Hinata's phone rang, a familiar name flashing on the screen. He quickly answered it, snatching it up and having it to his ear within minutes. "Hello?" He asked, a smile already on his face before he even heard his voice. "Come answer your door." Answer his…? He heard the doorbell and quickly dropped his phone onto his bed, running towards it and sliding around the corner by use of his socks and clinging to the wall. He avoided his sister and screamed to his mom "I GOT IT!" He almost tripped twice, but managed to keep himself moving as he whipped open the door and jumped Kageyama, landing in his surprised arms.

"Woah, hey!" He scolded, scowling at him while Hinata just flashed him a wide grin. "Hi~" He cooed, nuzzling into him. Kageyama sighed and stood him upright. "Hi." He greeted plainly. God his boyfriend was so overly energetic sometimes… "Alright you're now freeing your schedule for three days, pack a bag, let's go." He said without an explanation. It was the second day into a week-long break from school. "Hn? What for?" Hinata asked, not even bothering to formally invite Kageyama inside as he started in without him. Kageyama removed his shoes and shut the door behind him.

"Because I'm kidnapping you." He said simply. "Mom!" He called around the corner, hunting for her in the last place he saw her. Kageyama trailed after him for a moment and then split off, going into Hinata's room. "Kageyama is over and he wants me to come over to his house for the night." …Or three. Whatever. He didn't even question it- the amount of trust was extreme, on or off of the court.

"Well we don't have anything planned, so I guess that's okay. Message me when you get there." She reminded and he quickly nodded and went up to his room, practically bouncing with every step. Natsu was staring at his door, meekly. "…Hn? What's up?" He asked, picking his little sister up. She didn't like it, but he did it anyways. She protested until he put her down. "Nothing…!" She ran back to her room and Hinata caught himself snickering as he entered his room.
"…I think she likes you. She's probably too scared to say anything to you though because you're tall and make these scary faces sometimes." He said, flopping down on his bed next to Kageyama and poking his forehead with a wide grin on his face. He didn't reply and just looked down at Hinata. "…You should have shut your door." He scolded quietly, leaning down and kissing him.

"…Sorry…" Hinata managed when Kageyama had pulled away. He just sat on the edge of his bed, hovering over him for a bit while Hinata stared up at him. "…You're quiet today. You okay?" He asked, sitting up and placing a hand to his cheek. Kageyama nodded and kissed his palm, placing his hand over Hinata's. He watched Kageyama for a moment and neither moved. "…I want to tell your mom… That I'm dating you." He admitted, letting his words have more weight than his silence had. Hinata's face flushed. "Not now, though… I want to kidnap you first." He said, Hinata's hand still by his mouth so he felt the smirk form on his lips and he watched the glint mainfest in his eyes.

"…O… Okay…" He managed to get out, his face bright red. There was a wonderful silence between them and neither moved. Kageyama kept his lips pressed to his palm and his fingers entwined with Hinata's. Hinata dared to even breathe… His heart was threatening to burst out of his ribs with ever second. Something about Kageyama was so tense and constricting and it was beautiful and wonderful. Hinata inched closer to him, the air he was giving off threatening to strangle him. He sat himself between Kageyama's legs and pressed their foreheads together. Kageyama brought his fingers up to the nape of his neck and gently ran his fingers over it.

"…You want me to help you pack some things?" He offered. Hinata shook his head. "…No, it's okay. I'll do it." He didn't want to move however… But his door was still open… His parents or Natsu could walk by at any time and see… Hinata just wanted to sit in this tense air of Kageyama's for a while and absorb it. He was thinking… Probably about what to tell his mother. He wondered if his mom would be mad… Probably not. His dad might be… Or just question Kageyama extremely harshly about every little thing. His mom would probably be shocked but deal with it better than his dad… Natsu would probably be a bit confused but not mind. She spoke about Kageyama on occasion to Hinata, asking him questions.

"How are you friends with such a scary giant?"
"You aren't mad that he's so much bigger than you?"
"He comes over a lot more… You two got really close, huh?"
"Hey, big bro… Even though that giant guy is bigger than you, he's not like a real giant right? Like he doesn't hurt you or anything… Right?"

…It was cute really. He caught himself smiling at the thought of it. "…What are you all smiley about?" Kageyama asked while Hinata forcibly removed himself from Kageyama to start packing a bag for his house. "Natsu. She likes to ask about you sometimes, I think it's cute. She's probably the only one in my house to bring up how often you've been coming over lately these past few months. Not even my mom has brought it up." He found a duffle bag and started putting clothes into it.

Kageyama hummed in reply and rested on his hands that he was using to prop himself up as he watched Hinata put things into his bag. "Like I said, I think she likes you but you're so tall compared to everyone in our house that I think she's a bit scared." He said with a laugh. "Even my dad is pretty short. Now that I think about it, you've never met my dad, huh?" He asked, looking up at the ceiling although it would show him the exact memory he'd need to confirm or deny the fact. Kageyama shook his head. "No, I haven't."

Hinata resumed putting things into his bag. "Yeah, he's the tallest one in the house, but he's still shorter than you. So it's probably weird for her to see someone that tall in our house, yet alone have me be friends with them." He turned around and tossed his bag on the bed, grabbing Kageyama's hands briefly and tugging him up. He went into the bathroom to grab his toothbrush and a few other things, walking back to his room with Kageyama in tow. Kageyama spotted Natsu peeking behind a corner. He stopped and gave her a wave which caused her to hide herself behind the corner. He smiled a bit and continued to follow Hinata back into his room.

Hinata finished packing up his things and then went to say goodbye to his mom and sister. "…Big bro… You're going to spend the night at his house?" She asked, shooting Kageyama a glance. "Yup!" He said, flashing her his usual, bright smile. She eyed him up and down and then finally decided to speak to him. She approached him, knees pressed together as if she had to pee, but she looked determined to speak with the giant in her house. Her little fists were even clenched together and her brow was furrowed.

"Pl… Please be nice to my big brother! He's smaller than you and I'm smaller than him… A-And he can sometimes be stupid and not understand stuff and he can be a volleyball-head all the time and he sometimes forgets to tie his shoes before he leaves and can get overemotional and sometimes over salts the rice-"
"Naaatsu." Hinata lectured, crossing his arms at her bringing up all of his faults for no reason in particular. She jumped, realizing she was getting off topic. "B-but he's still my big brother, so if you hurt him when he' at your house at all, I'll be upset!" Kageyama blinked a few times, then caught himself laughing at her. She really was adorable.

He crouched down to her level and nodded. "I promise." She seemed to calm down a bit at this, but still looked like she had to pee. He gently petted her head like a kind of stray animal. She jumped and flushed and it reminded Kageyama of faces Hinata would sometimes make. "I promise I'll be nice to him. I do kind of like him a little bit after all." He said with a chuckle. Hinata seemed to have puffed up his cheeks from pouting a bit and Kageyama made note but didn't say anything. He had done it on purpose. It was fun to sometimes rile him up.

He stood up and waited for Hinata to finish saying goodbye and then left with him. "…She really is cute." He added once they were out of the house. "Your little sister I mean. I wouldn't mind having a sibling like that." Hinata was reminded that Kageyama was an only-child. "Yeah, I think I lucked out. I hear sometimes siblings can be a pain, but I'm probably more of a pain for Natsu than she is for me." He said with an embarrassed laugh. They walked to Kageyama's house making small talk, the entire time hiding their hand holding behind Hinata's duffle bag.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Haikyuu! ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

Hinata was quick to jump onto Kageyama's bed. He buried his face into the pillows and rolled around on his blankets. "I haven't been here in a while~" He cooed, a wide grin on his face. Kageyama picked up his bag that Hinata had haphazardly left on the floor and put it out of the way. "You want a drink?" He offered. Hinata sat up, clutching a pillow in his lap and nodding.

He followed Kageyama like a puppy into the kitchen, pillow still in tow, as he got them drinks. They sat down at the kitchen table and Hinata realized he didn't hear any noise from the rest of the house. "…Are your parents not home?" He asked after he sipped on his drink. Kageyama nodded. "They're gone for the rest of the week."

"Ho~? So it's just you and me then?" He asked, a wide grin on his face. Kageyama could tell that the memory wasn't clicking in his head… So he should remind him. He stood up, leaving his drink as he hovered over Hinata, his mouth within dangerous proximity to his. "…Yes, it is." He spoke, his lips brushing Hinata's with specific syllables. Hinata shrunk into himself and hid behind the pillow. Kageyama took it from him and tossed it on the floor, stealing kisses from him as he did so. Hinata flinched, his ears turning bright red.

Kageyama placed both hands on either side of his face, licking at his lips in a manner that was as if he was trying to eat Hinata. Hinata squeezed his eyes shut, the mercury back in his stomach and his heart throbbing so hard he could hear it in his ears. He couldn't run away now… Or rather, he didn't need to run away now. There was no one around to catch them or stop them or hear them or… Or…

Hinata sighed though his nose and threaded his fingers in Kageyama's hair, pushing him closer as he opened his mouth for him. Kageyama was standing, so it was similar to the time in the classroom. He could press more of his tongue into his mouth and practically down his throat. Hinata made these small hiccupping noises as he gripped at Kageyama, sucking on his tongue like he intended to swallow him. He tasted sweet- like the drink he just had…

Kageyama pulled away, licking Hinata's lips and then his own as he did so. It was still pretty early, the sun still in the middle of setting… But now he couldn't wait anymore. Kageyama had gotten him all riled up and heated and he wanted him. He didn't care that you were supposed to wait until it was dark or whatever- who came up with that rule? Kageyama nipped at his neck and jaw line, showering him in a flurry hot pressed kisses.

He slid his fingers under Hinata's thighs, lifting him up and putting them around his waist while Hinata instinctively locked his ankles. Hinata's heart wouldn't stop throbbing and it was making it hard to function; it was honestly starting to scare him it was so loud. The sound flooded his ears and his head and he was panting desperately. He buried his face into Kageyama's shoulder as he was carried off to his room.

He was… They were gonna… He nibbled on Kageyama's ear and he felt it slowly grow hotter. He had embarrassed him enough to make his ears flush… He could feel the heat on his ears… He wondered if Kageyama could feel the throbbing in his chest. Kageyama closed the door to his room using his foot, putting Hinata down on the bed and hovering over him. Hinata loosened his grip on Kageyama's waist, his knees being propped up on the bed. "…You okay with this?" Kageyama asked in his ear, Hinata tightening his grip around his neck and he nodded.

"I… I want to… I told you that." He mumbled. Kageyama kissed his lips, forcefully but gently. "…You can't change your mind later- I won't stop even if you say no." He warned, his tone deeper than usual as he ran his fingers up his thighs. Hinata felt a shiver trail slowly down his spine. Why did he always do that? Did he even realize that he made his tone deeper when he spoke to him while he touched him like this? "I-I know…" He mumbled, mind fully concentrated on the fingers that were working their way up his shorts and grabbing lightly at his thighs.

His body tried to avoid his touch due to the tingling feeling it sent down to his feet, making him raise his hips a bit. Kageyama kissed forcefully at his neck, grabbing at his hips from under his shorts. They were jacked up and probably uncomfortable now, but he just really wanted to grab at Hinata's ass and thighs and his waist and… He sighed heavily into his neck, removing his fingers from him in favor of running them up his shirt. He trailed them up Hinata's sides, kissing all over his neck and collar bone. Hinata fussed against his touch and was flushed.

Kageyama tugged at the hem of his shirt, making Hinata sit up and take it off. Kageyama didn't remove his eyes from Hinata's torso, taking it all in unlike the glances he would have to make in the changing room or when they were playing a game. Hinata fussed under his gaze, then decided it wasn't fair. "…Take yours off too." He mumbled, snapping Kageyama out of his trance. Kageyama blinked at him, but did as he asked. Hinata took in a long, shaky breath through his nose. He was so nervous… But he really liked looking at him… Without realizing it until the heat of his body was under his fingertips, Hinata had placed his hand on his stomach. He ran his fingers up to his chest, eyes studying him. He caught himself licking his lips out of nervousness, fingers trailing over his collar bone, his shoulders…

Kageyama placed his hands on his sides where his ribs were, gently running his hands up his sides. It made Hinata shiver a bit, fingers tensing on his shoulders. He leaned forwards, kissing his neck again and his collar bone, trailing kissed downwards while his fingers stayed pressed on his lower back. Hinata tried to keep his breath steady and calm, but he found the lower Kageyama went, the harder that become.

"…You're so slightly." He mused out loud, Hinata feeling the smirk on his lips that was pressed to his stomach. "S-Shut up…" He lamely retorted. Kageyama slipped his fingers past the waistband of his shorts and underwear, thumbs pressing into the hollow of his hips again. Hinata pressed his hips backwards, making his chest flush outwards while Kageyama just kept followed his hips, his thumbs pressing him regardless of how he moved. He trailed kisses upwards, giving an open-mouthed kiss to one of his nipples.

Hinata jumped, a slight noise escaping him. Kageyama did it again, sucking on his chest while he made circles into his hips. Hinata's breaths became short little gasps that were defined by every circle Kageyama made. Kageyama made note of that, drawing slow, hard pressed circles into him, Hinata's chest heaving every time he finished one. He pulled away, sticking his tongue completely out of his mouth and obscenely licking at Hinata's chest. He looked up at him while he did so, watching him flush and become extremely embarrassed.

He pulled away and leaned up, kissing him on the mouth, saliva dripping slightly from his right nipple. Hinata licked at his tongue, gasping still in time with the circles Kageyama made in his hips. Kageyama ran his hands up Hinata's back and side, crossing them in a way that was almost protective over him while the weight of his kisses forced Hinata back down onto the bed. He put his hips on Hinata's, the general situation overly familiar for them both.

Kageyama pressed his hips into Hinata's. He didn't run away or push him off or get scared- he moaned. It wasn't obscene- if anything it was in a falsetto that reminded Kageyama of a kind of small animal- but he liked it. He did it again, Hinata rewarding him with another moan. So he did it again… And again… And eventually just kept grinding their hips together without a moments breath of separation. Hinata met him at every press, pushing his hips forwards and gasping and moaning into their sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.

Kageyama wanted to strip him- but he didn't want to stop grinding against him. He thought of how he could take Hinata's pants off without having to stop. End result being if he wanted them off quicker, he'd have to stop and quick-strip him. If he wanted to keep grinding, he'd have to be a bit difficult about it… He decided he'd stop for now, slowing his pace on Hinata, pulling away and watching him gasp and shudder beneath him.

"…Kageyama…" He moaned, his body feeling completely useless and on fire and melted… He stopped completely, his eyebrow twitching as he leaned down towards his ear. "…Don't call me that. You have the right to call me by my first name when we're doing things like this." He pulled away, his expression stern while Hinata's face was bright red. He had never called him by his first name before… He had thought about it, but never actually got to… He was too embarrassed.

"T-Tobio…" He mumbled, attempting to look him in the eyes as he said it. He smiled lightly, leaning down and kissing him on the lips again. "Shouyou…" He cooed to him, making the fluttering in Hinata's chest increase. He slipped his fingers below the waistband of his shorts, tugging at them. Hinata lifted his hips, the open air slowly hitting him as Kageyama took his time removing his clothes from him. He had taken his shorts and boxers at once, slipping down between his legs as he pulled them off.

Hinata couldn't even press his knees together if he wanted to, biting his lips. Kageyama kissed the inside of his thighs, the heels of Hinata's feet resting on his back, his toes curling. He teased him, kissing so close to him but yet still staying strictly only to his hips and thighs. He swore he could feel him flick his tongue out ever so briefly and lick him or breathe on him intentionally, but he never actually saw him doing it, so he passed it off as his own delusions. After all, he had thought about it before… Kageyama sucking him off.

Hinata found himself pressing his hips into the bed, his back arching as he shied away from him and gasping when he got too close. This probably was his favorite part of Hinata- his thighs. Due to constantly having to jump, they were toned, but they were still thick and he liked being placed between them. He kissed and licked and bit at the inside of his thighs until his skin started to flourish with little purple and red flowers. He took to biting him and sucking on him closer to his cock, teasing him and personally enjoying himself. "Ka- …Tobio…" He wined, his face flushing pink. "…What? I like your thighs." He planted a kiss on the inside of his left one for good measure.

"…Or were you getting impatient?" He asked, blowing on his cock. Hinata whimpered, placing his palms against his mouth again. Kageyama quickly pulled himself up so his face was level with Hinata's. He pulled his hands away and kissed his mouth hard and harsh, biting at him. "…Don't do that. No one can hear you now, so it's okay."

"Y-You can hear them!" He protested and Kageyama rolled his eyes. "Of course. I'm the only one allowed to hear them." He reminded, kissing his palms and grazing his teeth against them so Hinata could see. He wanted to just adorn him in bruises and bite marks so everyone would know who he belonged to. He wanted people to know that Hinata was his and to never both him.
Kageyama lowered his own pants and boxers, Hinata's eyes instantly drawing towards his cock. He flushed and become angry- but before he could voice about how it was bigger than his own just like the rest of his stupid boyfriend, he was being rutted against and his eyes rolled back into his head as he moaned from the heated flesh pressing onto his own.

Kageyama hadn't expected it to feel this hot. His face quickly scrunched up and he practically dropped his face into the crook of Hinata's neck as he stopped. He gasped, practically shuddering. This was so much different than doing it by yourself… Hinata felt his deep gasps on his neck, Kageyama still clenching his hands with his own. Hinata adjusted them so their fingers were locked together. He had never felt the mercury in his stomach act like that before- it had practically dropped straight to his groin and set itself on fire.

"T-Tobio…" He gasped. Kageyama slowly sat himself up, panting and looking over Hinata's expression. He pressed their foreheads together, the energy in his body being drained through the sticky contact heat from earlier, yet he wanted to do it again. Hinata separated one of their hands, running it though Kageyama's hair. "…Do it again?" He asked. Kageyama had still been trying to wrap his head around the feeling while Hinata just wanted more of it. Awkward virgin boys having sex while being completely indulgent of one another was always interesting.

Kageyama sat up, holding his cock in his hands, pressing the slowly growing sticky tip against Hinata's. The heat was back, but not as all encompassing. Hinata gasped with a wide, open mouth as his back arched. What was this again? Fromage? Whatever, he really liked it. He groaned, pressing his hips towards Kageyama's again, pressing the hands that were still locked together in the air a bit.

Kageyama yanked him upright, sitting Hinata on his lap. He pressed his hips upwards as he held him and Hinata's cocks together, earning him a heated gasp as he slumped forwards onto his shoulder. He was practically gasping in his ear every time Kageyama moved, making him press them together even harder to get more noises out of Hinata. He caught himself biting Hinata's ear, nipping at him and jacking them both off. Hinata couldn't calm the falsetto in his voice down and Kageyama quickly came to adore it.

"W-Wait, wait…!" He pulled his hand out of Kageyama's and pulled away, gasping and panting. He did say he wasn't going to stop, but… Hinata gasped, trying to calm his blood flow down a bit. Kageyama leaned close to his ear, tipping him backwards a bit. "You have one minute to explain before I continue." He warned, rubbing the sticky head of Hinata's cock with his thumb and index finger. Hinata shuddered and pulled his hand away. "I-I don't wanna… N-Not yet. I don't… I don't wanna let it out just yet…" He said, face flushing.

Kageyama tipped his head. "…Do you get tired after one round?" Hinata shook his head, still flushing. "I can do more… I just… I…" He glanced away from him, Kageyama holding his hand again. "…I just don't want to yet is all…" So he was holding back… Cute. He could tie it up or just jack him off regardless. But… "Alright, then. If I'm not allowed to touch you right now, what do you want me to do?" Hinata found his bottom lip quivering. "…N-Not that… Yet…" Kageyama snorted. He hadn't realized he was literally requesting from him how he wanted Kageyama to touch him. "Fine." So he'd just do what he wanted then…

He pulled Hinata close to him, kissing at his collar bone and down his stomach. He kneaded his ass while kissing his stomach. Hinata's sucked in his stomach a bit and pressed himself closer to Kageyama's mouth, wanting to escape his hands. He gasped, threading his fingers through his hair. Kageyama was in love with the plump flesh of his ass and thighs. He trailed downwards more, pulling Hinata up further, spreading his legs and kissing between them. Hinata shuddered again while Kageyama was practically drooling over him.

He kissed at them until he got cautiously close to his balls, instead lifting Hinata up further by his butt and then nipping at his ass. Hinata jumped and Kageyama just kept nipping at him. "D-Don't bite my butt, you weirdo!" He yelled at him, pressing his hands on his head to try to push him away. "…Well if I'm not allowed to jack you off then I think I should be allowed to do this." How was that logical at all?! Hinata furrowed his brows at him and pushed him away.

"…No, that's stupid… Let me do something then." Let him- Kageyama quickly became interested in how Hinata would embarrass himself. "Also, take your pants off all the way!" He yelled, tugging at them. Kageyama laughed a little bit and nodded, pushing him away to take them off himself. "There, better?" Hinata's eyes were locked hungrily on his cock. "Y… Yeah…" He forced himself to look away from him, glancing at the bed or his own hands. "…Shouyou." Kageyama sat up and ran his fingers though the side of Hinata's hair. "You can look if you want. I don't mind. I've been staring at you."

Hinata found his chest filled with more air than he needed and more blood in his face than there should have been. "I… Is that really okay?" Kageyama hummed and reply and kissed his cheek. "Of course." Hinata caught his eyes complying before his brain could argue. He settled himself between Kageyama's knees and found himself wanting to…

"…Ca… Can I…" The words kept getting caught in his throat but he really wanted to…! "C… Can I lick it?!" He finally managed, his face bright red and his eyes squeezed closed. Kageyama blinked at him, then covered his mouth as he snickered. "If you want to." He leaned back for him, pulling Hinata on top of him. He felt Hinata's cock press up against both of their stomach's, while his own was place between his legs. He could press against him if he wanted… Maybe even grind against his butt… But Hinata had wanted to do something, so he was going to let him.

Hinata swallowed hard and pulled himself away from Kageyama. He licked his lips and took in a deep breath while staring at Kageyama's cock. He was… He was gonna put that in his mouth… What had Suga told him? Let's see, um, no biting, hollow your cheeks, if you can't put it all in because you feel like you're going to gag, that's okay just jack him off along with your mouth…

He nodded to himself, now resolute in what he was going to do. He placed himself closer to his cock, taking it in his hands and letting out a deep breath. Kageyama flinched. "S-Sorry…!" He had accidentally blown on him. Okay um… Should he start from the top or just lick at him like ice cream…? Should he ask him? Should he-

"…Are you going to keep stating at it or are you going to do something?" Hinata jumped. "I-I'm sorry…! I… I just…!" Kageyama sighed. "Do you even know what you're doing?" Theoretically… Yes… "K-Kind of… I just… I don't wanna mess up." Kageyama seemed a little surprised. He was trying so hard, it was really cute… He leaned back and relaxed, running his hand though Hinata's hair. "You'll be okay- just don't bite me." He warned. Hinata narrowed his eyes. "I know that!"

"Ho? Do you know?" He questioned. "Shut up! I wasn't going to do this with you and not know what I was doing!" He yelled, then decided he didn't want to argue, he wanted to fuck, so he quickly placed his mouth on the head of Kageyama's cock before he could object. "So whaAAAHhh…!" Kageyama had been taken by surprise and Hinata was also surprised he got him to make that kind of noise. The taste was funny though… He didn't know if he liked it or didn't like it, but he slurped at it anyways. Kageyama had his face scrunched up like he was angry, but he was flushing and had a good grip on Hinata's hair.

Hinata kept glancing up at him to see if he was doing something he disliked or if he was messing up. He ran his tongue along it, getting a feel for the member in his mouth. It was weird… The tip was the biggest part and the slit was bigger than he thought it was. He pressed his tongue into it and Kageyama clenched his hair. He sucked down on a bit more of him, being mindful of his teeth. He had to slurp on occasion to keep his spit from dripping down his cock. The noises were obscene, but Hinata didn't realize it since he was so concentrated on keeping his saliva from dripping.

He remembered to hollow his cheeks as he put more into his mouth, adjusting to the taste in his mouth. He kind of messed up a bit, Kageyama's cock hitting his cheek. He must have done something right because Kageyama inhaled sharply and gripped at his hair again. He used his tongue to adjust it and resumed what he was doing before, hoping it felt at least okay… He gradually added more and more of Kageyama into his mouth, slurping greedily at him, the odd taste getting stronger.

It was a lot of work and his jaw was starting to hurt a bit… When were you supposed to stop doing this anyways? Whatever… He pulled up, never letting the head of his cock leave his mouth as he slipped back down, his saliva letting him know where he had stopped before. He couldn't add any more than that or he'd choke… He really didn't want to puke all over Kageyama- that would be the most embarrassing moment of his life…

"So yeah one day I was giving my boyfriend a blow job and then I blew chunks all over him too!" Yeah, that'd be a fun story… Hinata grabbed at the base and a bit more of what else he couldn't fit into his mouth. He pulled up with his mouth, slurping at his saliva and Kageyama's dick, pulling his hand up as well. He pushed it down when he put more of him back into his mouth, hoping he was doing alright…

"S-Shouyou…" He hummed, looking up at him with wide eyes but not stopping. Kageyama jumped, roughly pulling at his hair. He hummed in discomfort, making a face. It in turn made Kageyama grip his hair again. "S-Stop for a minute…!" Hinata gave him a look of confusion. "Hmm? Hhhai?" Kageyama tugged at his hair again, pulling him off but he couldn't move him away in time.

Hinata closed his eyes, the hot seamen catching him all over his face. Kageyama just… All over his face he just… He practically convulsed, cuming on himself from the thought alone. It was hot and sticky and tasted weird… But he had gotten Kageyama to… So if he hadn't have moved… In his mouth he would have…

Hinata quickly became greedy. He licked his lips and sucked on his fingers, practically moaning as he did so. He wiped Kageyama's cum from his face with his fingers and shoved them in his mouth like a child, humming and gasping and his cock still felt hard even though he was sure he had just cum as well.
"Sh… Shouyou…" Kageyama breathed hard, watching him. He had four fingers all the way to the knuckles in his mouth and was sucking on them and making obscene noises. He was swallowing his… …Next time he wouldn't pull him away. He'd cum right into his mouth and let his greedy boyfriend eat it all. His mind wandered for a moment and he wondered if he'd choke on it or if it would come out of his nose a bit… Or if he was so greedy that he'd manage to gulp it all down before that even happened. All of the options appealed to him.

He placed a hand on Hinata's cheek, pulling his fingers out of his mouth and kissing him. He stuck his tongue in his mouth and could taste his own cum. It was terrible, yet Hinata had eaten it up like it was the sweetest honey in the world… And to top it off, when he glanced down he had noticed that he had… Just from sucking him off he had… And he was still hard. He really could go for more than one round. He almost laughed at him.

He pulled away and kissed his forehead. "So I take it you liked that?" He asked, even though he had been the one to suck him off. Hinata nodded, looking hazy. "Un-hn…" He licked his lips, his saliva having a white color to it. It was still stuck in his mouth… "…Would you like me to do you?" He asked. Hinata was practically gone. He nodded greedily and Kageyama leaned back down, pulling Hinata's hips closer to his mouth. Hinata was confused- he was going to give him a blow job like that? That was a weird position… But if he wanted to, he wasn't going to object.

Kageyama licked at him, his hands grabbing at his thighs and ass. Being buried between them was so wonderful… He licked from his ass to the tip of his cock and it had Hinata squeaking and shuddering. He panted, his hips shaking. Kageyama grabbed them and held him still, sucking on his balls and jacking him off. He couldn't hold still. He kept fussing and moaning and… Kageyama let his hips go and grabbed at his ass. Hinata ground his waist, Kageyama meeting his pace how he wanted him to. He gasped and moaned, mouth wide open and still showing white glints of Kageyama's cum from earlier.

He gently nipped at him, moving him upwards more so he could eat his ass. "Ah! T-Tobio that's d-dirty…!" He wined, but couldn't stop his hips from grinding into his face. This was so obscene and perverted and it felt so wonderful~! Kageyama ignored him and took to eating out his ass, sticking his tongue past the rim of muscle. Hinata gasped and pulled away, Kageyama yanked him back down before his tongue could even leave his ass. Hinata gasped, a squeak accompanying the gust of air.

"T-Tobio…!" Kageyama grabbed at his cock, tongue working like it did when he was in mouth. Hinata felt terrible, but his hips were practically moving on their own and they kept jumping and grinding against Kageyama's face and he just… He kept moaning, a string of bouncing noises escaping him and he sounded so perverted…! He was getting off on his own noises- how disgusting…! His boyfriend had his tongue in a disgusting place and was jacking him off. He was sitting on his goddamned face and was…!

Hinata thrusts his hips to meet Kageyama's hand, his tongue writing inside of his ass and making him not have a single moment to stop gasping and moaning. Hinata felt a second intrusion and he stopped, choking on his own moan and trying not to cum. Kageyama had pressed a finger into him as well, feeling inside of him and Hinata swore up and down he was dirty but didn't have a chance to object because his head was quickly hazed over and his hips had started moving on their own again.

Kageyama teased him by constantly varying his pace- his hand would be jacking him off slowly while his tongue was a writing mass of muscle. It made him press his ass harder towards him, gasping and moaning. Other times it would move slow and deliberate, his hand speeding up and making him bounce so much he felt his ass jiggle. It was a constant variation of either one being fast or both being painstakingly slow, or both driving him insane with their fast pace. Regardless, between those it was enough of a distract to not notice that Kageyama had managed to wiggle three fingers inside of him until they hit deep inside of him.

He gasped and convulsed, refusing to move. He bit his bottom lip so hard that he was sure he tasted blood. Kageyama had stopped and waited. He had almost just came… Whatever he had just touched inside of him had felt so wonderful that he had almost just… Kageyama gently brushed circles around the spot inside of him. Hinata let out long, drawn out moans in return. He felt him slip his tongue out. "Feel good?" Hinata nodded, drooling he had been moaning so much. Kageyama kissed at his thighs, his hand running small circles over the head of his cock and on the inside of his ass.

Hinata let out a long, breathy moan. He gently ground his hips to meet Kageyama's fingers inside of him. Kageyama pulled out his fingers and licked at them, watching Hinata as he did so. Hinata flushed and was a heated mess. "T-Tobio…" He called greedily, wanting more in spite of thinking that it was dirty. Kageyama kissed at his thighs. Ah, wait… He was… Back there he was stretched out… Suga had literally told him "lube and spit are your best friends, don't be shy about using a lot of them". They didn't have any of the first, so the latter was used directly from his tongue…

"Hey… Tobio…" Hinata mused, Kageyama holding his hands. "Hm?" He kept kissing his thighs. "…Did you look up how to do this kind of thing?" Kageyama pulled himself away from Hinata. "…A little. I mean I figured some of it was obvious, but there was still stuff I wasn't sure about. What about you- you seemed to know what you were doing earlier." He chided. "N-No I didn't… That was my first time doing that! Suga-sempai told me how to-"

"I knew it…" He grumbled to himself, looking a bit sick. "Huh? Knew what?" Kageyama rolled his eyes. "You didn't find it odd that he knew all of that stuff?" Hinata shook his head. "No, I asked him. He said he has a boyfriend too." …God damn it he knew it; Suga and Daichi were dating. Whatever, now wasn't the time for that… "…Well I guess he gave you really good instructions- I hope they weren't first hand." He teased, knowing damn well Suga would never. "Wha-What?! No way!" He flushed and Kageyama smirked, sitting up, Hinata slipping down his chest.

"You sure? If I find out you're lying later…" He threatened, slipping his cock between Hinata's cheeks. "…I-… I'm not…" He stuttered, acutely aware of Kageyama teasing him. "You positive?" He asked, still slicking himself between Hinata's cheeks. He nodded, face bright red. "I-I'm telling the tru… Truth…" Kageyama was teasing his entrance with the head of his cock, smirking at him the entire time. "Really? Because if you're lying I'll have to punish you." He warned, grazing his teeth against Hinata's wrist again.

"I… Ah… I'm… I'm not lying…" He said again, his face flushed at Kageyama's teasing. "Hm… Promise, Shou~you~?" He teased, pressing the head of his dick just barely past the rim of muscles in Hinata's ass when he called his name. "I'm na-ahhh… Hnnn…" He pressed down to meet him a bit and Kageyama let go of his hands in favor of grabbing his hips. "Uh-uh. You promise?" He asked, doing it to him again. Hinata tried for words, but they failed him so he just nodded vigorously. "Hm… I don't know if I can trust that. Say it out loud."

"T-Tobio!" He yelled while he continued to tease him, just barely inside, yet it was so hot and he couldn't think straight. "Don't yell at me- or are you lying to me?" He didn't even remember what they were arguing over- he just liked the frustrated faces Hinata was making for him. "I'm… Hmm…!" He shook his head, trying to press his hips down again but was stopped. "Shou~you~" He cooed again, closer to his ear and Hinata reeeeeeeeally wanted him to stop teasing him already. "I p… I promise…!"

He could have promised to go kill someone for all he cared- this wasn't fair! Kageyama hummed, as if contemplating the worth of his words, pressing just a little further in than he had before. "…P-Please…!" Hinata begged, looking desperate as he tried to move his hips. Kageyama considered it… And let his hips drop. Hinata hadn't expected him to do that- so he had literally dropped onto his dick. His voice got caught in his throat and he dug his nails into his shoulders, burying his face into the crook of his neck.

"T-To~bio…" He could barely get his name out of his mouth and was drooling and couldn't see straight. Kageyama couldn't even pretended he was alright- his dick was encased in this intensely tight heat and he was terrified of Hinata moving right this second. He had his arms wrapped around him so each hand was grabbing at the opposite hip. He groaned, trying to hold him tight enough so that he didn't move. Both were shuddering and one move away from an orgasm.

It kind of hurt a bit for both of them; for Kageyama he felt like his dick was getting bit off and for Hinata it felt like he was being torn open and going to die. They both caught their breath, clinging to the other desperately terrified of the other moving. When Hinata could see straight, he pulled away from him, the biting cling of his fingers loosening. "…Tobio…?" He asked, completely hazed over and completely aware of the heat inside of him. "…Hn…?" He asked, looking up at him, eyes hazed over as well.

"…You… You can move now… I'm okay." Kageyama locked eyes with him and Hinata nodded for reassurance. He gently lifted his hips up, Hinata twitching and slowly let him back down. "…Do you want me to or do you want to move?" He asked, their current position allowing for either. "…C… Can I do it?" He asked, Kageyama nodding per his request. He had asked after all… Hinata slowly raised his hips, and lowered them back down, unable to see straight when he lowered himself back down all the way.

It kind of hurt a bit but it also felt similar to when Kageyama had his fingers inside of him. So that spot was… No wonder he had practically lost it when Kageyama dropped him on his cock. He experimentally lifted his hips again, pulling Kageyama out almost all of the way before slipping back down onto him. He moaned, tipping his head back a bit and almost going cross eyed. It felt really good even though it was a bit tight…

Kageyama would have agreed if he had vocalized it. Hinata kept up the slow and long draws, eventually adjusting and experimenting with other movements. He swirled his hips, the head of Kageyama's cock brushing against the spot he liked so much. He moaned, burying his face into his neck and clinging to him. Kageyama ran his fingers through his hair and buried his noise in it as well. He liked how that felt… He let out these long, drawn out moans in turn. He kept it up for a while before raising his hips and lowering himself back down.

He even outright dropped himself back down on him like they had done the first time, moaning loudly. He bit his bottom lip and did it again, Kageyama shuddering and moaning along with him. "S-Shit…!" He hissed, Hinata doing it again. He tried a mixture of the two, dropping himself harshly onto Kageyama and then swirling his hips- it felt wonderful. He ground himself against Kageyama, his own cock pressing against both of their stomachs.

Kageyama grabbed at his ass, kneading it while Hinata made circles with his hips on Kageyama's. He moaned into his ear. Kageyama didn't think he meant to do it- but he had also done it before and it drove him up a wall to the point where he thrust upwards into him to prove a point. Hinata's voice hit the falsetto tone again when he did, retaliating by bouncing up and down on his cock.

He made a string of these constant, high pitched hiccupping noises as he did so, Kageyama meeting him at each thrust and grabbing at his ass so much that his cheeks were spread. Hinata locked his arms around Kageyama's neck, moaning more directly into his ear. It made him thrust up harder and got him to moan louder, his voice echoing off of the walls. He wondered if the neighbors could heard him if they had decided to listen at all…

He didn't care. He kneaded at his ass, thrusting up into him while Hinata kept bouncing and hiccupping and gasping and he started calling his name over and over. "Tobio…! Tobio…!" It made him press into him harder, becoming more exact with pressing into the spot Hinata liked most- he kind of wanted the neighbors to hear him. He wanted everyone to know that Hinata Shouyou was his. Hinata was clenching around him more than usual and it gave a biting feeling to his cock.

Hinata gasped and called his name one more time before freezing up completely and not moving, clenching around him and gasping directly into his ear while he came. Kageyama couldn't help it- he kept pressing into him- it was Hinata's fault after all… He was gasping like that in his ear, so it was only fair he didn't get to think about pulling out of him before he came- besides… If he ass was as greedy as his mouth, he'd want him to… So he did.

Hinata convulsed more than normal. He swore to god he came twice in a row from the feeling of Kageyama coming inside of him. Didn't Suga mention something about condoms to avoid this…? Why would you want to avoid that? It felt so good he didn't have words for it- just noises. He moaned into his ear, clinging to him and clawing at him and… He didn't want to separate…

Kageyama flopped back with him, gasping and panting and the weight on his chest probably not helping his attempt to breathe or see straight, but whatever… He didn't mind holding Hinata. He ran his hands through his hair as they both tried to catch their breath. It had just officially gotten dark out, but there was a nice calm between the two of them as neither really felt overly tired.

When they could breathe, Hinata spoke first. "My thighs hurt more than running and biking ever did to them…" He grumbled, Kageyama running his thumbs along them. "It also didn't help that someone thought it was okay to bite them!" He yelled, glaring at him while Kageyama gave him a sheepish smile. He would have apologized, but he wasn't sorry. He ran his fingers through Hinata's hair, kissing his head.

…Now was okay. He could probably tell him now. "…Shouyou?" He called, tipping his head to look at him better. "Hn? Yeah?" Kageyama pulled his chin closer and kissed him. "…I love you." Hinata flushed and buried his head in the crook of Kageyama's neck. "…I love you too…" He mumbled. Kageyama smiled and ran small circles along his back.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Haikyuu! ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

The other two days at Kageyama's house were spent messing around and ended similarly. They would practice volleyball or play video games, eat lots of junk food and then for some reason or another, Hinata would be perched up on the counter or pressed against a wall making out with Kageyama and then dragged to his room. They went on a date the third day, holding hands and wandering around and window shopping again.
They came back and just held hands at the kitchen table, both lost in their own head about the other. When Hinata had to leave, Kageyama walked him home and kissed him goodbye, not too particularly worried about getting caught… After all, he had come in and told his parents after all.

They had reacted as Hinata had expected- his mother wasn't quite sure what to do, his sister seemed happy and his dad was if anything, tense. He was also a bit confused as to how two boys could be so in love with sports and yet like men. That took a bit of explaining for some reason and neither were sure if he really quite got it… Still, in general, they were okay with it so long as he was kind to Hinata. They really just wanted him to be happy, and he was happy with whatever he put his heart into; Kageyama was no exception. So, they allowed it.

Hinata followed him to the door and kissed him, not wanting to leave yet. "…You should just move in with me or something." He joked into his ear. Hinata flushed and actually considered it.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Haikyuu! ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

"Don't mind, don't mind!" Daichi called. Kageyama served, and Hinata who had been out just enough for their libero to play called, "Nice serve, Tobio!" He instantly faltered and almost fell. He shot him a look, his eyes wide and his face bright red. "…Um… Hinata…" Suga said, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. He leaned closer and whispered to him. "I don't think you should do that so suddenly to him- you should try it just when you're alone first and then try to incorporate it little by little, alright?" Hinata was a bit confused as to why he couldn't call his boyfriend by his first name, but…

If anything, he trusted Suga's advice. Hinata could be switched in now, so he left, nodding to Suga. "Okay. Thank's mom!" He was halfway to the court before he realized what he had said. "…ER! I UM…! I-I'M SORRY, I-I-I DIDN'T MEAN TO I…!" Suga just stared at him, then started laughing. He approached him and patted his head. "It's okay, kiddo." He decided he wanted to try something… He pulled Hinata into a hug and mused he hair, a wide grin on his face. Kageyama and Daichi instantly were jealous. How dare he! No fair!

Suga shot them both teasing smiles. "You just talk to me whenever you need me, alright?" He said, then leaned down and kissed his forehead for good measure before turning him around and pushing him onto the court. Welp, he technically just got the kid that he and Daichi had mused about. Kageyama was seething and going to kill him… How dare he kiss his boyfriend… How dare he…! "…Yo, uh… Kageyama, you okay?" Tanaka asked.

"Trying." He spat through clenched teeth. He could just kiss Hinata now. Right now. He could do it. …Actually, no. He didn't have to. He just had to wait until they were all changing and point out the litter of purple and red bruises all over the inside of his thighs. Yup. Then everyone would know and it would be much better. …Yes. Hinata was his, no one was going to take him away from him- ever.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Haikyuu! ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

"…Hn? Hey, Hinata?" Kageyama asked, looking down at him a bit confused. "Huh? Yeah?" He took the pants out of his hands that he was trying to use to cover his legs- he wasn't dumb after all and knew he needed to hide them. He had done a good job- even Kageyama who had kept stealing glances hadn't noticed them and he was the one who put them there. "…What are all of those?" He pointed to the hickies all over his thighs. Everyone else who was listening decided to look as well. "Hn? Hinata what did you do!" Tanaka quickly yelled.
"…Fag…" Tsukishima mumbled quietly. "I'm sorry? What did you say about him?" Suga said, roughly holding onto Tsukishima's shoulder, a wide smile on his face. No one was going to shit talk or pick on his baby, yet alone anyone else on this team. "I'm not too familiar with the term, would you mind explaining it?" He asked, the air around him dangerous. "Ah, er, n-no…!" Tsukishima knew when to back down.

"I usually get a lot of bruises from practice too- don't think I've ever gotten them there though…" Noya mused, trying to inspect his legs. "AUGH, JEEZE, KAGEYAMA YOU ASSHOLE!" Hinata yelled, completely unsure why he felt the need to point those out. Kageyama smirked, completely happy with himself. Hinata was his. Even if they didn't understand the meaning of the marks, they still saw them… That was enough. Daichi couldn't even yell at him because he had also done something like that to Suga once, so he was in no position to yell at him… Still… He was glad they were getting along so well.

"…Suga please stop trying to murder Tsukishima from across the room."
Kageyama had all he could do not to lean down and kiss his adorably enraged boyfriend who he loved more than anything. …Maybe even more than volleyball. …Maybe.

・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・Haikyuu! ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・

A/N: So yeah, really long chapter, but it was totally worth it, right~? I feel like everyone at one point has accidentally called Suga "mom" and then he's just like "…Yes. You are now my child. Mama will protect you. …Yes." Lol
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