Toxic Love

Description: Lora is hopelessly in love with Harry Osborn, yet he doesn't seem to notice her. Once everything changes, their love grows toxic. /follows canon and goes beyond/

Part 01

My name is Lora Andrews and I'm Mary Jane's best friend. We're both seniors, trying to make the best of the remaining time we have left in high school.

I didn't really have anyone besides MJ. My parents had died in a car crash years ago and I'd lived at my aunt's ever since, looking forward to the moment I would be able to move out and start a new life in college.

In another life, a one in which my parents were still alive, I would probably hate MJ. She was always the one to stand out in the crowd. She was the one people - especially men - noticed first. Even Harry Osborn, the billionaire heir on which I'd been crashing for quite some time now, only had his eyes on MJ.

I couldn't really blame her. She was a wonderful person. She not only was the first in our class, but she was also pretty and nice. She could never walk by a person that needed help and that was the reason I treated her like a sister and could never be jealous of her. When my parents had died, she was the one person that had stuck with me through it all.

I wasn't trying to get to know Harry on my own. I knew better than that. If guy wanted a girl, he was chasing after her. If he didn't, her chasing after him only made the situation more helpless. You got ignored or even worse - you got to sleep with him and then suffer through him dumping you afterwards.

I didn't feel sorry for myself. Life was just it - it was suffering. Sometimes you got lucky, most of the time you didn't.

I shouldn't have any complexes. I was asked out on dates. I wasn't ugly, quite the opposite. My problem was not the lack of dates, it was that I refused them until the guys finally gave up and then I ran out of options. There was one guy I had been dating for some time, but I'd broken up with him, hadn't felt any real spark between us and the fact that he was handsome didn't help to keep the relationship on. I just couldn't date anyone at the moment. I was too into Harry and even though I knew it was helpless, I couldn't stop. Distance would help, I knew that. I would go the distance when I would finally go to college and it wouldn't be the same as Harry Osborn could afford to go anywhere he wanted, unlike me.

One day, close to the finals, we went on a school trip to see the largest and deadliest collection of spiders in Oscorp Industries, the company Harry's father owed. I was sure that one day his son would take the reins.

I must be stupid, I thought when I walked inside. I hated spiders. Actually, I was scared of them. Whenever I saw one, I screamed and ran. Only it was the very last trip with my class and I knew I would regret if I didn't go. I liked my class mates and I couldn't miss this last occasion to go somewhere with them. Soon, we would all go to different colleges and never see each other again.

Once I found myself inside the room full of terrariums and spiders inside, I decided to keep myself at the back and not look at them. Then I kind of regretted my cowardice, because I saw Harry coming over to MJ and saying something to her that must be funny since she laughed.

When she was left alone, there was another guy making his way to her. It was Peter Parker, Harry's best friend. I always felt sorry for Peter, because other guys - read: the school football team - were picking up on him, almost bullying him. There wasn't much I could do for him beside trying to defend him a couple of times just like MJ was doing. I could only feel sorry for him.

I saw him asking MJ for a picture he would take for the school paper, but I could sense that he was coming up with excuses. He loved photography and I was sure that there would actually be a picture, but he took one and didn't stop there. Soon, MJ had a whole session. I could see that Peter really liked her - well, who didn't? - but he didn't have a chance, at least not in high school as MJ actually had a boyfriend who was a quarterback. If she didn't, there would be plenty of handsome boys in line. How could she notice Peter this way? We were young. We were stupid. We wanted handsome and well-built men, not the smart and sweet with an actual brain.

I wondered if that was the case with me and Harry. Did I like him for his looks? It wasn't for the money, I was sure of that one. In fact, there were even more handsome boys in school than him, so maybe I truly just wanted him for… him. He wasn't stupid, quite the opposite. He was nice too. That much I knew since he was friends with Peter and always defended him when with him.

Ever since the school trip, something wacky started happening to Peter. He was always the smart one, the one no one noticed until somebody started picking up on him. He was clumsy too. Always spilling or dropping something in the school canteen. Now he somehow got stronger and I couldn't tell why that was exactly.

MJ's boyfriend started bullying him again in the school corridor and this time Peter, for a change, fought back. He was pretty good at it.

MJ finally got to us and she yelled to Harry, "Help him!"

I still couldn't understand why she was dating a guy who wasn't smarter than a carrot and was a bully. Maybe she was trying to do what was expected of her in high school? Maybe she just wanted to fit it, choosing to be popular rather than frown upon or worse - forgotten.

Now it seemed that her boyfriend finally crossed a line. She was furious with him.

"Which one?" Harry suddenly answered her previous question when seeing that Peter didn't really need his help. Peter was doing fine on his own.

In fact, Peter beat up MJ's boyfriend and then, suddenly afraid of what he had done - or what he could do? - he ran.

I frowned. If he could have protected himself like this before, why hadn't he?

I remembered that soon after that fight, Spiderman appeared in the city.

Only you all know his story.

This is mine.

"Harry Osborn asked me out," was the first thing MJ said to me once she saw me the last week of school.

"What?" I looked at her with shock in my eyes. "And… you said…?" I prompted, not really sure if I wanted to know. It kind of hurt me.

"Yes, of course, he's nice to the contrary to my previous boyfriend, so… we'll see," MJ just said and shrugged.

She didn't even know I liked Harry, so I couldn't be mad at her now. She was my best friend, the person I shared everything with, but I couldn't tell her this. It was too embarrassing. I felt pathetic most of the times, so I rather not talk about my feelings. I needed to get as far away as possible from here in order to forget. To find someone that would want me. I surely didn't want to show how upset I was now. I couldn't destroy years worth of friendship for some guy who might not even know my name.

Harry took MJ to a parade we had in the city. He wanted his father to meet her, what made me feel even worse. He obviously thought about her seriously, but did she?

"Hey, Lora," I heard Peter's voice from behind me.

I turned around and saw him with his camera. He must be taking pictures of the parade, I guessed.

"Oh, hey, Peter," I sent him a smile. I really liked him. Actually, it was such a pity that I didn't like him the way I liked Harry. But again, if only Peter didn't have a crash on MJ… Life was screwed up most of the times, I decided.

When Peter took more pictures I heard something incoherent coming from his mouth.

"What was that?" I made sure when looking at him.

"No… nothing," he stammered. "I just saw MJ on the balcony... through my camera… she's up there with Harry," he notified, trying to be cool about the whole thing.

I looked up and didn't even need a camera to notice the red dress MJ was wearing today. Yes, she was up there, probably with Harry as Peter had just said. Maybe it was good that I couldn't see much. I didn't want to see them happy together.

Suddenly, something appeared in the sky and it wasn't one of the huge floating balloons. It was moving way too fast and it was… laughing? I wondered, frowning. It threw something toward the balcony and I heard an explosion. I instinctively covered my head in sudden terror. MJ was there! Harry was there!

I turned around to Peter, but he… was just gone. Where did he go? To find a better angle for his pictures? Or maybe he was just scared and ran?

In that very moment Spiderman appeared and people started cheering for him. He saved my friend and Harry and then… he just flew away with MJ!

I suddenly wanted to laugh, because if someone out there could beat Harry when it came to her, it was Spiderman.

The man that interrupted the parade and caused all this trouble was… surfing in the sky. It was definitely a surfing board! I judged. It must be powered by something. It looked like we had a new villain in town. He got scared away by Spiderman, but I was sure we would see him again.

"What was that thing?" Harry was suddenly standing right next to me. He'd already met me, through MJ, of course. "Are you all right?" he looked at me closely.

"Yes…" I stammered while still in shock. "I think so." It was hard to actually try to act normal around him, but so far I was sure I was doing a pretty good job. "You?"

"Fine, but Spiderman took my girlfriend!" He laughed it off like it was some kind of a joke, but I just couldn't reciprocate. He called MJ his girlfriend. I didn't know MJ was serious about him too. "Hey, listen… I'm throwing a Thanksgiving party. Would you like to come? You're MJ's best friend and I'm sure she would want you there. You could be a good company for Peter too. What do you say?"

I could just stare at him, digesting this proposition. What did I have to lose anyway?

"I don't have any plans," I finally answered, not really keen on spending Thanksgiving with my aunt who, as always, asked dozens of guests in her age, that I didn't even know. Still, going to Harry's was a bad idea either, because I knew there would never be anything romantic between me and Peter. We could only be good friends.

Good friends could have fun together too, I decided.

We were a disastrous and miss-fitted square, but at least I had people in my life, so I said yes to Harry.