"Dean Granger, if you even think about trekking blood into this house...!"

"She's got you there, kid."

Dean glowered at the painting as he kicked off his boots, unwilling to spill his precious cargo.

"Shut up, Sirius." He grumbled.


Dean made his was past the three pouting pranksters and into the house proper. Sam was lounging on the couch, his feet dangling comically off one end as he read. The twenty one year old eyed his brother suspiciously.

"What have you got behind your back?"

Dean blinked innocently.


"Yeah, right." Sam turned back to his book and, grinning, Dean dumped the snowball on top of his head.

"Merry Chrstmas!" He yelled and ran for it.

"That's my boy!" James cheered as he legged it past him, Sam chasing after him.

They swerved past Bobby, who was rolling his eyes, through the hall, into the kitchen, circled Hermione twice, before Dean made a break for the back door.

"Oh, for heaven sake." Hermione muttered as Sam threw his brother into a snow drift.

"You gonna stop them?"

She smiled watching the two men start a snowball fight.

"Wouldn't dream of it." She pulled out her wand and muttered a nifty little incantation under her breath. Sam and Dean yelled as they suddenly found themselves being pelted with snow.

"An' you were a prefect at that school o' yours?" Bobby asked doubtfully.

She kissed his cheek and grinned.

"Exactly. Which meant I knew how not to get caught. Honestly, don't you learn anything living with me?"

The brothers came in sometime later, soaking wet and complaining about unfair advantages.

No one had heard from John Winchester in almost six months and with the occasional exception of Harry, who had taken to hissing whenever his name was mentioned, no one cared either. Dean and Bobby still went on hunts, although Dean now based himself in Sioux Falls at Bobby's old house. He may have spent more time fixing cars than hunting but it suited him. He had a life, which had some form of normality.

Sam was in his third year of school and continued on as he always had. Jessica was away visiting her family and he'd come home for the holidays, unwilling to stay in their heavily warded flat on his own.

Hermione smiled around the kitchen, at her family, before her eyes caught on the picture of Mary, which was where it had always been.

I kept my promise. She thought happily. Didn't I?

How was that? Short and sweet.

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