The tree's were dappled with colorful leaves bright reds-oranges and gold's lined the path way's between his cottage and the town, he held the reigns to the horse, the wagon was the only way he usually had of being near horse's which he had to charm usually to get to calm down. His silver gaze went to the woman beside him.

She was quiet as she sat tuning the fiddle resting across her lap, Jandar gave her a curious look every now and again, since the night in the Temple she showed no sign of insanity, since she had held him, why she would want an ancient elf and vampire at that was beyond Jander's comprehension, she had merely looked up at him with those soft blue eyes and stated firmly to him. "We don't choose who we love!" then she was back to doing what ever she had been doing leaving the elven vampire in blessed silence but companionable just the same.

"This is your first visit back in the village since," he paused trying to find a gentle way to say since she went crazy, but he couldn't find any so he chewed his lower lip and motioned with his hands. "Since the trouble in the Temple." he fianally finished gracefully.

She laughed and tucked hair behind her ear, her cap firmly over the crown of wild hair. "You can say it, since I lost my marbles." she said as she looked at the flowers and sighed soon there would be no flowers just snow on the ground and everything would sleep until winter. "I think I would like to sleep through winter, when the flowers and rain returns." she said wistfully though not to anyone really, and Jander felt his breath catch, had she known he'd pondered turning her, he was to noble to do it, even he was given to his moment of weakness, it would be wrong and he knew it, prehaps that was the only thing that kept Ania from becoming a creature of the night like himself.

"You enjoy the first snow on the ground, Ania and would miss the crisp chill in the early morning light if you slept through it." he reminded her softly as he brushed hair back from his eyes and focused on the road, he spoke softly as he always did. "What will you do about Leighington?" he asked trying to keep the anger from his voice, his eyes betrayed him though as the silver orbs darkend to a deep grey.

"What do you mean?" Ania asked her bow drawing across the string causing it to hum lightly. Seeing the anger in Jandar's eyes reading him as she had learned to do so over the past half year she had spent recovering she winced. "If he ever touches me again, I will kill him." she said firmly in a tone not to be debated. "It's not your responsability Jandar Sunstar."

"No not yet." he answered her mysteriously though he was angry on the inside, if Leighington touched her again, he was afraid that the priest would have more to deal with then a elven girl that was still recovering no matter how healed she said she was.

"Not yet, Jander...what do you mean?" she asked catching his words and tone she glanced over to him but the sun elf was in luck as Gretty's voice greeted them.

"Ania girl it's a good sight to see you, I feared you taken away never to be seen from again!" she said as she sweeped the small elf woman down from the wagon into her arms, Gretty was a strong one. She hugged the girl speaking to her in low tone's then she turned big brown eyes on Jander. "Ohh so thats whats kept you away , got yourself a pretty elf man." she teased.

The elven vampire suddenly felt placed on the spot, he loved Ania yes but he wasn't use to dealing with openly friendly people and this woman was defiantly openly friendly.

"I am, Jander Sunstar of Evermeet." he greeted her slowly as he took a step foward to shake her hand as she offered it. "It is a pleasure to meet you my lady." he had not lost his charm,though he rarely put it to the test.

"How are thing's Gretty?" the elf asked as she regained her footing and looked up at the woman, her stomach gave that lurch and she had that sinking feeling deep in the pit of her stomach, when a sorrow ful look went across Gretty's features.

"You were away I had forgotten so you would not have heard." she said sadly, "They found Leighington's body torn to shred's and they put him to rest, we didn't think it would be best to tell you, because of your ...history with the lad." she explained.

Had she not had Jander there to lean on she might have fainted, the elven vampire's arm smoothly encircled her waist and offered her a strong form to lean on. Something didn't seem quiet right to him, in fact something was wrong here. He just need time to think to figure out what it was that it might be.

"Will you be staying the night then?" Gretty asked as she led Ania back toward's her home, it was a nicely built house two stories and she had added on since the elf had last been there. "Tell your friend not to dwadle, wouldn't want to be caught out past dark."

Ania wanted to giggle she had learned of Jander's night problem and she didn't miss the hopeless look he shot her, the look that said. "Why me", she smiled up at him. "Come in.." she said once she'd passed the thresh-hold of the Inn, and Gretty only reinforced that welcome. "Yes Indeed, get in here and for the sake of the Mysts lock up!"

It was a fun reunion ,Gretty talked animatedly as she always had, not even seeming troubled by what had transpired in the past, she included Jander into the conversation when ever she could and surpriseingly she did it remarkablely well.

When it was finally time to retire for the evening, she bid the couple good night and left them to there room, she said she figured they were more then friends and wouldn't mind the close quarters. Jander would have blushed crimson if he had fed recently, Ania however flushed admireablely for him, he merely chuckled softly.

The soft sounds of her breathing lulled Jander comfortablely as he leaned against the bed reclined reading through his own journal, he casted a glance to her ,long strands of red-gold hair was strewn across her pillow she was curled into a small ball as though fearing to take up to much room, what ever her dreams they were thankfully peaceful.

As he rested there it suddenly struck him as to what was so odd about what Gretty had told them, If Brother Lei was found shredded as though by wolf paws, the wolves he summoned could have done it, and Jander winced, what if he'd staged his own death that would mean he was still out there, that thought alone kept the sun elf alert the rest of the night.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~**~*

In the shadowy fall of streets lights and building he stood watching the lights flicker off in the Inn, he licked his lips in anticipation, glanceing to the strange wolf creatures that looped at his side, and beyond them to the four beautiful woman. "Soon " the man promised as he swaggered to one to caress a cheek, "Soon we will feast on all in this cursed town."

The woman purred under his touch and tried to get closer but he absently turned away to look back at the Inn as the last of the lights flickered out. "Ahhh yes , treasure the light for as long as you can." he hissed his dry laughter filled the city streets, then like a shadow, he his wolves and his women were gone.

In the room upstairs, Jandar stood at the window unseen by the shadows, but not seeing them either, his pale form caressed by the moonlight as he wrapped his arms around himself, if he wasn't already dead he would have swore someone just walked across his grave.