AN: it's Zoro's turn to suffer. Nami holds his hand though, so he survives it.

His eyes are already open, somehow, when he wakes up, but they can't have been open long because he's aware enough to pick out Nami's voice calling out to Chopper. She sounds like she's trying not to yell, and that is what makes him realize it's very early in the morning, an hour or so before dawn, and his vision isn't actually impaired at all. Which is great, because… because… hmmm.

"Uh," he says, unsticking his tongue, his frown heavy on his forehead. "How long have I been out?" he asks her, and it isn't until she presses lightly on his shoulder with her left hand that he notices her right holding his. Her eyes glimmer when she looks down at him, and it sets his teeth on edge. He wishes, powerfully, that he could remember why he was waking up like this. What was their last battle? Luffy'd gotten Moria, hadn't he? He was pretty sure he had.

A vision of Luffy's body, too-still on the rubble, flashes through his mind, and he twitches in an aborted attempt to sit up and find his captain. "Shh, Chopper's gotta check on you, but he's sleeping pretty hard," Nami says. "You've worn him out." She smooths his hair and calls out to their doctor again, and Zoro tries not to panic.

"Luffy?" he asks quickly, a bit too loudly, but Nami just smiles at him.

"Fine, numbskull," she replies. "Chopper's been calling him a medical miracle, and you should really see the way it ties his antlers in knots, he thinks so hard about it. But Luffy's about thirty feet to your right, snoring with some of Lola's pirates. None of us ever thought he wasn't a miracle, am I right?" She's teasing but also won't stop smiling and despite his belief that she's telling the truth, it's creeping him out.

"But you sure took a beating," she continues, squeezing his hand. "I can't remember, were you standing right beside Kuma when the blast went off? Or was your fight with that old samurai rough?"

His mind nearly explodes with the sudden influx of memory. "Oh," he says. Then, "Um, uh. Kuma. He's… gone?"

She's looking at him with concern. "Are you okay? You just started sweating — Chopper, get up, dammit — Yes, he must have left after blowing us up. I guess he thought we were done in with just that." She's rubbing her thumb over his hand soothingly. "What an idiot, right? He must not have done his homework," she says and winks.

"Sanji," he gasps, and she flinches then stares at him incredulously.

"A little beat up, but he's fine too," she says, staring like she knows something is up, and Zoro can't think quickly enough; he wants to hide it from her, from everyone, from Luffy, but he needs to know that his deal worked

"Everybody else?"

She opens her mouth, then closes it. "We're fine," she says shortly, thought not with annoyance — she seems distracted, studying his face. "Why did you ask about Sanji?"

He has no lie for her, so he just relaxes with the knowledge that their crew is safe and whole. She squeezes his hand as his eyes close, but she doesn't question him further. "Okay," she says quietly. "Just rest, okay? We've got you."

He falls into sleep with a faint smile.