what are you talking about? Defeating Roman Torchwick was something I did because he attacked me first! And I didn't even want to be in the tournament!"

"Well, too bad. We're tired of you, so now we're going to get rid of you."

"Wha-?! Weiss?" The Heiress just scowled. "Blake?" The faunus looked as impassive as ever. "Pyrrha?" The amazing showed some tenderness in her eyes, but her killing intent was stronger. With each name she'd called, Ruby began to sob more and more. She couldn't believe this. They hated her? What had she done? She couldn't understand what she had done to deserve this. "What did I do?"

"That's just it Ruby. You've done nothing." Emphasizing the last word in her sentence with a scary amount of venom, Weiss spat this at Ruby who visibly cringed. Ruby had thought she was getting along rather well with Weiss lately, Weiss who had even promised to help her by becoming the best teammate possible. Weiss who was now pointing her Myrtenaster at Ruby with the intent to hurt her. "You've done nothing to earn what you have, and we're tired of it. Now we'll show you what hard work and true talent is worth." Saying so, she swung Myrtenaster behind her, bringing her arm up in a graceful arc. From that arc erupted more spikes of ice, which Ruby had no trouble dodging at they made their way towards her. But the ice was just for show, as nine other bodies charged towards and descended on the little Rose.

Reaching her first were the dust users. The female, who Ruby found out was named Kristen, brought out what seemed like a plain white glove. But true to her dust using nature, she grabbed one of the phials from her pouch, stuck it into a little mechanism on the glove, and imbued it with the properties of the dust. This one seemed to be fire, as the glove grew red, and when it passed by Ruby she could feel some heat emanating from them. Reacting instead of thinking, Ruby dodged by a hairs breadth, and fired Crescent Rose. Despite firing from behind her, she used the momentum from the shot to spin her scythe around and slam the blunt end into the girls head, sending her flying. Her aura had saved her from having her head caved in from the scythe, but she was still violently shaken from impact. As such, she slumped against the tree, her body going limp as she blacked out.

With one of her assailants taken down, Ruby afforded herself the chance to feel some hope. Despite this though, the others didn't relent. They knew what Ruby was capable of which that damn scythe of hers, and they would be taking no chances. The other dust user seemed to be a fan of close quarters combat as well, but his medium of choice was a pair of scimitars. Each one glowing a different color, he slashed at Ruby who beautifully parried each strike successfully. Fortunately, Ruby was well versed at fighting opponents with multiple weapons, as she had often sparred with Yang and Blake, both of whom sported dual weapons and the ability to use them.

But Ruby did not only have one opponent at this time. Adding in her own attacks was Pyrrha, whose use of the spear and short sword was rather well known in Beacon. Her weapons she had nearly mastered, and it showed in her performance. Her attacks came swifter than the dust user, and more accurate too. Dodging and deflecting both was a difficult task, and Ruby was wearing herself out by expending so much energy on it. Taking the chance, she compacted Crescent Rose, and in the instant she had before he'd attacked again, Ruby fired twice into the stomach of the boy, sending him flying. Her rifle rounds being of a high caliber, and being imbued with her aura, the impact was not something that someone aside from Jaune could withstand, with the aura he has being the single highest amount among the students at Beacon. Quickly turning on Pyrrha, Ruby had her at her mercy, but hesitated. In that moment, Pyrrha struck out, smacking Ruby aside with her shield.

And into the middle of a few others, including Cardin and a couple of his buddies from his team, CRDL. Before they could strick down on her, Ruby was already out of their path, he semblance leaving behind a cloud of rose petals where she was once. Off to the side, they saw her standing shakily, the effort she was putting forth just handling them, along with the mentally exhausting task of having to fight her friends and classmates, was wearing her down quickly. But she couldn't fall. She didn't know what was happening, but she also knew she couldn't afford to lose. Taking her stance up again, she held out her gun, ad extended it to scythe form. The eight who now had her surrounded were wary of the weapon and all that it could do, but that didn't stop them. They attacked her again, and again, and again. Each time, Ruby would come away with more small cuts upon her person. The Aura being linked to one's mental state, Ruby's was becoming unstable and very weak, due to her confusion and exhaustion. Due to this, her healing factor had been slowing down, becoming weaker and weaker. Her attackers were also suffering their own injuries, each one taking many cuts and bruises away whenever they attacked her. The previous two who'd been sent flying off by Ruby had recovered and joined the fray, but were still suffering minor concussions, with the lad seeming to have a broken rib or two. Still, all of them now knew they had come too far to just let it go. She was on the ropes, and they knew it. They had her, and she could do nothing about it.

For Ruby, the world was starting to get darker and darker. This wasn't right. This isn't how it was supposed to be. This is not how things were supposed to end up. I was supposed to be happy, I was supposed to have a good life. I was supposed to hunt down the forces that threatened this world, and aid in keeping my friends, family, and everyone I loved safe. This was not supposed to happen. It just wasn't. So why did it? Where did everything go wrong?

From the group, Blake, Pyrrha, and Weiss surged forth. Due to them having the most experience fighting Ruby, they were the least injured among their fellows. Using their last vestiges of energy, the three attacked Ruby simultaneously. Ruby managed to dodge Blake's slash, parry Pyrrha's thrust, and avoid Weiss' seemingly unending flurry of strikes, and put some more distance between her and them. But because her aura was was faint as it was, she didn't sense what was to come until it was too late. Until the cold steel penetrated her back, exiting right out of the front. Cutting close to the spine, the blade from the young man earlier, the armored lad who'd boldly expressed their plans, had gone right through Ruby's abdomen. Blood vessels severed, intestines cut and torn, and her lifeblood leaving her body. Ruby couldn't even move as the blade slid out. Wordlessly, and expressionlessly, she slid to the ground. One hand on Crescent Rose, and the other holding the small hole in her abdomen, Ruby lie their, motionless, unbreathing.

"Ruby? Hey, Ruby?"

"Sh-she's really...?"

"So we did it?"

"Yeah. We did it. What's done is, is done. We have to take Yang and get far away from here. Nobody can know about this. If anyone asks, you all know the story, right?"

"We were attacked by a large group, consisting of several Ursa Major. We were hard pressed to survive the assault ourselves, Yang having been taken by surprise and being put out early. During the fighting, we lost track of Ruby."

"After the fight was done, we found a trail of blood and some scraps of her clothes in the snow. We followed as far as we could, but the trail ended, and we couldn't find her."

"Exactly. Now, let's clean ourselves up a bit, allow our aura to do it's job, and go back the tragic heroes of this sad tale."

As the group turned their backs on the limp and pitiful little girl, a few of them cast back some sad glances. None of them could believe what they'd just done, the act they'd committed. As future hunters and huntresses, they'd taken an oath to protect humans from the forces of Grimm and all that follow the darkness. But what they'd done, it made them no better than the monsters they tried to fight. But they reasoned it was for the best, that Ruby was only hindering their growth and the growth of other, more valuable hunters. That she was no leader, and that her fortune and good luck should not have let her dream of the things she had dared to dream. Collecting Yang, the ground began their long journey back to Professor Goodwitch to relay what had taken place, or at least their own sick version of it.

In that forest, surrounded by the snow and black ash of the recent clash, lay a single, wilting Rose. Left for dead, she could only barely hang on to consciousness as thoughts of why kept floating around in her head. Why me? Why me? Why...? As the light began to fade from her, she could hear a deep growling coming from her right. Moving her weakening head, she saw a large Beowolf stalking towards her. So, this is how it ends, huh? The Beowolf leaned in, it's snout approaching her face, almost as though checking to see if she was truly dead. After a few sniffs, and confirming she was still alive, the Beowolf grasped Ruby in it's mighty jaws.

The next day, when the Beacon staff had come to collect Ruby's body, all they'd found was a trail of blood and roses, as the others had described. That day, an inconsolable Yang was made the fourth fighter in the tournament, much to her displeasure. As others still bemoaned their bad luck, about how their hard work had gone to waste, they still rested well knowing that a girl two years their junior would not be representing them. But for one blonde, and her sister's only true friend, the world that day had stopped. Their Rose was cut down too early in life, the light she had brought was gone. And now, darkness would descend on Beacon. No, rather it would be more accurate to say that darkness will descend.

*Author's Note*

Hiya. Dravyn here. This is a little something I had in my archives, buried under a few other documents I had long forgotten about. It was supposed to be an idea that I'd had for one of my other stories, The Grimm's Rose, but I decided against it due to the blood and such. Also, I hated the idea of doing that to Ruby. But I recently came into some manhwa and manga and such, and remembered this. Coming back to it, I rewrote and revised it, turning it into the story you see here.

I had no intentions of putting this up originally, but I guess I did in the end. So, let me know what you think. Comment, criticism, just overall let me know what you thought about it. Have a good night.