This is my first Teen wolf fic. It takes place in every season 4 episode as they air. I'll try to post a few days after each show but when i go on vacation in a few weeks i might not post for three weeks. I'll do my best though. I hope you like it and would really appreciate if you review. Im sorry for any spelling or grammer errors.

Three tents were set up in a half-circle around a campfire now nothing more than embers. Scott sat cross-legged near the glowing embers, staring up at the clear sky. The stars shone brightly, almost too bright for his werewolf sight. He was supposed to be sharing a tent with stiles but he gave it up to let the unconscious Derek lay out of the cold. Scott didn't mind. He had too much to think about. Derek was a teenager. Kate had done something to him and he didn't know why. Why would she want to turn Derek into a teenager? It didn't make sense. He was startled out of his shock as he heard one of the tents opining.

"Where am I" a despite voice asked. Scott turned, eyes wide. Derek had woken up and was now glaring at him. He was trying to look threating but Scott could see the fear in his eyes.

"Derek" Scott gasped.

"How do you know me" he snarled, his eyes glowing blue.

"Derek calm down and sit. I can explained." Scott said soothingly. He needed to be careful. Derek could go off at any second. Scott was a little surprised that the boy came and sat next to him without any objection or accusations.

"What am I doing here" he asked, fear now the predominate emotion. He no longer looked angry or even tried to be threating.

"You lost some memory" Scott said.

"How much" Derek asked, crossing his arms over his chest to keep out the cold.

"Oh you must be freezing" Scott said, a sad look in his eyes. He pulled off his heavy green jacket and handed it to the shivering boy. He took it reluctantly but put it on. He briefly smiled up at Scott. "You lost a lot" he continued the conversation. "It's 2014." Derek's eyes grew. "You also seemed to age backwards. You're not a teenager anymore."

"No" Derek growled. "You're lying"

"You can hear my heartbeat you know it true" Scott said. Derek brought his knees to his chest. He looked so fragile, so small wrapped in Scott's coat, nothing like the Derek he knew.

"How can I trust you" Derek asked in a whisper, his eyes locked firmly on the ground. Scott sighed.

"Look at me" He said. Derek looked up at two glowing red eyes.

"You're an Alfa." Scott nodded.

"I promise you can trust me. We knew each other before… this" He said, gesturing at Derek. The boy shivered again this time not from the cold. Scott could hear the boy's heartbeat pick up.

"Take me to my family" He said. "They live in beacon hills."

"We're going there now" Scott said truthfully. He didn't want to tell Derek about his family. He didn't think Derek could take any more. He looked terrified even putting on a brave face.

"I don't know your name" Derek said.

"My names Scott" he said reaching out his hand and smiling. Derek shook his hand and his eyes briefly turned blue.

"Do you know where the hale house is?" He asked.

"Yea" Scott said. He did know where it used to be.

"Good I need to talk to my parents."

"Peter was worried about you" Scott said.

"You know Uncle Peter?"

"Yea. We're closer to him than the rest of your family." It was true, even if he didn't trust the man they were still closer than with Derek's dead relatives. "You should get some sleep and we can talk more in the morning." Scott said. He didn't want to talk any more. He was scared of giving something away.

"I won't be able to sleep." He said. Scott nodded.

"Then let's sit in the jeep" Scott suggested. Derek nodded. Even with the jacket he was cold. It was weird because he never got cold, maybe it had something to do with whatever happened to him. The two boys climbed into the back seats and faced one another. An awkward silence fell between them. Derek kept glancing at Scott.

"Are you my alpha" Derek asked? Scott shook his head.

"No you're an omega." Derek looked shocked.


"It's a long story" Scott said. "Too long to talk about right now. Derek looked irritated but nodded. The silence soon became less awkward. Derek pulled the coat tighter around him.

"What about Kate" Derek asked? Scott's heartbeat sped up even though he tried to hide it. "What?"

"Let's not talk about that" Scott said sternly.

"Tell me" Derek hissed, his claws coming out.

"Calm down" Scott said. "That's my favorite jacket. I don't want claw marks in it" He joked, chuckling awkwardly. Derek stared down at his feet. "Are you ok" Scott asked, scooting closer. Their sides were touching and Derek's heart rate began to pick up again. He was giving off an emotion Scott couldn't pinpoint. This Derek's emotions smelled different than the older one.

"I didn't really like Kate anyway" He mumbled.

"What?" Scott asked shocked. "But you were in love with her." Derek shook his head, looking out the window. "Why?" Scott asked. Derek was opening up to him. It felt odd but also nice. This Derek wasn't as hard and cold as there's pretended to be.

"It's complicated." Whatever emotion he was giving off it strengthened, melding together with sadness and what seemed to be fear. Derek fidgeted, his eyes distant.

"You can tell me" Scott said, quietly. "I want judge." For some reason Scott felt he had to say that. It was just an instinct.

"I-I can't tell you" he stuttered. Scott sighed.

"Ok. It's fine." Silence fell once more and it continued till the sky began to soften to a lighter black and Sunrise was on its way.

"I want you to be my alpha" Derek blurted out. Scott looked over shocked. The boy looked terrified.

"I don't think you want that" Scott said, a small smile on his lips.

"But I need an alpha, at least till my memories return." It was surprising how well he was taking this. Scott felt like it had something to do with the information coming from him but it was probably nothing. Derek was always strong.

"Ok" Scott said hesitantly. "But you better not go all sour-wolf on me when you remember.

"Sour-wolf?" Derek asked, tilting hi head to the side. Scott chuckled.

"Stiles gave you the nickname" he laughed.


"Oh you'll meet everyone soon." Scott said, looking out at the orange and red sky.

Morning came and annoyed and sleepy teens crawled from their tents. When everyone was awake Scott brought Derek to the center of the group. He introduced each one saying their name and what they were. When they got to stiles Derek chuckled.

"Hey I might be human but I can still beat your furry ass." He growled, jokingly.

"Oh yes I'm sure" Derek said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"At least this Derek as a sense of humor" Lydia said. Introductions were short and they all piled into the car. They'd have one more night of camping and then they'd be back home. Stiles got in front and Kira ran to the passenger door.

"Hey" Lydia yelled. "I got shotgun." She was closer to the door but Kira won by jumping through the open window and landing in a crouch on the seat.

"Wow" Derek said.

"Eyes off" Lydia chuckled. "That's Scotts." Both Scott and Kira blushed. In the end Malia sat next all the way to the left, followed by Lydia, Scott and then Derek. It was a tight fit but they made it. After a mile Malia started to wine.

"It's too squashed back here. Can't we just strap him to the roof?" Derek growled making Malia growl back, showing her teeth.

"Ok no fighting" Stiles yelled. "I want no more claw marks on my jeep. DO you know how much it cost to reupholster this thing? Actually Scott you need to pay me.

"What" Scott gasped?

"Yea" Stiles said sternly. "You're the one that went all wolverine on my car."

"I couldn't help it. It was only my third full moon" Scott defended. Derek laughed. It was the most cheerful sound he'd made so far. Everyone else burst out laughing.

Four hours later everyone but Stiles was asleep and even he was nodding off. He finally decided to stop and rest. They couldn't have him sleeping while driving.

Everything was dark but Scott knew where he was. He was in the Hale house and everything around him was on fire. Screams echoed from farther into the house and Scott knew he had to get everyone out. The flames licked his body but made no marks. The screams were coming from bellow but Scott ran up. He didn't know why but his feet moved on their own. When he reached the landing he heard soft crying through the crackling flames. Scott tried to go farther but his feet seamed stuck to the floor. He blinked and he was in a room. It was a simple bedroom with blue walls and sport posters hanging on the walls. He didn't see anything else as his eyes focused on the boy in front of him. Derek wept as flames engulfed his body. He didn't scream as Scott saw his flesh begin to melt. He didn't move as his skin blackened and fell off his body. He was baking alive and Scott just stood there. HE did nothing but watch. It felt like hours watching the boy burn but Scott had no sense of time. When Derek stopped crying he was nothing but a pile of rotting flesh on the ground.

Scott woke up with a start, sweat pouring down his body. He glanced around at the sleeping car. At least no one saw him. He didn't know what the dream was about. It was probably nothing but he all of a sudden felt very protective of this young Derek. He couldn't let him get hurt. Scott sighed and closed his eyes again. It only took him two seconds to realize there was a weight on side. He opened his eyes and looked down at Derek, curled into his side. He smiled. The boy looked so peaceful in his sleep, none of the fear he had when he was awake. Scott liked this Derek. He closed his eyes and when he opened them again it was dark and there were strong winds blowing the car.

"Stiles" Scott asked the boy driving. "Where are we?"

"Still far" Lydia answered from the passenger's seat.

"I slept too long" Stiles grumbled."

"We'll need to stop soon" Derek said. Scott frowned when he realized there wasn't anyone leaning on him.

"Why what time is is?" Scott asked.

"Almost midnight" Kira told him.

"Midnight" Scot shouted, making everyone jump. "Sorry" he said. "I slept till midnight?"

"You didn't sleep last night" Derek reminded him. Scott looked over but the boy was looking out the window.

"I think we should stop there" Malia said pointing to a bolder field a few yards off the road. "It should protect us from the wind.

"I vote yes" Stiles said.

"Me too" Lydia said.

"Yea" Both remaining girls said.

"Ok I guess" Derek mumbled, staring into the cloudy night. They all got out and set up the tents behind large rocks. It helped but the wind still shook the tent.

"Maybe Derek should sleep in the car" Stiles suggested. He still looked weak and was limping slightly.

"No" Derek said. "I'll be fine."

"I think he's right" one of the girls called from behind the tent.

"How about I go with you" Scott suggested. He couldn't tell if Derek was trying to look strong or was scared to be alone. He already felt scared without his memories. Derek fiddled around but agreed in the end. They sat just as they did the night before but both of them had their eyes closed.

"I think I should sit in the front so you can lay down" Scott said.

"No" Derek said immediately, his eyes flashing blue. Scott gave him a funny look.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing" Derek muttered.

"I can hear your heartbeat" Scott said, raising his eyebrow.

"Fine I just want you back here" Derek said, blushing.

"Why?" Scott asked, hesitantly.

"I feel safer with you next to me" Derek admitted looking away. It was the truth but Scott could tell he was hiding something.

"Fine I'll stay" Scott said. In all honestly he wanted to stay. It felt good for Derek to lay on him. It felt kind of like when Alison would lay on him. That jolted Scott. Derek looked at him oddly but closed his eyes. Scott did the same but knew he wouldn't find sleep. He heard the other boy's breathing even out and his heart beat slowly. Sometime near two a.m. Derek's head slipped and he fell against Scott. He gasped. This wasn't good. He didn't want this to happen. He was not falling for Derek. He couldn't fall for Derek. It would just be crazy but that didn't stop his heart from picking up. Scott sighed and gave in. He leaned his head on Derek's and promptly fell asleep.

Scott lay in his bedroom reading a book with no words. The lights were on and his window open. The moon was just outside his window, not yet full but almost there. This was the last night before the full moon but oddly he didn't feel its pull. He felt almost human. It was a nice feeling. A crack outside got his attention. His heartbeat quickened. A hundred possibilities flew through his head. Kate as a were-panther, a kanama, or Peter as a giant werewolf. He sighed when he saw human legs. A face looked through the window.

"Derek" Scott gasped. The young Derek smiled. He silently jumped through the window and made his way to the bed. The book was gone from Scott's hands. Derek smiled and got on the bed. Scott gasped as his arms were pinned to the bed. "Derek" he moaned.

"Shhh" Derek whispered into his ear. "Don't talk." Still holding Scott down he began to suck and bite on the alpha's neck. The human skin scraped the skin leaving bruises that healed instantly. A hand released Scott's arm and made its way down his side. Derek smiled into Scott's neck as he slid his hand under Scott's shirt.

"Oh Derek" Scott moaned.

"I said not to talk" Derek whispered. Derek grabbed the hem of Scott's shirt and pulled it off. He set himself on the other boy's crotch and moved his hands up and down Scott's muscles.

"Derek I want you to fuck me" Scott moaned.

A loud bang made Scott wake.

"It was just the wind" Derek said, staring at Scott who was blushing bright red.

"Why're you so embarrassed" Derek asked, with a chuckle.

"I-I'm not." Scott stuttered.

"You sure?" Derek asked. "Cuz did you know you talk in your sleep." Scott's face went from red to pale in a second. His heart rate skyrocketed and he could feel his eyes glowing red. Derek chuckled. "There was a lot of moaning. And some very interesting things. If I remember correctly a few were "Oh Derek please" he said moaning like Scott had said it. "Please Derek. I want you to fuck me." Derek burst out laughing. Scott couldn't find words.

"I-I-I um…" Scot muttered. Derek stopped laughing and the smile fell from his face. He looked angry and his eyes glowed blue. Scott could finally see the resemblance to their Derek.

"You know what I'm going to do" Derek growled, grabbing Scott by the collar. Scot shivered. He could fight back but something was stopping him. "I have to do something about this" Derek growled. Scott gasped as Derek pulled him forward and smashed their lips together. Scott's lips were frozen in place but Derek was persistent and got the other boy to open his mouth. Scott's eyes closed as a tongue began to roam his mouth. Their lips moved as one, Derek still grasping the front of Scott's shirt. When they pulled away they were both breathing heavily.

"That was so wrong" Scott gasped. "Oh god I shouldn't of done that."

"Why not you liked it" Derek chuckled.

"Yea but when you get your memories back…" Scott shivered.

"Let's not think about that" Derek whispered pressing his body fully against Scott's.

"But…" Scott said.

"Do you still want me to fuck you?" Derek asked an evil glint in his eye.

"No" Scott shouted pushing the other boy away. "NO I shouldn't be doing this. I'm straight."

"It sure didn't look like it" Derek chuckled.

"I am straight. I don't like guys. I like Kira."

"Just Kira?" Derek asked, trying his best to hide the sadness in his tone.

"Wait do you like me" Scott asked. He leaned against the side door.

"Do you think I'd be making out with you if I didn't?"

"Ummm" Scott stuttered."

"It's fine" Derek said in such a not Derek way. There was sadness and not the manly kind Derek normally shows.

"I just… have to think" Scott said. "I'm gonna sit in the front." Derek smiled sadly as Scott jumped up to the passenger's seat. They didn't talk for the rest of the night even though they knew the other was awake. Scott jumped as the door across from slammed shut.

"You seam Jumpy" Kira said, adjusting the mirrors.

"Stile's letting you drive" Scott nearly shouted.

"Don't look so surprised" She said as the others piled in in the back. "He didn't get much sleep. Him and Lydia shared a tent" She whisper.

"No we did not" Lydia shrieked. Kira chuckled.

"Ok him and Malia" She said.

"Oh shut up" Scott moaned, surprising everyone. Kira gave him a confused look. "I was only joking" She said.

"I know but let's get going. I want to be home by dark."

"Scott didn't we tell you. It's going to take us another night. We slept for half the day yesterday" Kira said.

"Oh" Scott said. He really didn't want to be stuck in a car with Derek anymore. He wanted to get out and run as far and as fast as he could. At least he was sitting in the front this time.

"Sooooo" Kira said while they drove. "What's neeew?"

"If you mean did anything interesting happen while we were stuck in a freezing cold tent in a windstorm with no beauty products? Then no nothing new" Lydia said. Kira looked to Scott for help but he wasn't paying attention. She sighed and kept driving. Malia was the only one not to notice the change in Scott's behavior. He was stiff and wouldn't talk. He seemed jumpy and was ignoring all of them.

"Scott are you ok" Stiles said for the fifth time.

"Yes" he said in an emotionless monotone voice just as he did for the last four times.

"Scott" Kira sighed, putting her hand on his. Scott stiffened but only the wolves and Kira could see. Lydia and Stiles couldn't see the miniscule action of muscles stiffening. Kira frowned. She pulled away and there was no more talk of it. Mostly everyone ignored Scott and Derek. It wasn't that they were purposely avoiding Derek but he didn't have anything to say and wasn't thought of. As the sun began to set Scott's heartbeat quickened. Malia and Kira stared at him.

"Scott" Malia asked? "What is it?"

"Nothing" Scott shouted. "There is nothing so everyone shut up." He immediately felt back and contracted into himself once again. They had left the desert and was now driving through thick woods. There wasn't a light in sight.

"We're not going to find a motel out here so I suggest we stop here" Lydia said.

"But it's not even dark" Scott shot back, a little too much desperation in his voice. He was ignored.

"We can pull off over there." Lydia said, pointing. Scot sat silently while the others set up camp. The sun had set by the time dinner was ready. They hadn't planned for an extra night so they ended up only having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Everything was a blur and the next thing he knew everyone was going to their tent.

"Stiles" Scott called jogging to the other boy. "I'm gonna sleep with you tonight. Is that ok?" Stiles nodded, deepening a frown. They climbed into a tent. Scott looked back to see Derek standing alone awkwardly. He tried not to feel guilty. He just needed time to think.

"Ok" stiles said sharply after closing the tent. "Tell me what happened."

"Nothing happened" Scot moaned.

"Tell me or I'm asking Derek." Scott froze.

"Why would Derek know anything?"

"Oh come on Scott I'm not an idiot. I can tell…"

"Werewolf hearing" Scott hissed. I'll tell you but shut up and wait." Stiles nodded. They stared up at the top of the tent as Scott listened to each heartbeat slow to a steady pace. The only one still awake was Derek who was sitting out in the cold. He'd here everything they said but maybe that was for the best. Scott looked over at stiles and sighed.

"Ok tell me" Stiles hissed.

"Something happened." Scott muttered. "I did something."

"Did you hurt Derek?" Stiles interrupted.

"What No" Scott hissed. It was a lie though and Derek could hear it. He had hurt Derek. He'd hurt him when he left him in the back seat and again when he refused to talk to him. Stiles looked sadly at his confused best friend.

"Scott whatever it is I can help." Stiles said soothingly.

"No I don't think you can" Scott muttered. "I was with Derek in the car last night" He said quickly before Stiles could claim he'd be able to help. Stiles nodded. "I had a dream…. A vivid dream." Stiles looked confused. "I talked in my sleep and Derek herd." Stiles nodded.

"So you said something bad about Derek?"

"No. It's much worse. I had… well I had a sex dream." Stiles gasped. And Derek's heart missed a beat.

"So now he's angry at you" Stiles groaned, thinking he figured it out.

"No we kissed." Scott shot out. If stiles could look any more surprised he just did.

"I didn't know you rolled that way" Stiles muttered. "Not that I don't support you one hundred percent" He added in a single breath.

"I don't role that way" Ethan said.

"Then why did you and Derek kiss?"

"I don't know. I've never liked a guy before. I still don't like guys. Thinking about doing something with a guy is ewww."

"But you dreamed about it" Stiles pointed out.

"Yea I did" Scott agreed. "But for some reason Derek is different."

"Do you like him" Stiles asked, his voice serious.

"Truthfully I don't know." Derek shivered outside the tent at the blatant lie. Scott sighed. He needed to tell the truth. "Ok do know" he said.

"I thought so" Stiles said.

"I do like him. It's like how I felt about Alison" Scott whispered.

"Alison" Stiles shouted.

"Shut up or you'll wake everyone" Scott hissed.

"Sorry but really as much as Alison."

"I know" Scott sighed, looking at his best friend.

"Then what's the problem" Stiles asked. Scot stared at him like he was crazy. In all truth he really was a nut case.

"What's the problem" Scott hissed. "He's Derek freaken Hale."


"He's Derek Hale. You know the brooding werewolf who's sure to come back after he remembers everything. Plus he's too old for me."

"He's like 16" Stiles said.

"No he's in his 20's."

"Not yet" Stiles said. Right now he's 16 so go out there and win him over.

"Are you seriously trying to set me up with Derek" Scott muttered.

"You're the one with feelings for him."

"God stiles shut up" Scott moaned, grabbing his head.

"Plus I know what your feelings are" Stiles said with an evil chuckle.

"Stiles don't" Scott warned.

"I know the feelings you have and I'm guessing most reside in your pants. So who's bottom him or you?"

"Stiles he can hear us" Scott hissed.

"Oh" stiles said looking guilty. "Derek who's bottom you or him?"

"Stiles" Scott shouted.

"I'm so sorry Scott. If you're angry with me I'll go bunk with Malia. Before Scott could say anything he was out of the tent. "He's all yours" Stiles said to Derek. The young Derek looked hesitantly at the tent before sitting back down. "Oh no you don't" Stiles growled. "Get your wolfy ass in there and make out with my best friend and yes that even sounds weird to me." Derek gave him a disgusted look but let himself be pushed in front of the tent. Stiles slapped him and the shoulder and said "Go get him tiger."

Reluctantly Derek opened the flap and stepped in out of the cold. "Hi" he mumbled, sitting cross legged as far from Scott as possible. "I can go if you want" he murmured.

"No you can stay. It's cold out there. You shouldn't have even been out there in the first place." Derek smiled his cute little smile. "Come lay down. Don't just sit there." Derek lay down wrapping himself in the blanket, making sure to be at least two feet from Scott. If Scott didn't want this than he wouldn't force it. He was his alpha and that meant he needed to protect and serve. "Derek" Scott said softly." Scott couldn't believe he was doing this.

"Yea" Derek said turning around. He was surprised as Scott closed the distance and took him in a kiss.

That night they actually slept for the first time since Derek had been rescued. Scot held Derek close as their eyes closed. It was a dreamless sleep for Scott and he was glad for that.