The town seemed sleepy and quiet to the general populace,until the sun slowly started to set across the clear winter sky.

Here and there mothers urged there children indoors and shut and locked up for the night,to hide under there sheets with blankets pulled to there chins and pray that the howls in the night stayed as far away as possiable,and that the next loss wouldn't be one of there wee ones.

A brief breeze stirred the red-golden hair of the young woman as she made her way along the streets of the town,her hand went to her leather cap to keep it over her slightly pointed ears.

"Ania,girl you should be getting yourself back to your father's wagon,the sun waits for no one" called old Gretty,it had been said Gretty's only daughter had been taken by the howls in the night.

The girl paused and shook her head again,"I have a feeling something special will happen tonight I can't put my finger on it,Gret..."she said as she tapped a elegant finger to her lips."My father is entertaining a guest tonight anyways.."she added and the scorn would not come from her voice.

Gretty sighed and hugged the wayward girl,as it went Gretty understood,her birth had been the effect of a one night stand with a elven woman from a place called Waterdeep and the elf had died in child birth leaveing the caravan leader with a half elven grandchild.

"You have so much anger,Ania its what keeps you here" she whispered as she petted the stiff girl,"be wary you don't attract the brides." she whispered as she kissed the symbol of the maiden of the mists.

Ania pulled away from her and patted her shoulder,"I will see you tomarrow Gretty"her musical voice as always held that note of anger.

Gretty couldn't have known that Ania had been hunting the lesser minions of the vampire lord,she had been lucky enough to come into possession of one of Van Richten's guides.

As the girl made her way into the Inn of the Jaded Dragon her sixth sense against monsters didn't go off,there for she didn't see the red eyes that followed her every graceful move,prehaps her luck was about to run out.