Warmth seeped into his body via his palms. The warmth almost burnt them, but didn't stand, knowing that the warmth would soon disperse and he would be left alone in the cold. The sky was grey and dismal, the young man with the green eyes sighed, hanging his head in defeat. He knew it would rain, he knew that he would have to go home or he would freeze. Mikasa would have his head for this, he knew that she hated it when he went off on his own. But, hell, he just needed some space. He couldn't deal with home right now.

He lent even further back on the bonnet of the car, looking back up at the sky for comfort.

"Hey, brat. I gotta drive" The owner of the car emerged from his apartment block. The boy with the green eyes had seen him before, around the place. It was a pretty tight nit community. The man was probably one of the few people he knew or at least recognised that could of been insanely popular, but chose not to be. He was short and, quiet frankly, adorable, but he hated everyone.

Literally everyone.

The boy with the green eyes was pretty sure that he attended the university in the west part of the city. He didn't have a bad face at all, if only he wasn't scowling all the damn time.

Eren sighed, stepping away from the man's car. Why couldn't that car belong to a nice old lady or something. Anybody compared to this cynical beast was a blessing. Eren reseated himself on the side walk he had first risen from. He nodded as respectfully as he could to the man, who was getting back in the car. The main reason he knew of the man's existence, beyond that basic glance, was the notorious story of the last guy to piss him off. Apparently the man had walked in on someone being mugged, long story short the mugger had been found outside the police station bound, gagged and with a ready and very heartfelt apology letter. They couldn't prove it was him, but it had still sent a very serious message not to mess with him.

The car disappeared down the street and Eren returned his eyes to the sky. With a tired sigh he placed his ear buds back in his ears. The music began to thrum and his mind began to sway in the wind. All he could do was bury his face in his arms, pray that nobody from his school decided to wander down the street and wait for the warmth of the man's car to get back.

"Hey, kid, where are you sleeping tonight?" The man was back. Eren blinked his emerald eyes open, sleep fogging his mind like some tacky horror movie. Slowly he plucked the white plastic from his ears, still looking at the man. His thin form leaning against the car door.

"Pardon?" He asked, the music had blocked the man's voice from his ears. The man briefly looked away in annoyance at having to repeat himself.

"Where are you staying?" The man's voice wasn't what he had expected it to be. Eren had thought to would of been a hiss, like that of a snake, but instead his voice was hard, cold and above all strong. His voice's firm underline briefly forced him into shock.

"I-I don't know, sir" Eren bowed his head. He realised as soon as the words passed his lips he shouldn't of said it. He knew because the man's eyes narrowed, his permanent from growing deeper. He wasn't making any mystery of what he thought about Eren answer. It was obvious he disapproved. The man sighed as if everything that had ever gone wrong in his whole life was all Eren's fault. He looked as if he was ready to declare war on the whole world and win. Not that he didn't look like that anyway.

He bent, lifting up the groceries he had left to buy while Eren had been having his nap. Slowly he walked back towards the door of his apartment block, he expression forever staying the same. Eren watched him as he did, his curiously getting the unfortunate best of him. Why had the man asked? He didn't seem to care at all about… well… anything really. The man spared the boy one devastating look when he realised he wasn't being followed. He gestured to the door.

"Well? I'm don't take lightly the idea of having to report a frozen body in the morning so if you don't mind?"


Oh, the man was offering him a place to stay. That was weird. The man didn't strike him as the sort of person to offer help to a stranger. It was also creepy, but he was cold. Mikasa would of killed him for just considering it, but he still didn't want to go home. After mum died it just wasn't as welcoming as it used to be.

"How do I know you won't try anything?" It was a good question, given that the main rumour about the man was that he had beaten a mugger to pulp. He shrugged, those narrow dark eyes never wavering from Eren's face.

"Sorry, brats and men aren't in my target range" Eren sighed. He could be bothered with his anymore. He was just too tired. With another, final bedraggled sigh he stood, brushing himself off, his ear phones dangling from his school shirt. Mikasa would kill him, he could picture it. But he just couldn't be fucked. The man was offering him a place to stay, a bed and hopefully some food. That was all he wanted right now. He stood and followed the man inside.

As they climbed the stairs each of them were silent. The man looked only ahead and Eren looked at the man's back in hope of gathering information on his general security. The man was always wearing that same jacket. The one he always wore Soft brown leather over thin shoulders. The design on the back sparked Eren's curiosity. Two feathery wings crossed over one another, one white, one royal blue. Each feather is underlined with golden thread, like a discoloured shadow. The design, while not beautiful, it was very vaguely… comforting.

The man paused at one of the many doors and Eren almost bumped into him, noticing this he was forced still with another patronising state. Hot damn, this guy could glare. A key was slid into the lock and the door was opened, with a quick swing. Eren wasn't invited in, but he wandered inside after the man anyway, his hands in his pockets, looking about. It was pretty simple and deathly clean. It bordered on ridiculous, the level of cleanliness. One half of the immediate room, right of the door, was a little kitchen with a dining table, both of which were never used, that was obvious. The dining table was the only thing in his line of vision that even resembled cluttered. It was covered with wires and machinery and tools. Somehow it looked out of place, but incredibly organised. Eren found that remarkable. He reached out wanting to touch the mysterious twisted metal, wondering what it could possibly be or become.

"Don't touch that, brat" The man didn't even turn around, but his voice is enough to ward Eren away from the man's toy. Instead he watched the man as he circulated around the small kitchen. He went slowly about making tea for himself, not even bothering to ask Eren if he wanted some. "So tell me, am I harbouring a criminal, or have you simply decided home isn't the place?" The man didn't seem to be the one to care for questions, but Eren could at least accept this one.

"Second one" he said quietly. He didn't want to talk about home, his life was complicated enough as it was, he didn't feel the need to start workshopping it. He just wanted a little silence, everyone else always wanted to talk.

"Very well, you can spend one night here. You'll sleep on the couch and I'm ordering Chinese. What do you want?" A menu was flung at him and he sat down on the couch to consult it as the man started dialling that phone on the counter.

The rest of the evening was spent in largely the same way. The man introduced himself as Levi and generally kept his distance, other than pausing from whatever he was doing at the dining table to come and eat Chinese food with Eren. They had watched tv while they ate from the white cardboard boxes, together on the couch. Levi had occasionally decided that the tv was worthy of his critical comments and then he usually decided that Eren was worthy of said comments as well. It went on like this until Levi went grumbling back to his tinkering and Eren drifted off to sleep.

What a dick, he thought as his mind began its decent.


That night while the boy who called himself Eren slept soundly Levi was busing himself by looking for someone to call. While he didn't care for the boy in the slightest he didn't find being accused of kidnapping the boy a good way to spend a day. He would simply call his parents and explain that he would be back tomorrow. He had stolen the boy's wallet earlier, but unfortunately the only thing inside the wallet was a credit card, a bus pass and a few dollars. Levi looked at the bus pass hoping for some sort of identification.

Name: Eren Jaeger

Age: 17

Well, at least he was telling the truth about his name. Levi sighed, running a hand through his hair. He must of been getting soft. Here he was offering his home to a damn brat. Maybe he could live through a day of the police, he didn't really care anymore.

He wanted to go to sleep. And then he wanted to go to sleep again, preferably immediately after falling asleep the first time.

"Dammit" he muttered before tossing the wallet on to table. "Good night stupid brat"

"G'night neat freak"

Author's notes:

this is my first attack on Titan fanfic and I love Levi so I had to make it about him. I just think he's a really cool character. Anyway I really hope you enjoyed reading this because I really enjoyed writing it. Expect more to come.

Much love,