Mikasa hauled herself up the stairs, walking slowly towards the apartment where her brother lived. Ugly yellow paint was peeling from the walls, but other than that it was quite a nice building. She might of actually not disapproved of him living there if his flatmate wasn't so suspicious. Unfortunately Eren had taken and unhealthy liking to him that she passionately disapproved of. She lent heavily on the wall of Eren's floor to consult her options. She vaguely wanted to leave now, that would teach him that she wasn't always going to come and save his ass.

She kinda wanted that.

But on the other hand she wanted to go and save him from whatever he had gotten himself into this time, because she wanted him to need her. She kinda wanted that also. As she pondered she watched a kid sneak out of one of the apartments after a bit of squabbling with the door knob. The boy seemed to think that he was the ninja of all ninjas. He was clothed in only in a large jumper that dragged on the floor where he walked. He looked around the corridor like he had never seen it before, eyes wide with curiosity and interest. He saw everything in the corridor except her. He moved forward, his back to her. Opposite to the door that she had emerged from was another door, presumably down to the side exit, the brown door seemed to be his goal, no matter how many times he fell over.

Mikasa's eyebrows furrowed together in a brief moment of expression. Eren had said something about a child, she guessed that was why she had been asked to bring Eren's kiddie clothes to the apartment. She didn't know who the kid was, but she figured that she shouldn't let him go any further. At the rate he was going he would be outside, essentially asking to be snatched by some pedophilic creep. Whoever this kid's parents were obviously had the parenting skills of a teenage boy. Just as she was thinking this series of thoughts the boy had somehow managed, despite his less than towering height, to open the door and was just creeping inside the stairwell.

Mikasa began to walk, her boots clicking almost menacingly on the cold floor, but the child didn't seem to notice the sudden sound. The door clicked closed behind the child, briefly capturing the tail of the jumper the boy wore before being tugged through. Mikasa sped up a little when she lost sight of that black head, but she essentially started running when she heard him cry out. She burst through the door, wondering frantically what could have happened. Her eyes darted, and her teeth remained gritted, worry coursing though her veins.

The boy sat at the bottom of the first flight of stairs, his little frail body grazed from where he had come in harsh contact with the hard concrete. His knees were bloodily and ripped as were he elbows. Small scratches sat in a racing stripe on his cheek. His eyes were filled with tears, but they were not yet falling, he looked a little too surprised to be on the floor the be crying just yet. They stared at each other. Both a little surprised to be seeing another face. The boy blinked at her as she began her approach. She noticed vaguely that the kid must if had one hell of a pain threshold not to be in tears.

"Sweetie" she cooed gently, holding her arms out, for the child. She needed to get the kid back to his parents, no matter how hopeless they were for letting their kid escape. The boy didn't move to embrace her arms so she made the rash decision to embrace him. She didn't really know what she was doing, she wasn't good at showing comfort or affection. All she knew was that when she got hurt which she rarely did she usually wanted a hug. Thankfully the child didn't push her away, he simply held tightly into her shirt and tried his very best not to cry. It didn't work particularly well.

The girl with the child stood, one of her hands patting his back in what she hoped was a soothing manner. The boy let out a few whines of protest to being picked up, he seemed somewhat comfortable with the gentleness of which he was being handled. Mikasa almost rolled her eyes; he could have been snatched so easily. She was going to have to lecture his parents to the end of the world. Still, she kept her anger to herself, not wanting to frighten the boy with a violent outbreak. If Jean was there she would of punched him, just to vent. On latter thought that would of probably given the boy a fright as well and that probably wouldn't have ended well. She began to climb the stairs, her movements slow and ponderous. In her hand she held the boy to her chest and a plastic bag with the clothes of Eren's that she had foraged from their attic back at home. She wondered, not for the first time that morning, what was really going on with her younger brother. He had been acting so strangely when he spoke to her on the phone the day before, almost like he was worried, or perhaps just apprehensive.

She scanned the hallway, trying to remember which door the boy had come out of. She figured it out exactly five minutes after she should have and she cursed herself for the slowness of the deduction. She should have been paying attention to the door, she should have been paying attention to the fact that it was her brother's door that the boy had slid out of. She probably should have known that only her brother would be capable of this level of stupidity. She muttered swear words as she threw the door open anger in her stance. The boy jumped a little at the loud bang of the door hitting the wall. His blue eyes looked up to her in fright and she immediately softened. She stroked his hair, soothing his fright as best she could, tucking his fringe behind his soft little ear. She smiled at him and he rested his ear back on her chest, closing his eyes in relief that the bang was not what he thought it was. His stubby fingers she clung to her shirt, one hand clinging to her scarf.

"Eren" she hissed, creeping into the apartment. It was only 10am and the first day of the school holidays so she guessed it would be a miracle if he was up, still he appeared at the entrance way to the hall, half dressed and half asleep. He was scratching the back of his neck and yawning, eyes half lidded. He slowly took in the sight of his glaring sister and the child in her arms. He took in the fact that Mikasa looked like she was just about to saw his head off with a toothbrush and Rivialle was covered in scrapes and blood.

"G'morning" He said dazedly. The boy looked up at the sound of his voice, raising his head and looking at Eren as though he was surprised he was awake awake. He reached out to the teenager, his fingers scrunching and unscrunching, wanting to be held by the boy he didn't quite know, but still trusted. Eren immediately reacted, walking forward and taking the boy from Mikasa who was still glaring daggers, holding the boy to his hip.

"Hello, Rivaille, what have you done to yourself now?" He mused, not expecting an answer or to be understood. Mikasa's eyes widened at the way her brother was treating the child.

"You idiot, you irresponsible idiot" She said, her mouth agape as Eren moved into the kitchen to wash off the blood. Eren turned back to her, surprised by her words.


"Do you realise how easy it would of been for him to be snatched? Do you realise how easy it would of been for someone to just come along and take him? He could of been kidnapped while you were sleeping" She realised that her words were harsh, but at least they were truthful. She was angry, she had thought her brother a little daft, but this was simply stupid. Eren frowned, thinking about her words carefully. He looked away, perhaps ashamed. His hold on the child in his arms tightened, as if the people ready to snatch him were in the room.

"I know" he quickly turned, the frown still on his face. He set the child on the bench with legs swinging off the edge, another stupid move. Mikasa sighed silently and took the child from the bench, instead moving to sit at the dining table with the child on her knee. The boy, Rivaille, looked back at her, straining his neck so that he was able to see her. She smiled down at him. For a second the boy's expression was confused, but then he smiled a big kiddie smile, his mouth open and his lips stretched. As if to join the smile they heard a somewhat deeper laugh from the direction of the kitchen. Thy both looked back to the teenage boy, who stood laughing, clutching a first aid box to his chest.

He smiled at them, recovering from his laughing.

"That's the first time he's smiled. He must adore you" Mikasa smiled briefly, she didn't know why she was so slightly happy about knowing that the boy liked her, it just felt nice.

The next half hour was spent explaining how Rivaille and Mikasa had gotten aquatinted and how Rivaille also happened to be Eren's grumpy older flatmate who had been unfortunately subjected to a gun meant for objects and specifically not people.

"So I suppose we should get Armin to call Jean then?" Mikasa suggested once she had at least half accepted that the child sucking his thumb in her arms was actually the man that she had tried to beat in a fight at least three times.

"What? Why would we call Jean?" The idea that his life long enemy would be making an appearance in his home, his shelter, both horrified and confused him. The child gurgled something in French and Eren nodded suddenly. "Of course. Jean speaks fluent French" he hit his forehead in a show of his own stupidity.

And hour later Armin came barrelling through the door unannounced, Jean hot on his heels. Jean was the only other person in the world that knew Eren was gay. He only knew because they were all gay. Eren, Armin and Jean, the little homo circle. It was the one subject that Jean wouldn't dare tease him about, everything else was fair play, but his sexuality was off limits. The truth was a good half of everyone knew that Jean was gay, not because he had publicly admitted it, but because he was ridiculously smitten with Armin. Eren suspected that Armin might of been smitten back, but Armin was still convincing himself he was straight. Though it wasn't working particularly well. Needless to say the situation was complicated.

When they came busting through the door like it was a one day exhibition Mikasa was sitting on the sofa, switching through the morning channels like book pages and Eren was sitting next to her with Rivaille on his knee, dressed in Eren's old clothes. They were still a little too big, but smaller than the jumper by any standards, it was a pity Rivaille was such a tiny kid. He was drinking orange juice through a sippy cup, completely absorbed in the task. He held tightly on to the two handles, his heed tipped back and Eren's hand resting under ether the base of the cup, making sure that if the cup were to be dropped by the boy it wouldn't fall. Eren's cheek rested on his fist on the arm of the sofa and he watched Rivialle and his determination to drink the orange juice in mild fascination. All three of them looked up at the arrival of the two boys, one small and blond, the other tall and grouchy.

"Woah, why did you guys finally have a kid? Why does he look so much like Levi?" Armin immediately peered down at the kid, who peered right back at him. They seemed to be infatuated with each other upon contact. Armin leaned down to the kid so that there eyes were level and Eren took the sippy cup from Rivialle, who reached out to the boy, his face curious and interested. He quickly took ahold of Armin's bangs, running his fingers thought the golden strands.

"Jaune." Yellow, he muttered, seemingly delighted with colour of Armin's hair, looking back at Eren, grinning, as if to show him the brilliance of the hair. Eren smiled back at him and Armin laughed.

"Hey, you're right, he does speak French. Is he Levi's baby bro?" Jean bent down next to Armin, looking at the kid with mild interest. "Where is the bastard anyway?" Mikasa snorted.

"Yeah, this is Levi's brother, his name's Rivalle. Levi's in hospital due to an experiment gone wrong so I gotta take care of the kid" Eren had decided that Levi's work would stay between him and Mikasa, there was no need to overcomplicate anything, plus they only needed Jean to translate, not get his life story.

"Oh, poor Levi. Is he going to be alright?" Immediately Armin looked concerned, looking to Eren for some clarification that it was nothing to worry about.

"Yeah, he'll be out of the hospital by the end of the week, but until then I have to make sure that Riva doesn't make any more breaks for it" he gestured to the bandaids covering Rivialle's knees and the two visitors could guess what happened. "We were hoping that you could translate for us, 'cause he only specks French" Eren tried his most friendly smile at Jean who only scowled back at him. Jean looked for a second as though he might refuse just to annoy Eren, but then Armin looked at him pleadingly and he broke almost instantly.

"Fine" he huffed, bending down, kneeling on one knee. The child looked at him curiously. Jean held out his hand. "Bonjour, enfant. Mon nom est Jean. La jeune fille est Mikasa, l'idiot derrière vous est Eren et c'est Armin" Hey, kid. My name is Jean. The girl is Mikasa, the idiot behind you is Eren and this is Armin. He pointed to them all in turn and the boy nodded eagerly, simply delighted to be hearing something he finally understood. He quickly took Jean's outstretched hand and Jean shook his tiny fingers with a smile. "Pouvez-vous me dire votre nom?" Can you tell me your name?

"Mon nom est Rivaille, avez-vous des aliments?" My name is Rivaille, do you have any food? Jean laughed at his words.

"What did he say?" Armin looked at him in surprise as Jean laughed heavily.

"He asked me if I had any food" immediately Eren and Mikasa went pale and they almost spluttered.

"Oops" Mikasa muttered. Armin took in the surprised, slightly horrified looks of his best friends with a frown while Jean grinned in amusement.

"That's hilarious. You forgot to feed the kid. You do realise he's human, right?" Jean laughed again and Eren's green eyes snapped to him.

"Shut up, Jean. Like you would know what to do with a child" he snapped. Jean took

Rivaille from him and swung him around. The boy squealed in delight.

"Désolé gamin, laisse aller pour le petit déjeuner, d'accord? Vous, moi et Armin, en ce moment. Nous passons à un café et d'un fossé que perdant et Mikasa, d'accord?" Sorry kid, lets go out for breakfast, okay? You, me and Armin, right now. We'll go to a cafe and ditch that loser and Mikasa. The boy squealed again at his words.

"Je veux! Je veux! Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!" I want to! I want to! Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!

"Stop speaking in French, I can't understand" Eren said huffily, his arms still out, demanding his child back. He wasn't about let his baby boy be kidnapped by an idiot with stupid hair. Jean barely noticed his words. Instead he looked around Rivaille's head and looked to Armin, who was smiling in amusement.

"Armin, I love this kid! I can't believe he's related to that grumpy old guy" just as he was talking Rivaille poked his cheek impatiently.


"Super! Allons, je veux des crêpes pour le petit déjeuner. Et aussi des œufs!" Great! Let's go, I want pancakes for breakfast. And eggs too! They both grinned and Jean grabbed Armin hand, dragging him towards the door. Rivaille looked back at Eren, who was half standing, speechless and protective.

"Qu'en est-il M. Eren et Mikasa madame? Sont-ils ne viennent pas?" What about Monsieur Eren and madame Mikasa? Aren't they coming? He looked up at Jean, little eyes wide and worrying. He was still smiling slightly at the prospect of food though. He reached out with one hand over Jean's shoulder to Eren who reached back.

"Oh, ne vous inquiétez pas pour eux. Ils devront probablement aller voir votre grand frère à l'hôpital de toute façon, nous allons sortir pour le petit déjeuner et de revenir ensuite" Oh, don't you worry about them. They'll probably have to go and see your older brother in hospital anyway, we'll just go out for breakfast and then come back.

"Frère aîné?" Older brother?

author's notes:

im sorry guys, this is a little late, but I finally finished and here it is. I am so digging Baby Levi and I really wanted to get Jean and Armin in there and I like the idea of daddy Jean. It just sounds sexy. Expect more.

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