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"Tsuna! Breakfast is ready, hurry up or you'll be late!" Reborn called from the kitchen as young Vongola Decimo appeared, dragging his feet and looking as if he still had his pillow plastered on his face.

"If you say it like that, one would expect you to be the one cooking or wearing an apron or something." Tsuna commented lithely smiling at the man casually sitting at the table, cup of black coffee in front of him, open newspaper in his arms. The fedora-wearing man lifted his gaze, huffing.

"I'm the best hitman in the world, Tsuna. I don't do such things; I have someone else do them for me." He said, ticking an eyebrow to the person actually responsible of the delicious smell and the plates of scrambled eggs set in front of both of them. He curbed his otherwise rude words by setting his paper aside and picking up a fork. "Delicious as always, Nana-san. Thank you for the meal."

The woman giggled, laying a soft hand on his fedora before snatching the newspaper from him. "I'm glad to hear that. Now boys, don't forget to wash your dishes. I'll be in the living room if you need anything."

"Yes, mama."

The woman smiled at him, her eyes shining with endearment at seeing her boy sleepily rub at his eyes and yawn. "Tsu-kun, dear. Don't forget today is an important day so please don't be late." She said, more as a reminder than a reprimand.

"Yes, mama." The still half-asleep brunet mumbled to his eggs. Nana sighed fondly and left the kitchen, knowing Reborn would prevent Tsuna from being tardy anyway.

Said man polished his cup of black coffee and stared directly at the brunet. "Hurry up, it is an important day." He said without even once going for his gun. Even half-asleep, Tsuna noticed and he smiled at his eggs.

"What important day? I'm just graduating. Nothing much."

"You're graduating high school." Reborn simply replied but the proud smile directed at him conveyed everything left unsaid, making Tsuna puff out in pride and embarrassment in equal parts. "Now off you go before I decide to use you as target practice."

Tsuna went through the last mock-graduation with his mind on the clouds, and he only returned as the orchestra started playing again–this time for real– and the families of the graduating students started trickling in. He gulped.

Suddenly he was not ready.

Everything becomes a hazy blur, as he hastily goes to meet with his friends, and prepare to receive his diploma and get clapped at. Tsuna fumbled with his toga before going onstage, but thankfully didn't stumble even once as he received his certificate and as he smiled at his mother and at Reborn.

Seeing his mother cry happy tears as she clapped made his smile wider as happiness tore at his throat.

Seeing Reborn slowly join his hands to clap a few times, slowly, following no one's tempo but his own, a cocky smile on his face made Tsuna's chest inflate with pride as he squared his shoulders.

He reunites with his friends again, to sigh in exhaustion at all that fanfare, to laugh at each other in relief for not having goofed up (in Takeshi's case) or bombed anything (Hayato) or simply done something ridiculous or outrageous. They soon part ways to rejoin their families and Tsuna promptly finds himself being glomped by his overly excited mom.

He hugs her back, lifting her off the floor briefly as he was now able to do before they look at each other's eyes.

"I'm proud of you, Tsu-kun. And I'm so happy for you."

"Thank you, maman."

Reborn is patiently waiting for the Sawadas to finish before he steps up, primly and elegant in his black suit, with his orange undershirt.

"Well, well, well. Looks like my No-Good student finally graduated from high school." He begins with an arched eyebrow. Nana looks like she wants to smack him for even joking about it, but then his features soften. "Tsunayoshi. I'm proud of you." He repeats his words from the morning before he opens his arms wide. Tsuna is confused for a moment. "Come here, you brat."

And Tsuna is suddenly being engulfed by a pair of strong and slightly foreign arms. Tsuna immediately latches on and all his excitement sizzles to become a burn of sheer pride in his chest.

"I couldn't have done it without you."

"You could have, you would have. But I won't deny I had a hand in it. And I'm so proud to see what you managed on your own."

(One day, Tsuna promised himself, he would be as strong, as big and as reliable as Reborn was, so next time they hugged, Reborn would find someone he could rely in for whatever he needed. It was now his new secret goal.)

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