Dr. Leonard McCoy was in Sickbay surrounded by his best friends, Captain James T. Kirk, First Officer Spock, and Chief Engineering Officer Montgomery Scott, aka Scotty. Dr. McCoy sneezed heavily and coughed deeply, as Dr. M'Benga examined him. Dr. McCoy's face was flushed, and his eyes were bloodshot red, had black circles around them, and were baggy.

"Just as I expected," Dr. M'Benga stated.

"What," Captain Kirk questioned.

"Leonard's suffering from what's known as Kamaraazite flu; it's basically the common cold, but ten times worse and deadly if not treated with immediate medical treatment."

"He'll be okay, right,"

"He'll be just fine; just a week of being in Sickbay, and he'll be good as new."

"That's good news to hear,"

"The only thing I'm worried about at the moment is his high fever of 103.7°F."

"How long will that last,"

"I've got him on medicine that should reduce the fever, so I would assume about another three to four days."

"Atticus…my body aches…all over," Dr. McCoy moaned.

"I'll get you pain medication in just a minute, Leonard." Dr. M'Benga answered.

Dr. McCoy shivered and pulled his blankets up tighter around him. Poor guy could barely open his eyes from how tired and sick he was.

"He also has a minor sinus infection, but we got antibodies that can clear that up." Dr. M'Benga added.

"So, he won't want a lot of noise," Scotty stated.

"Correct; it'll just make his headache worse."

"Thank you, Dr. M'Benga," Captain Kirk answered.

Dr. M'Benga nodded and went to go get Dr. McCoy some pain medicine for his aching muscles, joints, and horrendous headache.

"Poor, Dr. McCoy," Scotty whimpered.

"Don't worry, Scotty; Dr. McCoy's gonna be back to his normal self in no time, won't you, Bones?" Captain Kirk remarked, with a smile.

Dr. McCoy moaned, again.

"Atticus…where's that…*cough*…pain medi…*cough*…cation?" Dr. McCoy began coughing vigorously, again.

Dr. M'Benga came back in and helped Dr. McCoy take his medicine, after he was done suffering his coughing attack. Dr. McCoy lay his head back down on his pillow and moaned, and begin sweating from his fever being so high.

"You make sure to take good care of him." Captain Kirk ordered.

Dr. M'Benga nodded with a smile.

"He'll be just fine, Captain Kirk; rest, food, and love is all he needs to get better." Dr. M'Benga answered, with a smile.

"Well, he'll certainly get all three from the three of us." Scotty remarked, proudly.

Captain Kirk smiled.

"I know he will; you three are good friends to him." Dr. M'Benga answered.

Dr. M'Benga then walked off to another patient that needed tending to.

"Kamaraazite flu," Scotty questioned.

"It's quite common, actually, Mr. Scott," Spock remarked.

"How come I've never heard of it," Captain Kirk questioned.

"People from earth don't expect to encounter it, so it's less discussed of than back on Vulcan." Spock answered.

Captain Kirk and Scotty nodded.

"Makes sense," Captain Kirk responded.

The three men left Sickbay to let Dr. McCoy rest and get as much sleep as possible. They started walking down the hallways and talking casually to one another.

"Has Starfleet given us our next orders, Captain?" Spock questioned.

"Not yet, Mr. Spock," Captain Kirk answered.

"I'm more worried about Dr. McCoy, at the moment." Scotty replied.

"Me too, Scotty," Captain Kirk answered.

"We should make him a 'Get Well' card,"

"Good idea; Spock, would you care to join us?"

"No, thank you, Captain; I have business that needs my tending to in my quarters." Spock answered. Then without another word, Spock left to his quarters.

"I don't think Spock cares much about Dr. McCoy being so vastly ill." Scotty sneered.

"Spock cares, he just has a different way of showing it. He is Vulcan, after all," Captain Kirk answered.

"I just wish he'd show a little compassion sometimes, Captain."

"Well, we can't judge Vulcans for living their lifestyles the way they do, Scotty. Would you rather have Spock be a logical, emotionless Vulcan that remains loyal to this crew no matter what, or would you rather have an emotional, unstable, irrational first officer who always made decisions based off of fear and natural instincts?"

"I guess yah right, Captain,"

"Come on, Scotty; we got a 'Get Well' card to make."

And with that, the two men walked off to the break room to start working on their 'Get Well' cards for Dr. McCoy.