Let the game begin.

"Come out, come out wherever you are" her voice vibrates off of the walls, filling the silent house with her rusty voice. The sound of her deranged high pitched cackle fills my ears, causing a shiver to run up my spin. I know she will find me, and that makes this situation even worse. Why? that's all I want to know, why me? I've done nothing wrong. But yet here I am, hiding under a psychopaths bed.

I'm brought out of my thoughts, not by a particular noise, but a lack of any noise. Over the past week I've noticed that this house is never silent while she is awake. I can either hear the sound of her psychotic childlike voice or the click of her black heels on the polished wooden floorboards. But now there's nothing but deafening silence. I've learnt to fear silence. Like the saying, it's the calm before the storm. The silence before the thunder. With that knowledge I find it hard to keep my breathing under control. She's going to find me and when she does I'm going to regret ever thinking I could get away.

The door burst's open, crashing back against the wall, causing my head to fly upwards. I yelp as the back of my head connects with the bottom of the bed's frame. Well so much for staying quiet.

"Hello kitten" she purrs as she stalks towards the bed. I have no idea when she started calling me kitten, but I find it disturbingly comforting. She cackles happily before reaching under the bed "Now, how many times must I tell you. Do not try and hid from me" white bony fingers curl around my pail arm. Her skin is always freezing, it's kind of fitting for her personality don't you think? She tugs hard on my arm causing my body to jerk forward, my covered stomach slides along the polished floorboards until I'm lying at her feet.

I gasp as her white hand grabs a hand full of my curly, long, brown hair "I think it's time we taught you a lesson, don't you kitten?" I can't stop the whimper that escapes me. Her smirk makes my skin crawl. A sharp tug on my hair pushes me into motion, I force my legs to stand. Over time I've learnt that no matter what, don't try to fight her it's only going to make things worse.

She pulls me out of the bedroom and down the dark hallway, past the bathroom, down the stairs, into the lounge room, down another flight of stairs and back into the dark, damp, dirty basement.

She roughly throws me into the middle of the room and slowly starts to stalk towards me. She kind of reminds me of a predator stalking her prey. She circles around me until her front is pushed up against my back.

"My, my, my, haven't we been a bad little kitten" she purrs in my ear I try to keep my eyes focused on the wall in front of me "Do you know what happens when kitties misbehave?" her lips are right next to my ear. I can feel her hot breath on my neck. A pleasurable shiver runs through my heating body.

"N-No" I stammer out

"No what Mudslut?" Is it wrong that I can feel my panties start to dampen. I bite my lip, refusing to talk. Right now I can't really trust my voice. When I don't answer she growls in my ear before pulling back and starting to circle me again. I swear she knows what she's doing to me. Her smirk says it all.

It bugs me to think that just a week ago I was out in the open with the wind blowing through my hair and the damp grass and leaves crunching under my feet. A week ago I wasn't trapped in Bellatrix Black's basement with nothing but what used to be a white shirt and jeans covering my scraped and bruised body. I don't know why she did it or what was going through her undoubtedly gorgeous psychotic head when she apparated in front of me, wrapped her bony cold fingers around my arm and disapperated the both of us away to her manor without even so much as a breath. She hasn't said mush to me in the time that I have been her prisoner. I've only seen her on those occasions that she returns to the manor frustrated and angered by whatever her day has thrown at her. On those day's she pays me a visit and takes out her misfortunes on me in whatever torturous method she pleases be that physical, mental or magical. Over this last week I've come to the conclusion that hygiene is something most people take for granted. I haven't had a bath nor shower in the seven days that I have been here. It's safe to say that I stink.

"Well my kitten, what do you say about a little game?" my eyes instantly find hers and what I picture to be surprise plasters itself onto my face. My mouth hangs open allowing my dry lips to crack just that little bit more "We both know I loooovve games muddy" she brings herself to a stop in front of me. The thought crosses my mind that if I leant forward just a fraction my lips would press to hers but as quickly as the though arose I slammed it down.

"W-W-What kind of game?" my voice wavers and I shift my eyes to look at the bars that act like a sort of small window in the top right corner of the tiny basement letting only a small ray of light into the room.

"A little game of hid and go seek" her voice swims in my head. I lift my eyes back to hers trying to figure out what she means. "Ahhh muddy" she sighs "Do I really have to inform you of the rules of this game?" as hard as I try to stop it a whimper escapes my throat which in turn widens her smirk and sets her into motion once again. Her circling is something I have grown accustomed to and find ever so relaxing. The more she circles me the less pain I am forced to endure "If you last half an hour without me finding you I'll allow for you to eat tonight pet" my stomach takes the opportunity to growl causing my heart to quicken and her perfectly shaped black eyebrows to raise. Not eating for a week takes its toll on you, a single mention of food and your stomach seems to want to announce its presence "Like all my games though, there is a catch" she pauses her movements to squash a bug crawling across her path "If I catch you, you will do as I say without any arguments tonight. Do we have a deal Granger?" her use of my last name makes my heart sink and my toes to curl.

"Yes" is my reply.

"Good" her smirk returns "Let the game begin"

I might not continue this story. If you wish for me to continue then send me a message. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it so far.