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"Miss Granger. For the love of pure magic would you just open your eyes" I hear in the distance "She will be fine my Lord" Narcissa Malfoy says. Her voice getting louder with every word.

My head is thumping. My eyes start to flutter open as I regain consciousness immediately searching for the one person I know is in this room that will serve as any form of comfort. My eyes quickly find her. Bellatrix is leaning against the wall across from the couch I am currently lying on. Her face is blank but her eyes follow her sister around the room as she tends to me calculating every move Narcissa makes. It's weird to think that 8 days ago I hated the dark beautify across the room from me and now I find her providing me with comfort with her presence. I take my eyes off of her briefly to look up at Narcissa.

"She's awake" she states before coming to my side and helping me up. She hands me a glass of water and then straightens.

"You may leave now Narcissa" I hear a familiar voice command. It only takes me a moment before I realise who the voice belongs to. My eyes widen and my breath catches in my throat. I spare a quick glance in Bellatrix direction to find her in the exact same position, the only difference is the small, almost unnoticeable, smile playing at her lips as she takes in my reaction "Nice of you to join us again Miss Granger" Voldemort states as he glides into my view "Shall we get back to business?" he questions raising what should have been an eyebrow and looking between Bellatrix and I.

"Yes my Lord" Bellatrix answers for the both of us as she pushes herself up from the wall and makes her way towards me to come to a stop behind the couch I am lying on.

"Do you remember what we spoke of before you fainted Miss Granger?" Voldemort questions, sliding into the armchair across from me. I take a moment to think back to the moments before the world went black. My heart stops for a moment and I feel my eyes start to water.

"Y-yes my L-Lord" I stammer. I feel Bellatrix's hand on my shoulder and look up into her eyes. I know she is only trying to get me to do what the Dark Lord wants by comforting me, or so she wants me to think "We were talking about Har…" the dark wizard cringes "Potter and Weasley killing my…" I find it hard to say it "my… my parents" I finally get out. He nods. "Sir, I was wondering if… well if you could tell me what happened to them" Bellatrix hand stops rubbing soothing circles on my shoulder and clams down causing me to jump. Voldemort narrows his eyes at me. I know I shouldn't ask questions but I can't help it. I have to know what happened to my parents. I don't understand how they would have found them. I hid them so well. I didn't even know where they were, all I knew was that they were in Australia.

"Voldemort relaxes back into the chair "Bellatrix" he says softly before looking up to her "You need to learn to keep your pets in line. It would be a pity if I had to kill her because of her ignorance" He says more firmly looking back at me "To answer your question though Miss Granger, Potter and Weasley came to the conclusion that you had changed sides and are now within my ranks. I believe they wanted to get back at you so they went after your parents" He states. I faintly feel Bellatrix's hand start to move in circles again. My mind races to try and figure out what the dark wizard is saying. "

No! They wouldn't do this. They war my friends. They would have known I didn't come here by my own terms. He's lying" I tell myself firmly.

"I wish I was Hermione" I hear his voice in my head. I stand abruptly confusing both of the other occupants in the room.

"I need some air" I state before running out of the room and down the hallway towards the front door. I burst out of the mansion and fall to my knees in front of the steps on the gravel footpath. I can't hold back the tears any longer. My body starts to shake with sobs and I can feel my stomach churning. Behind me I faintly hear the sound of heels on the marble tiles. The next thing I know Bellatrix sweeps me up into her arms allowing me to borrow into her shoulder.

"Our Lord has decided to be kind and forgive you" she states sternly "He has given permission for us to return back home. He will not be so lenient next time Kitten" she purrs as she walks towards the gate. As soon as we exit through the gate I feel my stomach pull as Bella Apparate's us back to Black Manor. She kicks the door open and storms into the sitting room with me still in her arms. She droops me suddenly onto the couch "You know you could have gotten yourself killed!" she yells and paces back and forth in front of me. Out of the corner of my eye I see Deeti disappear "You could have ruined everything!" she screeches her eyes widening. She stops pacing and looks down at me. My blood runs cold as she glares daggers at me "You could have gotten me killed" she states, her voice dropping and her eyes darkening. I can feel my body heat up as I watch her stalk towards me "Now that wouldn't have been very good, would it kitten" she purrs as she slowly moves closer to me. I shake my head and sit up straighter. She growls and before I know it she is right in front of me pushing me back into the couch "I know how I make you feel Muddy" she husks "I can see what you want me to do. You really should learn to be more guarded" she states. At this present point in time I have forgotten all about my parents and the betrayal of my friends. Maybe she had planned this to distract me or maybe this was spontaneous but in this moment I could not care. "I picked this dress out specifically for you muddy" she drawls "I like the way it clings to you" her hand runs from my shoulder down between my cleavage and stops on my thigh making me groan and her smirk.

"Did you plan this?" I whisper not wanting to ruin the moment. She narrows her eyes at me and squeezes my thigh causing me to moan.

"Did you plan this… Who?" she questions moving her hand closer to where I want it to be. My breathing speeds up and I arch my back slightly. Before I was taken by the dark beauty currently in front of me I thought I would eventually settle down with Ron and live a happy life. I would have never of thought that I would be pinned by Bellatrix Black on her couch with her hand running up my thigh ever so slowly. I would never have thought that I would want her to just rip my clothes off and fuck me.

"Did you plan this… Mistress?" I stagger trying to keep the arousal out of my voice. All she does is hum. Her hand comes to the apex of my thighs and softly runs over my heating centre.

"Oh muddy I can feel how wet you are through this dress" she whispers in my ear then takes my earlobe between her teeth and bits down. Hard. Not hard enough to break the skin but, hard enough to cause a moan to slip past my lips. All of a sudden she pulls back and stands up straight "Upstairs" she orders "When I return you better be without this" she says tugging on the dress currently covering my body. She stares at me before stepping back allowing me to get up and move past her. I spare a look behind me to find her pacing off towards the centre of the house. I decide it's best not to follow her and just get up to her bedroom and do as she asks. So that's exactly what I do. I find myself more aroused