Mark Calloway sat in the food court of the mall watching his prey. He was a bounty hunter and he had been tracking this little bitch for 6 months. This was his biggest challenge yet. He had been wrestler for years but he had retired 2 years ago. After six months he was bored out of his mind. One of his old friends from high school Tim Ashton had got him into this. Tim had done this for his whole career. He thought it would be right up Mark's ally and it was. Mark was good at it. Had a ninety percent capture rate. Hell he didn't need the money but it was the thrill of the chase and plus he was getting scum off the street. This bitch had led him on a merry chase which was about to come to an end. Tyger Matthews. Her mother must have been on crack when she named her. Tyger was the name on her birth certificate. No father that anyone knew of, unmarried mother who died a day after giving birth. A poor Aunt had taken her in. Mark had talked to the woman. She had said Tyger was a bad seed from the start always in trouble a real little demon. She had tried her best to control her but as she got older Tyger got worse. They lived in the projects on the bad side of town where Tyger had easy access to drugs, gangs and sex. The aunt had said by the time Tyger was 17 she was totally uncontrollable. Her Aunt had married by this time and she said Tyger was intent on having sex with her step uncle was after him all the time. One night when he had rejected her advances once again she had pulled a gun and blowed his brains out. That was three years ago. Tyger had taken off and been on the run three years. Mark looked at her and then the picture he had. It was her. She had the face of an angel. She was about 5"5 long brown hair, big chocolate brown eyes and a body that wouldn't quit. Mark wasn't fooled by her looks he knew she was cold blooded killer. He had promised her aunt Mrs. Causebrook he would find her and bring her to justice. Mark figured some people were just born bad and she was one of them.

Tyger sat in the food court eating. She had on her headphones. She was listening to Eminem. She sang along to the song. He was her favorite singer. She happened to look up and gasped and quickly looked back down. It was that guy again. She just knew he was following her. He wasn't exactly inconspicuous. He was huge maybe almost 7 feet tall. He had short Auburn hair and piercing green eyes. He was huge and muscular. He wore jeans and a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket. He had a bandana tied around his head. He wasn't exactly someone you could miss. He had been following her in the last two towns she had been in. She sighed now she would have to pick up and move again. She was pretty sure he was a bounty hunter. She had a pretty high price on her head. She was sure that bitch Aunt of hers were keeping things stirred up. Thanks to her her whole life was fucked up not that it wasn't before but hell she could go to jail for this shit. Her whole life she had been treated like a dog by that woman then she found a way to set her up for murder. She got angry as she remembered that afternoon. Her fucked up step uncle had been making advances toward her ever since he had married her Aunt. He had busted into her room that afternoon and brutally raped and beat her. When he was done he lay there on her bed. Tyger was pretty much out of it, laying there in a daze. She had been a virgin. Her Aunt came in and blew her husband's brains all over the place. She had gloves on. She pressed the gun to Tyger's hands to pick up her prints. The evil old bitch had told her now she would be rid of him and her both. She had picked up the phone and called the police and told them her niece had just shot her husband. She had to give it to her aunt she was a good actress. She gave them that story about what a rotten troubled kid she was and they fell for it hook line and sinker. Tyger always wonder why the cops didn't investigate more talk to other people that knew her people that knew Tyger had not been into drugs or gangs and never gave her aunt one minute of trouble. The truth was her aunt had hated her from the moment she was born and had abused Tyger her whole life. She supposed the evidence proved her guilty and that's all the cops cared about. To them it was an open and shut case. Tyger had enough wits about her to slip on her clothes and get the hell out of the house before the cops got there that day. She had been on the run ever since. She waited until a large group of teenagers passed in front of her and glided out of the chair and got in the middle of them. She rounded the corner and took off.

Mark looked up and about shit. Damn where the hell did she go? He thought. He saw a group of kids pass in front of her a while ago. He looked around frantically. He got up and walked a path to the escalators. No sign of her. Shit he was going to have to start all over if he didn't catch her before she left town. He took of down the escalators to start searching.

Tyger was at the airport. She had grabbed her stuff from the boarding house and took off. Lucky for Tyger she had grew up streetwise. She knew how to get fake ID's. She also had picked up a few job skills such as meat cutting and baking so she always managed to earn money. If she could just settle down somewhere with out being tracked down. She heard her fight being called and went to board the plane. Hopefully this time that big jerk would lose her trail.

Mark had a ace in the hole. He had been watching her and knew where she was staying. By the time she had got there she had left. He went to the bed and pulled out the tiny voice activated tape recorder he had hidden there earlier in the week. He pushed play and listened. Bingo. He smiled and turned off the tape. Looks like I'm going to Lonepine Montana he thought. He went to the phone to make reservations.

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