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Chapter 1: Weird happenings.

Rias sighed as she and her peerage went through a magical circle back to her clubhouse. She sat down on the couch and began to think on what just happened. It was an exhausting two weeks, going back to her home in the Underworld to convince her family not to marry her to Riser Phenix. Just thinking of that man got her blood boiling. But her family insisted. "For the good of the family and for the life of devils" they said.

She convinced her brother that she shouldn't marry that pig that dared call himself her fiancé, but she had trouble on talking her parents and grandparents into cancelling the union. After two long weeks full of debates, arguments and compromises, she finally got back and can finally relax.

"Buchou, shall I prepare the bath for you?" that voice came from a purple-eyed, beautiful girl with thigh length haired tied up in a ponytail by an orange ribbon. This was Himejima Akeno, her Queen and her oldest and most trusted friend.

"Thank you Akeno. I'm really tired tonight. Talking with my family about marriage always takes up all my energy you know" Rias replied with a grateful smile. Yes, a bath sounded lovely.

"Buchou, do you have anything else for us to do" a prince like voice came from a handsome blond boy with blue eyes and a charming smile.

"No Yuuto, you and Koneko-chan can go home now. It's getting late after all"

Kiba Yuuto, her Knight, smiled politely and with a nod, went out the door.

A short, white haired, hazel eyed girl named Koneko Toujou that also happened to be her Rook, said in an emotionless voice "Goodnight Buchou" and also went on her way home.

"The bath is ready." Akeno's voice rang throughout the clubroom. Rias sat up and undressed, setting her clothes on a nearby table and got into the shower.

As she let the water run down her body, making her crimson red hair stick to her body, she began to think about what she would do to make sure that she wouldn't get married to that Riser Phenix.

Maybe, just maybe, she could challenge Riser to a Rating Game and if she won then maybe her parents could finally see that she was an adult and will allow her to choose her own decisions.

But first, she should increase her peerages strength. She loved all of them and wouldn't trade them for the world, but if she went on with her plan, she should get someone to be able to get a fighting chance.

Smiling as she thought about candidates that can help her win, one in particular stood out. Someone that she was observing for quite a while now


Hyoudou Issei yawned wildy as he stumbled sleepily to the school; nearly hitting a trash can as he did so. He glared at the metal bin as if it did him a personal offense. Today just wasn't his day.

For starters, his business last night took longer than he expected, and as such, got finished at 3 in the morning, and when he went to his home, he found out that he accidentally forgot his keys in his room and so he locked himself out of his own freaking house.

After trying to sneak through the door, his parents caught on, they demanded an explanation. When he couldn't answer their questions, he was forced to go through the night with no dinner and had to clean the whole house

After doing all his work, he just managed to fall on his bed, exhausted, when his alarm clock sounded.

He shut it off and considered just skipping school when his father showed up, tearing bed sheets off of him. When he just gave it up and sleepily stood up, his father considered it too slow and picked him up throwing him into the ice-cold bath. When he finally came out the bathroom, he saw he was almost late so, he dressed in record time, forgone any breakfast, and ran out as fast as he can.

Right now he was walking to school with his two friends.

"Hey Matsuda, Motohama. How are you?"

They turned around, grinning at him.

"Hello, Issei my friend, what a fine morning we have today!"

"Of course it's a glorious day because we are enrolled in Kuoh Academy!"

These two were Matsuda and Motohama, the biggest perverts, along with Issei, in Kuoh academy. But right now-

"Why are you talking like you're trying to explain to a nonexistent about our school?" Issei asked, looking a little confused.

Matsuda just ignored him. "Of course we have to explain it. After all, Kuoh is a school full of beautiful women that's just waiting for us to take them!" Matsuda was a bald former jock in middle school but joined the Photography Club in High School. He was also a self-proclaimed lolicon.

"Yes Issei, after all, our school has one of the best uniforms in all of Japan that makes the women look even sexier!" That was Motohama, a short guy with glasses that had the godlike (in Issei's opinion) ability to be able to see the measurements of any women just by looking at them. Because of that, he was called the "Perverted Glasses." and the "Three sizes Scouter."

After his explanation, Issei finally understood, sagely nodding his head. Kuoh academy had two sets of uniforms. One for the boys, one for girls. The girl's uniform was a white long sleeved button down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape with a button down corset and completed by a magenta skirt with white accents. He considered it a masterpiece of design and would thank the maker for such a brilliant idea.

On the other hand, the boy's uniform consists of a black blazer accented with white worn over a white long-sleeved button-down shirt with vertical linings, a black ribbon on the collar, black pants and brown dress shoes.

As a side note, it also had a summer version with short-sleeved shirts and worn without either the blazer or the shoulder cape, which Issei really wanted to see.

"Of course! It is our responsibility as men to appreciate what Kuoh Academy is all about!" Issei spoke passionately. Beside him, Matsuda and Motohama had tears of MANLINESS flowing down their cheeks. In unison, they spoke up.


Yes, most of the men of enrolled in Kuoh went in hopes of having their own harem. It was mainly because of the fact that Kuoh was an all-girls school until it recently when it became co-ed.


"The worst"


The three perverts felt their dream shatter at those words directed at them by the girls also moving towards Kuoh, and began to cry tears of sorrow.

"But of course, we are men who are unfavored by the gods." Matsuda said, immediately followed by Matsuda.

"And the hated of women. We, of all people, have no chance in getting our harem."

But Issei did not let them wallow in despair and declared "We should not lose hope my friends! I believe in a world in which we, the unpopular guys, may be able to have our own harem! We were all given a chance in this world were we not? Then it is our responsibility to do our best and HAVE SEX WITH AS MANY WOMEN AS WE CAN!"

Following that rather impressive, if perverted, monologue, the three idiots, along with some of the men who heards them, began to cheer among themselves-


-the whisperings of the women in the gates of the school started up again and broke the idiots down into tears.



Rias said, moving her pawn, effectively ending the game.

"Already? That was one of the harder ones." Akeno said.

"Then make it harder next time."

Rias said, stripping of her clothes as she did so, letting her breasts bounce free from her bra as she stepped into the shower. She really needed to think about her plans for her future. Specifically, how to get out of her arranged marriage. Maybe she could challenge Riser for her own freedom.

But for that, she needed more people to be able to stand a fighting chance. Maybe someone enrolled in Kuoh in the short time she was gone? It was a new school year after all and many people transferred here being a prestigious school and all. Maybe someone with potential came here, someone who may be able to help her regain her freedom.

One Hyoudou Issei sneezed.

"Hey, maybe someone is talking about me. A beautiful bishoujou with big breasts. And maybe she's talking to her friends about me and thinking of-" Issei began to trail off in perverted giggles, before being stopped by the arrival of his friend.

"Issei!" Matsuda said. He looked more excited than usual, his face carrying a grin overloaded with perversity.

"What is it?" Issei asked, confused and slightly excited. After all, what could make Matsuda have and expression like that if not for perverted things?

"Motohama found a peephole in the kendo club. Can you imagine? Their feminine bodies drenched with sweat, wiping them off with towels, showing themselves off to us men? AHEHEHEHE." Matsuda, who was breaking off into perverted giggling, said

At his back Motohama had a proud look on his face, no doubt reveling in the find of the century (to the three idiots). Of course Issei only had one thing to say to that.


I have found Paradise

This was Issei's thought the moment he put his eye through the hole on the side of the building. Everywhere he looked, women of different type can be seen. The sight of them taking off their club uniforms was a wonder to Issei's eyes. The memory of them in nothing but their underwear was now firmly imprinted in Issei's mind. Issei thought that if ever he got amnesia and forget everything he ever did, then he believed that this piece of heaven will remain with him 'till dying breath.

The only problem was-

"ISSEI! Get off that! It's my turn now."

"SCREW YOU MOTOHAMA! I want to see it! I'm the one who found it anyway."
"Shut up you guys! If you go any louder we'll get caught!"

-he had to deal with these two fuckers.

"Shut up both of you! Muruyama-senpai is taking off her bra, and I want to see her tits."

And with that, Issei went back to his peeping.

At his back, unseen, Matsuda and Motohama looked at each other grimly, like two soldiers on a battlefield, before nodding at each other.

"Issei! Rias Gremory is showing her boobs !" The two of them yelled, gaining the attention of both Issei and the girls in the club room.

"What! Where?"

Issei said, his head immediately snapping to the sides. Big mistake.

Matsuda and Motohama did a combination attack, both of their fingers slamming into Issei's eyes, making him collapse to the ground in pain, reaching for the damaged ocular organs.

"AHHHH! WHAT THE HELL! WHY WOULD YOU DO…. Something… like… that." Issei said trailing off.

The reason was instead of Matsuda and Motohama, the sight that greeted him was a horde of girls glaring down at him like the army of hell itself, and Issei froze. Maybe it was just his imagination but he swore that their faces were replaced by Ashura itself, twisting itself into an ugly snarl.

"You've got a loooot of nerve doing this Hyoudou."

"This is what I hate about perverts like you."
"You'll regret ever peeping on us."

"I'm gonna stick this shinai where the place doesn't shine"

Issei was now as pale as a ghost.

"Uhh, sorry?"

The girls smiled, the threat of intense pain obvious.

The girls, wielding their wooden swords, beat him black and blue.

Issei gave out a sob of despair.


"Such misfortune. Getting caught peeping and then being punished for it. Still, I got to see their tits, so I got that going for me which is nice."

Issei was currently alone on top of a bridge, leaning against the railing, his back against the sunset.

[It's all your fault partner. Seriously, you go peep and not even prepare some countermeasures that isn't like you.]

"I know but in my defense, that was the first time I've seen real tits that isn't horribly mangled, bloody and attached to a living woman who isn't out to kill me, so you can sort of understand where I'm coming from right?"

[… Partner, hearing you say that out loud is kind of depressing.]

"Shut up."

After a few moments of silence, Ddraig suddenly spoke up.

[Someone approaching at 3 o'clock]

Issei looked up just as the person walked up to him.

She was cute in a very girly sort of way with violet eyes, long black hair that reached her waist. She was wearing a school uniform that he had never seen before so she was obviously not from Kuoh Academy.

"A-are you Hyoudou Issei-kun?" she asked.

"Yes" Issei replied

"Tha-that's great! So, um, ah, Issei-kun do you have a,a gi-girlfriend?" her voice had a timid quality to it.

'Ca-can this be? Can it actually be a confession from a girl?!' Issei thought, but out loud he said.

"N-no, not really."

"Really?! That's great! Wo-would you please go out with me?"

"Huh." Was Issei's intelligent reply.

"Si-since you don't have a girlfriend, would you PLEASE GO OUT WITH ME!?" The last part was said rather loudly.

"O-OF COURSE! But who are you anyway?"

The girl blushed, rather cutely in Issei's opinion, and said

"Ah! I'm sorry. My name is Yuuma, Amano Yuuma."

After exchanging numbers, Yuuma waved at Issei before going back the way she came from.

After Issei made sure that Yuuma was out of earshot, he let out a loud whoop.

Ddraig's voice stopped Issei, who was now doing a weird dance in the middle of the bridge.

[Oi, partner, I know you're happy and all but you do know what she is right?]

But Issei just waved his concerns away

"Of course I know, but that's not really important. What's important is that she is now my girlfriend and what's more. SHE was the one who asked ME."

And so with a happy laugh, Issei went on his way home, his senses never once leaving the short, white-haired devil, who was observing him and his conversation with the fallen angel, since the moment he left school.


[You do know that that there is a big chance that she's going on a date with you to kill you right?]

"Shut up Ddraig, this is my first date. I'll amaze her so much that she'll fall in love with me so much that she can't kill me."

[…. You do know that sounded like you really are sure that she'll kill you right]



"Shut up."

[Told you so.]

The morning after his meeting with Yuuma, she and Issei walked to school together, surprising Matsuda and Motohama, who still wouldn't acknowledge that the two were a couple. Ddraig was conspicuously absent the whole day.

When the two were left alone, Yuuma asked Issei on a date this Saturday which happened to be today.

"Still, even if she's going to try and kill me, I won't let her. I mean, this is just my first date and it would suck if I die a virgin you know? Besides, I like my life too much to just give it up."

Issei, finally finished dressing up, observed himself in the mirror. He was currently wearing a black polo shirt, a grey jacket over that, black pants and new dress shoes. He bought it specifically for a special occasion, and his first date definitely qualified.

With a yelled "I'm leaving!" at his parents, he went out for his date.

Because of his excitement, he headed out an hour early at their designated meeting point. He let himself relax and observed what was going on around him.

'Ddraig, status?'

[Nothing, there are no traps, no ambushes. I feel no more mana in the the air that's normal and no energy signature that feels like – oh wait, there's one heading this way]

"Please take this!" The voice came from a young lady cosplaying as what looked like a devil, which isn't that far from the truth now that he thought about it. She handed him a devil's summoning circle which was probably from one of the two devils overlooking the town.

Issei examined it closely, before pocketing it. From what knew about devils, they used these summoning circles to go to humans, granting their desires and making contracts with them. He stuck it in his pocket. It may be useful to have a summoning circle just in case.


Issei looked up and saw Yuuma running towards him. She was wearing a cute pink top along with a skirt and a small bag.

She stopped in front of him asking "Did you wait for me long?"

"No, I only just got here actually."

Issei said with a smile, but in his mind he was dancing in joy 'I always wanted to say that!'

After that their date began. It was a pretty standard date, they went window shopping in the local mall, they ate at a nearby family restaurant, Issei even bought her a small bracelet. Finally it was dusk, and Yuuma asked

"Ne, Issei-kun, can we go back to the park? I want to show you something."

Issei nodded, making an effort to hide his grin.

'This is it. The perfect end to a date!'

They walked towards the park, stopping at the front of a fountain.

Yuuma spoke up

"Ne, Issei-kun, can I make a request of you?"

"Wha- what is it Yuuma-chan?" Issei said, smiling but subtly, unconsciously tensing himself as he felt the slight killing intent radiating of his date.

She turned around, smiling.

"Will you die for me?"

The moment she said that, she transformed, her clothes ripping apart to be replaced by what looked like leather bondage gear that barely covered the important parts. Her hands were covered by black gloves that reached her elbows, her right shoulder was now sporting a pauldron covered with spikes and her legs were covered by black stockings that reached mid-thigh and finally she grew black wings that ripped of her back.

All in all, she perfectly embodied what a fallen angel should look like. (It also means she looked liked she was ripped straight off a teenage boy's wet dream)

She held out her hand and a spear of light formed around it. She raised it, preparing to throw it at Issei but-


- he was already gone.

"Where is he!?"

She looked around shrieking, her now mature sounding voice carrying a hint of anger and disbelief. How could he disappear in the short time she looked away?

"This really sucks. My first date and my girlfriend already tries to kill me. I really am unlucky."

Yuuma's, or should I say, Raynare's eyes widened before turning around to throw her spear at where the voice came from.

Issei dodged it with ease, just barely moving his head, allowing it to harmlessly strike the ground behind him.

"What are you?" Raynare said her voice wary.

"This again? Fine, I'm just a normal human"

"Bullshit!" she snarled. A normal human shouldn't have been able to dodge her attack, much less disappear from her sight in the short window she looked away.

"How rude. I answer your question and you doubt my honesty." Issei said with a careless shrug. "What I want to know is what you're doing; I don't think I did anything that deserves me being killed."

Raynare's composed herself, readying another spear of light. "You are too dangerous. If you want to blame someone, blame the God who put the Sacred Gear inside you." And with that she rushed at him fully intent on running him through.

Too bad Issei didn't plan on dying today.

Issei sidestepped out of the way, the spear missing him by inches. He grabbed the offending arm before twisting it, forcing the fallen angel down into the pavement below. Raynare struggled furiously but Issei held on with a strength that a human should not have.

Staring down at his captive, Issei spoke out loud.

"Ddraig what do I do, I can't just let her go, she would go to her superiors and alert them of me. And I don't want to kill her, it would cause to much suspicion."

'Besides it would be in bad taste if I killed my first girlfriend just after our first date' he thought.

[How about erasing her memory? It may not solve all your problems but it may be enough that the fallen should just ignore you.]

"But what about if they ask her about her mission."

[I see. Then how about altering her memories instead of erasing it? It would be simpler, easier and poses less risk.]

"Huh. That could work."

Unheard by Issei or Ddraig, Raynare was still thrashing around fruitlessly, yelling "Who the hell are you talking!" to all the while.

"Sorry Yuuma-chan nothing personal, but you did just try to kill me. So I'm gonna have to do something in you, and why am I explaining myself to you? You're just going to forget this anyway."

And with that, Raynare's vision turned to black and when she would gain consciousness several hours later, she would have heavily altered memories about the events that transpired that day.


Meanwhile at the Occult Research Club, a tense atmosphere hung in the air.

"He didn't use the summoning circle." Akeno was the first one to speak just as the clock chimed 9 o'clock.

"I know." was Rias' terse reply.

"What are you going to do about it?"

"Yuuto, please inform Sona about his death. Let her do what needs to be done." This was the first time that her intuition was wrong. Still, she was a Devil and even though she might not like it, she should learn to expect such outcomes.

"Yes, Buchou."

However, she could not help but feel guilty about it. A precious life that she could save had died, simply because of poor circumstance.

Issei walked through the gates of the school, yawning as he did so. Last night sucked. He had to go and alter the memory of a sentient being, something he was never really comfortable with. As the mind was a delicate thing, he had to take a few hours to make sure that it couldn't be traced back to him and won't damage the fallen's mind. When he went home, his parents looked like they were crying, and when they saw him, held him like he just came back from the dead. Weird.

After walking for quite a while he finally opened the door of his classroom.

"Issei Hyoudou's death came as quite a shock-"

He was greeted with shocked looks from both the teachers and the students.

"H-Hyoudou? What are you doing here?" The homeroom teacher stared at him, mouth gaping open.

"Um, this is my class sensei. Why, shouldn't I be here?" Issei said, quite puzzled by this turn of events.

"Bu-but the student council said-"

Issei simply sighed, too tired to even try and understand what was happening. When he reached his seat, he found that it had a vase not unlike those placed in graves.

"Is this what this is all about? I'm not sure about what you heard but I'm still alive."

"Um yes, but we received news that you died yesterday due to a car accident and uh, I'll just inform the student council about you." The teacher said moving to the door, but before he could have the chance to, it slammed open by itself. Standing on the other side was a girl with long crimson hair who searched the room until her eyes landed on Issei. She sped towards him, grabbing him by his collar, bringing her beautiful face close against his. "Come with me." With those words, she dragged him by his uniform and out the classroom.



"See Akeno, I told you there was something special about him!"

Issei was currently inside the old school building which is also the clubroom of the all-devil Occult Research Club. He was currently sitting on a very expensive looking sofa, with the beautiful Rias Gremory holding onto his right hand eagerly. In front of him was Himejima Akeno, a third-year student with a very buxom figure, long black hair held up in a ponytail by an orange ribbon and violet eyes. With her appearance and personality, she could be considered as a yamato nadeshiko. In a small corner on the room, eating sweets was Toujou Koneko a first year girl with short white hair held by a cat-shaped hairpin and hazel eyes, staring at him intently, observing him. And finally, the person leaning against the wall behind him was a blond pretty boy, Kiba Yuuto.

Issei, curious about what they wanted, decided to take a gamble.

"Are you after my virginity?"

"No, you pervert." Koneko's voice, a cold monotone, made Issei flop down in despair at the instant rejection. Deciding to try again,

"So, why am I here?"

Rias now looked at him asking,

"Your name is Hyoudou Issei correct?"


"What are you?"

"I'm not sure how to respond to that."

"No, you misunderstand. I mean how did you manage to survive against that Fallen Angel last night?"

Issei paused, looking at them critically, before saying,

"Fallen Angel huh?"

Rias groaned, irritated by the lack of proper response.

"Ara ara. Buchou, he refuses to answer." Akeno said, her cherry red lips drawn back in a smile.

"I could beat it out of him." Koneko offered. However,

"A little girl like you?" Issei said curious. After all this was his first time meeting against devils this close. So it may be possible that she really could make do with her threat. His thoughts were confirmed a second later when Koneko's grip made a nearby metal statue crumple in her hands like tin can. It was made more effective by the glare sent his way.


"What does the Student Council think about him?" Akeno asked curious about the other devil managing the town.

"Well, Sona wants him too but I managed to talk her out of it."

"So you have decided to make him one of us now?"

Rias grinned at her queen.

"Of course!"

At this point Issei decided to try his luck again.

"What are you talking about?"

Rias and Akeno looked at each other before returning to the only human there.

"Hey, Issei-kun, if you were given the chance, would you become a devil?"

At this point Issei was now trying not show his nervousness.


"Yes devil." Rias confirmed. "Everyone of us here is a devil."

With a nod everyone stood up, unfurling their wings as they did so. "This is what we're talking about." Leathery black wings appeared on their backs, showing to the world their status as devils.

Rias expected a lot of things when they shown their wings. Shock, awe, fear, even greed. What she did not expect was for him to simply stare at their wings curiously.

"Huh. So these are devil wings. Fascinating."

The Occult Research Club looked at each other in bewilderment. No reaction at all was a little uncommon.

"So I take it you have seen devils before?" Kiba asked.

"That depends. Do you consider Succubus as devils?"

Rias answered.


"How about Demons?"

"No. Demons are commonly mistaken for devils, but we're not the same."





"Huh. Okay."

Rias simply stared at him incredulously.

"Just like that. You accept that we're devils just like that?"

"Of course I do. I've met some of you before anyway."

"So, why did you act clueless at the beggining?"

"I wanted to screw with you." Issei said with absolutely no remorse or shame.

"I see?" Just then Issei's phone rang.

"Sorry, but I have to go now." Taking his things, he went out the room, leaving the devils alone.

When Issei left, Rias asked them.

"So what are your thoughts about him?"

After a few moments of contemplating, Kiba spoke up.

"I think that he is hiding something from us, though that's not a surprise given that we have just met him." Kiba said.

I think that Issei-kun is a very interesting person." Akeno voiced out her thoughts.

They turned towards Koneko who was thinking deeply.

"Koneko-chan? What did you think about Issei-kun?"

The nekomata hesistated before going on with her thoughts.

"Buchou, I think he knows senjutsu."

Stunned silence followed that statement, but the Rook just forged on.

"I tried and sensed and what I found was natural energy and a lot of it too. But I also saw that he was human. It just- normal humans should not have that much in their bodies." Koneko shook her head and began to think about the strange human.

After that, the room stayed silent, each having their own thoughts. Then Rias finally realized something.

"I forgot to ask him for his answer!"


[How did you manage to get out of that one?]

"Ah, Ddraig my friend, it is an essential skill to be able to bullshit your way out of any situation you might find yourself in, especially if it concerns the supernatural."

Issei, not in the mood to go back to class, was now inside a convenience store despite it being school hours. It was easy to bypass the guards of the school. After all, who would expect a student to jump over the 3 meter wall surrounding the school?

[Still they are Devils, and you managed to attract not only them but the Fallen Angels as well. At this rate, you can't hide forever you know? You need to make a decision on what to do. Even you can't match up against those odds.]

Sigh. "I'll cross that bridge when I get there."


[So, how are you going to get out of this now?]

"Shut up Ddraig."

After buying his manga, he was walking home when he suddenly dodged a spear of light that came from the man in front of him. He was dressed in a grey trench coat with a matching fedora with his black-feathered wings flapping behind him, he looked down at Issei from the sky with a sneer on his face.

"Oho, what do we have here? Raynare said that she killed you."

"Ah fuck. I did not think that through."

"Bah, it doesn't matter; I'll just have to finish the job myself."

And with that, he reared back, once again throwing a spear at him, and Issei, once again, dodged it by rolling to the side.

"WAIT WAIT WAIT! Why do you guys want to kill me anyway? It's not like I did anything to you."

The fallen, amazingly enough, lowered his spear to answer his question.

"It's because you have a dangerous Sacred Gear inside you, one that can potentially harm us. Cheh, I don't know why I even bother; you'll be dead in a few moments anyway."

Issei, after hearing his answer, could not help but think 'how cliché'

Sacred Gears were relics of power, granted to humans by the God from the Bible in order to give humans a fighting chance against supernatural beings. These were what enabled those called 'miracles' in this world.

But he shouldn't let an enemy know that he knew so he did that by doing the only way he knows: Act Stupid.

"What the hell are those?"

"You shouldn't bother! A human like you should just DIE!"

The Fallen angel renewed his assault with vigor, throwing even more spears of light at him.

"OH SHIT!" Issei exclaimed as a particularly close spear grazed his shirt, ripping open a hole in his shirt.

"DAMNNIT HUMAN! YOUR'E PISSING ME OFF! STOP DODGING AND JUST DIE!" With the full force of his killing intent he summoned a spear, different in the fact that it was now blue and looked and felt far more lethal than the yellow ones he had been using until now. He charged against Issei, but Issei didn't see that.

The moment he felt the killing intent he was in another place.

The stench of blood was overpowering, the ring of steel against steel deafening. Cries of pain and anger were heard all throughout the battlefield, and in the middle of it all stood a child. He looked no older than 10 or 11, yet was in a field that was ripped straight from a nightmare. He ripped off his dagger from the throat of his enemy when he felt a burst of killing intent behind him, he turned around just as he saw a spear head straight for his throat and-


Dohnaseek did not, could not understand what just happened. The moment he used his best weapon, a blue spear of lightcapable of piercing even solid steel itself, he suddenly found himself on the ground, his face pressed against the pavement below.

He could not understand. He was fighting a HUMAN for god's sake! He was a fallen angel, one who participated in the Great War of the Three Factions and lived to tell the tale! Yet here he was defeated by a human boy, no older than 17, defeated him. But the worst thing was, he didn't even see the boy move. One minute he was rushing the human, the next he was in his present situation. His body pressed against the pavement, the boy's knee against the small of his back, and his hands holding the fallen's right arm in such a way that with one movement, he could snap it on the elbow, and with another he could break his shoulder.

Dohnaseek only had one thought.



Issei's eyes were wide as he stared at his captive. He hadn't meant to do that. He felt danger and he reacted purely out of reflex. He twitched when he felt the telltale shift of magic in the air that indicated a magic circle being used.


Issei resisted the urge to groan. Great, just what he needed. An audience.

As he was distracted by the appearance of a group of devils, The Fallen took the chance to get out of the lock, flying straight into the sky.

"A group of devils, I think I may have overstayed my welcome." But as he was flying away, he paused long enough to stare straight at Issei's eyes and said.

"My name is Dohnaseek. Remember that human." His piece said, he finally disappeared off to god knows where.

Issei sighed before turning to the devils behind him.


"Uh, Yeah?"

"What just happened?"

"I can't tell you that. So, um bye!" With those elegant parting words, Issei ran off.


"Hey Matsuda, Motohama." Issei greeted his friends as he entered his classroom.

"Hey Issei. What happened yesterday?"

"Yeah, after Rias Gremory dragged you away, you never came back."

Issei just shrugged. "She was just curious. She's the president of the Occult Research Club so when she heard the news that I died but I came here, she thought it concerned the supernatural."

"Yeah, it surprised me to hear that you died."

"Nearly gave sensei a heart attack when you walked through that door."

"Yeah, but I'm alive. And right now, I simply want to relax and forget my troubles."

Matsuda grinned. "I know the perfect way to make you relax."

"What is it?" Issei asked, curious in spite of himself.

Motohama suddenly stood up, grabbing something from his pocket as he did so.



"Would you like to watch it with us Issei? We'll enjoy it during our special gentleman's time after school.

"Matsuda, Motohama. What did I do to deserve friends such as you?" Issei said, tears running down his cheeks.

"Issei, you should understand we are friends! We shall stick together no matter what happens!"

"Of course Issei! We are brothers are we not?"

Just as they were rejoicing like the idiots they were, a voice stopped them cold.

"Issei! Hyoudou Issei-san! Are you here?" It was Rias Gremory, who was looking for him.


"Why is he calling for that worthless trash?"

The girls were muttering to themselves again, while his friends-



-seemed to forget those words that they were saying just a moment ago.

Issei finally answered. "Senpai?"

"Hyoudou Issei, come with me."

"But I still have classes."

"Don't make me drag you again."

"So I don't have a choice anyway!"

"Yup!" With a cheerful smile, Rias walked out the door with Issei reluctantly following a few steps behind.



Brothers in perversity my ass. Then again, he would feel the same if any of them were with one of the Two Great Onee-samas of Kuoh Academy.


"Issei Hyoudou, I want you to join my peerage." Rias said those words as she sat behind her rather large desk.

"Why me?"

"Because you have something special inside of you, something called a Sacred Gear."


"Besides, if you don't the Fallen Angels will keep on attacking you. Even if you could defend yourself, you're still human, and they might get a lucky shot. You know what they say: 'It only takes one.'"

That was true. Issei knew that better than almost anyone else.

"But, if you join my peerage, I will be able to protect you much more easily. Much more convenient don't you think?" she said with a charming smile and Issei felt his heart throb at the sight.


"What's the catch? Something like this has got to have one right?"

"To be part of my peerage, you have to be resurrected as a devil."


"Ah don't worry, we devils can resurrect people using this." Rias took out ruby-red pawn from underneath the table as she said that. "This is called an Evil Piece. With this, you will become part of my peerage, and under my protection as a Gremory. Besides, if you work hard enough, you might become a High-level Devil and then you'll have your very own harem."

"SERIOUSLY!" Issei said, shocked out of his mind. It was a tempting offer, being able to relax without the threat of dying hanging over him, being with Beauties everyday and he might even get his own harem one day! But-

"I can't accept."

"What? So you refuse?" Rias looked disappointed by his answer

"No! It's just , I really don't know anything about devils, and since this is my life we're talking about you know?" Issei shrugged helplessly.

Rias nodded. "I understand. You want to make sure. Then how about you join our club and see what we devils do, then you can make a decision. In return, we'll protect you from those fallen angels. Agreed?"

"….. Agreed."

"Great!" Rias said, looking delighted. "Then I suppose we should introduce ourselves. My name is Rias Gremory, it's a pleasure to meet you Issei-kun." She said with a formal bow befitting a noble like her.

The other members, who have been silent until now, stepped forward to introduce themselves.

"Hello, I'm Akeno Himejima, please take care of me." She said, bowing elegantly.

"Koneko Toujou." The white-haired girl said tersely, before going back to her sweets.

"I'm Kiba Yuuto. Issei-kun, I hope we get along well okay?" The blonde said with a prince-like smile.

"Umm, I'm Issei Hyoudou, Nice to meet you….?" Whatever happens from now, Issei can only be sure of one thing. It's going to be a lot more lively from here on out.

Authors Note.

This is my first story, not to mention that English isn't my first language so please bear with me if I make some mistakes along the way.