The three men went to the Bridge and told Sulu what had happened, and asked if he'd do the favor of rubbing the lamp and wishing for Spock to return to normal.

"You want me to rub the lamp, Captain?" Sulu asked, sitting in his chair.

"Please, Mr. Sulu; I can't live the rest of my life knowing I did this to Spock." Captain Kirk begged.

Sulu sighed and rubbed the lamp, then a stream of blue smoke came out with glitter, and Genie appeared.

"God, I've had a busy day…" Genie paused and saw Captain Kirk, Spock, and Scotty. "Oh, what do you two hooligans want?!"

"Holy Mother Russia, a genie," Chekov wailed.

"Actually, sir…I rubbed the lamp," Sulu remarked.

"Oh, why hello there, young man; and what might your name be?" Genie questioned, pleasant.

"I'm Helmsman Hikaru Sulu, but you can refer to me as Mr. Sulu, like everyone else on the ship." Sulu answered.

"Well, Mr. Sulu, it's your lucky day; I get to grant you three wishes. Now, what shall they be?" Genie questioned.

Sulu thought for a minute on how to correctly phrase his wish, so Spock would go back to the way he was.

"I wish you would make Mr. Spock the way he was, when you first met him." Sulu answered.

Genie sighed.

"Fine," Genie answered.

He danced and twirled around, singing his little tune, and Spock turned into glitter for a brief moment, then he looked like his normal self, again.

Captain Kirk and Scotty hesitated to ask Spock if he had come back to them.

"Spock…is that you," Captain Kirk quivered.

Spock's eyes rolled back, and he collapsed to the ground.

"Spock," Captain Kirk wailed.

Both him and Scotty got down by him and checked to see if he was alright.

"He's breathing and got a pulse, sir." Scotty remarked.

"Yeah; that tends to happen, when I make this kinda wishes. He'll wake up in another minute or so." Genie answered.

"I now wish that you'll go inside your lamp…forever," Sulu commanded.

"Curse you," Genie wailed, and was sucked back inside his lamp.

"And lastly, I wish you and your lamp would disappear and never come back to the Enterprise, again."

"Darn it," Genie's muffled voice came from the lamp, and the lamp disappeared from Sulu's hands almost instantly.

Captain Kirk and Scotty looked at Sulu shocked at what he had done, then turned their heads immediately back to Spock, when they heard him groan softly.

"Spock…are you alright," Captain Kirk questioned softly.

Spock opened his eyes and looked around for a long while, taking in the scenery of where he was.

"Spock…are you alright, Spock; answer me, please, Mr. Spock!" Captain Kirk begged, shaking Spock slightly.

Spock sat up and then stood, along with Captain Kirk and Scotty.

Spock was still silent for a brief moment, worrying the hell out of Captain Kirk and Scotty.

Spock then finally nodded.

"I am back to my Vulcan ways, Captain." Spock replied.

"Spock," Captain Kirk and Scotty cheered. They ran and hugged him tight in their arms. As uncomfortable as he found it, Spock decided to not shove them off this time.

"Welcome back, Mr. Spock," Scotty cheered, with a bold smile.

"Thank you, Mr. Scott; Captain, being fully human was the most fascinating experience I've possibly had for quite some time." Spock remarked.

"How so, Spock," Captain Kirk questioned.

"I sang…and danced," Spock replied.

Captain Kirk and Scotty just simply laughed.