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Dragon talking to Dragon

Dragon talking to Human

Chapter Seven

The wind lashed at the moving figure; his sleek black scales catching the sun rays to show his dark, mysterious beauty to all who would even glance and admire. The four legged creature huffed, his mind set only on one goal as the low branches of trees slapped at him but he paid now mind to the stings of the wildlife – he is on a mission. The yelling grew louder and it directed his course of action.

Save, Protect, Hiccup. Those thoughts streamed through him, only guiding him further and further until he sees the edge of the forest with the sight of the Viking's village only ahead. When he broke through the trees, the birds flew away from him – animals: small and large, ran from him but he did not care. He is on a mission in order to save his friend; the one that mirrors him in so many aspects he has come to hate about himself. Loki continued his maddening pace; the sounds and smells making him react and turn towards the source of it all. He saw the mortals the circled the cage, yelling and shouting but he didn't care – he only focused on the screams and struggle his own rider is making. The beautiful and deadly creature broke through the large group – ignoring the panic of rushing warriors as he entered the cage. He attacked the larger dragon that dared attacked his mortal. The fire spewed around, claws latched and scratched until he was flung away.

The larger dragon made a hasty retreat and Loki could only think of his rider; if he was safe – okay and unharmed. He turned to see the shock expression, the heavy breath he was displaying and hammering heart that threatened to burst from his chest. The pagan god barely made one step before other threats leaped from above and dared to block his way to his mortal – to his friend. He saw his rider react, fear displaying on his features but not for the mortals safety but for Loki's. He was quickly attacked by the one that smelled like his rider but the mix of blood of man and beast, ale and mead and sorrow made him angry.

"Can you not see?!" he couldn't help but roared – blinded by the hallucination of Odin standing before him – blind to the obvious, ignorant to the desires and wishes of his children but most of all arrogant in thinking of calling himself the good guy. The father of his rider lashed out against him and he reacted like an animal – can they not see that this is wrong? Forcing their kin to fight and die? Teaching them that intelligence is frowned upon – viewed as unusual behavior isn't wrong? Loki had enough, the reason he hated the mortals so much is shoved in front of him that appeared as this man that dared to attack him.

The desire for blood ran high and he was about to roast him with a single breath – just one will end it all; his hatred, his fears, the last fragments of what's left of a sane mind before the beast completely took over.

"Toothless stop!" the voice of his rider snapped him from what he was going to do, made him realized what he was about to do. The breath died in his throat, his body language became less threatening and he turned to see his rider. Tears threatened to run down the young face and Loki remembered that if he killed this man, he would destroy all the trust he has desperately gained would be lost. He would prove that he is insane, a monster by all accounts and he didn't want that. He stood down and allowed the Vikings to capture him regardless how uncomfortable he was. He watched his rider until the larger man took his arm – rather forcibly and Loki couldn't do anything but watch.

The larger man dragged him away and the blonde female look between them and Loki for a while before following after the pair. Loki was chained and muzzled; the restraints reminding him of how much of a monster he has came to become. A monster and beast in the eyes of all of humanity, he has pondered his childhood and how he came to become this in the darkness. The loneliness of the cell making him become depressed as he wonders of when he will die (if he could even die now) but the other dragon's took this chance to talk even if he couldn't reply.

"The great Loki caught by 'disgusting' humans…how refreshing these change of events has come." A female voice sounded and he knew it was the Nadder talking because of all the chirping in its speech.

"Will you shut up you prideful cunt!" The monstrous Nightmare retorted with malice, "Day in and day out you fucking talk and it's getting irritating!"

"You're just mad because you got caught again!" The Nadder replied in haste. "Besides, Loki here can't do anything to us because they may have chained him down like a dog! Don't you want to throw some punches as well?" It's true; Loki couldn't do anything to them in order to protect his name.

"Even so – we all know he is crafty enough to get out." The Nadder snorted at that. "But I'm not the only one that respects him out of all of us. He came here to defend the Human chief's son and that small human must have done something to earn his respect and loyalty." So much…I doubt you'll understand… Loki thought in sadness. "As I see it, something great will happen…Things have to change now because of what has happened and what will happen."

"We must agree with the red one…" the hissing sound echoed near his cage and for a moment Loki pondered on how they managed to capture a very keen Zippleback. "We all have smelt Loki on the boy and we all have target him because of that smell but the human has proven to be just as crafty and intelligent as Loki. That human has caused a chain of events to happen…none of us can harm him because he knows our weaknesses and strengths; he knows some things that the other Vikings don't."

The conversation was cut short when his cell was open to reveal his rider's father and a few others. Loki growled slightly as they pulled him out with ropes and chains and dragged him to one of their many ships. The bolted him to it and Loki instantly knew what they wanted from him and Loki couldn't deny them that. They wanted blood for all the pain and torment the dragons have brought onto them and Loki knew. He knew that there is no way of getting around this, there isn't any hope of him surviving this in the end; besides – he has come to terms that he will never return home and will die here.


The other dragons in the cages sat in silence, they can smell the chief's son from outside their cages as well the strong scent of the Night Fury that was taken away hours ago. The boy stood outside in thought and the dragons were uneasy of what will happen. However, the Monstrous Nightmare has stated that he is prepared for this change – what change he would never tell. The door to the large red dragon's cell opened and he slowly stepped out to see the young face before him, hand outstretch and slowly guiding the larger creature to a small group of children. The Monstrous Nightmare expelled a large huff when the individual gave him to another child – much stockier than the chief's son but there is no denying the blood relation.

"See Snoutlout, nothing to fear." The child said and the larger dragon hummed. "Now then, it takes a while to earn a dragon's trust base on breeds but if he is going to be your partner – what name are you thinking of giving him?"

Name…Do I still remember my birth given name? The Monstrous Nightmare thought and to say he couldn't remember. Being imprisoned for such a long time could make one forget his own name and too say it makes him sad. The stockier Viking stared at him for a moment before turning to the leader of the operation.

"Hookfang, that's his name." The dragon huffed at the simple name that is based on his features but he couldn't deny the appeal to it. The leader smiled and led Snoutlout through the basic steps of how to care for a dragon and the key aspects of being a dragon rider. Hookfang listened attentively to the leader and the dragon mentally acknowledges the scrawny child as the human alpha. He may not be large and threatening like his father but he shows promise of being one. Soon the other dragons were being led out – one by one to each child (except the twins, the Zippleback proved to be enough for them and the other dragons couldn't help feel jealous at the two headed dragon getting two humans) but each of the dragons couldn't help but revolve around the human alpha. He has Loki's smell which proved his leadership base on relationship, intelligence and cunning that the dragons couldn't help but love but most of all empathy.

Loki may not have shown this trait very often with other dragons and that didn't help his reputation over the years but a few dragons saw brief moments of empathy. Loki has a tendency to care for orphans, bringing flightless and lost dragons into other unknown lands far away from the Red Queen. Many followed him to find out he has discovered a clutch of dragonlings whose parents have been killed by humans or other dragons. Loki uses his silver forked tongue into talking other dragons of the same bread as the clutch to raise them and treat them as their own. Many dragons accepted this base on mothering instincts while others directed him to a sterile dragon of the same breed that cannot bear any clutch who accepted them whole heartedly. Another aspect they have noticed was that Loki loved intelligent beings that use their cunning to display trickster like behavior.

This fact became apparent when Loki plays pranks on others, though his pranks can be deadly but it proves to be a lesson to each individual (none can deny that they feel furious in the end) but majority of Loki's pranks usually are an act or revenge for the other person. Loki did this to both dragon and human, when the last village they raided to allow Berk to restock they have discovered the chiefs' mother is a cruel woman to his two children. Though the dragons never really bother with this even though they feel sorry about the young children growing up in such environment – Loki, however, took it to heart. The dragons watched as he stalked the woman on a daily bases, learning everything and all her methods of abuse to the two children in her care. Then he created an elaborate prank to teach her a method.

The dragons couldn't help but feel in awe of the smaller dragon, they watched everything spiral out of the woman's control. First it was small things that humans would count as a simple mistakes then it gets larger and larger to the point of insanity. The children grew bold and told their father everything in their bravery and the woman laughed and allowed everything to slip in her already stressed state. Loki watched with a smile before leaving – knowing full well of what would happen next.

This moment is no different but the only thing the dragons knew is that Loki didn't planned for this. This was out of Loki's control – some divine intervention from the Gods above in order to assist the wayward dragon. The Nadders knew he would make a great father to a clutch if he settled down, the Zipplebacks knew he is fiercely protective, the Gronckles knew he can be loveable in his own way, the Terrors knew he is lonely, and the Nightmares knew he is loyal.

Hookfang watches how Stormfly hovered around the leader as he face the blonde female some pointers on how to take care of her dragon. The Nadder moved ever so slightly, staying downhill in order to catch the blend of scents before backing off when the leader left to assist the twins. The dragons acted accordingly since they knew change has came, they smelt it in the air and they will follow Loki's lead by bringing the human alpha to his dragon alpha.


Loki felt the pull of the Queen's music, he didn't allow it to control him like last time but it is so hard to resist to son. Soon Loki allowed it to guide him, he couldn't fly towards the song but the movement of his head helped guide the Vikings to their desired destination. He felt a little concerned for all the humans' safety – after all their part of his human rider village and he cares about all of their residents. When they landed, Loki watched from afar of them preparing for a battle they can never hope to win but he couldn't do anything.

He could hear the music trying to control him and he has no escape, no distraction nor does he have any outlet to rid of its evil notes; he watches them prepare for the final battle of their lives. He watched the walls collapsed and all those that have been imprisoned deeply inside flew for their lives as the Vikings attempted to attack them but each shot was missed. Loki heard the whispering and he struggled in his binds knowing full well that it is useless. He heard the whispering drawing near, appraisal of the kill he brought her and a promise of his end. Loki somewhat sobbed as he struggled in pure fear of his own weakness. He watched her rise from the depths of her hell-whole. For a moment Loki thought Hel has created a gate way to her home and unleashed one of her many pets.

The thought didn't help when hell fire spewed from his maw towards the many ships that lay near the shore, the flames licked his fire resistant skin and it made him flinch. He saw his life flashing before his eyes as she drawled near and two foolish Vikings distracted her as the others ran for their lives. Then he heard other dragons calling as they attacked the queen. Their smells intermingling with his rider and he glanced up to see them flying overhead.

Loki felt his heart skip as he watched the spectacle. He watched the four other dragons attacked the large target, his riders voice clear in the air as he ordered them and Loki's struggled renewed. He cried out for his rider, the Queen's song no longer affecting him. Loki saw his rider come to him, treading the flames with care as he tried to release Loki from his bondage.

"It's okay Toothless, I'm here!" he shouted above the noise of cackling fire and splitting wood. The ship started sinking but his rider continued to yank on the chains, then they both sank. He watched his rider struggle even more to free him until the lack of oxygen finally caught up. He shout – muffled by water – went unheard as his rider floated away unconscious. Another figure came in and took his rider away from his soon-to-be grave.

When the larger individual returned; the two stared at each other and exchange an understanding until they have come to an agreement. His rider's father broke his bondage and in return Loki flew out of the water while carrying the larger man and setting him down onto the ground before hopping onto the large rock that overlooked the ongoing battle. Loki turned towards the two and looked at his rider and his human smiled before running up to him.

As Hiccup got himself situated on top of the sleek dragon his father decided to walk up to him and have a heart to heart. Loki rolled his eyes a bit but said nothing, allowing the mortal to have this moment to feel accomplished and realize how his father truly feels about him. After the most heartwarming moment Loki launched them into the sky. The two moved in the air as one, each body language clear to the other with barely or no indication of where to move – their minds completely synced.

"Alright buddy, let's take her out." And this made Loki's heart thunder in his chest. The moved into the offensive and attacked with a devastating blast that distracted the Queen from the others. Loki and Hiccup took the heat off of everyone else and the two flew around her – mocking her with human words and growls. Loki couldn't help but smile as he taunted but his rider steered him clear of her large maw and the god turned dragon remember that this isn't some joke.

The two flew up together and they managed to get the much larger dragon off the ground and too say it was terrifying when she took flight. Those large bat wings appearing to block out the sun when they first open and her large body become more menacing than it was when she was on land. To onlookers this battle is far too large for and no doubt every Viking that is present is praying to the Gods to let them succeed. The steps of victory were delivered quickly and executed accordingly; the Red Death's distraught clear when she is being beaten by pure cunning and cleverness in the air. Her large form and fire is far too easily seen and the two continued to move. Then came the final part of the plan, between the fire burning his tail and Loki's panic; Hiccup kept his mind clear, made sure he did his part without hesitation or fear of falling.

Loki twisted around to face the Queen's face as the three dived towards the earth with alarming speed. Her face made him snarl and memories rushed through his head, of countless dragons she has enslaved in order to satisfy her gluttonous hunger and when she opened her maw to breath fire, he took the shot. He watched with glee as her eyes widened in shock and fear of realizing too late of what they are truly planning came too late.

He smiled at the failing of her wings and he darted forward, the encouragement of his rider continuing through him. Then the most heart wrenching moment of his three hundred years of exile; they collided into the bulky, armored tail and his rider was knocked off of him. Loki twisted his large body and felt time slowed down, his heart thundering even more as her forced his wings to push towards his Hiccup. His forelegs outstretch to catch the unconscious being as the flames raised from the now burning carcass. He opened his mouth scream in denial, tears rushing to his green eyes and only deafening silence all around him.

Then he heard something of metal colliding with the solid ground, a great push that aided him in catching his rider. The taste of blood barely registered in his mind as he curled his entire body around his frail mortal – the flames insulting his pain sensors and he wanted to fly away so badly but he couldn't. He took the pain for what their worth, he took it if it meant that he could save his mortal, his rider, his Hiccup.

Then his body collided to the ground and it took all of Loki's breath. He slumped to his side and heaved, still holding tightly unto the unmoving body, the fog still heavy with ash and the smell of burnt flesh assaulting his senses. Loki let out a sigh until he saw Hiccups father approached and he glared at the man. Everyone surrounded him and sadness covered all of their expressions but Loki only paid attention to the man before him. The two communicated with only expressions (Loki didn't care if the larger Viking could understand his expression or not) but when he found the answers and he accepted them, the Night Fury then opened his wings to reveal the slumbering teen. The reaction was immediate, the smell of fresh blood making him cringe at the most obvious harm he has caused but the appreciation of saving his life was enough.

The cheering was brief and the mischievous creature followed them to the ship and stayed on the ship that Hiccup was on, watching over him and shooing away anyone who would interrupt his mortal recovery.


By the time Hiccup woke up Loki is happy, he didn't hide how happy he was to see the mortal awake and his presence alone alerted his rider on the panic side. Loki watches as his human was crowded and he was instantly pushed and shoved away from him, the next thing he knew was everyone taking his rider outside. He was about to follow suit until a familiar presence stopped him from going outside. Loki stopped and turned around to see a hermit like character but from all his years being around he knew who this individual is.

"Odin…For what do I owe this pleasure of finally being graced your presence?" Okay that was a little harsher then attended but still he felt sore of being banished. The old man lifted his hood and smiled down at the god turned dragon before him.

"I am here to welcome you back home, my son." Odin said. Loki tensed as he blinked his beautiful green reptilian eyes at the being before him. It has been over three hundred years since his exile and he had done too much harm during that time (no doubt everyone knows and probably hates him even more because of it) but he couldn't face them. The shouts from outside captured his attention and he turned to face the little light that is entering the small home; that's right he can't up and leave Hiccup either – the mortal needs him even more than before.

Loki starred at the light before looking at Odin, his gummed the bottom lip in thought before he looked back at the light. If he returned now then everything he built here would be for nothing, he couldn't help but feel that Hiccup won't move on from him and search and train another dragon for a loyal companion and friend.

"I'm sorry but…I cannot…" he said and faced Odin once more. "I cannot leave Hiccup, he – he needs me right now." He didn't expect the Allfather to smile down to him.

"I cannot force you home, however, I can grant your titles and powers back and you can always come home if you so desire." With a wave of his hand, Loki watches the eerie green essence of his powers float to him. Taking a deep breath, Loki inhaled it and he felt the ancient and familiar powers that defined him being restored back to him. His body changed without thought and now he is back into his humanoid form. Odin smiled down at the younger Norse God and before he left the Allfather pats the God of Mischief on the head. His soft dark locks move a bit before he left. Loki looked towards the door to see the figure gone and he exhaled his breath.

Loki stood up and turned on his heels and walked to the door, he called upon his power to retake the form of the dragon that he had built a reputation for the past three hundred years and jumped over the crowed in order to get to his Hiccup.

The End!

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