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It was another morning at Seattle Grace Hospital but it wasn't a regular morning, Regina Mills was running very late for a meeting, she was the Head chief of Pediatric Surgery and never ran late for anything…. Until today. She stood outside of the meeting room collecting herself before she went in. She took in a calming breath and put on her Evil Queen mask and walked in, everyone was already there, including her three best friends Callie, Arizona, and Graham. Regina sat between Arizona and Graham with a sigh.

"Hey beautifuls, hey handsome," Regina said to her three friends who smiled at her.

"Long night?" Arizona asked looking up from a book she was reading.

"Long morning, I thought the woman had left just to wake up and notice she was still there," Regina answered followed by a laugh from her three friends.

"You know some of us like to be on time," Chief Gold gave her a dirty look. Everyone got extremely quiet and focused on their chief.

"Oh come on now, you know I like to make an entrance chief," Regina said smugly, her eyebrow arched.

"Yes, I know that very well dearie, and since you wanted everyone to wait to grace us with your presence, you get to have all of the interns today," Chief Gold said with a smirk as he leaned against his cane.

"Sure thing Chief," Regina said with an evil smile, "I could do with some scaring people today." Regina smirked while her three friends tried not to laugh.

"Alright everyone that seems to be everything. Nothing major so far, but, it's still early. Good luck and lets save lives," Chief Gold said and left. Everyone got up and started talking.

"So, my amigo encantador. How was last night?" Callie asked, wiggling her eyebrows. (translate lovely friend)

"She was good, but she wanted to date," Regina said. She never dated because of her son Henry who was, at the moment, on a field trip.

"Yeah, you and your no dating rule. When are you going to find love?" Callie asked her, feeling sorry for her friend.

"Love is weakness," Regina said looking at her chart.

"I could seriously strangle your mother," Arizona said, making Callie laugh.

"Yeah if she didn't scare you, the only person I'm scared of is Bailey, and Regina when she threatens me," Callie said

"In all seriousness though Regina, you should find someone to have a relationship with," Graham said.

"I have you three," Regina said.

"Including sex?" Arizona said.

"Are you forgetting dear, we all three slept together," Regina said addressing Callie and Arizona, she had slept with Graham a few times but that was many years ago.

"No, we will never forget that. It was very… insightful," Arizona winked at Regina, who laughed in response.

"To bad were married or we would invite you again," Callie said.

"Like marriage has stopped me before," Regina winked at the two. They had, had sex a few weeks after they were married.

"You know my fiancée is very fond of you Regina," Graham said trying to steer the conversation in another direction and address that he was now engaged.

"Oh my God you asked her!?" Arizona said, while Regina hit him.

"That's for taking so freaking long." Regina said

"Hey now, no hitting the soon to be husband," everyone turned towards the voice.

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