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"Emma congrats," David said sweeping Emma into her arms and spinning around. Emma giggled and laughed.

"Thanks," Emma chuckled as she was let down.

"I am so happy for you Emma, you and Regina make a wonderful couple," Mary-Margaret said, hugging Emma. Emma smiled happily.

"Thank you, you two are obviously coming," Emma said as she pulled back.

"Well of course," MM said. Emma smiled then looked at David.

"I know that we…" Emma stopped and took a deep breath, "I know we have started hanging out and being more than just friends and you're now like…my dad and I can feel it, but I was wondering if….well if you could walk me down the aisle?" Emma asked. David smiled and nodded.

"I'd love to," David said hugging her, his hand on the back of her head, holding his daughter close.

"Thanks," Emma said as Henry came over.

"That was awesome," Henry said. Emma let go and looked at her son with a big smile.

"You mister planned all of it," Emma chuckled hugging him and spinning him around. Henry giggled and hugged her around the neck tightly. Emma chuckled and put him down.

"Now everyone knows you're my other mom," Henry said jumping up and down excitedly, making Emma, David, and MM laugh.

"Yeah kid, they know now," Emma said kissing his head; Henry smiled and looked over at David and MM.

"So you are my grandparents now," Henry said. David and MM looked at Emma who nodded.

"Yeah, I guess we are," David chuckled.

"Sweet, Emma talks about you guys a lot and you seem pretty cool, I should spend the night with you guys so you can get to know your new grandson," Henry said. David and MM chuckled.

"Well you definitely are Reginas," MM said with a smile.

"Oh come on, please, please, please," Henry said.

"Well I would love to get to know you, but that is not a decision we can make," David said.

"It's your moms," MM added.

"Ma can I?" Henry asked.

"Kid I don't know, I'll have to talk to Regina about that," Emma said.

"Please, mom won't mind, plus you two need to be alone now, and do whatever adults do, com eon please," Henry said giving her a puppy dog face. Emma sighed, she did want Regina all to herself tonight but she wanted Henry and Regina to have a family night, she looked back at Regina then to Henry.

"Do you really want to?" Emma asked. Henry nodded excitedly.

"Yes," Henry said.

"Then ask your mom," Emma said.

Henry groaned then ran over to his mom.

Henry stopped and walked with Arizona. Arizona chuckled at Henry and bumped his shoulder as they walked together to Regina.

"So are you happy with all of this?" Arizona asked.

"Yeah, she is awesome and so cool, though she is making me ask mom if I can stay with MM and David," Henry said.

"Yeah, well they are together, they have to make decisions together, just try not to get stuck in the mom lope," Arizona said. Henry nodded not really listening and then ran to his mom. He jumped and hugged his mom tightly. Regina chuckled and hugged Henry tightly.

"Well that was…different," Arizona chuckled, talking about how they proposed. Regina laughed and nodded putting Henry down.

"It wasn't how I planned it, but I have a feeling it was exactly how my son planned it," Regina said raising an eyebrow at her son who smiled.

"What? I had no idea," Henry said innocently.

"You better be glad you're cute," Regina said kissing his cheek. "Thank you Henry," Regina said.

"For what?" Henry asked.

"For accepting Emma in our small little family," Regina said.

"Well duh mom, she makes you happy, and she's really cool and fun and I'm glad I have two moms now, hey do you think I can have a sister, or two, oh and a little brother?" Henry said excitedly. Regina chuckled.

"Calm down Henry, we aren't even married yet," Regina chuckled kissing her sons head.

"Oh, can I stay with MM and David?" Henry asked.

"I suppose, if it is ok with them," Regina said.

"Thanks mom," Henry said kissing his moms cheek and going to tell David and MM.

"So are you two gonna bow chicka bow wow," Callie asked wiggling her eyebrows.

"What are you? A teenager?" Arizona teased her wife.

"You better watch it women," Callie said to her wife, pinching her ass. Arizona slapped her hand.

"You two are crazy, remind me how we became friends," Regina chuckled.

"It just kind of happened," Callie said making all three of them chuckled.

"Just take care of him," Emma said messing with his hair and kissing his head.

"Don't worry ma, everything will be great," Henry said hugging his mom tightly.

"Be good for them ok," Emma said.

"I will, tell mom I said bye and I love her ok," Henry said.

"Will do," Emma said as they let go.

"Don't worry Emma, it will be fine," MM said hugging Emma then David hugged her.

"See you tomorrow morning," Emma said watching them leave. Emma went back in and went upstairs, smiling as she heard the water going in their bathroom.

Regina smiled at her ring as the warm water filled the tub. Emma smiled as she stood in the door way, starring at a naked Regina.

"Do you like it?" Emma whispered from the door way. Regina looked up and nodded, turning off the water and walking over to Emma, wrapping her arms around her waist.

"I love it Emma," Regina whispered kissing Emma lovingly. Emma hummed and kissed back deeply.

"Where is Henry?" Regina whispered.

"He left already, he couldn't wait to spend time with his new grandparents, I hope that's ok," Emma whispered.

"It's fine," Regina said kissing along her neck and down her chest. Emma moaned and nodded.

"He said he loved you and bye," Emma whispered. Regina hummed and pushed Emma against the door so she was against something sturdy.

"I don't think talking about our son right now is appropriate," Regina said nipping at Emmas breast as she unbuttoned Emmas shirt.

"Is anyone else here?" Regina asked as she got on her knees and unbuttoned Emmas jeans.

"No," Emma whispered as she breathed heavily.

"Good, I'd hate for anyone to hear your screams," Regina husked nipping the inside of Emmas thigh. Emma gasped and whimpered low in her throat.

Regina lifted Emmas leg up and licked up Emmas wet folds.

"Oh fuck Regina," Emma whimpered gripping Reginas hair. Regina hummed and nipped at Emmas clit making her hiss and moan.

Regina dove her tongue right in and gave Emma pleasure.

Emma moaned as she quickly approached the edge, moan and whimpering with each lick and nip Regina gave her until she moaned Reginas name loudly and came.

Regina moaned and licked Emma clean then stood up, kissing her softly. Emma wrapped her arms around Reginas naked body and held her closer.

"Bathe with me?" Regina asked.

"Of course," Emma whispered pulling back and removing her shirt. Regina moved her hands along Emmas shoulders and pushed it down. Emma smiled and was now naked and she got in the tub. Regina smiled and got in between Emmas legs, dipping her head in the water to get her hair wet.

Emma smiled at Regina and wrapped her arms around her when she came up from the water. Regina smiled, loving when Emma held her like this, she felt like Emma only wanted her and the whole world disappeared.

"I love you Regina," Emma whispered.

"I love you too," Regina said.

Mary Margaret knocked on the door a few times but there was no answer.

"I have a key," Henry said.

"We can wait," Mary Margaret said as the door opened

"Sorry I was getting dressed," Emma said.

"Hey Ma," Henry said hugging her. Emma chuckled and hugged back.

"Hey kid, did you have fun?" Emma asked. Henry nodded.

"It was awesome," Henry said with a smile. Emma chuckled as they let go of each other.

"Thanks again," Emma said as Henry went to his room.

"It was no problem Emma, anytime honestly we'd love to spend more time with all of you," Mary Margaret said.

"Why don't you come in?" Emma said. "I could make you breakfast, or attempt," Emma chuckled. Mary Margaret laughed and nodded.

"How about I cook?" Mary Margaret said.

"That's probably best," Emma chuckled leading her to the kitchen. Mary Margaret looked around and got everything she needed to cook.

"So what are you planning to wear for the wedding?" Mary Margaret asked. Emma sat down beside Henry.

"I want to wear a tux, and I need to call and asked Red and Belle to be my bridesmaids, but other than that I don't know what else to do," Emma said. Mary Margaret nodded as she made pancakes.

"Well it's your wedding and Reginas, I'm sure she will help you out," Mary Margaret said.

"Do…do you think David can walk me down the aisle?" Emma asked nervously. Mary Margaret smiled widely.

"Oh Emma, he would love to," she said tearing up.

"Oh mom, come on, no crying," Emma said going over and hugging her.

"I'm sorry, I can't help it. I'm sad because I missed everything of your life, from your first walks and your first words, but then I'm so happy because I get to see you get married, and you call me mom, every time you say that I get so happy," Mary-Margaret said wiping her tears away and chuckling. "Thank you for accepting me and David," Mary-Margaret said.

"Hey, it's no problem, stop thanking me so much," Emma said.

"Cheating on me with another woman are you?" Regina said with a smile. Emma and Mary Margaret chuckled pulling away.

"Never," Emma said going over to Regina and kissing her softly. Regina melted into the kiss, wrapping her arms around Emma and bringing her closer.

Mary Margaret smiled at them and put breakfast on plates. Regina pulled back and smiled.

"I woke up and you weren't there," Regina said. Emma nodded.

"Mom and Henry knocked and you looked like you needed sleep," Emma said with a smirk. Regina chuckled and hummed.

"I wonder why?" Regina whispered kissing Emma again.

"Oh gross moms," Henry said as he came into the kitchen and sat down. Regina and Emma pulled back.

"What? Do you not like me and your mom kissing," Emma teased him covering his face with kisses. Henry squealed and giggled.

"Ma, stop it," Henry said, "Mom help," Henry giggled trying to get out of her hold.

"I'll help you," Regina said with a mischievous smile and started kissing over his face and tickling him, making Henry squeal and move around more.

"Stop, stop, I give up," Henry said giggling and trying to get out of their hold, he slipped out and ran behind Mary Margaret.

"Grandma help," Henry said.

"Alright you too, stop teasing my grandbaby," Mary Margaret said. Regina and Emma chuckled holding their hands up.

"We promise to stop," Emma promised.

"For today," Regina said winking at her son. Henry giggled as they helped bring breakfast to the table and all ate together.

Emma sipped her coffee as she looked at the surgeon bored.

"Who do we have?" Red asked taking Emmas coffee and sipping it.

"Well I'm with Shepard, you're with Arizona, and Belle is with Callie," Emma said taking her cup back and sipping it, not minding sharing.

"I like Callie, I think I may go into Ortho," Belle said as Emma handed her the coffee cup who sipped it, Belle and Red loved the coffee Emma made and they usually always share.

"I may go into neurosurgeon, I'm starting to like it, and I'm really good at it," Red said. "What about you Em?"

"I'm doing General surgery," Emma said. "I finally made a choice," Emma said proudly.

"Awesome," Red said taking the coffee from Belle and sipping it.

"What are you all doing? Get to work," Callie said. "Frenchie, come with me," Callie said. Belle took another sip and kissed Red.

"Good luck," Red and Emma said watching her run after Callie.

"Well I should get going," Red said squeezing her arm and taking another sip moaning. "Your coffee is orgasmic," Red moaned. Emma chuckled.

"Keep it, just give me one more sip and then you can have it," Emma said. Red let her have one more sip then left.

Belle walked beside Callie.

"So what are we doing?" Belle asked.

"We are doing a total knee replacement, you should be able to do this in your sleep," Callie said. Belle nodded.

"And you are going to work on her, I am going to be your second pair of hands," Callie said.

"I…I'm leading the surgery?" Belle asked.

"Yes," Callie said as they washed their hands and scrubbed. "How long do you take to scrub?" Callie asked her.

"Four minutes," Belle said scrubbing her hands and under her nails.

"Just a personal question but how do you keep count? Bailey sings a song twice in her head, I think about my wedding song," Callie said. Belle smiled.

"I think about this song Red sang to me when she was drunk and Granny did Karaoke night, Red was such a dork singing it too," Belle said with a smile on her face just thinking into it. They both scrubbed and got to work, Belle doing a wonderful job with Callie giving minimal instructions.

Belle focused on the womans knee they were now closing up.

"Good Job doctor French," Callie said with a smile. Belle turned and gave the nurse the clamps. The nurse turned and clashed with another nurse.

"Oh come on guys seriously?" Callie asked looking where Belle should have been.

"Belle?" Callie asked. Belle was laying on the floor breathing heavily and whimpering.

"Someone page Swan," Callie said taking over and closing the woman up.

"Belle you are ok," Callie said soothingly. "Can you get up?" Callie asked.

Belle tried answering but couldn't, her mind going straight to the plane crash and the loud noises.

Emma ran into the scrubbing area and washed quickly.

"I don't know what happened, she was fine then a tray dropped and then she just….she's not getting up," Callie said. Emma nodded putting the scrubs on.

"I'll talk to her, I can help," Emma said putting a mask on and going into the OR.

"Belle," Emma said going over to her, "Belle," she said lying down so they could see each other face to face.

"I…I can't be in here, the plane…I…I thought I was better," Belle stuttered.

"Ok, then let's get out of here," Emma said.

"I…I can't feel anything," Belle whispered through tears.

"I know, I know, come with me," Emma said thinking she meant emotionally.

"I can't move…I can't move my legs, I can't feel anything," Belle whimpered.

"Uhmm, ok," Emma removed Belles glove, "Here take my hand, feel my hand. Do you feel that?" Emma said massaging her hand. Belle was shaking as she looked down then back up, nodding slightly.

"OK, see, you're ok, were gonna go when you're ready. So you tell me when you are ready," Emma said holding her hand as Belle calmed down. After an hour Belle finally calmed down, tears coming down slowly. Emma led her to Regina.

"Regina," Belle said weakly as she came into her office with Emma. Emma went around and started shutting and closing the blinds.

"Belle? Emma? What's going on?" Regina asked looking up from her papers.

"I need you to look at Belle," Emma whispered. Regina froze from getting up.

"Emma, what is it?" Regina whispered. Belle put her head in her hands.

"I think she is suffering from late PTSD," Emma said. Regina went over and took Belles hands.

"Come sit on the desk," Regina said. Belle nodded and got up, sitting on the desk as Regina gave her a full checkup.

"Doctor Swan I think it's best if you leave now," Regina said.

"No, no I want her here," Belle said her breathing speeding up. Emma grabbed her hand quickly, rubbing her knuckles.

"Hey, hey, calm down, I'm not going anywhere," Emma said soothingly.

"Now, tell me what happened," Regina said calmly.

"I was…I was in surgery and we were working on this womans knee, and it went fine, everything was fine. Then two nurses collided with each other and there Was this noise and I just…I blacked out until Emma came. Then…then we came to you," Belle said.

"Belle, nothing is wrong with you, Emma was right, you are suffering from PTSD," Regina said.

"But…but it's been so long, how…how can I have that?" Belle whispered.

"Sometimes it takes months before it develops, but you will get through it ok," Regina said. Emma rubbed her shoulders.

"Ok," Belle whispered. "I uhmm….ok," Belle whispered.

"Should I call Red?" Emma asked.

"No, no, I don't want her to worry," Belle said. "I'll call her, eventually, you just go ok, you have surgeries and stuff to do," Belle said.

"Are you sure Belle?" Regina asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, I'll do paper work and stuff around here that none of the doctors like," Belle said.

"Ok, but I can't let you go into an OR without talking to anyone, now Doctor hopper is on call so go to him when you need to," Regina said. Belle nodded.

"Of course," Belle said.

"Thanks Regina," Emma whispered kissing her cheek.

"Of course," Regina said to Emma.

Emma sighed as she leaned against the Nurses desk and read the file, her mind on Belle. Red smiled as she walked up to Emma.

"Have I ever told you that you look good in scrubs?" Red said. Emma chuckled not looking up from her file as she filled out some of the information on her patient.

"What do you want?" Emma said suspiciously.

"What? Me? Want something? Now, why would you think that?" Red asked.

"Because you always say something about how good I look when you want something," Emma said looking at Red. "Now, what do you want?"

"Something, but first, Belle told me what happened, thank you," Red said.

"Why are you thanking me?" Emma asked.

"Because in that situation, I don't know anything about what you guys went through, and I'm glad you are her person," Red said.

"Yes, well you seemed to turn into Regina's person so its ok," Emma said.

"I'm your person too," Red said with a smile. Emma chuckled.

"Now what do you want?" Emma asked.

"I was wondering if you could help me on my stitching work?" Red asked, though she was lying.

"Who all would be there?" Emma asked.

"Just me and Belle, please?" Red asked. Emma sighed.

"But what about Belle? Is she up for that?" Emma asked.

"Yes, she just wants to pretend what happened didn't happen," Red said. Emma nodded.

"Fine, but it will cost you," Emma said smiling and handing the file to the nurse. "Can you make sure Doctor Robbins gets this?" Emma asked. The nurse nodded.

"Well what do you want?" Red asked.

"Free drinks for Regina and I for a month," Emma said.

"A week, you drink a lot," Red said. Emma chuckled.

"Deal," Emma said and they hugged going their separate ways.

Emma arrived at Reds apartment and knocked on the door. Belle opened the door.

"Hey Ems," Belle said moving so she could come in. Emma walked in.

"Surprise," Red, Granny, Meredith, and Yang said.

"I'm guessing Red lied to me," Emma chuckled as she came in.

"Yup, this is your bachelor party," Meredith said.

"I came for the free booze," Yang said with a shrug. Emma chuckled then glared at Red who came over.

"Oh come on, at least I didn't order strippers," Red said.

"Which I think is a horrible mistake," Belle said wrapping her arms around Red.

"Well, give me booze," Emma said. Granny came over.

"I made it special for you," Granny said. Emma sipped it and hummed.

"Oh wow Granny this is amazing," Emma said putting her bag beside the table and sat down.

"So what happened after we left?" Red asked with a smile, wiggling her eyebrows at Emma. Emma chuckled.

"Well Regina and I spent most of our time in bed," Emma said with a smile.

"And the rest?" Meredith asked.

"In the shower," Emma chuckled. Everyone laughed as they continued drinking, partying harder when Granny left and went to bed.

Time Skip to Regina and Emmas wedding

Emma rubbed her hands nervously, looking at herself in the mirror, her tux curved just for her body, her tie nice and bright red just like Reginas lips.

"Well you have a smile that is confident but your body language isn't at all," Belle teased her as she got a sticky roller to get all the dust and stuff off Emmas tux.

"I was thinking about how my tie matches Reginas red lipstick," Emma whispered looking at one of her best friends. "Where's Red?" Emma asked.

"She's making sure no one takes Killians seat," Belle said. Emma smiled sadly.

"Thank you," Emma whispered.

"Of course Ems," Belle said.

"I wish he was here," Emma whispered.

"He is Emma," Belle said hugging her, Emma hugged back. "He's in your heart Hun," Belle whispered. Emma nodded.

"Thanks Belle, I'm glad I have you," Emma whispered.

"Hey now, what about me?" Red said as she came in the room, trying to lighten the mood. Emma and Belle chuckled.

"Of course, how could I ever live without my sexy best friend," Emma said.

"Damn right," Red said hugging them and kissing both their cheek.

"Alright so I have three mini bottles of liquid courage, tequila, vodka, and whiskey, which one do you want now? The other two you can have for later," Red said holding up the said bottles.

"Whiskey," Emma said. Red nodded and gave it to her.

"Now you two are sure about keeping Henry a few days?" Emma asked.

"Of course, I'll spend time with the kid and the last four days Mary Margaret and David get him, it will be fun, I'll make he gets his first tattoo and everything," Red said. Emma chuckled.

"Well as long as it's badass," Emma joked.

David messed with his tie for the third time in the mirror.

"You look fine dad; shouldn't I be the one nervous?" Emma joked. David turned and smiled.

"You look absolutely beautiful," David said starring at his daughter proudly.

"Thanks, how does Regina look?" Emma asked biting her lip nervously.

"You'll see," David chuckled holding his arm out for her to take. Emma smiled as she took his arm; she was the first to be walked down the aisle. Emma smiled at her friends that were there as she went towards Bailey who was marrying them today.

"You'll be great," David said kissing her cheek. Emma smiled and stood there nervously as the next wedding song came on and Regina came out.

Their eyes met and everyone disappeared, only the two of them and no one else. Regina was in front of Emma both of them smiling.

"You are the most gorgeous woman in her Regina," Emma whispered taking her hands. Regina smiled.

"I'm going to have to disagree with that dear," Regina whispered both pf them leaning in and kissing each other.

"I believe that is after the I do's," Belle said. Emma and Regina chuckled pulling back.

"Sorry, please continue," Emma said to Bailey. Bailey chuckled at them and continued, both of them repeating their vows and finally they came to the end.

"I now pronounce you wife and wife, you may now kiss the bride…again" Bailey said with a smile, the guest laughing.

Regina and Emma smiled as they kissed, everyone else disappearing as they kissed deeply. Regina wrapped her arms around Emmas neck and bringing her closer. Emma hummed wrapping her arms around Reginas waist and pulling her body against hers. They both moaned once their tongues touched.

"Alright guys, break it up," David said coughing awkwardly. Emma and Regina groaned as they pulled away and looked at everyone, both of them blushing.

"Sorry," they both said.

"Is it over?" Henry asked he was covering his eyes.

"Yes, it's fine kid," Emma chuckled. Henry smiled as he uncovered his eyes, following his mom as they walked back down the aisle and to the reception room.

"Alright you two, it's time to go," Red said as she went over to Regina and Emma.

"Ready?" Emma asked Regina. Regina smiled and nodded at Emma.

"Let's change and tell everyone goodbye," Regina said, Emma nodded kissing her and then they both went to their changing room to change in regular clothes.

Emma smiled as she put on her black and purple lace bra and panties. She wanted to wear her wifes favorite colors. Emma was in her jeans and a black silk button up shirt that was actually Reginas but she enjoyed wearing it, then she grabbed her red leather jacket since it was kind of cold outside, and she knew Regina secretly loved. Emma looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, adjusting her necklace that Regina had given her a long time ago, smiling as she traced it.

Regina smiled as she put on black and yellow lace bra and panties. She also wanted to wear her wifes favorite color. Regina was in a grey dress that ended at her knees and showed a fair amount of cleavage smiling in the mirror as she played with the necklace that Emma had given her a long time ago.

Regina and Emma smiled at each other as they met in the reception hall.

"That shirt looks familiar," Regina teased Emma with a smile. Emma blushed.

"It may or may not be yours," Emma said. Regina chuckled kissing Emma softly, Emma melted into the kiss.

"What's mine is yours," Regina whispered tracing her wifes lips.

"And what is mine is yours Regina, always," Emma whispered.

"And forever," Regina smiled.

"Alright guys, you're gonna miss where you are going if you don't leave in the next ten minutes," Red said. They chuckled and nodded, Regina didn't know where they were going but Emma did. They both began telling everyone goodbye, saving Henry for last.

"We will be back in one week," Regina promised Henry as she and Emma hugged him tightly.

"We will miss you son," Emma said.

"I'll miss you too moms," Henry said letting them go, "now go you guys," Henry said. Regina and Emma chuckled as they let him go, kissing his cheek. They got into the limo and the limo driver started driving.

"So tell me Mrs. Swan-Mills, where are we going?" Regina asked sitting in her wifes lap. Emma smiled at her new last name.

"Well Mrs. Swan-Mills, that is a surprise," Emma said with a smile wrapping her arms around Reginas waist. Regina smiled and kissed her deeply, both of them in a heated make out session when the car came to a stop.

"Babe, we need to get out of the car," Emma panted. Regina groaned and got out of the car, seeing an airplane.

"An airplane?" Regina asked.

"Not just an airplane, a jet," Emma said proudly.

"How did you afford this?" Regina asked.

"Well, when you save a couple of people they tend to repay you, just trust me," Emma said.

"I will always trust you, I'm just worried about you Emma," Regina said. Emma smiled kissing her forehead.

"I'll be fine babe," Emma said leading her onto the plane, Regina followed and when they were seated she leant against Emma, the plane starting and went wherever it was going, Regina hummed as she closed her eyes, falling asleep against Emma. Emma smiled taking her jacket off carefully and covering her up with it, kissing her temple as she too fell asleep.

Regina yawned as she woke, looking around and chuckling as she saw was being covered with Emmas red leather jacket and using her wife as a pillow. Regina sat up slowly and smiled at Emma, stroking her cheek softly as she looked at her wife lovingly.

Emma hummed as she woke up smiling when she looked into Reginas eyes, leaning up and kissing her. Regina smiled into the kiss.

"Have a good nap?" Emma whispered against her lips. Regina sat up and smiled.

"I did, and you dear?" Regina asked.

"I did, I had you to snuggle with," Emma said with a smile pulling her closer.

"Ma'am we are about to land," the pilot said. Emma nodded.

"Thank you," Emma said as they got ready to land. Emma held her hand as they exited the plane.

"Emma, where is our luggage?" Regina asked as they got into the cab, Regina didn't recognize where they were since it was night time, but wherever they were was very bright with lights and she could smell the ocean.

"It's already at the beach house," Emma said.

"A beach house?" Regina asked excitedly making Emma smile.

"Yes, a beach house," Emma said with a chuckle as the car stopped.

"Ready to see it?" Emma asked. Regina nodded as Emma got out and held the door open. Regina gasped as she got out.

"This is beautiful," Regina whispered seeing a large beach house that was lit up and had palm trees around it.

"I'm glad you like it," Emma said paying the cab driver then taking her inside the house and giving her a tour of the place. Regina smiled as she followed her wife around the house. Emma took her back to the very large living room and turned on the radio, a slow song coming on.

"You seem to know your way around this house," Regina whispered with a small smile, wrapping her arms around Emmas neck and Emma wrapped her arms around Reginas waist.

"I came here a few summers when I lived in Boston and needed a break, the owner is some kind of designer and she was one of the ones I saved who had Situs inversus, she was very thankful and said I could use any of her houses as long as I live," Emma said as she continued dancing with her.

"You know I don't think there is a Situs inversus specialist, I really think you could be the first one, you were excellent when I watched you working on David," Regina whispered.

"Thanks, I'll think about it," Emma said spinning her around making Regina chuckle and smile. "But after our honeymoon, it's just us right now," Emma whispered. Regina smiled and rested her head on Emmas shoulder as they swayed to the music for a couple of songs.

"This is amazing," Emma whispered.

"It is, I'm in your arms, and today has been the second happiest day in my life," Regina whispered lifting her head up and looking into Emmas eyes.

"And Henry is your first happiness," Emma whispered with a knowing smile.

"He is, and he's yours too," Regina whispered. Emma smiled and kissed her softly.

"I love you so much," Emma whispered. Regina smiled.

"I have a surprise for you," Regina whispered into her ear.

"Yeah?" Emma asked.

"Yes, but it requires us in a bedroom," Regina whispered. Emma smiled and took her hand practically running to the master bedroom. Regina chuckled as she followed Emma up to the bedroom, pushing her on the bed and kissing her deeply. Emma moaned into the kiss, tangling her hands in Reginas dark hair. Regina pulled away making Emma whimper.

"Now, now, stay here while I get ready, I promise I'll be right back," Regina said kissing her then going to the bathroom. Emma smiled watching Reginas ass, as soon as Regina closed the door to the bathroom Emma stood up and got undressed.

"Oh dear, black is my color," Regina teased seeing Emma in black and purple undergarments that made her stomach flutter. Emma looked up and gaped at Regina in black and yellow.

"And yellow is mine," Emma whispered, panting a little. Regina smirked seeing her breathing increased and swayed over to her.

"You seem to have increased heart rate and breathing, are you alright dear?" Regina whispered pushing Emma down onto the bed.

"I will be," Emma whispered putting her hands on Reginas waist and bringing her against her body, moaning at the feeling of her skin against her own.

"I love the feeling of you against me, especially without clothes," Regina whispered then kissed her. Emma moaned into her kiss, her nails dragging down Reginas back.

Regina moaned into the kiss, deepening it and pressed a knee on Emmas wet covered core, making Emma moan louder.

"Is this all for me?" Regina whispered. Emma flipped them over and pinned her hands over her head making Regina smile up at Emma.

"You're wearing too much clothes," Emma husked. Both of them tearing each others clothes off so they could see each other naked.

"God you're beautiful," Emma whispered. Regina smiled kissing Emma, reaching down and teasing Emmas clit.

Emma moaned grinding down on her hand, reaching down and thrusting two fingers into her. Regina gasped and arched into Emmas fingers, moving her fingers against her clit.

They both matched each other's pace moaning and kissing each other deeply until they came moaning each others name.

The next few hours spent in moans and groans until they passed out into the early morning.

"Come on babe, I'm sure you'll figure out where we are when we go out," Emma said as she finished getting dressed.

"What should I wear?" Regina asked holding up two dresses, one purple and one black.

"The purple one, it may get hot in the black one," Emma said. Regina nodded.

"Want to help me put it on?" Regina asked with a wink. Emma chuckled.

"If I do that we won't be leaving the bedroom today," Emma said going over to kiss her softly. Regina hummed wrapping her arms around Emmas neck.

"I don't think I would mind," Regina whispered nipping at Emmas bottom lip. Emma whimpered at the action.

"It will be there in a few more hours," Emma whispered with a smile, pushing her down on the bed and getting rid of Reginas bra and underwear. Emma took a nipple into her mouth while her other hand massaged her other breast. Regina gasped as she arched up, gripping Emmas hair and pulling her closer. Emma nipped at Reginas nipple making Regina gasp and arch into her touch. Emma kissed down her body, flicking her tongue out against Reginas entrance and clit.

"Emma," Regina moaned arching her hips and gripping her hair. Emma smiled against Reginas clit as she sucked on it, flicking her tongue quickly and thrusting two fingers in and out of her quickly.

"Oh fuck," Regina moaned as she approached the edge quickly. Emma moaned as she licked up Reginas juices.

Regina trembled as Emma kept going, gripping Emmas hair and moaned deeply.

A few hours passed of them both pleasuring each other until they collapsed in the bed, their sweaty bodies tangled together. Emmas stomach started growling making Regina laugh.

"Hungry dear?" Regina asked through her laugh. Emma chuckled.

"Yeah, I guess eating you out didn't feel me up enough," Emma smirked giving her a loving kiss. Regina chuckled into the kiss.

Emma pulled back getting up and gathering her clothes, and new underwear since her other underwear was ruined.

"Come and shower with me," Emma whispered holding her hand out.

"Actually shower or shower sex then shower, because I'm pretty sore down there," Regina chuckled. Emma smiled.

"Actually shower babe, we could both use a day to relax and rest up," Emma said. Regina smiled and took her wifes hand so they could shower together.

"Hawaii, we're in Hawaii?" Regina asked with a wide smile. Emma chuckled and nodded.

"Yeah, I figured you deserved to go somewhere exotic," Emma said.

"I love it," Regina said kissing her wife. Emma chuckled as she kissed back.

"Not to cheesy?" Emma asked. Regina chuckled stroking Emmas cheek.

"Maybe a little but it's good, I like it," Regina whispered kissing her again. Emma smiled kissing back, pulling back when they needed to breathe.

"Now, if you want anything get it ok, no matter what," Emma said pecking her lips and took her hand so they could continue to walk down the streets. Emma led her to a restaurant.

"Oh God it smells Devine in here," Regina moaned.

"Name?" the hostess asked.

"Swan-Mills," Emma said. The women looked down and nodded.

"Of course, Miss De Vil is actually here," she said leading them to the table.

"I hope you don't mind," Emma whispered to Regina. Regina shook her head.

"Of course not," Regina said.

"Emma," Cruella said with a smile as she stood up holding her arms open for Emma to hug her.

"Cruella, lovely to see you again," Emma said hugging her.

"And this must be your lovely wife," Cruella said with a nod, "She's cute," Cruella said sitting back down. Regina and Emma took a seat.

"So how are you feeling, taking care of yourself, no more cigarettes?" Emma asked.

"Yes all healthy food, and no cigarettes," Cruella said.

"How is your wife?" Emma asked.

"Ursula is doing great; I actually have to meet up with her in a few minutes. I just wanted to come by and meet Regina, and to let you know that I have a proposition for you but it can wait till after the honey moon," Cruella said standing up.

"Well it was great seeing you again," Emma said.

"Likewise, Regina, keep this one close, she's a keeper," Cruella said with a wink.

"I have no intention of letting her go," Regina whispered smiling at Emma. Emma smiled leaning forward and kissing her. Cruella smiled at them and left, making sure to pay for the meal.


Regina smiled as she packed their things, the rest of their trip consisted of going out to eat, buying souvenirs, swimming with the dolphins, and sex….well mostly sex. Regina bit her lip as she smiled widely and closed her suit case, accidently knocking Emmas bag down and picked it back up. A piece of paper fell out so she picked it up reading the words adoption papers on it.

"The car is downstairs and ready," Emma said walking in.

"Emma, what is this?' Regina asked holding up some papers.

"Oh uhmm, I wanted to talk to you about that," Emma said nervously.

"You want to adopt?" Regina asked.

"I want us to adopt, that baby that was brought in really attached to me and I just…I can't let her go into the system," Emma said. "But only if you want to I…" Regina interrupted her wife with a kiss. Emma settled down and relaxed, wrapping her arms around her waist as she kissed back.

"I would love to," Regina whispered.

"Yeah?" Emma said with a wide smile.

"Of course Emma, I'd be happy to raise another child," Regina said. "Besides I believe Henry will love to have a little sister." Emma smiled widely and pulled Regina into a breath taking kiss.

"Let's get going dear," Regina whispered. Emma nodded and pecked her lips, taking their luggage to the car and heading home.

"Moms," Henry yelled running and jumping in his moms arms. Regina and Emma smiled, as much as they enjoyed their alone time, they missed their son a lot more. Mary Margaret smiled at them.

"How have you been?" Regina asked, hugging Henry tightly.

"Great, aunt Red and aunt Belle were awesome, aunt Belle is an awesome story teller, then gramps and grams took me camping and fishing, we really should go camping and fishing as a family," Henry said excitedly.

"Speaking of family, Henry, why don't we go inside and I make some lunch for all of us, then we can talk," Regina said. Henry nodded leading them in the house.

"Hey mom," Emma said going over to her and giving her a hug.

"How was the trip?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Great, oh and we got you something," Emma said handing Mary Margaret a gift.

"You didn't have to get me anything," Mary Margaret said opening the gift and smiling, it was a necklace with a silver dolphin on it.

"We wanted to," Emma said.

"It's beautiful Emma, thank you," Mary Margaret said hugging Emma, making Emma smile and hug back.

"I got dad something too, but you can give it to him when you get back to the house, it's a bracelet with a shark on it, I figured he could have something a little more masculine on it," Emma said. Mary Margaret chuckled.

"He'll love it," Mary Margret said taking the small box and putting it in her pocket.

"Lunch is ready," Regina said from the kitchen.

"Let's eat," Emma said going to the kitchen, smiling when she saw Regina pouring them something to drink.

"Hungry?" Regina asked Emma.

"Always," Emma said kissing Reginas cheek and sitting down next to Henry. Henry smiled hugging Emma tightly.

"I missed you guys a lot," Henry said. Emma smiled hugging back as Regina sat their food down.

"We missed you too," Regina whispered kissing her sons head as they all ate.

"So what did you guys want to talk about?" Henry asked. Regina and Emma looked at one another while Mary Margaret looked at Emma and Regina.

"Well, we wanted to ask you if you would like a sister?" Emma asked. Henry smiled.

"The baby in the NICU?" Henry asked.

"How'd you know that?" Regina asked.

"Emma talks about the baby a lot, and I went to the NICU a few times to watch over her, I read her stories," Henry said.

"When did you do this kid?" Emma asked.

"He came by a few times, I supervised him so he was ok to be there, I didn't see any harm in it, I hope that's ok," Mary Margaret said.

"It's fine," Regina assured her.

"Good, well I have to go," Mary Margaret said hugging them bye.

"So, when can we adopt her?" Henry asked excitedly when Mary Margaret left.

"Next week," Emma said.

"Awesome, I'm gonna have a little sister, I get to be a big brother, oh we should make her room, I want to paint it, well not all of it but…" Henry kept listing everything he wanted to do before his new little sister came. Regina and Emma held each others hand smiling at their son.

Emma huffed as she laid down on the bed, "Fuck our bed feels good, I miss this bed," Emma said. Regina smiled closing and locking the door so Henry wouldn't come into the room without knocking in the middle of the night if he woke up. Regina went over to Emma and stood between her legs looking down at her wife.

"Me too, though I love it way more now that you are on it," Regina whispered. Emma looked up and smiled wrapping her legs around Reginas legs and making her fall forward so she landed on top of Emma.

"Hey," Emma chuckled smiling lovingly at her. Regina smiled starring at Emma with the same loving look.

"Hey," Regina whispered. Emma smiled leaning forward and kissing her. Regina hummed and closed her eyes, straddling Emmas waist as she kissed her wife. Emma moaned grabbing her waist and bringing her closer.

"I want to make love to you right now," Regina husked nipping her neck. Emma gasped and nodded.

"Anything you want," Emma whispered as Regina climbed off of Emma, making sure to still have her attention as she slowly undressed, making Emma whimper with need. Regina threw her dress at Emmas head.

"You are such a tease Regina," Emma said taking the dress off her face and throwing it over to the hamper. Regina chuckled undoing her bra but not taking it off.

"Oh very much so, I thought you knew this already," Regina teased going over and taking Emmas shirt off.

"I definitely do, especially when you help me study for surgeries," Emma whispered thinking about the strip teases and games Regina would play with her. Regina hummed finally taking her bra off. Emma licked her lips as Regina lifted her wifes hands up and running them up her body until they rested on her breast.

"Fuck, these feel amazing, your whole body feels amazing," Emma whispered massaging them. Regina moaned arching into her touch. Emma moved down and took a nipple into her mouth making Regina moan louder and pull away from her.

"You are wearing to many clothes dear," Regina husked. Emma stood up and got undressed with Reginas help. Emma got on her knees kissing down Reginas body until she got to her underwear, slowly taking them off, raking her nails down Reginas thighs. Regina shivered at what Emma was doing.

"Lay down dear," Regina whispered as Emma kissed her way back up. Emma smiled kissing her softly then lying down. Regina smiled as she crawled up Emmas body, placing open mouth kisses on it.

"Regina," Emma whimpered. Regina smiled as she took Emmas clit into her mouth, circling it with her tongue.

"Fuck," Emma moaned gripping Reginas hair. Regina thrusted two fingers into Emma as her tongue flicked across her clit.

"Regina," Emma moaned quickly approaching the edge. Regina started moaning against Emmas clit and curled her fingers inside Emma. Emma moaned loudly as she came, griping Reginas hair tightly. Regina slowed down letting her come down. Emma panted as she felt Regina kissing up her body; she looked up and smiled at Regina. Regina smiled as she looked into Emmas eyes.

"You are so beautiful when you come," Regina whispered. Emma smiled kissing her and flipping her over, straddling her wife. Regina smiled and chuckled as she kissed Emma back.

"I believe it's my turn to taste you," Emma whispered against her lips.

"Well if you insist," Regina whispered moaning when Emma thrusted two fingers deep into Regina.

"Fuck Emma," Regina panted as Emma made quick work, working Reginas body expertly.

"Oh Emma," Regina moaned out as she came. Emma moaned tasting Reginas sweetness. Regina panted pulling Emma up and kissing her passionately.

"You know just how to work my body," Regina husked nipping at her bottom lip. Emma moaned into the kiss as they laid in bed naked together, pulling away from the kiss panting heavily.

"I love you," Emma panted. Regina smiled stroking her cheek.

"I love you too, so much Emma Swan," Regina whispered kissing her more softly this time. Emma smiled kissing back until they needed to breathe.

"We should go to sleep," Emma whispered. Regina hummed.

"We should," Regina whispered snuggling into her wife. Emma smiled holding her close.

"Goodnight Regina," Emma whispered. Regina hummed already falling asleep.

"Emma, Regina, I'm glad you could come," Clary said letting Regina and Emma in.

"So you called and everything is good, we can adopt her?" Emma asked as they sat down.

"All you have to do is sign and of course a few weeks after we will drop by to see how the baby is and everything," Clary said as they sat down and began discussing the process after they signed the papers to adopt her.

"We are ready," Emma said tangling her hand in Reginas.

"And you are absolutely sure?" Clary asked and they both nodded.

"Very," Regina said. Clary nodded and handed them a small packet of papers.

"Alright you two, just sign here and we will bring the little one," Clary said with a smile. Emma starred at the papers. Emma and Regina signed as Clary made the phone call.

"So, what are you going to name the baby?" Clary asked once the papers were signed and she ended the phone call.

"We were thinking Hope Jones Swan-Mills," Emma said smiling at Regina. Regina smiled at Emma and nodded.

"That will be her name," Regina said squeezing Emma's hand.

"Here she is," a woman said bringing the baby in. Emma and Reginas smile brightened when they saw the baby. Emma stood up and took Hope from the woman, holding her carefully.

"Hi," Emma whispered to the baby who was asleep.

"Hello Hope," Regina whispered stroking the little hair she had.

"You two are going to be great parents," Clary said.

"Thank you Clary," Emma said as they gathered the paper work and diaper bag that the woman had brought them.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, we will be going now," Regina said shaking her hand and they left to the car. Emma tried putting Hope into the car seat.

"Uhmm, Regina, how…how do I do this?" Emma asked gesturing to the car seat. Regina chuckled.

"Let me show you honey," Regina said helping Emma with the car seat.

"Man, I have a lot to learn," Emma said through a sigh. Regina chuckled pecking Emmas cheek.

"You do, but I can help you on everything," Regina said getting into the car. Emma closed the door and got in, Regina intertwining their hands together as she drove home. Emma kept glancing back to the back seat to check on the baby.

"I did that too, a lot actually, when Henry was born I'd check on him so much, afraid that he would disappear," Regina said.

"What if I screw this up?" Emma asked looking at Regina. Regina squeezed Emmas hand.

"You will, every once in a while you will mess up. Nothing is perfect when raising a baby Emma, you just have to learn from the mistakes you make," Regina said.

"Well hopefully I won't make to many mistakes with you there," Emma said. Regina smiled as they pulled up to the house.

"And I will always be here to help," Regina said with a smile, "Think you can handle unbuckling her while I get the diaper bag?" Regina asked.

"Hardy Har," Emma said sticking her tongue out and getting out of the car. Regina chuckled at her wife as she got out of the car, Henry ran outside.

"Is she here? Mom, Ma, is she here?" Henry asked excitedly jumping up and down trying to look in the car.

"She is, and you can hold her if you go sit on the couch," Regina said getting the diaper bag.

"Ok," Henry said excitedly as he ran back into the house where David and Mary Margaret were.

"Are you ready to meet your big brother," Emma whispered kissing her daughters head. Hope giggled and made bubbles with her mouth. Emma and Regina chuckled as they went into the house. Henry was sitting on the couch bouncing up and down excited.

"Be still my little prince," Regina said kissing his head,

"I'm just excited, I'm a big brother and I get to hold my little sister," Henry said with a smile.

"She's beautiful," David said with a smile.

"She is," Emma whispered and carefully handed Henry the baby. Henry smiled holding the baby like his mom had taught him. Regina and Emma smiled at Henry holding her, both of them knowing he was going to be a great brother.

"I went ahead and made dinner for you, it's in the oven," Mary Margaret said to them as she gathered her things to leave. Emmas and Henrys stomach started growling at the thought of food. Regina chuckled.

"I will make some plates, but you two are staying for dinner, we insist," Regina said. David and Mary Margaret nodded and they agreed to stay for dinner.

Emma frowned as a whiny noise woke her up; she looked over at the baby monitor and sighed.

"I'll get it," Regina said through a yawn.

"No, I'll get it baby," Emma whispered pecking Reginas cheek, Regina hummed falling back to sleep. Emma smiled at her wife as she put sweat pants on and went to hopes room.

"And then the knight came in and rescued the princess," Henry whispered to his little sister, he had snuck in the room when he heard his sister crying. Emma smiled leaning against the door as she saw henry making up a story for his little sister. Emma tiptoed out of the room and went to Regina.

"Regina, baby wake up, you have to come see this," Emma whispered kissing along her cheek and neck to wake her back up.

"Emma Swan I swear if you are waking me up in the middle of the night to have sex I will destroy you," Regina grumbled. Emma chuckled.

"No baby, it's our kids and Henry is reading his sister a bedtime story," Emma said. Regina smiled looking at Emma eyes half opened.

"Is he really?" Regina whispered.

"Come look," Emma whispered helping Regina put on her robe and they went to Hopes room seeing Henry still telling hope a story drifting back to sleep.

"And they lived happily ever after," Henry whispered covering his little sister up just as she fell back to sleep. Henry turned around to walk out quietly when he saw his smiling parents.

"I didn't want her to wake you guys up," Henry whispered.

"It's ok," Emma whispered picking him up and taking him to his own bed. Regina checked to make sure Hope didn't need changed before she went back to bed.

"You were very sweet Henry, you are going to be the best big brother in the world," Emma whispered tucking him in.

"You think so?" Henry asked.

"I know so," Emma said kissing his forehead.

"Night Ma," Henry whispered.

"Good night kid," Emma said going back to bed. Regina snuggled up into Emma as they went back to sleep.

A Few Weeks Later

"I was paged," Emma said seeing Regina, Belle, Red, and her mom and dad in the conference room in front of Cruella.

"I'm glad you could make it Emma," Cruella said. Emma sat down next to Regina, their hands automatically intertwining.

"Not that it's not great to see you, but what exactly are you doing here?" Emma asked.

"Well I have a proposition for you all, to put it short I bought a hospital and it needs doctors, and I would like you to work there," Cruella said.

"But what about me? Why am I here?" David asked.

"Because the town also needs a new deputy and soon will need a new sheriff, and with your military background they are willing to hire you," Cruella said.

"Why us?" Belle asked.

"Because you are the best and I want the best at this hospital, it has all of the newest gadgets and everything, of course you and Red will have to finish your internship but you can do that at the other hospital," Cruella said. "And obviously all of you aren't running the hospital; I have hired other doctors to fill in the other positions," Cruella said.

"What about the schools?" Emma asked.

"And the neighborhood?" Regina added.

"It has the best school in the United States, it's a private school and there is a daycare at the hospital for the little one," Cruella said. "And there hasn't been any….major crime in the area for sixty years, almost all of the houses have alarms," Cruella said. They began talking among themselves, they loved the idea and if it had all the newest technology and medical equipment and the place was safe enough then they really wanted to go.

"OK, I think we can all agree that we very much would like to go there," Regina said.

"Excellent then you..." Cruella started.

"But we need to talk to our son," Emma said interrupting her.

"And I have to talk to Granny," Red said.

"That's understandable, as soon as you all decide just sign these papers," Cruella said handing them each a set of papers.

"Where will we be living?" Regina asked.

"Living arrangements have already been made, the landowner is actually Gold, so he knew which houses would suit each of you, if you want any changes or to swap with someone just let me or him know," Cruella said.

"Where is this town anyways?" Red asked.

"In a town called Storybroke Maine," Cruella said with a smile.


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