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There may be some similarities to other fanfics. So before I begin, I would like to say that the idea for the setting (for the summer camp that is) and some lines are definitely NOT my ideas, and I would like to give the credit for all that to Mr. FanaticLAguy06. He's a great author and I recommend you check out his Amourshipping fan fiction, The Road to be a Pokémon Master. You don't know what I'm talking about in this section of the author note? Read his fanfic.

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The sun is shining over Pallet Town without a single cloud in sight. In Professor Samuel Oak's mind, it's the perfect day for summer camp. As the professor stands in front of the children, they lined up side-by-side, all eager for the next fun activity. It was then revealed to be a scavenger hunt and, as a result, the kids roared in excitement upon hearing the announcement.

A six-year old, raven-haired boy with brown eyes was easily one of the most eager of the group. His name was Ash Ketchum. He's a good-hearted but stubborn native of Pallet Town, albeit a dense one at that. He always puts his friends and family before anything else. Ash is very adventurous and he loved to explore, which is why he was so eager for the scavenger hunt. His goal is to be the greatest Pokemon master, and he is very determined to reach the prestigious goal.

There was also a girl who wasn't so pleased for the hunt. Her name was Serena Gabena, a six-year old girl with sapphire eyes and shoulder-length honey blonde hair with a straw hat on top. She recently moved to Kanto and was brought to the summer camp against her will. While she is a kind and polite girl, she is rather shy to others, considering that she was rather new to the town. However, she is openly rebellious towards her mother. Unlike Ash, she has no clear goal yet. Her mother was a famous Rhyhorn racer who is now retired. She tried following her footsteps a few times, but was later convinced she didn't want to. Thus, a recurring thought looped in her mind: what can she do in her own life?

"Alright, so does everyone understand the rules?" Professor Oak asked, receiving a nod from all the kids, "Good; as I said before, no teaming up. You are to do this by yourself. There will be some camp counselors and assistants of mine within the area to help out in cases of emergency. Last, but not least, have fun! Are you ready?"

As the professor was giving one last advice, the children were being given baskets and a list of things to find. Everyone had determined looks on their face; everyone but Serena. She began to doubt; how could she succeed in this event when she barely even gotten through the others? She didn't even want to go to the camp in the first place.

"On your mark, ready, go!" one of the professor's assistants declared, pumping his fists high into the air. The kids all rushed into different directions, determined to beat one another at the scavenger hunt.

Around twenty minutes into the hunt, the young blonde continues to trek through the forest. She had only found a couple of items on the list. She had let out a huge sigh. It was the last major event in the summer camp as it was the final day, and all she'd hoped is that she would get through this. Being the new girl in town, she had no knowledge of who the inhabitants are. Her shyness didn't help either as she rarely converses with other kids in her age.

To make matters worse, she got herself lost, unbeknownst to the professor's assistants or anyone else. She may have come across a few youngsters, but it has been a while since the last encounter. Thus, she began to worry. "Where is everybody," Young Serena asked timidly, "Where did you all go?" At that very moment, a bush nearby began to rustle, causing the young girl to startle. She backed up, tripped, and in the process, scraped her knee badly. All of a sudden, a Poliwag hopped out of the rustling bush, which startled the injured girl again.

Tears form on her eyes as she said, "I knew I didn't want to come to camp, I knew it," she began to yell, "MOMMYYYYYY!" Once again, the same bush rattled wildly. Could it be that a counselor or assistant heard her cries? Or is it another Pokémon far more spine-chilling than Poliwag? Serena stared at the bush, fearful of whatever is behind it. Fortunately, it wasn't a Pokémon, but a young raven-haired boy.

"Poliwag?" The boy asked himself before noticing the young blonde, "Hey, are you alright?" he asked.

"Huh?" The girl said, ceasing the rivers below her eyes as she noticed the young boy.

"Hi, I'm Ash!" he introduced himself, "Who are you? What's wrong?"

"I-I'm Serena..." she paused as her hand drifted to her knee, "I-I hurt my leg..."

"Don't worry, I'll help you out. See this?" Ash said as he pulled out a handkerchief, "This will make you better." He wrapped the handkerchief around the badly scraped knee like a bandage. "There, all done! I'll say a good luck charm really quick. Pain, pain, go away!" He said.

For some people, it would've sounded silly. For Serena, however, she thought the gesture was sweet and even blushes a little. "Thank you, Ash," she said gratefully. She tried to stand alone, but, "It still hurts, and I can't get up!"

"Don't give up 'till it's over, okay? Come on, I'll help you get back up," he said as he offered her a hand.

Serena stared at him for a moment before she slowly slipped her hand into Ash's. He gave her a little too hard of a tug as when she was pulled to her feet, she ended up falling onto Ash in an almost hug-like state. Serena leaned against Ash for a moment and felt her cheeks go red again before pulling away. He didn't appear to notice the state they were in.

"There you go," he gave a smile and a chuckle to her; "I think we should better be going back to the campsite, okay? Come on,"

"What about the scavenger hunt?" she asked.

"Nah, it's alright. What matters right now is that you're safe," he said and gave another smile as he continued to lead her by the hand.

"Serena, wake up! Ugh..." A familiar voice yelled in the background, irritated.


A raven-haired woman, whose name was Grace Gabena, walked down the stairs and into the kitchen as she continues to make breakfast. A robin Pokémon flew down into the open window in front of the woman.

"Fletchling!" It said as it watched its master slice some green leaves.

"Fletchling, wake up Serena for me, won't you?" the lady frowned as she responded, "Of course I've already tried once, but as usual, once is never enough." The little Fletchling nodded in response and flew towards Serena's room upstairs.

Serena was sleeping happily on her bed, dreaming that very moment when she met him. In the meantime, Fletchling squeezed through the small opening on the door and proceeded to Serena. The next moment, yelling was heard from inside her room, startling the lady's Rhyhorn stationed outside the house, but not Grace.

"Good," Grace said, "looks like we're ready."

Inside Serena's room, the young lady, now twice the age before, furiously woke up. "I've told you a million times not to wake me up like that!"

"Fletchi," the robin Pokémon responded, only to infuriate Serena attempted to grab the Pokémon unsuccessfully.

"Serena, time for morning training!" Grace yelled as Fletchling landed on Serena's pink bow.

"Alriiiight, mom!" the twelve-year old blonde responded, "Not again..." She muttered as she made her way to the window to greet her mother's Rhyhorn a good morning. "Hope today's interesting..." Serena said as she stretched her arms out, looking over to Vaniville Town's horizon.

Miles ahead of town was Lumiose City, where a certain young man is about to arrive: twelve-year old Ash Ketchum. Aboard a Boeing 787, he and his long-time partner, Pikachu, look over the coastlines of the Kalos Region from an open window.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu said.

"Yeah, we'll be on the ground soon!" Ash replied. Beside him and the electric rodent was a friend of his, Alexa, a journalist native to the new region in her 20s.

"Ash, you and Pikachu must be really excited!" The lady complemented.

"We're starting a new adventure!" He responded, "There's nothing more exciting to a Pokémon trainer!"

"Pikachu!" The electric rodent said afterwards.

Just a few minutes later, the Boeing touched down on the airstrips of Lumiose Airport. He walked off the plane and was greeted by the skyscrapers of the city.

"Heeeey Kalos Region! Ash from Pallet Town is finally here!" he shouted as he proceeded forward, only to make a misstep and fell down the stairs.

Alexa let out a sigh, "Oh you."

End of the Prologue

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Chapter 1: A Troublesome Introduction