Jareth, the Goblin King, was lonely. It had been many years since Sarah's refusal to be his. He decided to find a new toy he could play with. A new bride. A companion. After all, it was dismal and lonely here in the Goblin City, ruling over these goblins. Though they amused him, there were times he would grow weary of their idiocy.

He used his crystal ball to search the outside realm to find someone to bring to the Underground...

Until he saw...


Leaning forward as he beheld the innocent in the crystal ball, so enchanted by this little nymph. This angel. This perfection. Her rainbow hair. Green skin. Happy and loving and kind. An exquisite and rare gem. A flower. A bird. When he heard her singing, it pierced his heart like he was struck by one of Cupid's arrows.

"You're perfect!" Jareth whispered, caressing the crystal ball.

As he continued to observe the girl...what's this? He saw a young man playing with her. He frowned. Oh no! This man did not belong with this girl. Too skinny. Too clumsy! An absolute disgrace. He was so common-looking with his tousled black hair and obviously handmade clothes.

No! This was unacceptable! This beautiful flower deserved better than this peasant. He observed where this beautiful creature lived. It was indeed a beautiful place: trees with colorful fluffy tops. Skies so blue. Rivers clean. The grass was green. It was paradise.

With a swoosh and a flutter of wings, he transformed into a barn owl and went find this girl...