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Kagami/Kaguya. Kagami's POV, yay!

"Your Hair"

Pick a card, any card.

Careful, it's your life and so many others in the balance.

It's okay, though. I don't care which world you pick; after all, I belong to none. I only care that I get to stay with you for as long as I can.

Let me protect you just a little longer.


I like your hair, Kaguya. It's long and beautiful and glossy and thick and I love the way it feels in my fingers. I love the way your lips feel when I give you water. When Gold gives you water.

Are he and I the same person? Is he even a person at all?

My thoughts are disjointed. I think I used to be a lot better at focusing.

Your hair ripples like water; wet and wild and as beautiful when it is down as it is endearing when it's up. I like it down best, because sometimes the wind blows it back and it gets in my face and smells SO good . . . I like that smell a lot, Kaguya.

Gold saved you from being run over by Bambi, and he smelled it then. I smelled it when we embraced in the catacombs beneath Bambi's home. He and I are in the same body, and we are nothing alike.

But we both love the scent of your hair, and the scent of you. We both love everything about you.

It's not just the orders, not just that we need to protect you . . . it's just . . .

Inexplicable. Unforgivably inexplicable.

And more than anything, I want to know why.

. . .


I like your hair.

* ende *

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