"Hey, brat, wake up" someone kicked the sofa and it rocked, annoying him. Eren pulled the blankets over his chin, not wanting to rise from his sleep. He was so warm and if he was so warm in the blankets then out of the blankets had got to be cold. Therefore he didn't want to go out there. "You're a teenager, so go the fuck to school. That's something that teenagers do" Eren grumbled inaudibly and stuck his arm out of the blankets. He waved his dismissively at him, only to feel his fingertip brush a hip. His hand immediately snapped back towards him. Oh, right, Levi's short. He knew that. "Go away" he muttered, shaking his head. He didn't wanna. He didn't wanna have to face Mikasa and her fiery protective wrath. "You know, I once killed a man in his sleep because he didn't wake up" Levi's voice was low and dangerous. And to think from afar this man looked docile and adorable. Well, he looked adorable. Eren groggily sat up with a scowl. Unfortunately his scowl was no match for the man's. He stood next to the sofa glaring like nothing else. He seemed to emit a purple black aurora of annoyance. He raised a beer can to his lips as he turned to walk away. Eren figured it was a little early to start drinking and he mentioned this, almost knowing that Levi wouldn't like being corrected by a seventeen year old. When he heard Eren's reprimand he turned and looked over his shoulder with a fresh scowl on his face. "I'm an adult" he responded, "the time of day doesn't apply to me until I'm over thirty" In all fairness Levi must not of been to much older than Eren was. He was probably still in his early twenties. Given the fact that he could of been older than twenty three it was a mystery why he was wearing a dress shirt and had a tie slung loosely around his neck. Most people his age were working at fast food restaurants and diners. Because of the uni in the west part of the city almost everyone younger than thirty was a student. "What are you doing today?" Eren took the cup of tea from the bench that he supposed was for him. He didn't really like tea, but it was cold and the tea felt warm going down his throat. "I'm going work" Levi was leaning his hip on the marble bench, rolling the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. He had such thin, cynical eyes. At first Eren had seen them as brown because of how dark they were, but in fact now that he saw that they were a deep blue. "What do you do?" Eren's curiosity never ceased to grow. He was just so… interesting. Levi didn't hesitate, Eren didn't think he was capable of that, but it was obvious that he was reluctant to tell. He glared at the boy before him for asking before sighing. "I'm a military scientist" he said grumpily. Somehow he managed to convey exactly what he wanted you to know without ever changing his facial expression. Eren's eyes widened at his answer. A military scientist? He was way too young, he shouldn't of even had the skills. "That's… so cool" Eren's loose jawed look morphed into a grin. "What type?" His job sounded so cool. He was pretty sure that Armin wanted to be a military strategist which was also very cool. Levi turned away from him to face the small mirror so that he could secure his tie around his angular neck. A growled was pushed past his lips and he didn't respond right away. "Shut up and go to school, stupid brat" Levi began twisting and knotting the tie with a scowl. How annoying he found the child. He had better things to do than being ogled for his occupation. Plus he had to get to work, the kid could look after himself. He tossed the beer can into the recycling and grabbed his jacket as the boy wandered off, presumably to go to the bathroom and hopefully to comb his hair. What an idiot. With that Levi decided that everything was just sucky waltzed out the door after scribbling a note for the boy, telling him to get the hell out of his apartment and to go to school. "Eren!" Eren had been trying to hide among his fellow students, but somehow his childhood friend still managed to smell him out. Maybe one day he would ask her how she did it. He felt a hand land on his shoulder and he was roughly dragged backwards, he let out a straggled scream before being thrown into an empty classroom. "What the hell Mikasa? That hurt!" he growled as he picked himself up off the ground, rubbing the back of his head where he had hit a desk. He recognised the classroom as his roll call room, well at least he was going to end up here anyway. "Where have you been? You didn't come home last night!" While Mikasa wasn't actually related to him, they lived together because of an unfortunate instance that happened when they were younger. Eren had saved Mikasa's life from some very bad men, and ever since Mikasa had both lived with him and his family. Unfortunately for him she had become uncomfortably protective. "I was staying at a friend's place" he said as calmly as he could. Mikasa narrowed her dark eyes and he partially knew the operation was already lost, but, really, he couldn't tell her that he had spent the night in the home of someone he barely knew. More for Levi's safety than his own. Then again, he could probably look after himself. "No, you weren't. I called you're friends" He could tell that she was pissed. Probably even more pissed than usual. Mikasa was notorious throughout the school. Everyone was either terrified of her or insanely in love with her. Well, excluding her friends. As for his response he had no idea what it was meant to be. If she had called people he had no way of knowing who it was so he couldn't just churn out a random name. Heaven forbid she somehow found out he had stayed the night at Levi's house. He would be in for it then. Just as Mikasa opened her mouth to demand an answer to her previous question when Armin decided that he would be going to roll call early, Jean and Marco behind him. Soon enough Annie would probably follow. "Morning guys" He said. Armin was basically the exact opposite. He was short, barely taller than Levi, blond and a certified genius where as she was tall, black haired and average in academia. He bordered on adorable and she bordered on creepy. He seemed not to notice the tension in the room or he was just strategically ignoring it. He smiled and was jostled aside by Jean. Marco quickly apologised for the slightly shorter male. "Jeager! Heard you did a runner last night, where did ya go? Couldn't of been a girl's house, you aren't capable of that" Jean loomed over Eren grinning. The rest of the day was spent in largely the same way. Endless questioning, both worried and teasing and even a few lectors, but Eren still didn't regret accepting Levi's offer. A lot of crap he didn't want to think about was constantly running through his head, all he needed was some space and thats what Levi's apartment had provided, along with Chinese food, bad late night television and a grumpy, cynical military scientist. Eren was almost dropping off to sleep, but not quite. Exams were coming up soon and he needed to pay attention. He kept telling himself this, but somehow his eyes still managed to droop. Every now and then Armin would reach out from his desk and lightly punch him in arm to rouse him from his looming sleep. Break couldn't come quick enough. It was his worst subject, history. The teacher was currently going on about the titan war when humanity had been pushed to the edge of extinction. He wasn't fabulous at the idea of history. It had happened so long ago, barely anyone remembered anyway. Suddenly someone knocked on the door and a head appeared. "I'm looking for Eren Jaeger, is he in this class?" It was one of the office ladies. Eren knew her from his many and disapproved upon lateness habits. He stood, grasping the chance of something holding his attention for more than half a second. "Thats me" "There's someone here to see you, could you please come with me?" He could tell by the way that the older lady was speaking to him that he was still on her bad side from his days of coming late. In his defence he was getting better at showing up on time. Eren nodded and eased out of his seat. Finally, something interesting or at least distracting was going on. "Levi!?" His voice was louder and more startled than he had meant it to be. At the sound of his name the older man looked up from his phone. He was dressed slightly differently than this morning. Instead of his brown leather jacket he had a long lab coat draped over his shoulders. The tie had been loosened from his neck and a pair of glasses dangled from his chest pocket. It must of been important, because Levi looked like he had come straight from work. He lowered his phone, eon hand snug in his coat pocket. "Good afternoon, brat" Levi quickly took out something from his pants pocket. "You left your wallet with me" Eren looked at the piece of leather in the other man's hand in surprise. He hand't even noticed it was gone. He took it from Levi with a small embarrassed smile. Levi didn't look like he really cared whether Eren was embarrassed or otherwise. "Thanks" he said. That permanent look of disdain never lightened from his annoyingly handsome face. "You're welcome, goodbye" Levi gave a swift wave and began to walk in the opposite direction, towards the door of the school office. He was obviously eager to get back to something. Eren didn't even think about his actions, not that he ever really though too much about what he did. He just reached out and grabbed some of the fabric of Levi's lab coat. "Wait, Levi" The older man quickly looked back at him, his face briefly becoming one of surprise before disappearing under a scowl. "What?" Eren's cheeks were suddenly dusted with pink and he looked at his feet, still clenching Levi's lab coat in his hand. At the back of his mind he noticed that the same symbol that was on his jacket was patched on the right shoulder of his lab coat. "Levi, do you think I.… I could come around to your place tomorrow? I won't bother you or anything, I just can't deal with home right now" this wasn't entirely true. Eren was struggling to deal with anything, home was just a side factor. He had an overbearing childhood friend, a recluse father who seemed to be partially mad and a whole lot of undealt with grief. He just needed a space where he would be able to get away from it all. Somewhere out of the constant rain and stress. He looked up at the black haired man, hoping that he might if found that place. Levi nodded grudgingly. "Sure, whatever, brat. I have to work until noon tomorrow so just let yourself in" he waved his hand dismissively at the boy and Eren let go of his lab coat. "Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow" Levi waved his hand behind him as he walked sturdily out to door, leaving only a smiling teenage boy in his wake. Unbeknownst to both of them a boy of around the same age was watching dumbfounded just out of sight of Eren. Oh, he spent the night with the devil, he though to himself.