Flynn has a destiny of choosing Law, order, obedience…Or the opposite, Chaos, Discord, Freedom…Or will he choose to reject them both…? With many Samurai Prentices influencing him, the future is shrouded in mystery.

I will be working on this story so that I can get back into writing again. I had just finished Shin Megami Tensei IV and really wanted to write a story for it. I had an idea about how the story would go if more Samurai Prentices were chosen by the Gauntlet, but since I don't want to make all of them, I'm asking you guys to do it for me. I'll make one myself and show it as an example for you.

NOTICE: I want to keep it at an even ratio of guys to gals, so don't just send me guys or girls only. Give them distinct personalities…Doesn't hurt to have some feelings going up here or there, or sparks flying between your OC's and the Main characters. I don't mind if their all Casualries, but please put some Luxurors in there as well please.

P.S: I will be accepting anywhere between 2-5 OC's. Why? Because I don't want the addition to be too big or too small to significantly change many things. Also, send the app via PM to make it more of a surprise to reader of what your OC will be like. NO TOKYO HUNTERS! Has to be a Samurai.

P.S.S: Flynn will ultimately decide whether he will side with Chaos or Law, or Neutral, but if you don't like either Walter's path or Jonathan's, then make YOUR OWN Chaos, or Law path. Neutral will stay the same no matter what since I like the ending.







Alignment: (Law, Chaos, Neutral)


Romance: (Either specific Main character, or other OC. First come, First served.)

One Specific Demon you OC will bond with: (Maybe something for later in the story…)

Dies believing in their cause:

Anything else I need to know:

Now here is my OC.

Name: Allen


Likes: Books, being Lazy, napping, wages, Isabeau.

Dislikes: Navarre, Hugo, fighting, work, Black samurai.

Personality: Lazy good for nothing Luxuror…Quoted by Isabeau. Is a family friend of Isabeau and childhood friend. Hates the fact that people are judged based on social standing. Is kind to Casualries, but a little distrusting of a fellow Luxuror. Wants to build a world of equality, were no matter what, people will see each other as the person they are. Wants demons to be part of the equation as well.

Physical appearance: Isabeau's height, with black hair coming down to his eyes. Hair is unkempt and messy. Wears his samurai uniform like normal. Has silver eyes, and wears a necklace made of feather's and minerals, given to him by his casualry friend's.

Alignment: In between Chaos and Neutral.

Backstory: Born the only child of a Luxuror and grew witnessing Casualrys being mistreated. Even when his friend, a casualry, was being picked on, he could not help, so he grew despising the world's order. When he became a samurai, he vowed to make sure he spread his message about equality… but will he resort to using his demons for it?

Romance: If I feel like it…

Specific demon bond: Alice.

Dies believing their cause: No, Flynn can persuade him to see his side.

Anything else I need to know: I won't know until later….

Don't worry about my other stories as I WILL get back to them. This story is just to help me get back into the swing of things. Masked Swordsman, and IS Persona I will definitely continue, but Fate crossover will have to wait, as it is under revision. Please excuse me for that, but it was my first story and I saw it a little….too much the same as the original.

Anyway remember to send me your OC's and PM me if you got any questions.